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Episode 01

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Evil Born Evil
Series: 01
Episode: 01
This is a remake of an episode aired previously. This episode originally aired on July 11th, 2011.
Written by: Luke Enfield
Produced by: Crimson Media

On the surface, Cramham shone bright in the glorious afternoon among them. Mother nature plowed it with its gifts, despite the current times. You know today, in times of capitalism taking over Alterra... expenses arise in communication, technology... mobile phones, the arcanet for example. Despite all this, despite us Alterrans forget this, mother nature will always plow Cramham until the very day this world collpases. If it wasn't for technology, where would all our data be at?

Honestly, where would it be at? But did the whole technology craze do good for this planet, or just plunge it into its darkest years? Did you think that the past forty years have had a profound effect on the way we see life? Did you think if technology never advanced countries would be in debt as they are today?

There's always the old-fashioned way. The data that can only be true. The data that can not be modified, the data that can not be accessed so easily... the data that counts.

One man that can access this data, whatever his will, can only be declared as evil... evil born evil.

One man.

Two sides.

Many goals, some of which will never be uncovered for its purpose.

Make yourself a cup of tea.

Contemplate your actions.

When making the decision, just go with your gut feeling. Don't spend too much time being reluctant about how you see things, go for it they said.

Haven't we been here before?

Jane: Jake, you make sure that homework is done.
Jake: It's done. How'd you expect me to do it now anyway?
Jane: I'm only concerned for you. Remember, your exams are coming up soon, and I want you in top form for when you go to Senior School. Don't let me down...
Jake: I won't, mum. I promise. All homework is done.
Jane: Right, well... I guess you should get your shoes on then, your dad will be coming down in a moment.

Jake: Ok mum.
Jane: Oh... I forgot to make your pack-up this morning!
Jake: Oh... well sure, thanks mum. Well done...
Jane: (Sighs) Don't get cocky with me young man... people forget.
Jake: (Sighs)
Marcus: Don't worry. I'll give him the money to buy a school dinner. It's getting late, you don't have the time to be rushing around now...

Jake: I don't like school dinners.
Marcus: Tough.
Jake: I can't imagine eating my meal using the cutlery that slimey kids in the bottom classes use to eat.
Marcus: You told me they eat with their fingers...
Jake: Sometimes. The slightly more 'intellectual' kids in that section maybe know how to use knives and forks to some extent.
Marcus: Hmm, well that's interesting to know. Like I said, you're having school dinners.
Jake: But school dinners are awful... there's too little.
Marcus: You shouldn't complain. You know how much a school dinners costs nowadays?
Jake: No...
Marcus: Too much for what it is. Everyone has to make sacrifices. Your mother forgot, deal with it sunshine.
Jake: (Sighs) Fine...
Marcus: So, you got your exams next week?
Jake: Next Tuesday is Maths...
Marcus: You been revising?
Jake: A little.
Marcus: Not good enough is it that, a little hey?

Jake: The exam is still over a week away...
Marcus: I don't care, you get it out the way.
Jake: I can't... I'll forget by next week.
Marcus: Isn't that way you begin revising early and constantly so that you're absolutely sure on everything when you come to answer a question?
Jake: I suppose so.
Marcus: Tonight I want to come home to see you revising, Jake.
Jake: But what time will you be back home dad?
Marcus: I don't know... depends what this city has to offer. If I've got no crimes to see to, I'll be back before you know it.
Jake: What's the situation now?
Marcus: Never that matter. Your dad will take care of it.

Jake: Dad?
Marcus: Yes, Jake?
Jake: How do you even find the time to take me to school given your line of work?
Marcus: Don't know.
Jake: ...
Marcus: ...
Jake: What's wrong, dad?
Marcus: Nothing.
Jake: Are you sure?
Marcus: I'm fine, Jake. Can't you take the hint?
Jake: ...
Marcus: Hey look, I'm sorry pal. You know, I think you should probably hear this. Don't tell your mum but... well, me and her are having a few issues recently. There's constant arguing pal. Constant arguing. I don't know what to do.
Jake: Why dad? Why?
Marcus: Well, she isn't all to happy now that you've grown up to the age where you're aware of what's going on around you... and given my career, anything could happen. I'll be honest with you Jake, being a cop isn't the most suitable job for a family man like me. But you think what it's like for the guys in the army... yeah, that's what I said to her.
Jake: ...
Marcus: Hey, you don't need to worry about me Jake. I have everything under control.
Jake: You promise?
Marcus: Cross my heart.

Marcus: Well, here we are son.
Jake: (Sighs) I can't be bothered.
Marcus: Hey, it'll be ok. I never liked school dinners myself.
Jake: (Chuckles)
Marcus: Now me and your mum are going to be sound, alright? You needn't worry about a thing. Before you know it everything will be ok again. I've got to patch things up with her.
Jake: I hope it's not too serious.
Marcus: No, Jake. No. It's just silly grown-up talk.

Jake: When will you be home?
Marcus: Hmm well, I don't know. It depends what's going on. I'd definitely choose this place over Lystow any day, you know what they say.
Jake: Tell me you won't go.
Marcus: Hey pal, I ain't going nowhere. Now come on, I don't want to make you late.
Jake: Can't we go out tonight? Me, you and mum? What's stopping us, dad?
Marcus: Oh, I'm not so sure about that one, Jake.
Jake: But you said it would all be ok between you two! Please, dad!

Marcus: Look Jake, I'd love to. But I can't. Just like everyday, today is going to be a long day for me. Don't mind me, just focus on school. Your mum and I will be ok... in time. Look - it won't happen. But we can see what we can do at the weekend.
Jake: But it's Monday, dad! It's too long to wait!
Marcus: I know Jake, I know the feeling. Just focus on school and before you know it, it'll be time. I know from my own experience. Don't look at the clock, or else time will go slow. Just get your head down and get on with the task in hand. It's rewarding, Jake.
Jake: ...
Marcus: See you later, son.
Jake: See you, dad.

'It'll be alright, son'. 'Don't you worry about me, son'.

It's hard to keep promises like that when you're a cop. But, you've got to keep the kids happy and faithful to you, haven't you? It's not easy having kids.

My father always told me, 'find a job you love and you'll never have to work in your life'.

We're all in it together. We don't enjoy it, but someone's got to do it. It just so happens to be your father, young Jake. But, fear not.

The ones who do it are always the ones that do it best.

The army. The airforce. The navy. The police.

Everyday is a living nightmare.

But somebody has got to do it, haven't they?

Someone... someone like you.

Marcus Redford. Rank? Detective Chief Inspector. Age? 39. Branch? Criminal Investigation Department.

Marcus: (Exhales) J...Jane! Jake? Do you know what happened to me? Did... did you see what happened? Are you there?

Marcus: (Chuckles menacingly) Aha! Come on! Somebody has got to sort this out! Far too old fashioned.

Marcus: I've landed in the wrong office. I must have missed a floor.

Marcus: Mr. Larry?

Rod: Excuse me!? Larry who? Larry who? Larry-bloody-carry-me-up-to-Anny-Fanny?
Marcus: Sorry? There's no need to be so rude. I can see you're not Mr. Larry. But I'm looking for him. So I'd really appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction.
Rod: The only Mr. Larry I know is a bleeding fishmonger. Take a seat, Marc.
Marcus: Wh...wh...? Only my friends call me Marc.
Rod: All of your friends and me call you Marc. Take a bleeding seat, or else you're going to make the place look untidy.
Marcus: (Chuckles)
Rod: Excuse me?
Marcus: The place is untidy anyway. I mean, look at it! What were they thinking?
Rod: Marc, this is a bleeding police station. It's not designed to look pretty.
Marcus: I always knew the Cramham Police weren't one for interior design.
Rod: What are you chatting, bastard? You should know that this is the best place around town... I mean, you only have to look at the tech we have to work that one out. It's not rocket science, Marc.
Marcus: Do you know what a rocket is?
Rod: Yes, I do. And your arse is reserved for one in a minute if you don't stop mocking every damn thing that comes into view.

Marcus: I'm kind of lost.
Rod: We all are, Marcus.
Marcus: Are you sure you don't know Mr. Larry?
Rod: Only the fishmonger. Now, I suggest you snap out of this shitty mood!
Marcus: Who are you?
Rod: Who am I? The man you've been working alongside for the previous six years...
Marcus: It's ok, it's a dream.
Rod: Bloody isn't. I tell you what I call a dream... three bikini-clad birds giving the Mighty Mer what I call a good scrub.
Marcus: Who's the Mighty Mer?
Rod: Again, something I need not answer. Now, go out of the room... I can tell you're itching for a quick fag.
Marcus: I don't need a quick fag.
Rod: You sure?

Marcus: I'm going to need more than a cigarette to put all of this right.
Rod: What is wrong!?
Marcus: I don't know. You tell me. I definitely planned to come to work after dropping Jake off but I don't recall this being my workplace...
Rod: Who's Jake? A friend? I mean, since when did you interfere with the outside world?
Marcus: He's my son.
Rod: Heh, you've kept that secret for a long time...
Marcus: Have I?
Rod: Bastard. What do you think I'd say in response to an un-married man like yourself in your flipping 40's?
Marcus: Un-married? What are you talking about!?
Rod: Are you going to tell me you've been married... or maybe even married still, huh!?
Marcus: Well, of course. Having children before marriage is insane. It makes everything a whole lot easier for the child if his or her parents are married at birth.
Rod: Try telling that to my mother.

Marcus: And what?
Rod: See if she'd care.
Marcus: Where is she?
Rod: In your closet at home.
Marcus: Wh... what!? This is getting too obscure for my liking.
Rod: Well, I don't know. Everywhere. Nowhere. I don't know what happens to people when they're dead, do I? Because I'm not dead. Do you know what happens to people when they die?
Marcus: You know what...

Rod: Heaven forbid... what!?

Marcus: Maybe I do.
Rod: Oh... what!?

Rod: Come and talk to me when you've got your head fixed on properly. I need some time away from you, Marc. Seriously.

Marcus: Damn, this is beyond believable.

(A strange, wavy noise echoes from the other room)

Marcus: What on Alterra!?

Voice: Stop! Stop it! COME ON! Can't you see what you're doing to yourself!? He's malfunctioning! This is not what we had in mind! Do something!

Marcus: (Exhales) Do what!? How am I malfunctioning? Am I dead? Or, am I dying!?


Rod: Oh yes, allow me to introduce you to my colleague here... Marc Twathead Redford along with his schizophrenic friend, Detective Inspector Marcus Redford!

Marcus: Can't you see what I'm going through!? It's D.C.I!

Rod: Oh yeah!? You are a Detective Inspector whether you like it or not. Pretending that you're something that you're not is not going to make you progress in my book! If anything, it only makes things worse!
Marcus: Who are you!?
Rod: ...
Marcus: Who are you!? Please, please tell me!
Rod: Lyons is waiting for you. We hit the bloody jackpot.
Marcus: Us!? US!? There is no us.
Rod: Don't take too long. But leave me enough time to gather my thoughts together. You've just made a tough man very upset.

Marcus: What does he have to be upset about? If anything, this guy is upsetting me...

Jasper: Barker. Redford. What took you both so long? I'm freezing my balls off out here.

Marcus: Well, where I've been... it's been a scorcher. W... wait... this... this is still Cramham.
Rod: (Sighs)
Jasper: (Chuckles) He... exactly. It's still Cramham... the unsung hero of Denland. Predictable? Is it bollocks!
Rod: I ran in to a spot of bother, Lyons.
Jasper: Good for you, Barker.
Rod: What's this about, then?

Jasper: Well, some chap came across an old house on the outskirts. A real estate agent, so it seems... him and some other geezers wanted to value the old shack, it's been untouched for weeks. Or, at least they thought. A guy tried to take him down, but failed. Now, it's our job to check out the place to see why this mad guy is around that house, and if he's still there...

Jasper: You seem, quieter than usual? Especially you, gov.
Rod: ...
Jasper: Everything ok?
Rod: You shouldn't be asking me.

Marcus: (Mutters) Mad bastard.

Rod: Get in.
Marcus: Alright...

Marcus: You're not intending to let go of this anytime soon are you? The car?
Rod: No.
Marcus: Good. I love classics like this, the Meriteer.
Rod: A modern classic, indeed.
Marcus: Well, twenty-five to thirty odd years ago, maybe.
Rod: It wasn't around then.
Marcus: Oh, how come?
Rod: Because you were only still a young and naive bastard. Either way, I'd rather have him back than the guy I've got sat right next to me now.
Marcus: Really?
Rod: It's 1984, not whenever you think it is.

Marcus: What!?
Rod: Had a personality transplant recently have we, Marc?
Marcus: I've gone back in time...
Rod: Yeah, I thought so.

P.C James: Well, this isn't anything like what I've seen before.
P.C Matthews: A man in a three-piece suit, disemboweled. That's not a pretty sight.

P.C James: Where do we go from here?
P.C Matthews: I don't know, but I know Barker and co are going to want to see this before they question that bloody estate agent.
P.C James: Definitely.

Rod: Well, the walls are bare, the floor has no carpet... but at least they've kept this place tidy. Not an ideal hiding place for a bastard trying to murder trespassers then.
Jasper: Yep, someone's definitely getting unlawful access into this building... what do you think, Marcus?
Marcus: Well...
Rod: Hey, Lyons...
Jasper: What?
Rod: Don't try and waste your time with him.
Jasper: Oh, alright then.
Rod: Well, well, well... what do we have here then?
P.C James: A fancy-looking suit on this guy, gov. Looks like something very important.
Jasper: That's a hell of a load of blood spilled there, officer. You identified the body?
P.C James: Disembowelment, for sure.
Rod: So, there's some sharp material around.

Jasper: Redford.
Marcus: Detective Chief Inspector, to you.
Jasper: Yeah, right... now the gov ain't too happy with you... so I suggest you get your act together and get whatever you can out of this estate agent. You hear me?
Marcus: What gives you the right to give me orders?
Jasper: What gives you the fucking right to answer me back like that!?
Marcus: ...
Jasper: MOVE!

Marcus: ... I'm moving. Don't get your knickers in a twist, pal.

Rod: You've disappointed me, Marcus.
Marcus: Oh, I'VE disappointed you? I tell you what, that guy has got a serious problem... who is he?
Rod: ...
Marcus: Tell me who he is...
Rod: (Sighs) The guy we've been working with since we were both young bastards, Marc.

Rod: Mr. Kirsty?
Estate agent: Oh, hi. I thought you wouldn't come back for me. You know, it's daunting in here. I feel intimidated by the slightest drip over that gutter. You know, I wouldn't suggest this place to any of my clients.
Rod: What made you come here, Kirsty?
Estate agent: I was supposed to be giving this property a value, but that doesn't seem possible now that it's seemingly already occupied...
Rod: What time did you arrive here?
Estate agent: A few hours ago.
Rod: Yes?
Estate agent: Well, ok... 10am to be precise.
Rod: Ok, thank you.

Marcus: So, Mr. Kirsty. Did you see or detect the dead body?
Estate agent: Dead body? Well, no. I didn't want to come back in here because I didn't know where the guy had gone.
Marcus: What did the attacker look like?
Estate agent: Oh, man... I'm trying to think. You see, it all happened to fast, didn't it?
Marcus: Kirsty, I'm going to have to push you for an answer.
Estate agent: Fancy looking. Relatively young, sounded Ryonite. I can't help as far as facial features are concerned. Like I said, it all happened too quick for me to take notice.
Marcus: So, you know what he sounded like... surely you can tell us what he said?
Estate agent: Hmm, 'get off my property' seems to spring to mind.

Rod: Are you sure you didn't know someone was living here? Maybe you should have returned the key. Maybe you don't need to be sniffing around here anymore.
Estate agent: If I didn't I wouldn't know about this. Besides, I'm convinced this isn't his property anyway.
Rod: And you're sure you can't remember entirely what he looked like?
Estate agent: Positive.
Rod: Did he attack you with a weapon of any kind? Like a knife... or, maybe a machete?
Estate agent: A machete!? (Chuckles) No. Just his bare hands. Why do you ask?
Rod: The dead body who seems to look like a trespasser so to speak, just like you... well, his stomach has been cut open.
Estate agent: Good heavens... I'm... so, so glad that I didn't end up like that guy...

Marcus: And now we'll ask you one more time. Are you sure that you did not detect anything suggesting that you were not the first trespasser?

Estate agent: Honestly, no! I'm horrified that the guy's dead!

Fulvio: Oi, you there! Fucking pigs! Get off my property!

Rod: Oh, shit!

P.C Matthews: Oh, please! Don't hurt me! Nobody needs to get hurt, ok?

Fulvio: Well, they do if they come onto my turf without my PERMISSION!

Rod: Freeze! Hold it right there!
Fulvio: Oh, damn it!
Rod: Now, you're surrounded by an armed bastard. Slowly, without doing anything stupid... drop the gun and face me with your hands up. Do it, NOW!

Rod: There's a good boy... there's a good boy...

Rod: I take it you guess where we go from here? Yeah, that's right. You're nicked.

Rod: Matthews, now it's time to make your move.

P.C Matthews: With pleasure, gov!
Fulvio: Agh, you bastards!

Rod: Eh, I don't know. Mad bastard. Thinking he owns the place...
Marcus: You did well saving that officer.
Rod: You know Matthews is a strong guy. It takes a man a lot to kill a guy like our Matthews.
Marcus: Yeah, I guess.
Rod: Anyway, work to be done. I'm looking forward to this one.

Marcus: Yeah, I think I am too.

Marcus: Is that all? Can you tell me who you are now, Mr Barker?
Rod: No chance. And that's the upsetting part. But I don't know which part of the upsetting part is more upsetting... knowing that you don't even know my name or knowing that you've recieved dementia from a very, very young age...
Marcus: Maybe I am going crazy, but this isn't where I belong. I'm telling you.
Rod: Yeah, well we'll see about that one.
Marcus: Well, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for being a complete and utter prick today... erm, gov.
Rod: That's more like it. I knew you'd snap out of it.
Marcus: Yeah, well... things have been tough lately.
Rod: And they're about to get a whole lot more tough with lord of the land in question.

Marcus: We know it's him. We've everything to put that bastard behind bars, forget about all of this and move onto something else. The thought of that guy's guts being cut open makes this experience a whole lot worse.

Rod: (Sighs) If you want this over with, make this quick. Impress me. You're not exactly in my good books at the minute, Redford.
Fulvio: What are you saying about me!?

Rod: Ah, Mr. Dellucci. How nice to see you again. My colleague here would like to ask you a few questions.
Marcus: Thank you... gov. Now, I believe that you've been up to no good!
Rod: (Whispers) Oh, for goodness sake...

Fulvio: Of course not. But we've all got to do what we've got to do to get around, right?

Marcus: Only just in the completely wrong fashion, Mr. Dellucci. Why did you take it upon yourself to reside in that old shack?
Fulvio: I had nowhere else to go. I had to hide.
Marcus: From who?
Fulvio: The likes of you.
Marcus: And why exactly did you need to hide?
Fulvio: Everything.
Rod: Now, listen to me you bastard. You're going to make things a lot harder for yourself if you don't elaborate on your wrongdoing. You're here now. You lost. Stick or twist. Tell us or make things a whole lot worse.
Fulvio: It's simple. I shouldn't be here. But I'm here on work.
Marcus: You're here to try and get yourself work, am I correct?
Fulvio: No, I've got work. I just needed somewhere to stay. I was about to work my way out that shithole when I got the money.
Marcus: What exactly do you do for a living then?

Fulvio: A lot.
Marcus: Who do you work for?
Fulvio: I can't tell you that.
Marcus: Who do you work for?
Fulvio: (Chuckles) Keep trying.
Rod: Oh, Marc. You're too soft on this guy. He obviously wants to cause a fuss, so let's give him one!
Marcus: Gov, that won't be necessary!
Fulvio: (Chuckles)
Rod: Now, you've got two choices. I beat it out of you now... and then you get thrown in the cell... or I chuck you in the cell now... and beat it out of you after. What do you choose?
Fulvio: ...
Rod: Alright then, I guess that answers that!

Marcus: It doesn't surprise me that he's an errand-boy, but this obviously means that we've got to take down whoever this guy is that he's doing errands for.
Rod: Yeah, and it's not going to be easy, especially if he has access to weapons of that kind... spilling that poor guy's guts all over the place and all.
Marcus: Definitely.
Rod: Well, I can't deny it's been a rough day. You certainly didn't set it off to a good start.
Marcus: It's nothing to do with you now. I'll deal with it, just you wait and see. Your stress will come to an end. I don't want to get in your way, gov.
Rod: You did ok today. Not brilliant. But ok. You let me do the hard work. But, hey... it's best I do the hard work anyway.
Marcus: How come?
Rod: I always do.
Marcus: I'm sure that's not strictly true.
Rod: Well, look's like we've got another guy to nail then. It's going to be fun.
Marcus: I suppose it is.

Rod: So, what is it with this shitty mood of yours then?
Marcus: I don't know. You tell me. But I'm not going to say. You won't believe me, because it's too mind-blowing to be true.
Rod: Oh well... just come back normal tomorrow.
Marcus: I'll try.
Rod: Right, I'm off for a slash. Here, let me hand you a couple of goldvessels. You're buying the next round, a pint of bitter for me... as usual.
Marcus: Gov...
Rod: Yes, Marc?
Marcus: Excuse me for asking but... what month is it?
Rod: You can work that one out yourself, I'm dying for a slash.
Marcus: Please, tell me!
Rod: If you must know, it's fucking March.

Marcus: It's... March. Ah.

Marcus: That doesn't explain why I'm here.

Marcus: But whatever has put me here... I'm going to fight it.

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