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Episode 04

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[size=200]Evil Born Evil[/size]
Series: 02
Episode: 04
This is a remake of an episode aired previously.
Written by: Luke Enfield
Produced by: Crimson Media
[warning]AGE RATING: 15+
Previously on Evil Born Evil...

Vincent: The prime minister called. He called to inform us all that... when the operation concludes and Calogero has been imprisoned... (sighs)... the CID department of Cramham Metropolitan Police will be disbanded indefinitely.

Jasper: Oh no you won't. I'll take it from here.
Marcus: What!?
Jasper: The hard drive has been taken, and Rod's on his way to the government now... look's like it won't just be the department coming down, because it's coming to drag him along down with it into hell.
Marcus: You've taken this far enough.

Marcus: Oh man, I don't believe it! Every FUCKING time! Haines? And now Luca?
Rod: You was aware of how much of a bastard Haines was in the past anyway! You know it!
Marcus: I think you're a bastard, Rod! But I don't intend to kill you!
Rod: Why not!?
Marcus: Well, you know... I may just have to now after this PATHETIC stunt! Working with you does no good!
Rod: Then you won't have to cope with my atrocious company much longer because the government are pulling the plug on Cramham CID!
Marcus: I KNOW!
Rod: You knew!?
Marcus: Of course I did. Every bugger knows.
Rod: And whose been spreading this!? Ah, you know... maybe you're right, maybe it wouldn't have mattered if that hard drive got to them or not, I've not got much left to give.
Marcus: You have, Rod!

Rod: Luca's dead and I'm going down for his murder, so now I'll end up in the slammer and those records will be irrelevant. I'd rather have lost my job than spend the rest of my days in prison, but oh well. I probably haven't got much longer left to live anyway.
Marcus: Too right, you'll have Jasper to deal with next.
Rod: Jasper wanted me dead before and he probably still will. Tennyson was just his minion. I knew he was always a nasty piece of work that Tennyson...
Marcus: We'll get this sorted, don't worry. I'm here for you.
Rod: Looking out for ME!? You're here for ME!? What have I done to deserve this?

Marcus: You have a purpose in life. You're the bloody gov for a start, you have authority, use it!
Rod: I don't give a shit about authority no more, because it seems useless when Jasper and Vincent come along and seem to have more. Jasper because he's a power-hungry dick, and Vince because he thinks that running Lystow does wonders. I was itching to get out of that place when I got the chance!
Marcus: Maybe you should stop killing half of your guys first.
Rod: Haines and Tennyson belonged to Jasper.
Marcus: Yes, but Jasper belongs to you.
Rod: Not anymore he doesn't...
Marcus: You sacked him, that's fine... but he won't forget. If his motive is to kill you, then you'd better be scared.
Rod: Is he going to kill me?
Marcus: No, not unless we're going to kill him first.
Rod: Well, I'll drink to that.

Something or someone is going to give in to this. Tensions are rising, and I can't get enough of it. When you drink from the bottle, that can only mean one thing - all you want to do is drink

But time is running out. There's surely nothing wrong with a little bit of fun? But there isn't no fun.

He's probably drinking with the false hope that he'll feel better.

But he can't... the Cramham Metropolitan Police isn't really going to the dogs is it? Marcus would know.

Marcus: So, what next...?
Rod: Not a clue...

If I were Bryan I'd be confused about the situation, too. I don't know these people well, so it's best to stick to the man that brought me here.

Surely he'll know what's best for me... if I don't, that is.

Vincent: Evening, Bry. What's up?

Bryan: ...
Vincent: Bryan?
Bryan: You told me that coming here would do me well, and the department. I couldn't save it, and neither could you.
Vincent: That's because the government already had other plans.
Bryan: No, Vincent. They didn't. My team monitors the prime minister.
Vincent: What!?
Bryan: We've had an INTERFED agent posing as the assisting head to the department of justice, and tells me that the prime minister's intentions to pull the plug on this place came only a few weeks ago. For sure, no one does that out the kindness of their heart, it's been a pending enquiry, but now he's convinced it's time to let it go.

Vincent: But we still couldn't have done anything. We came too late.
Bryan: Maybe I came too late, Vincent. But you didn't.
Vincent: So, what now?
Bryan: I'm asking you.
Vincent: Well, we stop Don Calogero and his mercenaries, dismantling his sex trade in the process, and then I go back to Lystow... you go back to the INTEFED.
Bryan: It won't be that easy.
Vincent: Why?
Bryan: What about Lyons?

Calogero: Yeah, is that you Nuccio? Alright, I've got some business to deal with so I have to declare I won't be back until the early hours of tomorrow morning.

Calogero: And we're leaving on Friday night, that's right. It's a race against the cops to get to Francesca. We can either get her and go back, or go back without her after intensive searching but no luck, but at least not go down for this. To be honest? They've not got much to punish us for, only really that we're running our already illegal operations in a foreign country, not to mention that a ginger prick of their's reckons that I'm toying with his mind!

Calogero: I visited her apartment but saw no trace of her, she's been taken from me but the police haven't taken her, I know that for sure.

Calogero: If she's gone, I swear to you... I will find her and we will punish her.

Jasper: Did I just hear my name?
Vincent: Jasper!? Get the fuck out of here, Barker made it clear that you're sacked!
Jasper: No, I didn't hear Jasper. I heard Lyons. Fuck Barker. Fuck this place. I'm not here to give you a sob story on why I'd want to revive it and put back into the place what I, the cold-hearted son-of-a-bitch took out of it.
Vincent: Great, because quite frankly... we don't want you back.
Jasper: We...? We!? Now come on, you're part of this department no more than what I am... I dragged you in Vince, lead to believe that I could trust you, and then LO AND BEHOLD! Along comes this prick that isn't even a COP, and for an agent, comes from a highly corrupt agency working against the government... YOUR OWN PEOPLE!?

Bryan: Actually, may I correct you? The Denevian government are not related in any way to us, this is the International Federal Agency, not the fucking Denevian secret service!

Jasper: You're both making a HUGE mistake! Denland is one of the most powerful countries in the world with members of the government holding positions extremely high on the hierarchy of this world. If you're intervening on them, you're making the biggest mistake of your life!

Vincent: You can hardly talk Jasper, especially after you must know nothing about corruption if you brand Bryan with the term. How are you not possibly corrupt?
Jasper: I'm doing the right thing here.
Vincent: What!?
Jasper: Think of these last few months. Have I killed anyone? I've just been a dick. You find lots of dicks in the workplace. I'm not convinced Rod is fit here, I believe he's the reason why the department is failing. There is a use for this fucking department - Cramham may be a small city but it has hundreds and thousands worth of stolen goods coming through the docks every month. But anyway, Rod on the other hand...? He's popped shitloads of criminals he could've spared and imprisoned, and also Haines. He was only a supporter of mine, he's entitled to have his own opinion, no? If he's a serial killer, you don't kill him! He was part of this FUCKING department!

Vincent: Jasper... listen...
Jasper: ... and if that weren't enough... all these deaths is causing the department to get even smaller! It's no wonder it's going to the dogs! Rod's killed it!
Vincent: Jasper...
Jasper: Myself and Luca are no longer a part of this, and you two never were. It's just Rod and Marcus left, now.
Vincent: Listen to me, Jasper.
Jasper: NO! You listen to me... forget Rod. He's shit at this. Marcus. Do you reckon he could do anything? The shy ginger boy with the psychopathic touch?

Jasper: If he can't be pushed to his limits, then he's not worthy of his role.

Bryan: You've pushed us all TOO FAR, there are limits, Lyons! You don't understand the GRIEF you've caused us all! I would've sacked you in a heartbeat if I was Rod.
Jasper: Oh well, you can't win them all Cordova. It's a miserable place anyway, I'm quite glad I added some flare.
Vincent: Fuck off out of here, Lyons. You're not wanted.

Bryan: And if you come back, I swear - I'll get my boys and set them onto you to save the police the hassle.

Jasper: Inappropriate intervention of the INTERFED - ha, music to my ears. I can't wait to see you all die as a result of your monumental mistakes. I still intend to take Calogero down myself, you know.

Marcus: No, you can't be serious. He's found the motherfucking cop shop.

Calogero: Good evening, Marcus.
Marcus: Likewise, Calogero...

Calogero: Is everything ok?
Marcus: Not exactly...
Calogero: Why, what's bothering you?
Marcus: What is this about? Why are you here?
Calogero: I need to tell you something, Marcus... my friend.
Marcus: Hey, this'd better be good. I could have you arrested in a heartbeat.
Calogero: Hm, afraid not. My boys know I'm here and they expect me to return. If I don't... well, then they'll know who to track down.
Marcus: Come on then, what is it?

Calogero: That day when you found me in Francesca's apartment...
Marcus: Yes?
Calogero: You could only pinpoint me as the man responsible for her disappearance.
Marcus: Of course, your aim is to take her back to Azaria.
Calogero: Yeah. But if I had her, why am I not back in Azaria now?
Marcus: ...
Calogero: Hey? I'm here... and I don't intend to depart yet.
Marcus: I can imagine you have her, but you're a mafioso, you've probably picked up a lot of business here yourself, so you've decided to stay to finish this uncompleted business.
Calogero: No, wrong. I do have unfinished business, that's correct. But that business is Francesca. I am not going back until I've got her.
Marcus: So... you're telling me you don't have her?
Calogero: Yes.

Marcus: I see...
Calogero: So, as you can imagine, I want to know who is responsible for her disappearance. Whoever they are clearly do not have possession of her.
Marcus: Maybe she fled the country already?
Calogero: Then your country certainly has poor security.
Marcus: ... it's out of my hands.
Calogero: No, no, no. I'm going to have a similar one-to-one with you now similar to the one you had with me when you queried her whereabouts. Where is she?
Marcus: I don't know either.
Calogero: Not good enough. Where is she?
Marcus: I can only guess, but no member of the Cramham CID knows her whereabouts.
Calogero: I don't either, so what a fucking bad police force this country has, too!

Calogero: Everything is so fucking messed up, I'm only the Don of arguably the most prestigious mafia family in Archades. I've got a proposal for you, Marcus.

Marcus: JAKE!?
Calogero: Who!? I don't propose a Jake, I propose to you the idea in helping me track down Francesca. Then we can fight over her. Today is Tuesday... but on Friday I will be out of here regardless of where she is. If you have her, you will die. If I have her, you will lose but have your life spared. If she is dead, I kill whoever is responsible. And if she's fled? I will make sure every bar, nightclub, stripclub, or gambling den in this petty excuse of a city is smashed and burned, as a token of my appreciation.

Calogero: Insanity is a good medicine, Marcus. Sometimes it is best to let it all out, what you're thinking... say it aloud. Honesty... is the best policy, after all. Remember that. I am nothing but honest with you. I don't have Francesca.
Marcus: Likewise, I'm being nothing but honest with you. I don't know either. Now I suspect you don't trust my words, but neither do I yours.
Calogero: Good. That is ok, I can live with that. But be warned, you will die and your city will also pay the price if she is not alive and well...
Marcus: What's Jake here for?
Calogero: I do not know any Jake. You are insane, too. That's ok. I knew it from the start, you've lost the future.

Marcus: What's that supposed to mean?
Calogero: The future is always in our hands, Marcus. We're fighting to keep it cool for our next generation. Our younger brothers and sisters. Ciao, Marcus Redford.

Marcus: I don't trust any FUCKER no more!

Who can blame him for not trusting a soul? Even when they remotely remind you that they can be a good person, someone just takes that thought and tears it in two.

Marcus: Alright, Jasper. You don't belong in the CID no longer, so let's see what you do otherwise to keep you occupied...

Marcus: I've got a funny feeling about this one, Lyons...

If Calogero believes that he is so powerful, then why can't he be honest? He shan't need to worry about anything, right?

No, since it's not his job to worry about such a thing...

Jasper: Darling, darling... it's me!

Francesca was never his.

Jasper: (Muffled behind door) I'm here now sweetie, there's no need to be afraid.
Francesca: (Muffled) Oh, joy. I was hoping you'd return...
Jasper: (Chuckles) So did I. Ah, the Cramham Metropolitan Police. Such a fucked up organization.

Jasper: (Muffled) And now I've got these two other dicks in my bad books... Hopkins and Cordova. Sometimes, I wish I could just... BOP! Have them all wasted. Quite frankly, dropping a bomb on it will arguably make it look more appealing.

Jasper: And you know, this has in fact given me an idea. Oh well, just thought I'd show my face - I'm off out again. Goodbye.
Francesca: (Sighs) See you soon...

Francesca: M... Marcus?

Marcus: Francesca... oh, I knew it! Jasper-fucking-Lyons! He took you away, I should've known, if it weren't Calogero that is...
Francesca: I swear to you, I've not had any contact with Calogero for an age!

Francesca: You promised me you'd keep me safe...
Marcus: From Calogero, oh... I don't know. I suppose I should never promise again. I'm glad to declare I don't have many friends, no can trust me and I wouldn't want them to, for their sake.
Francesca: What about your wife? Or your... ex-wife should I say? How did she trust you?
Marcus: Well, I don't know if she still does...

Francesca: I can't believe it though, the prince came to save me at least!
Marcus: You've been the reason that I fail to sleep at night, I lose my appetite because I worry for you. It was always you, Francesca.
Francesca: He took me when he could, it seems. He seemed pissed off, and confided in me, but I'll tell you everything.
Marcus: Please, do tell.
Francesca: He kept debating to himself whether to kill you... Rod, or Victor or something?
Marcus: Vincent?
Francesca: Yeah... he did this to anger you and to hold me back while he examined his options. It sounds like he tried to use you, Marcus.
Marcus: Now there's no surprise.

Francesca: Do you think Jasper will be long?
Marcus: I don't have a clue what goes on in that mind of his, he could be doing anything. It's late though, it's been such a long day for me. I just... can't be bothered to investigate, you know? I need to unwind.
Francesca: Sure, things have been pretty stressful and tiresome for me would you believe it, I mean... I've not exactly been active but I've had little food or water.
Marcus: I'm feeling quite... relieved that such beauty has concluded my day. You wouldn't believe the things I've witnessed today if I told you!
Francesca: You know, I think I'll have a quick shower. Then we'll talk.
Marcus: Oh no, you treat yourself. Make it last. Don't worry, I'll warn you if I hear Jasper return. A dick like him though would probably be quite bored in his own home, his idea of fun is constantly reminding others how worthless they are.

Marcus: Hold on to this moment forever... even if it isn't real.

Vincent: Guys! Guys! Oh, Francesca! Thank heavens you returned, I'm glad to see you're safe.
Francesca: Thank you... as am I.
Vincent: But we really do not have time to celebrate. Bryan's gone!
Marcus: Well, it's pretty late... maybe he's gone home?
Vincent: No, no, no, no, no! He was right here, next to me in the office. Now I went to get a cup of tea and he'd vanished. He wouldn't leave me like that.
Marcus: We've not known him long enough to trust him yet.
Vincent: But I have. This isn't normal of him. He's been missing for hours.
Marcus: What a fucking hectic day, when can it be over!?
Vincent: Never mind, you can worry about it tomorrow. I'll deal with it. Ok, Francesca... where were you darling?
Marcus: Not with Giuliani believe it or not...
Vincent: Then with who?

Francesca: Jasper.
Marcus: Yes, Vincent. Our very 'own' Jasper Lyons...

Vincent: Jasper fucking Lyons...

Bryan: So, are you going to explain to me exactly... why you've brought me here?
Jasper: Me and you just need to resolve a few issues.
Bryan: I'm not liking this...
Jasper: I like you, Cordova. You're a determined man, it's so valiant of you to help your country's defences instead of cutting down druglords in New St. Martin.
Bryan: That's out of the kindness in my heart, something that you lack.
Jasper: I had logic for my actions, you know. I had a point. I don't know exactly if you know why Rod screwed my life over, but I guess you're about to find out.
Bryan: ...
Jasper: You see you get cozy with Vincent... Vincent gets into bed again with Barker, then that leaves you. Of course, Redford... wherever the hell he pleases, but... a little bird tells me currently I'm in his good books and you are not. You however, know where you stand... and that is with the renown Mr Barker.
Bryan: You're a sly arsehole, I hope you know that.

Bryan: UGH!

Jasper: Maybe... (exhales)... I was always a bad boy.

Bryan: Jasper... what is this!? You want me? ME!? Why not Rod!?
Jasper: Oh, don't cry. You know what this is. I can't take him down now, I need to weaken his stronghold. After all, he's in charge... unfortunately, I am not.
Jasper: Shut the fuck up. I'm going to tell you some interesting facts, but they will not leave this warehouse... because then, you will confirm my queries, and then... you will die.

Bryan: Fuck you... I've got NOTHING to be sorry for. You have EVERYTHING to be sorry for you pathetic EXCUSE of a man!

Jasper: I'm sorry it had to be this way, Bryan. You should've stayed with the INTERFED after all. I hear they've been missing you.

Bryan: Agggh... what... have YOU done!?

Jasper: Put a few of them in their place, that's all. Ah, the drug operation in Sehijao is going phenomenal. Couldn't be running more smoothly, pal. They don't need you, they just want you. (Sings softly) Ah, you can't always-a get what you want... you can't... always get... what you want... but if you try sometimes, you just might find... you get what you need...!

Jasper: (Continues to sing) You get what you need...
Bryan: No... PLEASE! (Sobs)


Bryan: Oh... fuck... tell me what you want, and I'll give it. Then let me go.

Jasper: It's too late for that now... in fact, it always late. I was never going to give in, because I intend to do to you the undercover man to Rod, what Rod did to the undercover man of mine. The name Dave Haines ring a bell?
Jasper: I guess not.

Jasper: You know, I've got plenty of toys in my toybox tonight that we are elegible to play with, meine freunde.

Jasper: Ouuch! That was a nasty one!


Jasper: I'm sorry it had to be this way, Bryan. But you won't be the last... you're good friend Hopkins will soon join you.

Jasper: Ah, when I was in my 20's I used be a member of a golf club, I wasn't bad. Let's see if my swing has not lost it's sublime accuracy and agility.

Jasper: Oooh, not bad!

Bryan: That... that's enough...!

Jasper: Ooh! Well I just love this game... don't you?

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