Episode 01

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Episode 01

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[size=200]Evil Born Evil[/size]
Series: 03
Episode: 01
Written by: Luke Enfield
Produced by: Crimson Media
[warning]AGE RATING: 15+


Herbert: Ivan... Ivan, is that you? Ah, it is you! Well, what can I say!? The job is complete, the money's ours, and that's that... yes! It was a pretty clean job. Don cracked the safe's code number and she opened like clockwork, and there §15 million shone in green §50 bills before my very eyes.

Herbert: So, she's good then? I hope she's pleased, it may have sounded like a pretty easy job, but it was getting there that was most challenging. At the end of the day though, it was a joint effort. This is going to stop Cardenas from flapping his gums now, boasting about his cash. Because we've done it, sunshine. We've hit the jackpot!

Herbert: And if you think he'll be babbling on much longer, think again. Once we see his reaction to this shit storm, we're going to let him say his prayers, and within a while he'll be pushing daisies... no? Oh, he wanted to be cremated, well, that was my mistake... either way, we won't need to put up with him anymore.

Herbert: Tomorrow I'll make my way to the rendezvous, at the old brewery, in Saxon. You know the one? Rocco's coming out of the slammer and we'll from then on have nothing to lose...


Voice: You had everything to lose, Herbert, you sick old bastard.

Did anybody say that you couldn't do this all over again? No. Because this was only the beginning.

Chris: Forty-one, forty-two, forty-three... agh... forty-four... forty-five...!

Chris: Forty-six, forty-seven, forty-eight... (heavy breathing)

Chris: Forty-nine...! ...FIFTY! AGH!

Chris: Oh, that was exhausting.
TV: And something rather chilling has occured in the early hours of this morning, as a shooting took place at Herryland's Park in Kimdon, leaving a man, presumed to be in his late-60's, dead, lying in his own blood. Police are currently at the scene looking into the murder. The victim is presumed to be a certain Herbert Major, a high-class businessman based in Potter Dolph, in the heart of Sondon's finance and business park. It is also predicted that from the police's words, Herbert's death may well have been a planned assasination. Julie Bracken, reporting from Kimdon, SPTV News.
Chris: Shit...

(Phone rings)

Chris: Hello?
Mitch: Hello? Now isn't the time for a fucking hello, you prick! Have you seen it on the news, or are you too inclined in your shitty fitness regime to understand what's happening?
Chris: I'm sorry, I just didn't expect this. Things have been quiet recently, and I never expected this to be going on.
Mitch: Quiet!? QUIET!? Everything's kicking off! This old coffin-dodger businessman took a bullet to his skull and we're receiving calls from a Riberican businessman that he's been robbed of §15 million!
Chris: Listen, listen! Calm down yeah? None of us had ever planned for this to happen...
Mitch: Oh, give it a rest. You're supposed to be prepared for anything like this. You're a cop, Chris. You don't need to rely on others to do your work for you. Get changed, showered, whatever you have to do. But be at the station soon... or else this country is in threat big time again. First the mafia, and now assasins. It's not good news, Chris.

Chris: Don't think of it like that, Mitch. We're of same ranking and I doubt it's correct for you to be giving me orders. Assasins only kill men they've been appointed too, they're not a threat to civilians, only to those who have a bit of cash to spread and have been involved in similar shit before hand.
Mitch: What I can and can't do is none of your business, Chris. Stop babbling and get on down here, now. I don't care if this bastard's a threat, there's a nice perk room for him in our prisons, and what more perfect person deserves that spot than our assasin? We aren't even sure what this old bloke did in the first place to have a bullet in the head. Now, hurry.
Chris: Alright, I'll be there in a while.
Mitch: I need you here quicker! COME ON!
Chris: Alright, bye... Bye?

(Phone line goes dead)

Chris: (Sighs)

One man. But not two sides, three for that matter.

And if you were someone in particular, you'd know that there was even more than that. Being a cop is being just about as brave as going out onto the streets as a criminal, risking your neck for the big prize. But you know, cops risk their neck for people's wellbeing, and not for money, sex and booze. Or at least people think that...

Man: Morning, officer.
Chris: Good morning to you, sir.
Man: I guess you've heard the news?
Chris: ...

Chris: Hello Kylie?
Kylie: Detective, where have you been!?
Chris: Well, I...
Kylie: Mitch and Peter have been constantly requesting your assistance, there's been a businessman murdered in Kimdon, a planned assasination we believe!
Chris: Kylie, I know it all already. I'm here to investigate, I'm here to see Mitch, so don't go taking his anger out on me when I've heard it all already. Unlock this door and let me in, I've got an assasin to nail.
Kylie: You shouldn't be lying around unaware of this though, Chris. I don't have your muscles, I don't have your car, I don't have your gun, I don't have your skills. But I know for sure that I'd do a great deal better than you this morning and actually turn up when needed.
Chris: Kylie! Will you shut up and open this door? I've heard it all already!

Kylie: I'm sorry...
Chris: Oh no, look. Don't be that way. Listen - I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you. This is all just too frantic and I want to get this over and done with before matters get worse.
Kylie: Alright, the door's unlocked.
Chris: Thanks, Kylie.
Kylie: No problem.

Chris: Mitch! Mitch! I'm here! Come on, let's get down there...! Mitch...? Look, I'm sorry I couldn't get here earlier, but like I said over the phone, I didn't see this coming. Mitch?

Mitch: You know, you remind me of the ocean, Chris.
Chris: Oh, do I?
Mitch: Yeah, because you make me sick.
Chris: I'm sorry?

Mitch: Most of us live an learn my friend, and you, you just live. You didn't know there was a killer on the loose did you? Until you see it on the television and panic, only to be phoned by me, putting on a brave face and a brave voice. You know, that you was in the wrong, pal.
Chris: I am sorry. Deeply.
Mitch: Enough of that shit. 'Sorry' is a word that Mitch doesn't like. And there's no use explaining it, because I guess if you were active enough you'd realise we've not got much on this murder, so we're dragging you in so we can learn a little bit more. There's a few things we're unsure of, and we've taken some of Herbert's possesions and layed them around him as evidence. Now, let's go.
Chris: Enough of that, too. I know I made a mistake but I'm not in the mood for you to carry on. Let's just get this out of the way.
Mitch: Alright, that's what I like to hear. We'll put this behind us.
Chris: Good idea.
Mitch: But a word to you Chris, for the love of plumbbob, DO NOT do this again... you hear me?
Chris: I hear you alright.

Mitch: Peter's at the scene already and I don't think he would be much to happy about you either. So be yourself and I won't mention anything about that little escapade. Alright?
Chris: Alright. So, we know nothing, right?
Mitch: Just his name and his business. We retrieved two pieces of evidence, also his possesions.
Chris: And they were?
Mitch: A torch.
Chris: And a..?
Mitch: A ladies' purse.
Chris: A what!?
Mitch: You heard right, a ladies' purse.
Chris: And why would a highly-classed businessman like him want to carry a ladies' purse?
Mitch: Well, first and foremost, it's likely not to be his.

Officer: Morning, Mitch. Chris.
Mitch: Good morning, Rich.
Chris: Morning Richard... anyway... why would he be carrying a purse with him anyway?
Mitch: I don't know, but these tight businessmen will probably go as far as they can to get their hands on money, and it's likely he was involved in this shit like I've said.
Chris: Let's get down there and find out for ourselves.

Mitch: Alright then, Chris. Here we are. Now, take your time investigating. Look out for anything peculiar.
Chris: Mitch, give me a break. You're acting as if this morning I need to learn, and I don't. I'm a cop Mitch, no matter what I did. Now, onwards we go.
Mitch: (Sarcastically) Oh, I'm sorry...
Chris: Mitch, do you want me to get angry with you? I've told you, you can't give me as many orders as you'd like. Now, shut it.
Mitch: ...

Chris: You should take a look into his phonecalls, and maybe see why he is the way he is.
Mitch: Definitely no mobile phone here. How's that possible?
Chris: Then it's a possibility that the killer has walked off with it.
Mitch: Most definitely. Have a look and see what you can find, I'm off to talk to Pete.
Chris: Alright...

Mitch: So, have you found anything Pete?
Peter: Nothing really to say the least, although I have found a ticket in that ladies' purse, but it only seems to be a business card adressed towards Dolph, it could mean something.
Chris: Maybe this lady then was a 'client' of Herbert's...
Mitch: Hey, when did you get involved in this? I told you I was talking to Peter, you're going out to look for evidence.
Chris: It's easy to figure already, if you look at it from my perspective.
Mitch: Oh really, is it now?
Peter: Would you like to explain it to us, Detective Osborne?
Chris: Alright then, here's what I think. As you was saying Pete, that business card could only mean the ladies' purse was a client, and if these businessmen in the Dolph region are that tight and desperate for money even though they're up to their neck in it, yes, I believe you're correct. This lady was a client, who soon is going to only add on to our problems. First the §15 million stole from the Riberican business tycoon, second this murder, and third, this lady is going to come onto us asking where her purse is.
Mitch: Hmm, good thinking I suppose. It's glad to see that you still got up at the right time this morning, regardless of you being late because of yourself being a fitness freak.
Chris: Oh, for the last time. We agreed on this, Mitch. Give it a rest.
Peter: Look, he knows he's done wrong, stop it Mitch. We're getting somewhere here.
Mitch: (Sighs) Carry on, I'm sorry...
Chris: And as for the torch, well. My best guess is that since quite strangely he was murdered here at 3am, it must have been dark, and so yes, this park may have been lit, but how well lit? And what other good use is a torch anyway, apart from giving off artificial light? It was dark, and Herbert wanted to see where he was walking, or else he may have tripped and fell, maybe most fatally killing himself before the assasin could plant that bullet in his skull.
Peter: I don't know. It seems obvious, but these kind of guys aren't that stupid. They're not going to expose themselves in this kind of way, are they?
Chris: But Herbert didn't know that he was about to be killed...
Peter: Well, I've got to go back to the station and sort out some paperwork, I'll see you around guys.
Chris: See you, Pete.
Mitch: Later.

Chris: What are you looking at me like that for!?
Mitch: (Tuts) ...
Chris: Mitch, this has got to stop. Stop taking your anger out on me and others. We'll find this man, don't you worry. But we're not if we don't keep cool, calm and collective. We've got evidence at least so we've got somewhere to go. And you're certain there were no witnesses?
Mitch: Everybody is either asleep at 3am, or doing business in the backstreets. Who do you think would have seen it?
Chris: Nobody.
Mitch: The killer, you idiot.
Chris: Nice try. But we don't have a killer to interview yet, so I suggest you stop being such a prick, pull yourself together, get over me from this morning, and we're going to find this killer, eventually.
Mitch: You're right. Now, I'm going to follow Peter and sort out paperwork, and together, we're going to work out what to do next. You can hang around here, look for more evidence, which I doubt you will. If you do, call me immediately. But otherwise, you can go back home. But you're wanted to drop by later at the station by the chief, ok?
Chris: Alright, I'm on it.

Mitch: Goodbye now, Chris.
Chris: Goodbye, Mitch.
Mitch: And listen, I'm sorry. Alright. I'm as worried and panicked as you are. Neither of us know what's round the corner, and this is going to be one hard and tough operation, just judging by the style of the murder and the lack of evidence.
Chris: See you. And I'll accept your apology.
Mitch: Thanks...goodbye.

Chris: And now's the time to get down to business...

Some cops too overwhelmed by the events can be knocked off-course...

Some cops want their family, and leave the scene immediately for the safety of their children. D.C.I Christopher Osborne isn't a family man.

D.C.I Christopher Osborne will go beyond any lengths to put an end to crime and places his stamp on the new age of law and order.

Chris: What the fuck!? No, please don't shoot. We can sort something out. Now, put that gun down. This'll probably sound old now, but we can and WILL sort something. You killed Herbert, but you won't take me.

D.C.I Christopher Osborne is a detective. He puts his life on the line for wellbeing of Sondon's people. Not for more of the things we most anticipate in our lives.

D.C.I Christopher Osborne is a man of honour and bravery. He was untouchable... until now.


Chris: (Heavy breathing) ...
Isaac: And like I said, she was hot but... I kind of couldn't trust her after the pandemonium of the night before, and so, with it, I left her. She deserved it, the bitch.
Chris: Who? Who are you too? Where am I?

Isaac: I beg your pardon!? What's wrong Chris, you was purely fine literally seconds ago. What the hell is wrong?
Chris: I don't belong here, and how do you know my name?
Isaac: Oh, please stop Chris. You're worrying me. You're suppose to be driving and now isn't the time to go all funny on me. Keep your eyes on the road.
Chris: This isn't my car.
Isaac: Stop it. You're scaring me, Chris.
Chris: No, you're scaring me. I'm not going crazy, I'm not talking to you as if I'm no longer human or belong on Alterra. But I promise you, I don't belong here.
Isaac: Ok, this is really scaring me now. Stop the car, I'll take over.
Chris: No, no! I'm absolutely fine...
Isaac: Are you sure? I do maybe think you're a bit tired as to why you're acting strange. You forget things when you're tired. It's just a hard day at work that must have tired you, finding killers is a hard job. And we've got more of the same to do tomorrow.
Chris: Killers?
Isaac: Herbert Major, don't act a fool Chris. We seriously must get you to HQ, now. Don't tell me you've forgot where it is?

Chris: Shit...
Isaac: What's the matter?
Chris: This can't be happening to me...
Chris: I don't know who you are, I don't know what you're talking about, and I don't know where I am. I don't know why I'm here, and neither did Marcus.
Isaac: And who would that be?
Chris: He was in the same rank I am, but working for Siverpool Metropolitan Police.
Isaac: (Chuckles) Haha! Siverpool! They don't have one, you idiot!
Chris: And what's with all these old cars and old street signs?
Isaac: Old!?

Chris: I'm not going crazy, I've time-travelled. And as Marcus said, everything that's going on back in reality is kicking off in your dream too. I'm in a coma, I got shot.
Isaac: This is too confusing. Whatever planet you're on, if it helps, feel free to ask me questions and I'll answer. Something really strange has gotten into you though, I'll tell you!
Chris: What year is it?
Isaac: 1967.
Chris: 1967? I wasn't even born then! I was born in 1975...
Isaac: I don't know what to say...
Chris: Ok then, where are we?
Isaac: Sondon.
Chris: I really don't understand this. Why 1967? And above all, why me?
Isaac: Turn left, that's the station!
Chris: Alright, I'm turning.
Isaac: Oh, so you're not going crazy as such, you must be overwhelmed or still, slightly tired. Come on, we'll conclude our day and head home.

Chris: Heaveola?
Isaac: This is your Conventa, Chris. Well done.
Chris: Oh, well certainly my mind chose me a nice car to find myself in, be it 1967. But I'm telling you, this is strange.
Isaac: Even stranger if now you're about to ask me who I am.
Chris: Oh yes, who are you?
Isaac: (Sighs) D.I. Isaac Noble... and you know yours?
Chris: D.C.I. Chris Osborne.
Isaac: (Chuckles) Haha! In your dreams!
Chris: I beg your pardon?

Chris: This is bizarre.
Isaac: Your attitude towards things is bizzare, pal.

Chris: So, I'm a D.I? How'd that happen?
Isaac: You're a Detective Inspector, that's all I can say. You're one of the most notorious members of this elite force, Chris.
Chris: I'm quite baffled. But I need to be back to find this killer.
Isaac: The only killer you should be turning your attention to now is the guy who killed Herbert.
Chris: And taking into account whether that killer is the same on who shot me too. But I'm not dead, not yet. If Marcus survived this, I can.
Isaac: I can't understand anything that's coming out of your mouth now, come on, I'll take you inside, I'll take you to the doctor.
Chris: I don't need a doctor, I'm not going mental, but I've travelled back in time.
Isaac: You're tired, Chris. And after this hard day too its undoubtable that you probably had a drink or two to make matters worse. We'll get you inside, and I'll drive you home.

Chris: Why the hell am I driving a Heaveola Conventa?
Isaac: I don't know. You chose it. But she is fine, you know that. The Manitcon, she is.
Chris: The Manticon?
Isaac: It's for your love of astronomy, Chris.
Chris: Wait, how do you know about that?
Isaac: (Sighs)

Chris: At least you gave me a good car out of all of this anyway, I thank you.
Isaac: Oh well... no problem? I guess... come on, let's go inside.
Chris: Alright...

Isaac: Sid...
Sid: Well, hello there Isaac, what can I do you for?
Isaac: It's Chris...
Sid: Oh you've brought Christopher with you have you? What is wrong?
Isaac: Chris?

Chris: Nothing's wrong with me, doc.
Sid: Now, there is. You see, you'd call me Sid and not doc. We know each other too well for you to be calling me that. What do you know, Isaac?
Chris: Look, stop treating me as if I'm mentally ill. I'm probably in a dream, you're not real or maybe I'm not real to you.
Isaac: (Sighs)
Sid: Do you feel anything different?
Chris: No, not at all. I feel normal, the matter is that I don't belong here. And I came from daytime and I definitely wasn't in these clothes.
Isaac: This sounds completely and utterly stupid. If the gov hears this I'm pretty sure he'll give you time off, Chris. You're sick.
Chris: I am not sick! But I tell you, I do not belong here...

Isaac: We'll see about that one.
Sid: You feel normal, but you're not stressed or anything... tired perhaps?
Chris: No, not at all. I'm as bright as a light right now. I wouldn't need sleep even if you were to tell me its midnight.
Sid: And midnight is soon is according to the clock. I'm quite confused. All I can suggest is to go home and try and get a good night's sleep, sometimes if you become tired, depending on how tired you are, it is possible to regain energy for a short while if you turn your attention towards other things, before going to your bed and realising you fall asleep like the switch of a lightbulb.
Isaac: This time travelling stuff he's talking about haunts me though, Sid.
Sid: I can't get in there and tell you exactly what's happening, Chris. But apart from this time-travelling lark I don't think you're becoming mentally ill.
Isaac: It happened so quickly too... one minute we was discussing the girl I met last Tuesday who just so happened to be a con woman, and then the next minute he was asking me where the hell we were!
Sid: Did he perhaps seem a little bemused or quiet during your conversation before hand?
Isaac: NO! He was absolutely fine...
Chris: I don't remember any of this, so... don't ask me anything regarding that.

Sid: It's best I be off now anyway, and it's best you are too, Chris. Hopefully you'll be your usual self come tomorrow morning. Good luck, my friend.
Chris: Well, thanks. I guess.
Isaac: Thanks Sid, bye.


Sid: Oh wait, I'll hang around a little to see what he has to say.

Ian: Chaps, how are you this evening? You don't suppose it's about time to leave? Come on, we've got nothing more on Major, there's no point having a sleepless night on it. And you'll need sleep, too.
Chris: And forgive me for my perhaps 'stress' and 'tiredness' and 'time-travelling' formality, but who are you?
Ian: I'm sorry?
Isaac: Oh, Chris. Please.
Sid: Please forgive him for saying that govenor, that's why you've just caught myself talking to him and Isaac, he's acting a tad strange.
Ian: I wouldn't doubt that especially with the stress of nailing Herbert's killer.
Chris: I know the killer, sir...
Ian: ...?
Isaac: (Sighs) It's Ian McPherson. Gov to you of course...
Ian: In fact, I don't want to hear this. I've just about had enough of everything recently. Night chaps.

Isaac: Night, gov.
Sid: Goodnight Ian.
Chris: Wait, please!
Isaac: Oh, please don't do this Chris!

Ian: Something strange has really gotten into Chris... dear me.

Chris: Please, stop!
Ian: (Sighs) What do you want Chris?
Chris: A word, please.

Chris: I don't know what it was like for Marcus at Siverpool, but...
Ian: Marcus? Siverpool?
Chris: You happen to know anything about it?
Ian: No, why...?
Chris: Look, I'm from 2012. I got shot. I find myself in 1967. Can I make myself anymore clearer?
Ian: (Sighs) Oh, this is an embarrasment. We're hunting down a killer for Herbert and you're getting all stressed out of this crap. I don't want to hear whatever you have to say.
Chris: When I got shot, I encountered the killer, who shot me in an attempt to kill me too.
Ian: Oh, really?
Chris: I don't know what he looked like, because he was masked and gloved, and wore a nice long trench coat too.
Ian: Oh, well that helps.
Chris: If we can find someone who looks like him then we've found our match for sure.
Ian: I strongly doubt it, Chris. Every dopehead hanging around these streets looks like that. Now, if you'll excuse me, my wife is awaiting my late arrival at home.
Chris: Ian, please. Just wait.

Ian: Something really odd has gotten into you, ain't it!? We've got a bloody murder on our hands and you're acting as if you've had a supernatural occurance with this mister and that you've solved the case to this murder. There's money missing too you know.
Chris: And that money has something to do with the murder, for sure. As does the ladies' purse that was found as a possesion of Herbert's.
Ian: Hey, what?
Chris: It's obviously a lady client of his, isn't it, who he must of had blackmailed for the cash? It had a business card ticket in that purse addressed to Mr Major's business.
Ian: But you don't know that for sure though, do you?
Chris: No, but I'm most certain about it. All we've got to wait for is a call from this lady victim, Ian.
Ian: It's gov. D.S.I Ian McPherson.
Chris: Bloody hell! You're a Detective Superintendant?
Ian: Well done, smart arse. Look, I'm not in the mood for this, come back well tomorrow, ok?
Chris: Please, wait. One more thing!
Ian: What?
Chris: Do you know a certain cop named Mitch?
Ian: Never heard of him. Now, goodnight.
Chris: Wait! (Sighs)

Ian: Now isn't the most convenient time, Chris.
Chris: Indeed it isn't. Perhaps when I fall asleep tonight I'll wake up out of this shithole again.
Ian: Haha! I wouldn't bet on it. Goodnight, you queer.
Chris: That term doesn't mean what you might think it does now!
Ian: Shut up, you're giving me a headache.

Isaac: Now I hate to shoot the messenger but I'm guessing that he's pretty annoyed with you right now. You should seriously lay off him, he's had as such as a tiresome day as we have too, or maybe even worse. If anybody deserved rest, it was him. Now come on, I'm driving you back to your apartment.
Chris: Apartment?
Isaac: Please, Chris. Whatever's wrong with you, just play by it for now, ok?
Chris: Fine, so be it.

Ian: (Winding window) Hey Isaac!
Isaac: Yes, gov?
Ian: Take Chris to a doctor who has the patience ok? Sid's job is resuscitation and to aid us who've taken a bullet to the flesh. He's not no mental doctor.
Chris: Oh, screw you! I'm not going mental...
Isaac: Chris, please.
Ian: I've had about just enough of you Chris. Consider yourself...
Chris: Sacked!? Sacked hmm? I want this killer behind bars as just as much as you do, so if I stop this shit, because it's worthless talking about it anyway since you never seem to listen, I will work the finger to the bone in order to find this killer, deal?
Ian: (Tuts) Deal. And I hope that's a promise. Goodnight.
Chris: Night, gov.
Isaac: Goodnight, gov.

Isaac: Come on, I'll drive.
Chris: (Sighs) Let's go.

Isaac: Well, here we are I guess.
Chris: Thanks, Isaac. Really, thank you.
Isaac: Oh, it's not a problem Chris. We all need this time to recover.
Chris: How are you going to get home?
Isaac: I've left the Manticon where it's always parked, Chris. Don't you worry, I'll catch a taxi.
Chris: The Manticon?
Isaac: Yeah, we all know of your love for astronomy.
Chris: Is it perhaps named after my star sign, Manticore?
Isaac: Indeed it is, Chris. And she takes nicely to that name too.
Chris: I'm glad...

Isaac: Like I said, I'll be off. In case you don't remember we're expected in the station tomorrow morning sometime. But if there's anything you need, you can always drop by mine. The best thing we can do now is stick together at a time like this.
Chris: I'm very grateful for that Isaac, but... where do you live?
Isaac: Oh, my address is always in your address book that's most likely always kept in your small drawer in your lounge. Yes, worringly enough perhaps for you, I know you too well.
Chris: (Chuckles) Haha... see you tomorrow, Isaac.
Isaac: Goodnight, Chris. Get some sleep, you'll need it!

Chris: Please oh please. Whoever you are, take me back?


(Phone rings)

Chris: Oh, shit... hello? What would you like, who is this?

Ian: It's me, Chris.
Chris: Well, that helped.
Ian: Please don't tell me you're still in the same shitty mood as you were yesterday. Look, we've got something on the money. We're not so sure about the murder, but it's worth you and Isaac popping down there to take a look. We'll tell you more as you arrive. Drop by in at the canteen.
Chris: (Sighs) Oh, alright. Will do. See you in a short while.
Ian: See you.

Isaac: So, what's there to know, gov?
Ian: A certain Mr. Cardenas dropped by a short while ago, he thinks he knows who stole the money from him, and where it's at. You and Chris are going to head down there, check the place out and search it, and bring any evidence with you, or any money if such, back to here. If we find the money, we'll call in Cardenas.
Isaac: Oh, look who's here.

Chris: Morning guys.
Isaac: Good morning Chris! How did you sleep?
Chris: I didn't really sleep at all, and I'd expect to find myself back in my real bed, but...
Kevin: Real bed?
Ian: (Chuckles) Haha. It's ok, Kev. Don't listen to him when he speaks about this kind of stuff, you know what I said, he's acting rather strange. But there'll be no more of it, will there be Chris?
Chris: Nope, not at all.
Kevin: But, what? I want filling in on this stuff...

Ian: You don't need to know, because it's only going to annoy me more...
Kevin: Gee, alrighty gov.

Ian: So, Chris. How do you do?
Chris: I'm not great, but why would I? I'm a cop, I live everyday in constant fear, but I somewhat overcome these fears everyday. But every morning charges me up for that fear unfortunately.
Ian: Anyway, a man named Marion Cardenas dropped by a short while ago, Chris. He thinks he knows who has the money and where its held, and its your job to head out with Isaac this morning to try and find it. Search the place from top to bottom, and bring back anything you can find for us. We're all counting on you two boys.
Isaac: And Cardenas is to drop by if we find the money.
Chris: Wait. Are you sure that's a good idea? I mean it must mean something as to why the money has been stolen from him so my guess is he's involved in crime for sure, but he's reporting it to the police as a distinct way of misleading us towards believing of his innocence. And more to the point, he'd be the perfect lead towards going undercover for him, so we can perhaps find out why the money was stolen and even maybe find out the shit Cardenas is involved in.
Isaac: He has a point, gov.
Ian: I'm not sure. Let's see how this pans out first. But if it turns out Cardenas is a wrongdoer, then yes, you're most definitely going to have to go undercover, the both of you. And he won't need seeing you if that's the case, since when we come to it, he's going to know your arse from here and instantly the whole operation becomes a shambles.
Kevin: You're decisions are always the best, the non-uniformed detective department are a distant dream for me. I just don't have your skills...
Isaac: Never mind that, Kev. You're good where you are and we need good guys like you to be patrolling the streets and locking up the Hot Rodders.

Kevin: Well, thanks I guess.
Ian: Just as long as you enjoy it it don't matter.
Kevin: I don't enjoy it. I only do it for the safety of this city's people and the future of my children.
Ian: Right, boys. It's perhaps time you should be off. Good luck.
Isaac: What if we get tied up in some trouble, gov?
Ian: These people you're heading too should think you were sent by Cardenas himself, Isaac. And if they really do strongly believe that then definitely Cardenas is involved in this kind of shit, and we can work on going undercover. Kill anyone who's a threat, guys. Don't shoot if they're not armed, though. The last thing we want in this city is more blood to mop up and more bodies to send off for their depature. Now, head to the abandoned Potters Brewery in Saxon. And be careful.
Isaac: Alright, see you gov.
Chris: Ok, thanks. Let's go.
Kevin: See you guys, good luck.
Ian: Good luck fella's. Don't get hurt.
Chris: We won't, see you.

Isaac: You should know the drill, hopefully. But if you don't, you're in trouble. All I can say is just don't do nothing stupid.
Chris: I'll have this under control, Isaac. Just you wait and see.
Isaac: Well, if you're so sure, onwards we go.

Isaac: You've got your piece just in case, yeah?
Chris: I've got it right beside me.
Isaac: Just be vigilant.
Chris: I don't need you telling me what to do, I've got this under control, you know that.
Isaac: Let's do this.

Isaac: Let's check out this place first.
Chris: Alright.

Isaac: Well, what can I say?
Chris: There is nothing to say. There's no money contained in here, Isaac. There's nothing but a dart board and a couch. We should head into the actual abandoned factory if we're to find anything. And this place is too obvious if you were to find money, but it's totally understandable as to why they've chosen this place as a base, whoever they may be. And it's about time we took them down.
Isaac: Let's get out of here.

Isaac: Dear me, the sun is bright today. It's a lovely day, say?
Chris: Never mind it. We should head up the stairs and see what we can find.
Isaac: I think I'm lead towards thinking there may well be an entrance round the back.
Chris: Let's get to it.




Isaac: And that, is how you do it.
Chris: Shit. That could have got us killed.
Isaac: Relax. This all too overwhelming for you. You'll get in to the groove when more of them arrive.
Chris: More of them?
Isaac: You'd seriously expect there to be just one of them? They'll spawn all over the fucking site now!

Isaac: Here they come!
Thug: You better be off our site, you bastards! AGH!
Chris: Shit!


Isaac: Nice shot, Chris.
Chris: Yeah, thanks. And you're not too bad a shooter either. But wait until you see me getting put in awkward positions. I'm a sharp shooter for sure, my friend.
Isaac: (Laughs) Haha! We'll see about that one...!

Isaac: Here we go again!
Chris: (Whispers) Ssssh! They're talking, we're here to get everything we can out of the bastards... be quiet!
Isaac: (Whispers) Oh, alright.
Phil: Awwright Ricky, ya know ha' this one goes, don't ya?
Ricky: I do Phil. This has gotta be Cardenas who's set this shit up. But his guys are as useless as a souvenier from a weekend in Sireland. Let's get down to work!
Phil: Yeah, I'll take these stairs, you head down 'em and take 'em out before me. Don't get hurt, I doubt you would though given their talent!
Ricky: (Weazy laugh) Haha! We'll have 'em!
Chris: (Whispers) Oh damn, that's not given us anything much to go by.
Isaac: (Whispers) You're kidding right? You've just heard it, Cardenas is sending his guys to fight off these lot before, the bastard's just said.
Chris: But we need to find out who these guys are.
Isaac: We can try, but that can always wait until the time comes when we go undercover. Let's HIT IT!

Phil: Huh!?


Ricky: Phil...
Phil: Oh, Ricky... no!
Ricky: These guys aren't Marion's...

Phil: Oh no they're not Ricky. I bet they're the fucking cops... come on then!

Isaac: I'm afraid we are, 'Phil'. We're not the crap Cardenas has, we my friend, we are the real deal.
Phil: AGH!

Isaac: Move out of my way, scumbag.
Phil: ...


Isaac: See you next fall, you bastard.

Chris: What the fuck do you think you were doing? We could have asked him who he was working for.
Isaac: Oh, they're just porky low-life gangsters, I doubt their boss even gave a shit about them anyway...
Chris: ...
Isaac: Trust me, Chris. There's either the wrong way, or there's the Isaac Noble way... and that is a prime example.

Isaac: (Whispers) Anyway... now's just one more. I know what you can do, Chris. But prove you've still got it in you. Take him down, this one's all yours.
Chris: (Whispers) Thanks, Isaac. Watch this and learn...
Isaac: ...
Chris: Oh, excuse me sir?

Thug: Oi, there you are! You've just met your match, you bastards!

Chris: I'm afraid you just have, you scumbag...



Thug: AGH!

Thug: (Falling) Noooooooo!

Chris: There's a wrong way, and then... there's the Chris Osborne way. And that was a prime example of it.
Isaac: Fucking hell, Chris. That was epic.
Chris: I told you didn't I?

Isaac: Well that just about concludes that, let's say we check this place out for some stuff. It certainly looks more promising this time and I think we've got all the time on Alterra to do this, seeming as every thug that's wanted us dead is now lying in a puddle of their own blood.
Chris: Ugh, this place stinks too bad.
Isaac: Bare it, Chris. It's a brewery. Or more to the point, it used to be.

Chris: And boy oh boy are we in for some fun.
Isaac: It's just a pity those boxes are empty. I'll check the rest though, they may not all be empty. You check out this desk.

Chris: Wait, come here. Look at this.
Isaac: ...
Chris: You see?
Isaac: Oh, haha! That's something real juicy.
Chris: It seems to me then as if that money belongs to this crime syndicate before then, and its as if Cardenas has stolen it, and these thugs have stole it back off him.
Isaac: This is beginning to get really exciting, Chris. I don't know about you but, I'm looking forward to this.
Chris: Oh, me definitely.

Isaac: And you know what?
Chris: What?
Isaac: I think today is our lucky day, check out that briefcase on the desk.
Chris: Oh, this can't be right.
Isaac: Is that the money?

Chris: It's debatable.
Isaac: Well, open it.
Chris: I think it's best we take it back first before we open it, we're not entirely sure it is the money, but it's something brilliant to go on. Come on, let's go!
Isaac: Alright.

Chris: Damn, where the hell is Ian!?
Isaac: Calm it, it's ok. He'll be in his office. I'll lead the way...

Ian: Please tell me they're alright, please tell me they're alright!
Isaac: Gov, what's up?

Ian: Oh! Oh! Holy Plumbbob! You're both ok! And you've brought me a gift?
Chris: It's a briefcase, what's in we don't know. But we found it in their office.
Isaac: Along with a note that's insisting Cardenas stole the money from this syndicate before, and the syndicate have just stole it back off them.
Ian: Oh, wonderful news guys, thank you! It looks like we're heading somewhere with this!
Chris: We don't know whether the murder and the two syndicates are linked as of yet, but, as always, there's money involved in both cases. I'd be surprised if they weren't linked in some shape or form.
Ian: Everything run smoothly?
Isaac: Just about. Yeah. We had some thugs to deal with, all armed and shit, but we dealed with them without a problem.
Ian: Don't tell me you've left the site unattended too with dead bodies lying around?
Chris: Isaac rang the coroners via a telephone in the brewery. Although, it would have been much easier with a mobile phone though.
Ian: A what?
Chris: Never mind, you don't need to know. It's just me...
Isaac: Now's the time to hand over the briefcase, Chris.
Ian: When you two boys have left I'll take a look. I doubt it's going to be a bomb, but just incase, I'll be careful, don't you worry. Tomorrow morning you'll know what it was and it may be something to go by.

Chris: If I'm honest though, if it's the money, then, that's good but - won't that put us in deep shit!? Syndicate Anonymous are going to be looking for it everywhere!
Ian: If it is, we'll do the rightful thing and hand it back to Marion.
Isaac: But what if it's true that the money originally belong to this anonymous syndicate?
Chris: Well, actually - it clearly did.
Ian: We're not supposed to know that though, and plus giving it back to Marion won't raise suspicion. We're only supposed to know that it's his money. If we hand it to the anonymous syndicate they won't be very happy and can only conclude that we stole it from them.
Isaac: But what if someone from the syndicate discovered we'd returned Marion's money anyhow?
Ian: Whatever happens, we always choose the correct decision to make. At the end of this operation my guess is both syndicates will be abolished and their leaders sent to prison.
Chris: I wouldn't bet on it. They've probably got brains if either of them was behind the murder of our rich friend Herbert...
Ian: Anyway, I've got some looking to do then. I'll check out all this briefcase's contents. You guys have done all you can for today, drop by tomorrow. Thank you very much.
Isaac: See you later gov.
Chris: Bye gov.
Ian: Goodbye boys.

Voice: Hey, hold on.
Chris: Huh!?

Malcolm: Detective, over here.
Chris: Hmm? Who are you?

Malcolm: You remember me Chris, I'm Malcolm.
Chris: Malcolm?
Malcolm: Yeah, Malcolm. We didn't meet each other too long ago in fact.
Chris: Did we really?
Malcolm: Yeah. You remember it very well.
Chris: I don't think I do... anyway... it was nice meeting you, bye.
Malcolm: Wait, I've not finished with you yet.

Chris: What would you like? I'm a detective, I lead a very busy life.
Malcolm: We last met when you were dealing with us drunken dirtbags on the streets after that night in Junefayre, celebrating my friend's 30th birthday. Surely you remember that.
Chris: Honestly, I don't.
Malcolm: Something strange has gotten into you.
Chris: Are you a genuinely 1967 person who's baffled as to why I'm going psycho about coming from the future, is that it?
Malcolm: Now I really am confused as to what you're talking about. Of course I'm of 1967, I don't come from the future my friend, and you really are going psycho if you reckon that about yourself.
Chris: Is this what D.I. Chris Osborne did in 1967 before I arrived in his body?
Malcolm: Lonely.
Chris: What!?
Malcolm: What?
Chris: Sorry?
Malcolm: Seriously, what is wrong with you?
Chris: Who was lonely? What's lonely? What the hell are you talking about!? In fact why don't you just let me go and get on with the important work I have to endure in. Incase you're unaware of what's happening behind these steel bars, there's a killer on the loose and more than enough money stolen and tossed between two rich syndicates, who we are yet to know of and are most definitely a threat to this city. Now please, I'm stressed, bothered and really fussed, thinking things I wouldn't usually think of.
Malcolm: I'm sorry to bother you, detective.

Chris: Oh look, it's ok. I'll see you around.
Malcolm: I get out of here in a couple of weeks...
Chris: Well, good. I'll tell you though, don't get involved in the shit you did last time for yourself to end up behind here. And whoever you are, it was nice meeting you.
Malcolm: Nice meeting you too, detective.
Chris: Huh?
Malcolm: What?
Chris: You said that you'd met me... oh, never mind.
Malcolm: Oh, sure.
Chris: Bye...
Malcolm: See you, detective.

Chris: Oh, that was strange. What's this going on?
Andrew: Come on you little bugger, keep moving. What are you scared of? You're getting out of here tomorrow, isn't that good?
Kevin: Toilet duties are just once more, Rocco.
Rocco: Toilet duties are pointless, I'm getting out tomorrow, I don't need to do this for you.

Chris: Oh, hello there again Kevin. How's things?
Kevin: Not bad thanks, Chris.
Andrew: Chris.
Chris: Oh, yeah. Hi there...
Rocco: (Spits)
Chris: Ugh! You revolting pig! You spat on my shoe!
Rocco: Your shoes weren't clean enough...!
Chris: Pardon?
Rocco: Your shoes weren't fucking clean enough!
Andrew: Oh, dear me. If this behaviour continues, then we'll delay your release from prison? How about that huh?
Kevin: Toilet duties or no release, Rocco. It's your choice.
Chris: And if he's leaving tomorrow he's going to have to pay the price for what he just did, fella's. I don't get treated like that... like scum.

Kevin: Rocco, you either do this or not.
Rocco: I'll do it, once this fuck gets out my way of course!
Chris: What did you just call me?
Rocco: You... fuck!
Chris: Oh I'm sorry, you must have been pretty beaten already to get them words out of your mouth. Say that once more...
Rocco: You... FUCK!
Chris: Oh, right! You want me to get out of your way? After the way you've just treated me? Like I said, after you pay the price my friend.
Rocco: I'm not your friend.
Chris: Oh, is that true now?
Rocco: Yes, definitely.
Chris: So then, how would this feel, if I were to tell you that you wouldn't be leaving the slammer tomorrow unless you cleaned them toilets for the last time?

Rocco: AGH!
Chris: Oooh, it seems painful. Once more.
Rocco: AGH! Ok, ok! I'll do it.
Chris: Good man.

Rocco: Now is that all? I'll do these toilets and I'm ready to go?
Chris: You clean them for the last time and you'll be thanking yourself for falling victim to my charm, hmm?
Rocco: For a cop, you're quite a prick and far beyond what I'd expect.
Chris: Get out of my face. NOW!
Rocco: ...

Kevin: Woah, you handled him well.
Rocco: Bastard.
Chris: Well, I can't say I didn't try my best. The scumbag.
Kevin: Every dopehead in these cells needs a little 'motivation' I'd say. (Chuckles)
Chris: (Chuckles) Oh haha! Of course! I'm a very persuasive man, in fact from an astronaut I wanted to be a journalist as a young boy, until I saw sense and became a cop, putting dickheads like our friend Rocco in his place.
Kevin: Oh, did you now? And, how did it go earlier at the brewery?
Chris: The brewery? Oh, just fine.
Rocco: Wait a minute, what brewery?
Chris: I'm sorry? It's no business of yours!
Kevin: Andrew, take him out of here, quickly.
Rocco: Wait! You mentioned a brewery?
Chris: I did, why...? Rocco...? Is there something you should be telling me?
Rocco: ...
Chris: Don't tell me you know something about the dirtbags that we killed, maybe you're linked?
Rocco: ...
Chris: Rocco?
Rocco: No. My father worked at one as soon as we migrated here from Riberia.
Chris: Good. Because you know damn well that if you had something to do with it you'd be spending a long time in here.
Kevin: Chris...
Chris: Yes?
Kevin: Don't you perhaps think that was quite good for your investigation?
Chris: It's likely he's hiding something. But we'll go ahead with the release, and keep a good close eye on him.


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