Episode 06 - Part 1

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Episode 06 - Part 1

Post by Luke on Sat Jul 11, 2015 9:21 pm

[size=200]Evil Born Evil[/size]
Series: 02
Episode: 06
This is a remake of an episode aired previously.
Written by: Luke Enfield
Produced by: Crimson Media
[warning]AGE RATING: 15+
Previously on Evil Born Evil...

Marcus: Lystow CID, 1968. Rod and Vincent were there. They met... they fell out... he ends up here, Vince follows. Man, I hope this guy is real, and not just a figure of my mind in this godforsaken coma of mine...

Marcus: I COULD ALWAYS JUST KILL YOU, BUT I... CAN'T! I CAN'T DO IT! I don't know what I have to do and you won't make it clear to me anymore. I'm here for a reason, yes? There has to be a solution, unless you just wanted me here so that I could suffer, and suffer, and suffer. Or maybe I thought that I got what I always wanted, to turn back time... to save my brother! Agh, yes! That's what it's all about, my brother! I THOUGHT THIS MIGHT'VE BEEN GENUINE! BUT NO, THESE DEMONS COME AND FUCK AROUND WITH MY HEAD LIKE SOME BASTARD MEHZEBITE GODS OR SOMEONE BUT YOU'RE ALL FUCKING ATHEISTS!

Vincent: So tomorrow, Bryan's going to come out again with his pals in the van to help track him down. Now, who is going to perform the great honour of capturing Calogero?
Francesca: We've decided...
Rod: Have we!?
Vincent: We sure?
Marcus: Yes, it'll be me.
Rod: But you've got your brother to spot, right?
Marcus: Oh yeah, but I'm not giving up on this one, either.
Rod: You're going to be one busy boy. Save us, save yourself, save your brother, save your country... save my career? Man, if you pull this off... I might just have to kiss you.

Rod: Alright, listen up. Listen up!

Rod: If you don't, then that's your problem... not mine. I'll tell you now, I don't do funerals, so if you're gonna' lose it all... better for me to pay my respects now. Any respects I should pay now? You're all listening? Good.
Francesca: Who is where?
Rod: You're going to stick by your companion Marc. He seems to be your sanctum in this place. So... erm... yeah. We find Calogero.
Vincent: But we don't know where Calogero is.
Rod: No, Hopkins. We don't. But we will know by the end of today because he's leaving Denland.

Vincent: Heaven help us if we don't...
Rod: Now, you've all got a phone thingy-ma-jiggy right? Don't - whatever you do - don't let go of it. That's our way of communication... if I find you've left it here I will personally take it and shove the antenna of it so far up your arse you'll be singing Dolly Blackbird higher than the Faunton Boys Choir. Got it!? I hope so.
Vincent: So, I suggest whenever we pick up on something we contact... who? If he had the walkie talkies we could communicate diversly, but since we cannot have multiple conversations on our cell phones, who do we contact?
Rod: That'll be me - the leader of affairs. Vincent - you'll be co-leader, ensuring everyone is doing what they should be doing.

Vincent: Right.

Rod: Julie my love, you'll be the overseer. You'll make sure nobody touches this building unless they're aloud. If they're not, you've my permission to poke their eyes out with the end of your stick-thingy.
Julie: Crutch, Mr Barker. Crutch.
Rod: Yeah, that.

Bryan: And what about us and Marc?
Rod: Bryan, you'll be tech man. Your international organization busting drug barons and Marallan dictators must have access to the very finest technology, I'd imagine? You can go with Marc now and sort out this shit with his brother.

Bryan: Yes, that's correct. Only the finest. Off we go.

Bryan: Alright, so... you've spent all this time away from your brother and now you decide you want to see him again?
Marcus: It's... not like that.
Bryan: Well, how is it then?
Marcus: Kind of... hard to explain.
Bryan: Yeah, I could only imagine if you've... like I've said, spent all this time away from him? Why?
Marcus: I guess we never saw eye to eye. But... he's been doing bad things, now... I don't want him to die.

Bryan: What kind of bad things? Is he a troublemaker?
Marcus: Ah, yeah. Kind of. In the house, that is. He's not exactly a criminal.
Bryan: Not exactly...?
Marcus: No, it's kind of like this - he's making decisions that could lead up to him having the will to kill himself, perhaps? I'm not saying anyone is going to come along and pop him, I'm just...
Bryan: He's in the drugs biz, ain't he?

Marcus: Well...
Bryan: Isn't he?
Marcus: Last time I saw, he wasn't doing too well. That's why I made the decision I did. That was in the future, though...
Bryan: So you know that even after the events of today... he still won't be doing too well? Or do you mean... he's doing fine now, but you're going to... beat him around a bit? Put him in his place and encourage him to keep drugs out of the family?
Marcus: Not exactly. Again, it's very difficult to explain.
Bryan: Alright, well. I'll just stay out of the personal aspect to it and just do my job.
Marcus: I appreciate it, Bryan. I really do.

Marcus: A van?
Bryan: Yeah, don't be fooled.
Marcus: Why not?
Bryan: The merchandise is in the back.
Marcus: Merchandise!?
Bryan: Not that kind. I'm not helping your brother my giving him more of the stuff. No, that's the computers.
Marcus: I should make this straight - drugs were brought into my family, but he's not a junkie. He's a dealer.
Bryan: Oh... OH! Is he? I'm sorry for being mistaken, pal.

Marcus: Oh... oh. Yeah, 'oh' is all you can really say to that I suppose. Look - let's just say I made a bad decision. A very bad decision. Now - we're about to put things right.
Bryan: I admire your enthusiasm and loyalty, Redford. You're the gleaming star of the Cramham CID in my eyes...
Marcus: I'm touched. Thank you.

Bryan: We'd better not waste any more time...

Bryan: Alright, I think we're cooking on gas...

Marcus: Ok, his name is Harald Redford.
Bryan: Harald!? How's it spelt... I guess 'H-A-R-O-L-D'?
Marcus: No, no, no, no! It's 'H-A-R-A-L-D'.
Bryan: Alright, thanks. The tracker is loading now.
Marcus: How's this work, exactly? Just tracking people? Do you need to track their phone or anything? How does it work?
Bryan: Magic.

Bryan: H-A-R-A-L-D. Right, here goes...

Bryan: Oh.

Bryan: Ok, looks like you're going to have to man the van and move us to a place where we can get a better signal...

I guess he never has much luck at these kind of things...

Marcus: (Exhales) Fuck me... if this isn't done today...

Marcus: Save yourself, Marcus. You have to. I can't leave Jane or Jake... they're worth more to me than Francesca, Rod or anyone else for that matter...

Sam: Hmm... Jane, Jake. Such a loving man you are, Marcus. Such a loving man. I feel your pain, I have a family too, you know.

Marcus: What the hell could you want now!? Don't you have any respect for me no more?

Sam: This is not a question of respect... it's a question of how I can help you. My signs may not seem to be of much help, but if you've listened, you'll know that today is the day. Now - your friend from the INTERFED, Bryan... he's insisted that you kill Jasper Lyons. But Francesca? She doesn't like Calogero, and who can blame her? The things he intends to do to her is criminalizing just thinking of it. As a result of that, she insists you kill Calogero. So, you're faced with two choices. Which one do you take?

Sam: If you're going to kill Jasper, you'd better do it by 6pm. If you want to pop Calogero, then you've got until 8pm. Of course, Calogero has backing, Jasper doesn't anymore. He's going to be a lot harder to kill, so the extra two hours make things a little more easier.

Sam: There's a right and a wrong in this though, Marcus. One of them was the guy who ran you over that day you dropped Jake off at school. Oh, how sinister. That man surely deserves to die. Who'd could ever go as low as attempting to murder a father in front of his own child? It's sick. Goodbye Marcus, I wish you luck. If you fail to make your decision, then I guess... I guess you really do die as a result of your injuries.

Out comes the truth. I don't know what goes on inside that head of Marcus, but surely, he must've believed the guy who ran him down has been placed in this coma. That's what Sam has implied, and it's now down to Marcus to make the correct decision.

Does he listen to his supposed 'boys', or does he listen to his supposed 'companion'?

Where can he take it from here when he's lost?

He's lost. Lost beyond belief. Who's going to be true hero, and who will be the villain and ruin it for everyone?

Who wins? You decide, my friend. You decide.

Marcus: Oh, gov! Listen to me! There's been this... voice... this voice inside my head, right? Now, he's telling me to make the move. It's got to be today.
Rod: What move!?
Marcus: Stopping... agh, Calogero!? Or... or... Jasper now. I mean, who'd you rather see lose his life?
Rod: Well... that's a tricky one. You know that's a tricky one for me. This... whole thing just hasn't made any sense to me at all from the very beginning. This has, clearly taken it all out on yourself.
Marcus: It has. I'm becoming deluded by these voices telling me that I don't have long to kill someone.
Rod: You don't... we've already established the fact that Calogero is leaving town today regardless of whether he's in possession of that Franny-Fanny or not.
Marcus: You're not leaving are you... we need to talk. We need to talk about this, gov. We... we need to talk about Rod Barker. Who he really is.
Rod: No, you know who I am now. You know that the time has came, so it's down to you to make right.
Marcus: I know that, I know. But please... gov! Don't turn your back on this now. You... you are our gov. You call the shots, not Jasper, not Vincent, I don't either. I need YOUR help.

Rod: You're about to instigate this, Marc. You've always known Calogero much better than myself, you've encountered him much more often.
Marcus: It's this voice. It's telling me one thing, then it's going to something completely different and it's not making it easy for me.
Rod: You don't have to kill anyone. Let them both rot in a cell for the rest of their days. Death is a dream come true for them, well, you can see that Jasper doesn't get out much. Now... if you'll excuse me... I'm off out.
Marcus: Where!?
Rod: Well, you went off in search for your brother... now I'm off to see mine.
Marcus: Alright, best of luck. Don't be long, yeah? We must talk. Ok?

Rod has a brother, just like Marcus. And just like Marcus... they never saw eye-to-eye either. In many ways then, it's evident that Rod and Marcus are very alike.

They each have their own element of psychopathy. They know their rights and they know their laws.

Their pasts' have both haunted them, and affected the way they see life and their actions within life. They're hungry to win.

And they know, that despite everything - when there's a will...

... there's a way.

If you could turn back time... what would you do to make things all fine and dandy again? Take a life that was already over... to save another?

Or just come to the conclusion that things are better off without you involved... just stand back, and watch what could've happened if you never lied your dirty fingers on it...

Rod: Thank you for your services, Mrs Mighty Mer...

I guess he really was soon about to see his brother again...

Vincent: Marc, Marc! Thank goodness I found you! Someone's just phoned in... they saw a blue Meriteer in the ocean... (gulps)... in flames.
Marcus: What!? WHAT!? ROD!?
Vincent: No, no, no, no... wait! It could be any Meriteer!
Marcus: BUT THIS IS...
Vincent: I know, I know. It's not convenient. But we've got to make sure it's not him. Heaven forbid if... oh, I don't want to even think about it.

Marcus: It's nearly 6pm... Calogero's flight is in just a matter of hours!
Vincent: This is important. This can't go ahead without Rod! It can't!
Marcus: I know but...
Vincent: Well then, let's get out of here!
Marcus: What if it's just a hoax!?
Vincent: I don't know... then we continue with the proceedings!
Marcus: I've got an hour and then...
Vincent: An hour until what!?

Marcus: Never that matter. (Sighs) Marcus... deep breaths. Calogero it is. It has to be.
Vincent: Yeah, that's the spirit. That bastard is no way yet out of our reach.
Marcus: Exactly. Now let's go and find Rod. His department needs him.

Vincent: We're going across the bridge... apparently it went off the cliff...
Marcus: Oh shit, this is not what we need...!

Marcus: I saw him, man. He says he was going to see his brother...
Marcus: Yeah, why... what's wrong?

Vincent: Marcus... his brother is... let's say... no longer with us. I'm... I'm... I'm so sorry, boy. He's.. he's done it. He's only just gone and drove of the cliff to go and meet him...

Marcus: But... BUT he couldn't have! NO! DAMN, FUCKING SHIT! (Whimpers)

Vincent: It's the Mighty Mer, Marc. It's the Mighty Mer. He's gone, I'm afraid...
Marcus: (Cries heavily)

Vincent: I don't believe it... I just can't believe it, Marc. Why did he do this to us!? WHY...!?

Marcus: Should've killed Jasper... should've killed Jasper. He drove him to do this... damn, I've fucked up now.

Vincent: We're all fucked without Barker, in all honesty...

(Phone rings)

Marcus: Oi, FUCKTARD! Don't you have any respect!? I'm mourning here! WHO THE HELL IS THIS!?

Bryan: And who the hell are you calling a FUCKTARD!? Peter W. fucking Walsh on a boat... I'm giving you all the help I can give you yet you're giving me this!? What's the matter? Who are you mourning?

Marcus: Oh, Bryan. Look - I'm sorry. I'm just... in a state. You should best hear the story later, now is not the time.

Bryan: Well, that's good because we've found your brother. We've monitored him, and we've found that he's remaining stationary, so perhaps if he stays a bit longer we might have the time to pounce. He's by the old docks, you know the one, right?

Marcus: WHAT!? You... you've found him!? FUCK! I mean, that's good but... also, time's running out to find Calogero too...

Bryan: Holy fuck, Redford. Stay calm. You know everyone is doing their best. We're fine for time, I'm telling you...
INTERFED agent: Tracking Giuliani's location now, agent Cordova.
Bryan: Alright, we're looking for Giuliani as well now. So in spite of you going in search of your brother, we're always keeping our watchful eye on Don Calo too, got it?

Vincent: You have to go, Marc? It's ok, go now. I just need a few more minutes. Go!

Marcus: Well Francesca, this is it...
Francesca: Are you ok?
Marcus: I've had a... hard day already. This'll make me a damn sight happier, I hope.

Marcus: Are you Harald? Harald Redford?
Harald: Woah, woah, woah...! Just a minute, you don't look like him.
Marcus: Like who?
Harald: The... guy I'm too meet. I was... expecting somebody. Ha, I just was surprised there.
Marcus: Oh yes, I remember it now. This is it - the 16th of December, 1984. The day... our lives changed forever.
Harald: Ok, now you're beginning to creep me out... what do you want from me?
Marcus: You know who I am... don't you?
Harald: No.
Marcus: No? I'm your brother.
Harald: I... I don't have a brother.
Marcus: You do.
Harald: I... don't.
Marcus: Oh no, look at me - we're similar right? I'm your brother!
Harald: I ask your girlfriend... do you think so?
Francesca: Well, if I had to be honest, I'd say the hair is pretty much a give away in favour of Harald's conclusion.
Marcus: You're selling dope aren't you?
Harald: ...
Marcus: You are... aren't you? I remember him, the buyer. He wasn't young, and he gave things quite a stir, didn't he? I'm so glad you didn't sell eventually, but boy oh boy, did I regret what I did that night... THIS night. This VERY night.

Harald: Why are you talking in the past tense? This is NOW. I'm about to do business here, the buyer's about to arrive, and you're interrupting the proceedings! Fuck off!
Marcus: Oh, come on... now, that's no way to treat your brother.
Harald: You're not my brother! I am a lone child!
Marcus: I'm lead to believe not.
Harald: Ok, then let's hear it then. What's your name?
Marcus: Marcus. Marcus Redford.
Harald: Redford... you... oh, wait... hang on a minute... you're related to me?
Marcus: Yes... I AM your brother.
Harald: You've... you've came to tell me now...!? Now!? When I'm about to do this deal?
Marcus: Yes, Harald. It's the only time I've had. I only found out you were here until... half an hour ago?
Harald: But who told you!?
Marcus: A friend of mine, Harald. A very good friend of mine.
Harald: This is making no sense...
Marcus: It doesn't have to, man. It doesn't have to. Not now, not ever. All that matters to me is making you safe, saving your life in fact. You're about to die, you know?

Harald: Who are you... SOME FUCKING PSYCHOPATH!?

Marcus: You could say that, yeah... but at least I'm telling the truth. I'm not forcing you into anything, you don't have to consider me your brother. You obviously don't know me, so I won't keep questioning it. But you will realize, I am your brother... and I will save you, and you will be grateful for it.
Harald: Save me from who!?
Marcus: You watch. I'll save you.
Harald: FROM WHO!?
Marcus: Keep watching.
Francesca: I don't think he's very comfortable with this, Marcus babe...
Marcus: He'll have to try his best. Now, nothing else matters more... (phone rings)... ah, not again... this'd better be good.
Harald: Ah, tell them to fuck off! In fact, you fuck off! This deal is about to go off in two minutes precisely! TWO!

Marcus: Hold your horses sunshine... (answers phone)... yep, hello? Oh, hi Bryan. Yeah, I'm with him...

Bryan: Anyway, as I've told you... we began to try and track Calogero's location once I told you we had found Harald. Now, well... I have to warn you... Calogero is on his way straight towards the docks. He's heading straight for you.

Marcus: Alright well, that's... amazing news. Right, yeah. Amazing. Ok, Harald. We've got to get you to safety.

The black car arrives. The black car always has to be pivotal, a black car is a sign of superiocy.

Bryan was right - Marcus had plenty of time... since Calogero was always right under his nose anyway.

Calogero: Ah, well... isn't this lovely!? Three people... these three people... who I honestly, cannot get enough of in my life right now!

Calogero: Harald, my friend. You have the merchandise, yes?
Harald: Yes... sir. Yes.
Calogero: Harald is a fantastic asset to his organization, would you have it. He's doing a stellar job, and he's ensuring I can live happily even without you... Francesca.
Francesca: Calogero...
Calogero: I've been looking for you, haven't I? (Chuckles) I'm glad this deal has finally brought me to you, such a beautiful woman who I feel a great affection towards having all to myself. Oooh, would you believe it? You must love me so much, dear girl...
Francesca: Wish I could say the same for you, Calogero. But... you're worthless. Spineless... pathetic.
Calogero: Oh, I'm sorry I couldn't save you when you were kidnapped. I hunted high and low over that apartment of yours to find what I was looking for - you. I hope the man who did that is dead, now. Hrmph.

Calogero: I've some business to clear up, then... I don't know, maybe we can settle this feud, hey Marcus?
Marcus: You're very fearless, Calogero. Give him a round of applause, Harald... Francesca. He's clearly asking for one, oh, he has such supreme fearlessness. One could only dream of having such a much-required trait.

Calogero: Oh, don't they just... oh, hello. We're not disturbing any 'business' of yours, are we?

Jasper: I'd like to say you are, but no... frankly, I've not came for you Giuliani. Anyway, I must confess that, for the record - I did take Francesca. I'm sorry... but, I'm sure we can agree on something, there simply isn't enough of her to go round to share, is there now?

Jasper: Now, Marcus. I'm here for you.
Marcus: (Whispers to self) Big mistake, Marcus. Big mistake. It's him, it's him. He ran me over. Fuck...! He's here to kill me now...

Jasper: I'm sorry, but are you praying? Where is Peter W. Walsh when you need him!? Ha, fuck... he's washed up well ashore now.
Marcus: The same could be said for you, Lyons. You're nothing but a washed-up cop. You never had anything on Barker.
Jasper: Oh, is that so? I know what he did. He couldn't bring himself to the fact that he was worthless, so he got that hard drive back and killed the only mercenary I had left in Luca. The cold-hearted... fucker. I guess now, I'm glad that he finally paid the price and accepted that he had no where left to run in this world.

Jasper: Ah... who's this? The cavalry!?

Jasper: Oh. Tragic...

Vincent: Ah. Lyons, Lyons, Lyons...

Jasper: Uggghh...

Vincent: Got here in a hurry, didn't we!? Rod's in a better place now, I'll let him know that everything regarding you is done and dusted.
Jasper: (Mutters) Please... jus'... I do' want... to... (splutters)

Vincent: No, I didn't think so either. (Gunshot)

Vincent: Prick.

Calogero: Rico... you'll always obey my orders right? No matter what?
Rico: For sure.
Calogero: I'm now going to hit you.
Rico: Oh, erm... for sure, Calogero! FOR SURE! UGH!

Vincent: Alright, folks. Looks like Calogero is making a run for it. Moment of truth... get in!
Marcus: Hurry, guys!

Marcus: Oi, Harald! Get a fucking move on! GET IN!

Harald: I suppose I could say I'm getting much more than I bargained for...

Vincent: When's he leave the country?
Marcus: 8, I believe.
Vincent: Plenty of time. Have you informed Bryan? Tell him to get us some fucking back-up. Do you think a Baron full of four people that failed it's first ever MOT is a match for him?
Harald: A baron full of people!? That reminds me of my previous drug baron boss, he was always full of people. He ate them, you know. Literally.
Marcus: (Sighs) Joy of joys, Harald. Joy of joys. At least I succeeded in my mission.

Vincent: Oh yeah, congratulations. Didn't realized you'd save his skin.
Marcus: Neither did I.
Francesca: How about you concentrate on the road, you know I want Calogero dead just as much as you two, maybe even more by the looks of it!

Bryan: Stand-by, lads. I think I can see them.

Vincent: Bryan, I never lost faith in you, friend. Never.
Marcus: He's going to towards the manor! Give him a tug!
Vincent: You utter euphemistical creature...

Marcus: THAT'S IT, GO ON... NOW!

Calogero: Agh... uh, the whiplash... fuck me!

Marcus: Ah, you know? I'll pass. Although, I'd like to see someone actually do that though. It'll be great for you to experience what it must be like to be poor, poor Francesca. How so splendid you have treated her.
Calogero: I never laid a finger on her, Redford. Never. That was Marini. I mean... it's fine to have our fantasies, right?
Marcus: But you WOULD'VE touched her if you could. That's what makes you just as bad as the rest of 'em Calogero. You're cold, spineless, heartless, and you don't deserve a place on Alterra in my opinion.
Calogero: I'd have never imagined my parents leaving Levachia only to give birth to a son who would make them so fortunous...
Marcus: I don't give a shit. Maybe, if you asked, you'd find that most of Azaria wants you back in Levachia. Denland doesn't want you neither... oh... who does anyway?


Marcus: Oh, tormenting Francesca, dealing drugs... with my brother? They were good things? Now, think again... Calogero. Was this what you wanted?
Calogero: I was set on becoming an astrophysicist, Marcus! An astrophysicist! It all went wrong, and I'm sorry!
Marcus: My heart bleeds for you... it's so sad. You should write a book. But then... there's one more thing to add to that list that I'm sure you'll have to be sorry for.

Marcus: You fucked with my girlfriend... you fucked with my brother, and... something tells me... that you also fucked with me. (Gunshot)

Marcus: Woah, woah, WOAH! What's happening!?

Marcus: Where are you taking me!?

Marcus: Oh, I can't believe it! I'm going back!

Marcus: I'm going back! I'm going back! Please say it's so! PLEASE!

Marcus: Ah, a nosebleed again... but WHO THE FUCK CARES!?


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