Episode 02

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Episode 02

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[size=200]Evil Born Evil[/size]
Series: 03
Episode: 02
Written by: Luke Enfield
Produced by: Crimson Media
[warning]AGE RATING: 15+
Previously on Evil Born Evil...

D.C.I Christopher Osborne is a man of honour and bravery. He was untouchable... until now.


Chris: It's debatable.
Isaac: Well, open it.
Chris: I think it's best we take it back first before we open it, we're not entirely sure it is the money, but it's something brilliant to go on. Come on, let's go!
Isaac: Alright.

Chris: Don't tell me you know something about the dirtbags that we killed, maybe you're linked?
Rocco: ...
Chris: Rocco?
Rocco: No. My father worked at one as soon as we migrated here from Riberia.
Chris: Good. Because you know damn well that if you had something to do with it you'd be spending a long time in here.
Kevin: Chris...
Chris: Yes?
Kevin: Don't you perhaps think that was quite good for your investigation?
Chris: It's likely he's hiding something. But we'll go ahead with the release, and keep a good close eye on him.

Lenny: Oh would you step on it Bill we got the ole' bill all over our tail lights.
Bill: I'm doing as fast as this thing can, Lenny. My foot is welded to the floor, literally.
Lenny: Well we ain't just got the bobbies to deal with, we've got a detective in our mirrors too. Step on it!

(Sirens wailing)

Officer: Come in, this is car 28. Uh, we've got a black Sitalian-registered Lamell Nobile Sport, driver and passenger most likely prone to Grand Theft Auto.

(Tyre screeching)

Officer: Waaaagh!

(Huge horn wail)


(High revs)

Lenny: Holy Plumbbob Bill, he's right beside us! Nail it!
Bill: I'm telling you Len, this is as fast as this bloody thing will go! Now hurry up!
Lenny: I'm telling you man, this was a bad idea. And now we've got to lose these fucking cops thanks to that bright idea of yours, Bill.
Bill: Oh, no shit.

Lenny: Shit.
Bill: What!?

Lenny: There's a road block!
Bill: AGH, crap!

(Heavy breaking and screeching of tyres)

Rod: Hmm, being a juvenile cop ain't such a bad thing when busting two runaway thugs makes you feel somewhat good inside...

Rod: Come on out, you bastards! It's time you faced facts and began putting the piece back together in the puzzle to work towards an apology. Now, get out you scumbags!
Lenny: Well, that's us fucked.
Bill: Yep, we most definitely are.
Rod: I mean it, GET OUT!
Lenny: But don't worry about it.
Bill: Oh sod it, I'm getting out. I don't want to take this any further before we get into more trouble...

Lenny: Wait a minute Bill, I've got a piece, remember?

Rod: Now, you're going to listen to what I'm about to say hotshot. You're going to put those hands behind your back and get on to the floor. Now!
Bill: (Whimpers) Please...!
Rod: Come on!

(Gun clicks)

Felix: Drop it, my friend. We don't want anybody to get hurt now, do we?
Lenny: Shit!
Felix: You've been warned. Now, drop it.

Rod: It's alright Felix, I've got this one. Thanks for you help.

Felix: No problem Rod, it was all in my pleasure. Scumbags like these don't deserve these streets for joy riding in, partner. They know where they belong. The slammer.
Lenny: (Chuckles) You haven't seen the last of me, cop!
Felix: Oh, really? Well, we shall have to see about that one, won't we, hmm?


Rod: Damn, I knew it from chasing those dirtbags that those clouds held nothing but shitloads of rain.
Felix: It's absolutely pissing it down! Agh, my jacket...!

Ian: Well, as promised, you did us good in here, and no doubt you've learnt a lesson or two.
Rocco: Don't worry pal, I'll come out of here a new man.
Ian: Breaking and entering isn't the way you get through life my friend... and I've got my trust in you to do me good.

Rocco: Don't worry Ian, you can always count on me.
Ian: I only trust you for a matter, but I don't trust you entirely. You've got a criminal record Rocco, you can't say you're the kindest of blokes. But, you claim to be a new man, and I can't argue with that.
Rocco: Trust me either way, what I say is true. If you kept a promise for me, I'll keep a promise for you, Ian.
Ian: Good, because I don't want to hear no more of your wrongdoing.

Ian: Just remember why you were here in the first place and what you're going to do to get out of that shit. You're not going to do it again, are you?
Rocco: Oh, definitely not! It's not even really worth it, come to think of it. I know it was the obvious reason why I ended up in here and I've got to put people right...
Ian: That's good. I like to hear that, you know Rocco.
Rocco: I AM going to be a new person.
Ian: Good.
Rocco: I AM going to abide the law.
Ian: Good.
Rocco: And above all, I'm going to love every minute of it...

Ian: Well, it looks like its just about time for you to leave then.
Rocco: Thanks Ian. Thanks for everything. I've learnt a lot from this you know...
Ian: I'm pleased for you. You know, although you probably hated every minute of it, it did you good which is something you can take with you. Come here. I'll miss you...
Rocco: Oh my man Ian, there's not a problem with that...

Ian: You take care of yourself, yeah? I'm counting on you, Rocco. I trust those words you said. You're a good man. A lot of people find themselves in here and never find themselves back. And you're one of them.
Rocco: You take care of yourself Ian. I'll be just fine, don't you worry.

Ian: Oh, well, I'll probably see you around.
Rocco: Yeah, sure. I'd like that...
Ian: Goodbye Rocco.
Rocco: ...
Ian: ...
Rocco: Goodbye, Ian.

Isaac: Oh and would you look at this one, Chris. Look what the cat dragged in!
Chris: No...!
Isaac: What?
Chris: That's not...
Isaac: Is something the matter?
Chris: Uh, no.

Isaac: Well hello there, chaps.
Rod: Agh, the bloody weather.
Isaac: There something the matter?
Felix: Well, does it look like there isn't? My new jacket's soaking!
Rod: Oh dear Felix, give it a rest. Now I would have guessed isn't the time for moaning if it's going to lead to somebody falling out...
Isaac: So, what's the news? Any, at all?
Rod: These bastards stole a Nobile, Sitalian registered you know. But we sorted them out good and proper. We just reckon we got a few casualties though.
Isaac: Why would that be?
Felix: There was an accident involving one of our patrol cars and a van... unfortunately there were flames and...
Isaac: Oh... for heaven's sake. Right, ok. We'll get it sorted out, as for the arrests, I guess that's well done.
Felix: They've been brought here for questioning we think.
Isaac: Well you two better see to them.
Chris: Isaac?
Isaac: Yes, Chris?
Chris: That's Rod Barker.

Felix: No shit, Chris. What's wrong?
Chris: D.C.I Rod Barker of Siverpool Metropolitan Police... it's you isn't it? You're not dead!
Felix: Are you going insane!?
Rod: Felix, shut up. Let me hear what he has to say.
Chris: You... you were seen in another dream like mine, with a uhm... another officer.
Rod: Another officer?
Chris: I mean a detective, uhm... Marcus Redford. You know him?
Rod: What the hell is he talking about? Chris, this isn't you!

Isaac: Oh forgive Chris, he's quite stressed over the current events.
Chris: That's not right, Isaac. You all know well what's wrong with me. It's a set-up isn't it? You're all against me but you're too shy to admit it to my face...
Isaac: (Mutters) Chris...!
Rod: I don't have the fucking time for this. What has gotten into you?
Felix: I think he's really, mentally ill. You need Sid the doctor, Chris.
Chris: I don't need a fucking doctor... Felix.
Isaac: Look Chris, shut up. We'll discuss this later.
Chris: I don't want too. Not until I discover the truth.

Ian: The truth about what, Chris?
Chris: Uhm...
Ian: You better not be talking about your, mishaps again... are you?
Chris: I'm just confused, very confused. There isn't a choice. I'm trapped in somewhere where I don't belong.
Ian: If this continues to persist, then you're not safe to work with us anymore. I could sack you.
Chris: You can't do that.
Ian: I can, Chris. Now, I don't want this. You did good for me yesterday, you know, with the bastards at the brewery and our dear friend Rocco.
Chris: Well, thanks for that.

Ian: And while you Rod and Felix are going to deal with those dirtbags who stole the motor...
Felix: Alright, Rod. Let's go.
Ian: Not yet...! They're not needed until the boys return for the job I'm about to set them.
Felix: Oh, sorry gov.
Ian: It's ok, Felix. Now, boys. As I was saying, while Rod and Felix are dealing with them, I want one of you to watch and check up on their interrogation skills, I want a confession from one of them to determine who stole the car and why they did it. But before that, Rocco's just about to leave.
Chris: Rocco... the guy I met yesterday.
Ian: Now, I'm acting as if I trust him but truth betold I don't. You think he's up to something and I do too. So that's why you and Isaac are going to follow him to where he's going, and learn a bit about him and maybe who he's working for.
Chris: Right.
Isaac: Where is he now?
Ian: He's got to sign a bit of paperwork you know, have some of his possesions handed back to him, and soon enough he'll be leaving. That's why I want you to set off now. Go.
Isaac: Alright Chris, let's roll.
Ian: Good luck, boys.

Isaac: That really wasn't fucking neccesary back there.
Chris: What!?
Isaac: The going all crazy stuff again. What is wrong with you, Chris? I can't get inside there and work it out. You've been told time and time again to stop because it's disrupting our investigation. And if you're not going to stop, we're going to have to stop you.
Chris: I don't know what is wrong with me. I don't know where I am. And day on day things are getting stranger and I can't seem to find that final curtain. When do I return?
Isaac: I don't want to hear it anymore. I can't do anything about it. If I could help you realise that everything is ok I would. But, I can't. And I know you're not mentally ill so you could probably talk to me normally otherwise. Just stop it, Chris. Stop and wait. Idiots like these won't last long and I think we'll discover the shit going down with this money soon.
Chris: And what about the murder?
Isaac: We need to go through the post-mortem first, and this guy can't be laid to rest until we find the murderer.
Chris: It can't drag on too long, Isaac. His family will be devastated.
Isaac: That's the law for you, Chris. They can make or break anyone, even the kindest of people who haven't stepped a foot out of line. Now, we've got crooks to catch.

Rocco: Thanks for dropping by, Luisa.
Luisa: Oooh, no problem! Come on, let's go.

Isaac: And any minute now...
Chris: They're coming.

Isaac: Alright, let's roll.

Isaac: So, what do you think the bastard's up to?
Chris: Well, concluding in calling him a bastard isn't the way to go right now. It seems to me as if he's hanging with the wrong crowd but there's always the possibility that he's no lead.
Isaac: He acted suspiciously to our outcome of visiting the brewery, Chris. This isn't something to take lightly too. He's hiding something, I know it. And you should too.
Chris: I guess.
Isaac: It's written in bold, Chris. Rocco is bad news.

Chris: I don't get it though. He seemed so assuring when he spoke to Ian. He's not going to do anything so bad like that again.
Isaac: He wouldn't do something like breaking and entering if he was a good man otherwise. He has a track record for crimes he's caught for, and there's many unsolved murder, arson and rape cases that are yet to be solved between 1954 and now. The past ten years there has been increased numbers in immigration in Sengland. Very much Sondon. In fact one fifth of the Sondon population are not white and a following one tenth are not Senglish. Now, do you think Rocco has honestly came to Sengland to settle? No, he's taking advantages of the slighly more privileges we have over here in Sengland as opposed to Riberia... by becoming involved into the world of crime.
Chris: I don't think so, Isaac. That's a tad racist. Not all immigrants come to upset us. The Senglish government aren't so stupid to let them in, are they?
Isaac: You'd be surprised.
Chris: The politics of 1967 was worse than of 2012 may I say though...
Isaac: 2012? That's miles into the future, you know. And it is, not was. You've not came from the future and I seriously don't want to hear another word of this because I am beyond annoyed by it.
Chris: Ok... I'll stop. I promise. I... I promise!
Isaac: Good.

Isaac: And now watch this. They're pulling into a nice big manor. Good guessing, Chris. But you were wrong. How'd they build up the money to afford this? Rocco doesn't seem to be the brightest of chaps, so it could only be crime that made them what they are.
Chris: He's lived here for years you said, he probably saved up a lot while he was here.
Isaac: Rubbish.
Chris: Maybe the mixed-elven woman is a rich relative?
Isaac: It depends, because if that was the case I'd expect him to have ears like that.
Chris: Or maybe he brought that money with him.
Isaac: Chris, stop trying to deny it. You know pissing well that something isn't right here.
Chris: I suppose, yeah, you're right.

Rocco: Oh, it's so nice to back in your company again, Luisa.
Luisa: It is indeed. But if you haven't heard already we've got some great news as well as some slightly bad news to spread.
Rocco: Ah, I see.

Isaac: Your plan?
Chris: In a hope that they don't go too far, we'll sneak up to the entrance and see what we can hear from inside. Let's go.
Isaac: Alright...

Luisa: Well, we got you out of that one alright.
Rocco: Yeah, right. I'm out of that shithole now, I'm free to continue the operation.
Luisa: Rocco, you know. I said we had some good news.
Rocco: Oh yeah? Tell me.
Luisa: It's done.
Rocco: I'm sorry?
Luisa: It's done, Rocco.
Rocco: No, hang on... what's done?
Luisa: The job.

Rocco: I don't get it. Surely not the money?
Luisa: That's right! The boys found the safe and got the cash, Rocco. This'll put an end to Marion and his tactics. We did it, Rocco. We can leave Sengland. We can start a new life. Me and you - together.
Rocco: (Chuckles in disbelief) No, you don't mean that, do you? The cash... the, the cash...
Luisa: What's up Rocco? I thought you'd be delighted...?
Rocco: No, it's just... it's just...
Luisa: It's just what, Rocco?
Rocco: You promised I'd do the job. I was going to do it for you. I cared for you, Luisa. I was going to do it for you. For us.
Luisa: But it's done now, you don't need to worry about it.
Rocco: What the fuck!?
Luisa: Rocco, you're scaring me. What's the matter?
Rocco: (Sighs)

Luisa: What!? I'm sorry Rocco, but you've got to understand that we needed that money immediately so we can get out of here, for OUR good. Why did you want to do it?
Rocco: I wanted to do something for the team I could be proud for.
Luisa: You've done that before, Rocco. Don't act that way.
Rocco: ...
Luisa: I'm sorry. But it was probably for your own good. It's better now that you're not hurt though, is it?
Rocco: And why'd you say that?
Luisa: Because Herbert was killed.
Rocco: Gah, damn.
Luisa: He phoned Ivan. Ivan heard a gunshot and from then on there was no reply. He was dead.

Isaac: I fucking knew it.
Chris: It's a little weight off our shoulders, Isaac. We know that Luisa, Rocco, Marion and Herbert's death are all linked. We should get back. Come on.
Isaac: Wait, just a little longer. We'll wait to see what they have to say...

Luisa: (Chuckles) We could be sipping cocktails on a beach in St. Martin, Rocco. Or even better, even better... buying a hotel! The possibilites are endless, Rocco.
Rocco: That's good. It's all good. And with our expertise how in hell is Marion going to fight back this time? It was our money, and that's an end to it. He can't come back for it.
Luisa: This could be the perfect set-up, Rocco. The cops ain't got anything on us, so we can walk in there, tell them that it was our money, which it was, and that Marion stole it, and we can walk away while Marion's syndicate could be down in the dumps.
Rocco: That's going to put a great big grin on my face, Luisa. It sounds good.
Luisa: And now, there's just one thing left to do.
Rocco: And that is?
Luisa: Kill Marion. For me.
Rocco: And you're asking me to do it?
Luisa: Yeah. To make up for the last little job I assigned you to before you ended up in prison.
Rocco: And how we going to do that?

Luisa: I wouldn't know. But, why should we worry about it now? They've got nothing on us. They're too dumb and with an army of next to nothing, we can easily escape from their grasp. It's just me, you... and §15million to spend between ourselves baby!
Rocco: I like that.
Luisa: I like that more.

Isaac: Alright, what next?
Chris: Next? It's time to roll, Isaac. We're going undercover.

Isaac: To say the least, as things stand now, I'm pretty intriuged.
Chris: The law is one big soap opera, Isaac. Literally.
Isaac: What's one of them?
Chris: Never mind.
Isaac: So, it's clear then. Herbert was working for Luisa's clan and they stole the money from Marion, but it was originally their money anyway. Where from here?
Chris: We're going undercover into Marion's clan.
Isaac: Nah, I think we should join Luisa's clan.
Chris: Why do you say that?
Isaac: So then we can get to the money straight away.
Chris: They know me, Isaac. Rocco knows that I'm a cop and I get the impression that he's a big name in that clan and it really wouldn't be worth it.
Isaac: But if Marion's clan collides with Luisa's they're obviously going to see you and sprag to Cardenas that you're a cop.

Chris: Let's look at it this way. Either way, they're going to have to know sooner or later. It's just a question of when. But if we choose Cardenas, we can stay undercover for longer and it's probably the safest route per se.
Isaac: Well, I see you have a point. There's not really anyway we could uh...
Chris: Look Isaac, going your way is probably quicker but it'll be a lot more dangerous.
Isaac: But when your investigation gets to its climax they're going to be more angry than they would be if you came out to them now... and THAT'S where lifes are going to be lost, good and proper.
Chris: We'll see what Ian has to say about this.
Isaac: Yeah, I guess.

Isaac: Ian...
Ian: Yes?

Chris: Well, there's not much more that we can say about this but, Herbert was a member of Luisa and Rocco's clan.
Ian: I know.
Isaac: What!?
Ian: I knew it since yesterday. The contents of the briefcase wasn't money, but files insisting plans of attaining the money.
Chris: Was that all?
Ian: Yeah. It was copied seventy times as to why the briefcase was heavy, they were probably most likely planning to hand them out to every member of their syndicate. The bastards.
Isaac: So, what happens now? You sent us there for nothing!?
Ian: I still wanted you to see what you could of got out of them, chaps. And I wasn't going to tell you that the two were associated anyway since I knew even before I let Rocco out.
Chris: Herbert got the money instead of Rocco. The plan was Rocco was going to take the money but he was in the slammer. And now that Herbert's dead, they've put it behind them already. We think that Rocco and Luisa are against everyone in their clan and are purely using them for the upper hand amongst Cardenas.
Ian: Of course they are, they're all bad news. Which is why you're going to be treated that way when you join up with one of them...
Isaac: Luisa.
Ian: And in all ways that's wrong. You're going to meet up with Marion real soon.
Isaac: (Sighs)
Chris: I told you Isaac, it's the best option. It's too dangerous to go so far into the process so soon. Marion is our only hope.
Ian: Indeed. Now, go. I want to read and have a bit of piece. You both have a bit of freetime, because you'll need it. I'm holding you responsible for the events tonight.
Isaac: Tonight?
Ian: Yes, tonight. You're going out tonight, ok? I'll tell you both later...
Chris: Alright.
Ian: Goodbye.
Chris: See you, gov.
Isaac: Later.

Rod: So, chaps, what were your motives towards stealing the car?
Felix: Why did you do it?

Lenny: ...
Bill: Uhm?
Lenny: We didn't uhm...

Rod: You didn't what? You didn't steal it, is that what you're going to tell me? When you were seen breaking and entering into it, hotwiring the bloody thing and driving off in it?
Bill: We wanted the car, we just did.
Felix: 'Ole dogs like you don't steal it for nothing. Not when it's something fancy like a Nobile. If you steal a Rival then yeah, you could get into one of them things with a coathook, you'd joyride in it, and then probably dump it somewhere inconvenient. But a Nobile? That gives me the impression that you've stolen before yes?
Lenny: Uhm, no.
Rod: You have!
Bill: We haven't.
Rod: Why the fuck did you steal the car!?
Bill: Because I don't have one.
Lenny: I thought I'd come along with Bill on this one to get him a car, and help him if need be.
Felix: So you brought a Colby?
Lenny: In case anything got out of hand, you get me?

Chris: Oh far too amateur, chaps. Far too dull, salty. This isn't interrogation. This is as dull to watch as it is dull to see Kylie Hattlestone in a frock and tight tights...

Chris: You stole that car for more than just nothing... I'm a cop. I've been driving for years. I love driving. I know a good car from a bad car. But I know well you're not going to steal the mighty fine Lamell to keep it for your own good use. Because the chances are, judging by your clothing and that you can't afford to even get a proper haircut, I'd say you couldn't afford to insure it and tax it. You're stealing it to sell it on for money.
Bill: You said what!?
Lenny: Leave it, Bill. You can tell he's not worth our time.

Felix: And neither are you worth our time, sunshines. So I suggest you pick yourself up, and head down to the slammer. How about that?
Lenny: Oi, you've got nothing on us yet?
Chris: No confession, Felix. No leave.
Felix: ...
Rod: Listen up you bastards, you stole the car, nobody can deny it. But we've gotta know why you did it. That's all. It's not going to effect your punishment, nothing. It's just so we can make decisions and work a way of getting those wheels back to its rightful owner.
Bill: (Sighs) Look, we lack money. When I heard a friend of a friend needed a car, I took Lenny along with me and we went out hunting for it. We found it, and you persistent feds stopped us. We just couldn't do anything. You were too good for us. Simple.
Chris: No low lifes like you can mess with us anyway. Thanks for the details. From what seemed like a pretty obvious and easy interrogation I'd be quite disappointed, fella's.
Rod: (Sighs)
Felix: Thanks, Chris...
Chris: Go. I'll deal with these lot.

Rod: Oh, well done Felix! You can be such a dickhead sometimes...
Felix: You're the retard! Why do you think shouting and swearing solves things?
Rod: Look, we're young detectives who look up to the detective inspectors, and we've got to learn from them man. That wasn't good. But we can improve you know. It's not everyday a car is stolen.
Felix: Are you kidding me? Sondon is Car Jack City you idiot. There's more cases of Grand Theft Auto than murder, rape and arson combined! Open you eyes, you idiot.
Rod: (Sighs) I'm sorry...
Felix: Sorry with what?
Rod: Everything. It's all kicking off.
Felix: What is?
Rod: This investigation. With the syndicates and the murder.
Felix: What about it?
Rod: Felix, I think they're planning on dragging us in.
Felix: My first murder case?
Rod: No you arsehole. The murder case is already being seen too. But no doubt there'll probably be a lot more murders along the way and the cops need all the help they can get at the minute.
Felix: (Sighs) Oh well, I can't deny that this day wouldn't come.

Chris: Get in there you scumbag. We're going to give you a little time to think about what you've done...
Lenny: Agh, you bastard!
Chris: There ain't no bastards in this force, smart one. You're the bastard. And for a bastard, you're a real bad one.

Chris: Oh, yeah... really!?
Chris: Oh, wonderful! I can't wait! (Chuckles)
Lenny: You haven't see the last of us, sunshine!
Chris: Yeah well, have a nice sleep. Night, night! (Mutters) Bastards...

Rod: We're the next rank down, Felix. We're slaves in a way to the D.I's. We're to obey their orders and they're to look after us. Together, we've got to work up the ranks and work as a team.
Felix: I can't face this...
Rod: Don't worry, I'm shitting myself as well. But we'll be ok for as long as we've got each other, Felix. There's something nice for us if we get things done as well.
Felix: What?
Rod: A promotion to the coveted Detective Inspector rank.
Felix: Oh, on second thoughts, if this gets over with as quick as we hope, that doesn't sound such a bad idea!
Rod: No, come on, let's get to it!
Felix: Alright.

Isaac: So, you called us, we've got something going on tonight? What's the word, gov?
Chris: Isaac.
Isaac: Yes?
Chris: I think this is where everything starts.

Ian: Things started previously, Chris. But for you, you're going undercover. And I'm watching Rod and Felix and one of them is looking handy for a promotion soon. So they're going with you two boys to provide any help you need for yourselfs throughout the whole entire operation, however quick or long it may take.
Isaac: (Sarcastically) Great...
Rod: Have you got a problem with that, Isaac?
Chris: Isaac, what's wrong with that? What have they done that I don't know of?
Isaac: You know it all, Chris. They lack the experience.
Chris: I don't know, I don't live here. I don't know them.
Rod: What the fuck is he talking about again?
Ian: Chris...!
Isaac: Oh that is enough, I'm sick to death of this now, Chris.
Chris: What am I supposed to do?
Isaac: WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!? DRUGS!? SCHIZOPHRENIA!? What the hell is wrong with you!?
Ian: Calm it down, Isaac.
Chris: I'm fine, I'm sorry! Just, I'm having a bad day. We all are. Everything's kicking off and we don't know what to expect, what's around the corner? I'm tired, I'm stressed. That's it! That's all what is wrong with me! All the nonsense I've said, I'm fine! I'm just fine, Isaac. Now don't you two go worrying about me or getting annoyed over my behaviour, I'm good! Ok?
Rod: (Sighs)
Ian: Alright, Chris. Isaac, shut up. Give us all a favour.
Isaac: Look, I'm sorry Chris. I feel that way too.
Ian: Tiredness won't do us no good though will it? You've got to fight it. But as things stand, things are pretty quiet between Cardenas and Luisa as they stand so it's not worth wasting your breath over what is waiting to happen. They're surely both hatching plans, but as we're taking the longer route, it's best we get stuck in as early as we can.
Chris: Oh yeah?
Ian: Yeah, that's why I called you here. There's something you're all going to do tonight.

Felix: Room for a little one?
Rod: Knock yourself out.
Felix: Now that's not something to say before our big operation.

Felix: So, what's this I hear you're talking about? Me included, yes?
Ian: Of course, Felix. Now, here's what's going to happen.
Felix: Hit me.
Rod: Felix, that's not something to say befoe our big operation.
Felix: Oh damn.
Rod: (Chuckles)
Isaac: Shut up! Will you stop fucking messing and listen to what gov has to say? Your lifes are at stake here, but for one of you thinks are going to be very fortunate. So you've got to listen to him and take it in. Because if you step a foot out of line in whatever you've gotta do, Chris and I are being held responsbile. And it's our job to teach you a lesson. So, shut up.
Felix: Sorry, Isaac.
Rod: Sorry.
Isaac: Don't apologize to me, it should be gov you're apologizing too.
Felix: Sor...
Ian: Yeah, yeah. Apology accepted. I don't have time for this. Anyway, as I was saying... Marion Cardenas, despite being robbed of a lot of money, is still rich otherwise and owns numerous casinos, nightclubs and bars throughout Sondon, Siverpool and Stillhon. It's your job tonight, as the four of you, to work undercover posing as jobless criminals looking for work. Hopefully, you're going to gain the attention of Cardenas and find yourself a way into his clan. You're going to play a bit of poker, have a few drinks. Enjoy yourself. Why not? It's an easy mission. And pick up anything they say too.
Felix: Great so, when's that happening?
Ian: 9pm tonight. You're in a casino, it's anybodies guess as to what time you'll return home. Don't come here when you're done, go home. You'll need the rest. Only if something's urgent, come to me. Otherwise, have a good sleep and come to me in the morning with anything new you've gained. Don't hesitate to write things down, since out of us we have dopey prats among us, Felix, and we don't want to forget anything over the space of a night's sleep, do we now, Felix?
Felix: Why do I feel that everybody and everything's against me right now? What have I done!?
Ian: Go. It's the casino separating Salham and Petersburg. Isaac should know the place.
Felix: Alright!
Rod: Ok, let's go.
Isaac: Let's roll, chaps.
Chris: Goodbye gov.
Ian: Goodbye, Chris.

Isaac: Well, here we are. Watch the walls as you enter, I've just re-decorated the lounge and dining area. We're going to slip into something more formal and 1960's, Felix.
Felix: Why the hell me!?

Rod: Who's idea was it to get changed at your house, Isaac?
Isaac: Mine. I need you both under mine and Chris' beady eye.
Chris: We've gotta protect you, boys. So don't go saying nothing stupid or else the whole undercover operation shall be a shambles.
Felix: My lips are sealed, alright?
Chris: Good.

Rod: Look, I want the tuxedo and that's final! I could never go out wearing a three piece suit with that a bloody pink tie! You're closet must be outrageous, Isaac.
Isaac: Look, please.
Felix: I'm not wearing a fucking tuxedo if that's all you've got... a bow tie is much more irritating as opposed to a tie tie.
Rod: What the hell is a tie tie?
Chris: Guys...
Felix: You know, a normal tie, that a few of us wear on a day-to-day basis.


Isaac: I can't concentrate with you both yapping in my ears. We are entering a location full of rich and dangerous men. Someone can get hurt if this isn't done properly. And arguing is something we should definitely NOT be doing now. I don't want to go telling Ian that you've both misbehaved because it's going to hurt your chances of getting a promotion, isn't it!?
Felix: Well, you can stop treating us like kids...
Isaac: (Sighs)
Chris: Look, Felix. Shut it now... we were told to give your orders, so those orders you shall obey. If we argue, we're all going to fall out, and somethings going to step out of line and we could get killed. We're cops, entering a location for rich criminals. Not good guys, bad-FUCKING-GUYS!

Chris: Alright, here we go. You should tell me where we're going, Isaac.
Isaac: I will.
Chris: Hell, it would make a difference if you had a GPS.
Felix: What the hell is one of those!?
Chris: Oh I'm sorry, you're too thick to know since you're from the past, you're just in my mind. Oh, sorry. I'll just have to re-think that one.
Isaac: Oh don't tell me you're starting, Chris.
Chris: I'm not!
Isaac: I've had enough of this. All of it. And it's only been a matter of days since Herbert took a bullet to the head and EVERYTHING IS FUCKING KICKING OFF!
Rod: Woah, woah, woah! Calm things down back there, ok? I've been stupid, Felix has too. Chris is getting stressed. You are. If we all keep calm and stop taking it all out on each other then we'd get along just fine and this operation might just run smoothly.
Isaac: ...
Chris: ...
Felix: ...
Rod: Thank you!

Isaac: Right, Chris. You wanna take a right up here.
Felix: Who asked you to speak!?
Isaac: Felix...
Felix: Yes?
Isaac: Shut... your...mouth. Before, I get... angry. Very angry...

Isaac: Stop the car, we're here.

Bodyguard: Hmmm... yeah, you're good to go.
Chris: Why, thank you.
Isaac: Come on, chaps.

Felix: So, what's the plan?
Chris: Let's say we split up. I'll take Isaac with me and we'll take one table, you and Rod the other. Ok?
Rod: That seems simple enough to understand.
Isaac: If they ask you anything, for the love of this entire city... don't say where you live, nor what your job is. You got it?
Felix: Absolutely.
Rod: Yeah, I have.
Isaac: The plan is to just play by what happens. Join a game of poker, have a game or two, get to know some people who could play a major role in our operation potentitally, seeming as not every guy here looks up to scratch. And hopefully, we can all get into a way to grasp a position in Marion's clan.
Rod: About us?
Isaac: You're going to try and introduce myself and Chris to Marion if he doesn't approach us first. But that said, anything could happen.
Rod: Alright.
Felix: And before we go in, we're going to need a bit of cash, won't we?
Isaac: I've got 1000Gv. We get 250 each... alright? I'll hand it to you before we sit... Felix you're coming with me and Chris, you partner with Rod.
Felix: Alright.
Chris: Got it. So, are we all ready?
Isaac: Ready, Chris.
Felix: Ready as I'll ever be!
Rod: ...
Felix: It's alright... don't be worried. Let's do this!
Isaac: Alright, let's roll fella's.

Isaac: So, you've just about got the grasp of this? We wait, and when someone arrives, be nice to them!
Felix: I've got everybody and everything under control, Isaac. I've got charm, more to the point.
Isaac: Whatever. Don't do nothing stupid...
Felix: Like what?
Isaac: Look, you know how to play poker right?
Felix: Well... uhm...
Isaac: (Sighs)
Felix: Tell me quickly...
Isaac: Right, well basically you use that money I've gave you to buy some chips to add to your stack. You could gamble all that money to buy lots of chips, but its best you just shed a little cash now for some chips, in a hope that you can build the number of them up. You need some cash left over to get some more if need be, if you're ever at risk of losing. Got it?
Felix: Alright, and what next?
Isaac: Well...

Chris: So, uh, Rod... how's things been recently?
Rod: Well, you know. They've been good, some bad, but mostly, things were going great, obviously up until the point when Ian told me he was bringing me on with Felix to take part in the operation with you two chaps...
Chris: (Chuckles) Well, you've got to take some risks you know, and it'll probably be an experience for you. You've never found yourself in a casino playing poker while working undercover Rod, have you?
Rod: No, I suppose not. An experience? Well, yeah, probably. But this is the most dangerous thing I've done to date... I don't know whether it's worth risking my life for.
Chris: You'll be alright, Rod. We'll do anything it takes in order to keep you alive. Things are going to be ok, and you know well you're capable of doing this because you're quite young for a Detective of your rank anyway. You should be glad about that one...
Rod: Ah I don't know.
Chris: Trust me, things are going to be ok. Let's just take each step as it comes. We get the shit out of these scumbags, and we go back to the station with the new evidence. Then we start work. I'm not in the best state now as you're aware, but I'm excited. I guess.
Rod: Well, I'm pleased for you. If you keep telling me that, it'll make me feel a hell lot better, you know.

Chris: Oh look, here they come. Remember not to do nothing stupid, and play your best regardless of not really being part of their crowd. We'll show them right from wrong.
Rod: (Chuckles) Ahaha. Good luck, Chris.
Chris: Good luck, Rod.

Kiefer: Fella's.
Rod: Alright.
Kiefer: Kiefer, nice to meet you.
Rod: Rod, nice to meet you likewise.
Kiefer: Are we in for a spot of competition tonight then chaps?
Chris: Certainly.

Isaac: Hello there, I'm Isaac.
Danilo: Danilo, my friend. It is nice to meet you.
Isaac: Ah, we're from...?
Danilo: I'm from Dunasov, Mr Isaac. And it is quite predictable, you're from here yes?
Isaac: A little village called Damon just east from Sondon.
Danilo: Ah, you fancy yourself a decent poker player?
Isaac: Well, I get around when it comes to it, yeah. Not particuarly groundbreaking.
Danilo: And allow me to be introduced to this fine man next to me?
Isaac: This is Felix, Felix Tanner.
Felix: Oh yeah, hello there... Danlow?
Danilo: (Chuckles) It's Danilo, and hello to you to Mr. Tanner.
Isaac: So, shall we make a start?
Danilo: Go ahead, this is a free country yes?

Georgio: I better hand out the cards then.
Isaac: Sure, please do.

(Isaac hears muttering voices and turns towards it)

Isaac: (Mutters) Felix...

Marion: (Turns to Federico, talking Riberican)
Federico: (Talking Riberican)
Marion: Ok good men! I hope you're all having a good time, are we, yes?
Chris: Splendid.
Marion: I'm Marion Cardenas for all of those of you who do not know me... as of yet! I own the casino my friends!
Kiefer: Well, Mr Cardenas, it is very nice to meet you.
Marion: It's nice to meet you too. Mr...
Chris: Rod...
Rod: Oh...? Oh yes, Rod Barker.
Chris: And I'm Chris Osborne.
Marion: Good, never heard of you all before, so it'll be nice getting to know you for sure!
Chris: You too, Mr Cardenas.

Marion: Well, hello everybody! Can I have all of your attention please...? Thank you. I'd just like to let you know, I'm sorry for interrupting your gameplay, but because all you chaps look like my kind of chaps I'm allowing you to grab your own drinks... on the house gentlemen!


Marion: Thank you. Enjoy yourselfs.

Isaac: Six and ten of clubs, an ace of spades.
Danilo: So tell me chaps, what exactly do you do?
Isaac: Well, what about you?
Danilo: Hey, I asked first.
Isaac: Well, ok. To be perfectly honest, let's say I'm 'undeclared'.
Danilo: Unemployed?
Isaac: No, no. I...
Danilo: Well what then?
Felix: He's just a lucky man. Started with nothing, then picked up the cash he had to come here, and came out with more. And he's done that ever since.
Danilo: (Chuckles) Very lucky... you're lucky that I probably work in the same line of work as you too. You're an undeclared man, a uh, wheelman? An errand boy? Certainly, you're not a cop?
Isaac: No, Danilo. I'm an open guy who's open to work of any kind. You name it, I'll do it.
Danilo: And you Felix?
Felix: Ah, well I'm just the same, I guess.
Danilo: ...
Felix: Well, Isaac's the brain, I'm the charm.
Georgio: (Chuckles) You're a funny pair...
Danilo: Is that right?
Isaac: Well, we'll have to see about that one...

Rod: So, what do you guys do?
Federico: I'm a uhm...
Kiefer: I'm a businessman.
Chris: Oh really Kiefer? Tell us.
Kiefer: I run my own boxing ring. I own it, I train the boys, foreigners come into my ring, fight my boys, and my boys win and those idiots are sent back home. Apart from my man Danilo over there, my class fighter.
Chris: Ah, interesting.
Kiefer: You, Chris?
Chris: Do you want to know?
Kiefer: Hey, I don't like cops. So it'll make me happy if I were to know you weren't one.
Chris: No, I could be a wheelman, a hitman, an assasin, anything I'm needed for, Rod is just my uh...
Rod: Well, to say the least, I'm Chris' protégé...
Kiefer: Ah, that's nice. Real nice. You guys interest me deeply. You could come in handy.
Chris: Actually, I'm setting my eyes on something on a bit more of a larger scale...
Kiefer: Excuse me?
Chris: I don't want to be a proffesional boxer.
Kiefer: (Laughs) You don't have to be. I have contacts, Chris. I can get you in the position you want to be in providing you've got the skill. That take your fancy?
Chris: ...

Marion: Alright, it's over gentlemen. Come follow me for your evening meal.
Kiefer: Yes?
Chris: ...sure. Yeah, I'd like that.
Kiefer: That's good.

Rod: So, I never saw you in there, Mr... uhm...
Georgio: ...
Felix: I gather he doesn't talk much.
Georgio: I'm sorry?
Felix: We were just saying about how you aren't really the talkative kind...
Georgio: My name is Georgio.
Rod: Rod.
Georgio: ...
Rod: ...?
Felix: (Whispers) I think it's best we leave him, just for a while...

Georgio: (Talking Riberican)
Felix: Nice try, pal. But I know Riberican.
Georgio: You do?
Felix: Uh, well. Of course!
Georgio: What did I just say then?
Felix: It was most definitely something you were hiding from us.
Georgio: What exactly did I say? Word for word?
Felix: Uhm...
Georgio: I didn't think so. (Turns around and talks Riberican)

Marion: Gentlemen.
Isaac: Hello, Mr Cardenas.
Chris: Mr Cardenas.
Marion: It's such a pleasure to see you two boys with us tonight, I was looking forward to talking to you, you certainly seem a promising and kind duo.
Isaac: Why that's very nice of you to say, Mr Cardenas.
Marion: Please, call me Marion. Soon, we shall cook you up a meal for your delight of spaghetti. Is that ok?
Chris: It sounds wonderful, Marion. I'll look forward to the meal, very much.
Isaac: I shall too.
Marion: Great! It seems everything is in working order. Well, I'm busy. I'll make sure to come drop by and see you two later, ok?
Chris: That sounds ok, we'll see you then.
Marion: Just do not leave before I'm finished with you.
Isaac: (Chuckles) We won't...

Marion: Ramon, you couldn't do me a favour and be my waitor could you? We're short-staffed this evening...
Ramon: (Sighs) Alright, Marion. I'll slip into something more suitable, yes?
Marion: Please do. Thank you Ray.
Ramon: It's my pleasure, Marion.

Marion: (Shouting) Ok everyone, special order for the gentlemen of table 28 and 29... let's get ROLLING!

Chris: So.
Kiefer: So?
Chris: Yes, so.
Kiefer: Look, Chris. If you want work, it's there. Don't be intimidated by the fact that I run a boxing club, I'm a whole lot more than just a trainer for this country's young athletes. I do work here and there, providing my daughter is out of harm's way and it's not going to be a threat to the club. You should drop by anyway, familiarize yourself with it, it can get you two in good shape for whatever work you plan on doing, you know?
Chris: I'm certainly not going to ignore this oppurtunity Kiefer. If it's a lead for work, I'll take it. Won't we, Isaac?

Isaac: Definitely.
Kiefer: Well Isaac you don't sound so assuring. Are you sure?
Isaac: I'm one hundred percent sure, Kiefer. (Chuckles) Don't be distracted by how I just said it, this food is too delicious to be ignored.
Kiefer: Oh, Marion is the best. He owns the best casinos, nightclubs and restaurants, I can assure you that. His cuisine is the best in Sondon. Or, at least what I know of.
Chris: Are you hinting something?
Kiefer: As a matter of fact, yes. My daughter Florence is a great cook, she wants to run her own restaurant. You see Marion is a good family friend, he's going to get her up to scratch providing he hasn't got any 'work' on his hands.
Isaac: Why'd you say that?
Kiefer: I take it you don't know what's happened?
Chris: No, we don't. Isaac?
Isaac: No, I don't neither. Go ahead and tell us.
Kiefer: Well, to cut a long story short... Marion had §15million, it wasn't his rightfully, but this is business let's not forget. The trouble is these folks dubbed the Blackjacks stole the shit back off him. To make matters worse, that guy that got murdered, you know the one, Herbert Major... was a major player in the Blackjacks. And he got shot and killed. And now everyone's going to think that it was someone of Marion's clan that pulled that trigger.
Chris: And did they?
Kiefer: Not as I know of. I wouldn't blame them if they did, but still... if the cops know about this shit... he's fucked.
Chris: He most well and truly is if that's the case, Kiefer. But don't worry, we'll have things sorted, providing he lets us in on it.
Kiefer: You've got to prove to him what you're worth first, chaps. But you look promising, and I like you already. It should be a doddle.
Chris: And where is this boxing club?
Kiefer: 13 Rightwood Street, down in Sowma. You know the place?
Chris: Yeah, I think I do.
Isaac: Well I do, anyway.
Kiefer: And Danilo here is my star boxer, aren't you?
Danilo: To say the least, yeah, I suppose.
Kiefer: He is in every way.

Chris: Excuse me, it's getting hot in here.
Danilo: Can't argue with that.
Isaac: Excuse me, I just need to pop to the toilet, won't be a second.
Chris: Alright.
Kiefer: Okey dokey, champ.

Isaac: Ah, that's better.
Georgio: I wonder if it is...
Isaac: Shit...!
Federico: Oh don't worry, my friend. We haven't came to do what you might think... oh no.

Isaac: I don't care. Out of my way...
Georgio: Not until you've paid the toll, sunbeam.
Isaac: (Sniggers) Haha... shove the toll up your arse, you scum.
Georgio: Federico, take care of him!

Isaac: Agh!
Federico: Not so smart now, are you? You get a lot of hassle for not drawing out your toll money, pal.
Isaac: And not so smart you were...

Federico: AGH!
Isaac: You asked for it... you'd found the wrong arse to fuck with...

Federico: GAAAGH!
Isaac: Oooh, in the plums! I bet that one hurt!?

Georgio: If you think you've seen the last, don't reach conclusions judging by Federico. You haven't seen my moves yet, sunbeam.
Isaac: Oh yeah?

Georgio: Shit!
Isaac: Oh, looks like you missed that time!

Georgio: OUUGH!
Isaac: Well, you were a bit of a hyprocrite...

Isaac: And it really does seem that all of you of Cardenas' clan are as bad as each other...

Marion: Chris?
Chris: Yes?
Marion: I need to come talk to you, come downstairs... Isaac is waiting.
Chris: What have you done to him!?
Marion: Nothing! Please, come.

Marion: He's alright, see?
Isaac: What is this about, Marion?
Marion: I walked into those toilets, chaps. Isaac, you needed the toilet, yes?
Isaac: Well yes, but what is that of your concern?
Marion: I wouldn't have cared less if those pricks that I call my workers had killed you. But seeming as though you handled them pretty good, I do care now. And that's why I'm prepared to make you an offer.
Isaac: Oh really?
Marion: Yeah, and since you're a double act, I trust Isaac to do well, I trust the fact that you must know each other and be of similar ability. So that's why I'm prepared to make an offer to both of you...
Chris: And what with?

Marion: This, as a welcome gift and a treat for sorting out those scumbags.

Marion: §5,000 and a place in my syndicate.

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