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Episode 05

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[size=200]Evil Born Evil[/size]
Series: 02
Episode: 05
This is a remake of an episode aired previously.
Written by: Luke Enfield
Produced by: Crimson Media
[warning]AGE RATING: 15+
Previously on Evil Born Evil...

Calogero: And we're leaving on Friday night, that's right. It's a race against the cops to get to Francesca. We can either get her and go back, or go back without her after intensive searching but no luck, but at least not go down for this. To be honest? They've not got much to punish us for, only really that we're running our already illegal operations in a foreign country, not to mention that a ginger prick of their's reckons that I'm toying with his mind!

Marcus: Francesca... oh, I knew it! Jasper-fucking-Lyons! He took you away, I should've known, if it weren't Calogero that is...
Francesca: I swear to you, I've not had any contact with Calogero for an age!

Jasper: Ooh! Well I just love this game... don't you?

Marcus: So, Vince. Tell me a bit about the history you and Rod share.
Vincent: That would take me a long time, pal. Time that I don't have.
Marcus: I want to know. There's not much I can go off right now following your reappearance, I suppose that suggested you're not the best of friends.
Vincent: No, we're not. But we're not exactly the worst of friends. We did bad things, and often blamed one another since we wanted to get out of it. In the end, we realized it wasn't going to work, so we remain faithful to each other.
Marcus: I just want to know what things were like.
Vincent: You knew what happened. You remember the day he came here and you were still a mere Detective Constable? Well, that's what I get told regarding what's happening.
Marcus: I don't know, I mean, I can't remember it.
Vincent: Have you drank too much already, Marc? Doesn't surprise me.

Rod: I'm back, chaps.
Vincent: Still no sign of Cordova?
Rod: No, not one. The INTERFED are trying their very best to track him down, but they've had no luck. Obviously he was here last, so...
Marcus: Where's the CCTV?
Vincent: ...
Rod: Oh you've known all along Marc, that camera's a dud. It's just to scare people off.
Vincent: Well it clearly hasn't fucking scared them off this time!
Rod: Therefore it must be someone who knows about the camera. IT'S FUCKING LYONS! I KNEW IT!

Marcus: Actually gov, that might be wrong. I spotted Calogero outside of the police station yesterday evening.
Vincent: Well maybe he was too mafia too care.
Rod: Hold your horses, why's that bastard hanging round here? Why didn't you arrest the bastard?
Marcus: Well... I was in the car.
Rod: Run the bastard over!?
Marcus: It's not my duty to kill him. He's dangerous but deserves nothing more than prison, right?
Vincent: Yeah.
Marcus: It'd seem to easy to end everything. Wouldn't you want to prolong the death of this place?
Rod: No. I want it to fucking happen NOW! The sooner Calogero is gone, the better. I've had tons of cases in my time, but none comes as close to how FUCKING annoying this one is. The mafia? In my town? No bloody way.

Marcus: Anyway, he came to tell me that he didn't kidnap Francesca. It was obviously Jasper, which we know.
Rod: Why Cordova though!?
Vincent: I don't know, maybe to try and convince something to us.
Rod: Convince us what? We know already that he's a hypocritical waste of everyone's life whose only purpose is to fuck around with everyone to make him feel better!

Bryan: Lads, I'm back...


Bryan: Get me a drink.
Vincent: Woah, woah, woah...! You stay there, Bry. We're cleaning you up.
Bryan: Nah, it can wait.
Vincent: WHO DID THIS!?
Bryan: Who do you think? He's gone, he left me unconcious, I haven't a clear where the fucker is. I swear though, he would've killed me.

Vincent: Marc, Marc! Go take Bryan back to the station. In fact, we'll all go. We need to hear this.

Bryan: Ah, fucking stings...
Marcus: So, this was him? Lyons?
Bryan: Yeah... indeed it was.
Marcus: And Calogero played no part?
Bryan: Absolutely. Jasper's holding us back.

Bryan: Apparently he wants us all dead. This is the end for us, our little gang. The demise of Cramham CID is another story.

Marcus: Why I chose to even remotely trust him I don't know...
Bryan: You... trusted him!?
Marcus: In the past?
Bryan: When in the past? Let's say we're not talking distant past, I'm talking recently. Have you trusted him in all of this?
Marcus: ...
Bryan: Have you?
Marcus: Yeah, I have. I was convinced maybe he was right, maybe he had common sense, he just... was going the wrong way about it.
Bryan: COMMON SENSE!? Man, he just tried to slaughter me.

Marcus: Yes, of course I've realized he has none, now.
Bryan: But you was never always on the side of Barker.
Marcus: I was... I just, never always trusted him. I admit I was wrong to trust Lyons, but, he's quite skilled in... luring? He's telepathic. He did me wrong and I intend to put him in his place.

Bryan: Then kill him. What have you to lose?
Marcus: I can't kill him, he's a cop.
Bryan: Not anymore.
Marcus: Well he was, and... he's now a civilian.
Bryan: It doesn't matter.
Marcus: No one can kill him for what he's done, not even Calogero can be killed for what he's done.
Bryan: No doubt he's probably ruined the life of Francesca.
Marcus: You're wrong. That was Marini.
Bryan: Just take Jasper out, dear me. I'll have all the support you'll require, so don't hesitate.

So, with Bryan wishing Marcus to put down Jasper, he's faced with a tricky decision.

Rod: Alright, Bryan. I'm listening.

Bryan: Basically, I'm thinking this is retribution for actions you are responsible to, Barker. Lyons told me about a chap known as Haines, apparently you popped him, and he was the undercover aid to him when he was running his side of the operation. That's quite harsh, don't you think Barker?
Rod: Hmm... maybe.
Bryan: And now... I'm hearing that Luca Tennyson is dead. Do you know anything about that?
Rod: I know he's dead, but I had nothing to do with it.
Bryan: Really? Well, so you knew he was dead but you chose not to inform me?
Rod: You know the story, Bryan. You'd have known already with your pals and their hardcore gadgetry.
Bryan: Indeed, that's how I learnt but at least hearing the topic of his death arise on your lips would be enough to convince me that maybe you didn't have anything to do with it.
Rod: Cordova, I'm questioning you. Not vice fucking versa...!
Bryan: Barker. You're weakening his defences, so he's going to weaken ours. Fortunately, he failed to kill me. I can't remember much but he seemed to have left me unconcious, and wasn't around when I escaped.

Rod: You'd better think yourself lucky then, sunshine.

Bryan: I will do. He hunted me down, so know we'll reform the pact to go against him and hunt him down.

Marcus: Oh, what kind of password would he have...? 'Meriteer'? Ugh, here goes nothing...

Marcus: Shit, shit, shit!

Rod: Ah, Marc.
Marcus: Gov.
Rod: I'm just about done with Cordova. The bastard Lyons hit him pretty hard, so we're going to hit him pretty hard back. Stay alert.
Marcus: Right.

Marcus: (Exhales)... here goes again then...

Marcus: ... seriously?

Marcus: Lystow CID, 1968. Rod and Vincent were there. They met... they fell out... he ends up here, Vince follows. Man, I hope this guy is real, and not just a figure of my mind in this godforsaken coma of mine...

Marcus: Hiya, you don't need to know my name... I'm calling about a certain Rodney Barker? He's obviously the Detective Chief Inspector of Cramham Criminal Investigation Department... do you have any idea of any of his fellow workmates currently?

Marcus: You do? Oh, fantastic... (long pause)... really? Oh, thank you. So, could you look into Marcus Redford for me? What's his age? Date of birth? As of... today? 16th of December, 1984? (Long pause) ... really? He's 39? Born in '45? No! No fucking way! Ah, sorry... apologizes for my foul language, but... that's just not what I expected.

Marcus: Oh no, no, no, no, no! Don't go! Don't hang up... I just wanted to ask if...

Marcus: Oh, fucking fuck...! Oh.
Sam: Good afternoon, Marc!

Marcus: It's not a good afternoon to be honest, Sam.
Sam: Oh, too bad. What is it now?
Marcus: (Sighs) Your man Calogero, Jasper... Francesca.
Sam: Ha, let me just get one thing straight with you right now, pal. Calogero is not my man. I don't even know the bastard.
Marcus: You don't?
Sam: No. I do not.
Marcus: You sure?
Sam: No... I mean, I'm sure I don't know him personally but I know him per se.
Marcus: Elaborate on that for me.
Sam: I have sufficient information on the guy, Marc.
Marcus: Tell me what I have to do to survive this! I CAN'T BEAR IT NO MORE!
Sam: You're obviously curious as to why you are depicted in this way, as a 39-year-old man who has been in the police force for over twenty years, except, this is 1984. You should only be twelve years old, not thirty nine!
Marcus: I know, and that just makes this dream more... erratic.

Sam: Erratic, hey? I also fail not to notice you've looked into dear Barker as well. Nothing new there unforunately, hey?

Marcus: No. But... man, you freak me out sometimes. Seriously...
Sam: (Chuckles) The dream wouldn't be normal would it? Can you recall a normal dream of yours? No, because it was beautiful, it was unreal... and you never wanted it to end.
Marcus: I want this to end.
Sam: Whatever. Just remember me.
Marcus: I can't forget you. I swear you're just waiting to pounce out of my wardrobe every evening.
Sam: The joys of lucid dreaming, you have thoughts and actions you decide and control. You love this, don't you?
Marcus: Well, I'd always said... if I could choose any era to return to - it'd be the '80s. But this isn't as easy as I had it destined to be.

Sam: Maybe not, maybe so. But it's for you to enjoy and to learn.
Marcus: Are you responsible for this?
Sam: Me? No...
Marcus: I don't believe you. You appear every so often to tell me some things that are supposed to be implying something that implies something to imply that I must do an action to imply that I'm implying, on the basis of implying myself that what could be implying that I'm dead and in some sort of fucking trance, or implying that I have to do something to make myself live and be rid of this PATHETIC pissing coma!
Sam: Good, good... let it all out... it's good for the mind, and the body. It calms you down... now calm down.
Marcus: I could kill you if I wanted to.

Sam: Well, try.
Marcus: ...
Sam: Try!
Marcus: No...
Sam: Try...!
Marcus: No, just...
Sam: Come on!
Marcus: You won't die. You're already dead.
Sam: I can't be, I'm here!
Marcus: Nah, you're just a... figure of my mind. Aren't you?
Sam: Yes, but no. No. I'm not dead.

I can't read that Saunders... why could Marcus? His intentions clearly are not to make things seem obvious and challenge the logic of Marcus.

When will it be enough? When can this end? Where am I supposed to stand in all of this? How can I win? What can I win? What do I have to lose?

Mobster: Excuse me, friend. This is a... a no-go zone, so please get back in your car and drive in the opposite direction.
Marcus: Where's Lyons? You know him?

Mobster: Jasper Lyons? Oh but of course! Me and my comrades want to FUCKING KILL HIM! Do you?
Marcus: As it happens, yes. Where is he?
Mobster: I'm asking you, he is not at house.
Marcus: Well, he can't be far. He's just almost murdered a fucking agent.
Mobster: Agent!? Agent? You know about agent?
Marcus: I know him, I am... not friends with the agent. I need Jasper dead over a previous dispute.
Mobster: You a cop?
Marcus: Me? Cop? Nah, I'm no agent either. I'm Sam Saunders.
Mobster: Sam... Saunders?
Marcus: Hmm, yes. I'm somesort of fucking theorist or... well I just like to mess with the minds of people... and I would love to mess up Jasper's mind, screw it into a ball and throw it at a wall, and ugh...! Then it'd bounce off back into his face, piercing his face with all the sharp shards of glass in his brain as a token of his memories in destroying the lives of others. The glass would... just simply tear his face off. He's... DAMN... I want him dead.

Mobster: I want him dead more though, he screwed up a little previous venture of my family in kidnapping one of our girls. Francesca? You know her?
Marcus: I've heard her name, but not seen her face. You should join me in killing Jasper. He's screwed us all over at some point hasn't he?
Mobster: No, no, no. I would not know about joining you, he is not here.
Marcus: Well, I guess the cops are looking for him, he's not going to hang round here.
Mobster: Then why did you come here?
Marcus: I'm just looking for a few possessions of his, I'm looking for evidence to find his whereabouts and then I am going to eliminate him.

Mobster: I'm not convinced a Denevian man is going to satisfy our needs.
Marcus: I need to clear you lot up, fucking scum of Alterra.
Mobster: What!? You did NOT just call us scum!?
Marcus: You're the mafia, you don't belong here. Maybe finding Calogero would be easier if I weakened his defences.

Mobster: There's something fishy 'bout this guy... take him out! I've heard enough!

Marcus: I suppose it's making them closer to exctinct...

Mobster: Paaargh...!

Marcus: Stop hiding, this is your time we're wasting too!

Marcus: Now, it's over...

Marcus: Perhaps he wasn't here after all...

Marcus: Never saw you as a musical man, Lyons.

Marcus: Pwhoo, ok... here goes. Rhythm of the dream.

Music, in variety thrives, and the glory of song is within your eyes. Trumpets and drums and fiddles too...

...reflect the songs I find in you. Violins cry, cellos moan, with music of DREAMS, of LOVE, of HOME.

Deep within a piano plays, springing forth to you this day. Providing a home for it and you, I give you love and devotion too.

Marcus: Oh, thank heavens I'm back... (exhales)

Marcus: Wait a minute...!

Rod: Ah NO NO NO, Vince! You're missing the point here you complete and utter BASTARD!
Vincent: I'm being honest, we go in there, it doesn't matter who dies so long as that old bastard is either dead or incarcerated.
Rod: Oi, Coy-Boy, what do you make of this?
Sam: Ah, I'm just here to follow orders and carry them out.
Vincent: I KNOW!
Rod: What!?
Vincent: We should have Michael stop Peters. That reduces the element of risk from one of us doing the dirty stuff.

Rod: NEW SAINT MICHAEL!? Our very own Mike!?
Vincent: Yeah!
Sam: ...
Rod: Hopkins - Mike's about as much use as a FUCKING SECOND-HAND TAMPON!

Vincent: Agh, I've had enough of you and your witty remarks! I can't wait to go back to FUCKING LYSTOW!
Rod: Fine, GO! You're not needed, really. What have you done apart from knock me about a bit?
Vincent: You need knocking about, I mean Sam here is hardly a challenge for you is he!?
Sam: (Sighs)
Rod: FUCKING COY-BOY!? I rule the waves here, I don't need no bloke pushing me around.

Vincent: We take down Peters, I go back to Lystow and Cramham goes.
Sam: Where's that leave me and gov?
Vincent: How the hell would I know!? You're all buggered.

Marcus: Why the hell won't this door open!? Why the fuck would you LOCK IT!? CAN YOU HEAR ME!? OI, GOV! GET AWAY FROM THAT MAN!

Marcus: I know what this means though...

Marcus: Oh Sam, FUCK OFF! (Chuckles lightly) You're not REAL... you were NEVER a part of this department! No, you fucking was NOT!

Marcus: Ah, COY-BOY this and COY-BOY that! WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!? Get out of this dream, and leave my life you pathetic creature!

Marcus: (Menancingly) You're making this harder for the both of us!

Marcus: I COULD ALWAYS JUST KILL YOU, BUT I... CAN'T! I CAN'T DO IT! I don't know what I have to do and you won't make it clear to me anymore. I'm here for a reason, yes? There has to be a solution, unless you just wanted me here so that I could suffer, and suffer, and suffer. Or maybe I thought that I got what I always wanted, to turn back time... to save my brother! Agh, yes! That's what it's all about, my brother! I THOUGHT THIS MIGHT'VE BEEN GENUINE! BUT NO, THESE DEMONS COME AND FUCK AROUND WITH MY HEAD LIKE SOME BASTARD MEHZEBITE GODS OR SOMEONE BUT YOU'RE ALL FUCKING ATHEISTS!

Marcus: This is not NATURAL! I want answers now! My brother dies tomorrow... and when I put that right, I expect to reprise my form in the present day. I DON'T CARE ABOUT CALOGERO OR JASPER, THEY ARE NOT RELEVANT TO ME! All that matters, is saving my brother...

'All that matters is saving my brother'? Have we seen an epiphany from deep within him? He's finally finding the temptation inside himself to kill someone, but doesn't know who.

Francesca: Ah, hey darling...
Marcus: I'm not happy, Francesca.
Francesca: Why? What's the matter, honey?

Marcus: Everything is the matter now darling, and I just cannot do it....

Francesca: Oh, you poor thing...
Marcus: I don't know if I can do this...
Francesca: What!?
Marcus: I miss my wife.
Francesca: You're divorced, Marcus. You have me now.
Marcus: I don't know. My mind is messed up, I've forgotten what love is.
Francesca: Oh, but you miss your wife? Surely that's love...?
Marcus: No. I just miss my family.
Francesca: Family? You never told me about this...
Marcus: Didn't I? Well, I have a son to look after.
Francesca: Oh.
Marcus: I can't be here. Another minute I spend inside this rut is another minute I lose of my life.
Francesca: What!? This is your home!
Marcus: No, it isn't. I don't belong here. I'm convinced I'm not even Marcus Redford as you know him.
Francesca: I... I'm scared...

Marcus: I don't know what I have to do. But it seems like this has been a whirlwind of lies, corruption and deceit. But in all of this, there is something. There's a spark, a spark that lights the mind, and the soul... it's a stimulation.... a stimulation to put things right, to be victorious. You know this one... last... thing, means everything... but you just can't... bring yourself... to doing it!
Francesca: I know what it is. I'm making a phone call, right now. Where's your phone?
Marcus: In the kitchen.

Rod: Alright, so this is it. My whole career, believe it or not, is on the line... and we have to make the right call.
Marcus: Gov, remember I told you about my brother... Harland Redford?
Rod: I believe I do.
Marcus: Tomorrow, he dies.
Rod: You sure?
Marcus: Yes, I'm positive. I've got to find him and... save him. Save him, yes. That's what I must do. I've kept it from you because I don't think anymore discomfort should be caused in the department. But please, despite everything, please don't leave me. Share a thought for me, please? I've got to do this, but do it alone.
Rod: Brotherly love, something I'd know of.
Francesca: You can't spend too much time finding him, we have to search for Calogero, no?
Rod: I hope he is what this is about. We end it tomorrow.
Marcus: We will. I'm sure we can give it a good shot.
Rod: It'll have to be a good shot, so then I can keep my career.

Francesca: Marcus... can you kill him?
Rod: Kill Giuliani!? He ain't laying a finger on him, that bastard is mine!
Francesca: Mr Barker, please be quiet. This is for me. I'm asking Marcus.
Rod: No sweet lips, this one's for my career.
Francesca: Right now... I don't care. Marcus. I'm asking you.

Francesca: No lies, no funny business, no resistance. He'll just drop. You'll resolve the case, a tough case I could only imagine. I've learnt how dangerous he is. I don't know him well, and neither does he. But you've proved to me that I'm worth your love. I'm worthy of my place in this world... you know I don't enjoy sex slavery which is why I was elated when I got out. I wouldn't mind staying here if it was rid of Calogero. Between us, we're the masters. We call the shots, and we three have to be responsible. No one else can lie a finger on him, because he's caused us enough pain.
Marcus: Francesca...
Francesca: ...
Marcus: I'm not sure this is the right solution. I think there's someone much, much closer to home who deserves death.
Francesca: Think of what he intends to do to me, if he found me!
Marcus: He didn't do it, Francesca. How can we punish that!? He'll be incarcerated here and then probably referred to Azaria to spend the rest of his days in prison. The mafia is a dirty word, period. It doesn't change. He still has no lawful right to be in Denland...

Francesca: He's a highly dangerous man, Marcus. Think about us. Think about you... and your family. Your son.
Rod: Hang on a minute... you have a son...?
Marcus: Oh, I'm not prepared to go over everything now, I'm too tired and willing to get out of this alive.
Francesca: You want to live!? Kill him, then his friends in Azaria will back off! You imprison him then more of them will come over to cause a rebellion.
Rod: There's nothing fucking special about Denland for them. If they want to take me on, they'll do it on their homeland - not my country.
Francesca: And too, save your country... Marcus. You may not think it, but catching him in the early days will save a lot of lives. I heard Alberto's stories regarding his rivalry with Calogero... and I heard the things he did weren't pretty.

Vincent: And this isn't pretty either.
Rod: You've made the call?
Vincent: Yep, and Bryan says the INTERFED can't track the bastard down...
Rod: But they should be able to! They have the technology!
Vincent: They do, but Calogero is a genius for hiding.
Marcus: How come!? I've seen him lurking around the station before.
Francesca: He's after attention. When he gets it, then he'll hide. It's all just fun and games with him.

Vincent: So tomorrow, Bryan's going to come out again with his pals in the van to help track him down. Now, who is going to perform the great honour of capturing Calogero?
Francesca: We've decided...
Rod: Have we!?
Vincent: We sure?
Marcus: Yes, it'll be me.
Rod: But you've got your brother to spot, right?
Marcus: Oh yeah, but I'm not giving up on this one, either.
Rod: You're going to be one busy boy. Save us, save yourself, save your brother, save your country... save my career? Man, if you pull this off... I might just have to kiss you.

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