Episode 03

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Episode 03

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[size=200]Evil Born Evil[/size]
Series: 03
Episode: 03
Written by: Luke Enfield
Produced by: Crimson Media
[warning]AGE RATING: 15+
Previously on Evil Born Evil...

Luisa: I wouldn't know. But, why should we worry about it now? They've got nothing on us. They're too dumb and with an army of next to nothing, we can easily escape from their grasp. It's just me, you... and §15million to spend between ourselves baby!
Rocco: I like that.
Luisa: I like that more.

Chris: So.
Kiefer: So?
Chris: Yes, so.
Kiefer: Look, Chris. If you want work, it's there. Don't be intimidated by the fact that I run a boxing club, I'm a whole lot more than just a trainer for this country's young athletes. I do work here and there, providing my daughter is out of harm's way and it's not going to be a threat to the club. You should drop by anyway, familiarize yourself with it, it can get you two in good shape for whatever work you plan on doing, you know?
Chris: I'm certainly not going to ignore this oppurtunity Kiefer. If it's a lead for work, I'll take it. Won't we, Isaac?

Marion: This, as a welcome gift and a treat for sorting out those scumbags.

Marion: §5,000 and a place in my syndicate.

Ian: So guys, did everything go smoothly last night?
Chris: To say the least, it's debatable whether it actually was.
Isaac: Oh nonsense. Marion's guys were easy to handle. They weren't a threat. We got where we wanted, and that's good.
Ian: How was Rod and Felix?
Chris: They were fine. Quite helpful from what I gathered. They deserve praise.
Isaac: Felix didn't know how to play poker though...
Ian: (Sighs)
Isaac: I handled that problem fine... he didn't do too good but at least he wasn't embarrasing.
Ian: Embarrasing? You weren't really supposed to be vouching for one another.
Chris: Yeah well we couldn't do anything about that. The henchmen at the door would have probably known we all entered together anyway. It wasn't really a big deal. It won't affect the case, Ian. I know that one for sure.
Ian: You know it's gov, right?

Chris: Oh yeah. Gov, sorry.
Ian: So, tell me then, is there anything you retrieved?
Isaac: A fair amount.
Chris: But Rod and Felix told us that the Riberican they were speaking amongst themselves wasn't enough to give us anything to go on.
Isaac: Tell him about Kiefer.
Ian: Kiefer?
Chris: We met a chap called Kiefer. He was pretty nice to us. Seems the trustworthy type, he invited me to come pay him a visit at the boxing club. He runs and owns a boxing club...

Ian: I see. What did he have to say?
Isaac: He's a good friend of Marion's. He told us in depth about the crap he's involved in at the moment.
Chris: Kiefer claims that Marion's cuisine is the best in Sondon. He owns various nightclubs, bars and indeed the casino we was in last night.
Ian: And as for the money?
Isaac: The money? We can confirm that it belonged to the Blackjacks originally, and Marion's clan took that money out of them.
Ian: The Blackjacks?
Chris: Yeah, a name to finally go by. That's the name of the syndicate lead by Luisa.
Ian: According to those files you retrieved at the brewery, her name is Luisa Santiago.
Isaac: Is that all?
Ian: There was only names. Nothing more I can give, I'm afraid. But we're really getting somewhere now.
Isaac: Right.
Chris: Both have got a lot to lose...

Isaac: Then he went on to admit that Herbert Major was a big name in the Blackjacks. And Kiefer said people believe one of Marion's guys did it. But they're too soft to do that.

Ian: But if they think that, they might soon think that it was one of you who did it!?
Chris: Hey, that's a risk we'll take. It could work out exceptionally, actually. We're cops, they can't do anything if they accuse us, because they'll soon realise it's all a huge set-up...
Ian: And get yourself fucking killed?
Isaac: (Sighs) It mightn't go that way, gov. If we can work something out...
Chris: This case has only just opened.
Isaac: It's not even a case, it's an operation. We've got two lots of men to capture, Chris. It's us against everyone.
Chris: We've got Rod and Felix.
Ian: And a couple more. But everytime I think of it the more wrong it seems.
Chris: We've got to think this through carefully.
Isaac: They have brains too you know, Chris. They won't get anywhere without the brains. They all seem dumb and weak if Marion's guys are anything to go on, but brainpower is just as important. We're going to change that and make it look like Marion is not a guy to be messed with.

Ian: So I'm guessing Marion accepted you?
Isaac: Yeah, here it is. §5,000 as a 'welcome gift' and a place in his syndicate.
Ian: (Laughs) Woah, boys. You certainly did well.
Chris: All thanks to Isaac for dealing the guys.
Isaac: Yeah, the pricks tried me on in the toilets...

Ian: Well, you're not supposed to keep this money, since that's probably fraud. No matter whether you're undercover or not, you can accept money as a cop but you can't keep it. The only person who pays you is the government for you to do your job.
Isaac: I don't get paid enough for this job. And I'm having trouble at home. You can see Chris is stressed, it'll take things of his chest with a bit of cash in his back pocket, won't it Chris?
Chris: Uh... yeah. I suppose.
Ian: (Sighs) Look, alright. I'll split into two and you can have §2,500 between yourself. Just don't tell nobody about it.
Chris: Are you sure about this, gov?
Ian: Look, don't tell anybody and you'll be alright.
Isaac: What if we get more off Marion?
Ian: I'll take those matters into my own hands, Isaac.
Chris: This is fraud, Ian. I won't accept.
Ian: At least think about it, yeah? Now, I've got to get going. But follow me outside. There's something we need to talk about. I just want to be prepared for the arrival of my taxi...

Chris: You know I'm really unsure about taking this money, gov.
Ian: Don't worry about it, Chris. Take it. I've got it all under control and you know you can trust me.
Isaac: Forget it for now, you'll decide later, Chris? You had something to say?
Ian: Keith has just informed me earlier that he's finished with the post-mortem examination on Herbert, guys. It'll be ideal if you went to go pay him a visit at the morgue.
Chris: Remind me where that is again?
Ian: At the hospital, dipshit.
Chris: Yeah, alright. Sorry, of course.
Ian: See what you can pick up. It's quite predictable already, but you never know what could happen. The coroner's been doing this for years, he can pick up all types of crap on that poor bloke's body...

Chris: Alright, gov.
Isaac: Come on, Chris. Let's go. I'm sure Ian has got somewhere else to be going now.
Ian: Yeah. Oh look, speaking of which, my taxi is now here. Well, good luck searching the body chaps. Indeed, I've got some important work to be getting onto back at the station.
Isaac: See you gov.
Chris: Bye.
Ian: See you later, boys.

Ian: Take me to Junefayre Metropolitan Police Station, please.

Chris: Forgive me if I'm wrong about this but, there is something peculiar going on with Ian.
Isaac: Ah, I don't think so. He's only trying to be kind, Chris. It's no use throwing it back in his face. It's a hard time for us all, taking the money will be a fine option and it'll at least break you out of this stress, won't it?
Chris: I don't know. It's fraud, isn't it? Giving us money that's not rightfully ours?
Isaac: Nah... (chuckles) Ian is Chief of Police, he wouldn't do that.
Chris: Chief of Police? Bloody hell, what did he do to achieve that title?
Isaac: Hey, what are you insisting!? How can you not remember? What is wrong with you?
Chris: I've got to stay on top of these things, Isaac.
Isaac: Save it for later. You know what, ask him. Nobody ever knows clearly why he was given that job, my only belief is because of Harland's death in '64 that he was the hier to the fucking police throne...
Chris: I'll look into it.
Isaac: (Sighs) You won't. Now isn't a convenient time.

Chris: This is as if you're trying to hide something.
Isaac: Look, Ian's promotion wasn't the most smooth. Let's not forget he's just scraped death's door with his cancer, and he's even struggling to pay off for the treatment now.
Chris: Cancer?
Isaac: Oh don't tell me you forgot that as well, Christopher. Now, I don't want to talk about that now. I want to look into this death. Don't you?
Chris: Yeah, sure.
Isaac: Let's get to it then.

Isaac: Ole' Keith?
Keith: Huh!? Is that you...

Isaac: Yes it's me Keith. Young Isaac.
Keith: Young Isaac!

Isaac: Ah how are you Keith?
Keith: Not bad thank you, I'm not bad at all! It's been a long time hasn't it, chaps?
Isaac: The last being the notorious homicide case of Derren Carlyle, huh Chris?
Chris: Uh, yeah.
Isaac: How are you otherwise?
Keith: I'm jolly good thank you. Karen and the kids are just fine.
Isaac: Good, always what I like to hear.

Keith: How about you Chris? You got a girlfriend yet?
Chris: Uhm, still not yet... but otherwise I'm fairly reasonable, the whole operation just getting to me a bit recently. A bit stressed over it, you know?
Keith: Oh well I can't argue with that. Come on fella's, we'll head through to the morgue examination room.
Chris: Ok.
Isaac: Alright, come on.

Isaac: So, what have we got?

Keith: As you can see, this is quite peculiar. Only one bullet was evidently fired at the scene insisting he was perhaps shot in the head. But as you can see here, he was shot in the neck, which is obviously more fatal than believe it or not, being shot in the head.

Isaac: Intriguing.

Keith: Very. So it's probably a wise decision made by the assasin to shoot him in the throat... but, he wouldn't have died instantly.
Chris: Why's that?
Keith: Believe me, it's a one in a million chance that you'd survive a throat bullet wound, but if it hasn't hit your spinal cord instantly which is evident here, you'd spend a couple of minutes slowly choking on your own blood, coughing simultaneously until he died of choking his blood.
Isaac: So Herbert didn't die instantly?
Keith: No... but he wouldn't have had the strength to pick himself up and walk and he would have a throat so full of his own blood that he'd seriously struggle to yell for help. And the assassin classically walked away, leaving him for dead.
Chris: Tell me, is there anything you have on the assassin?
Keith: No, not in particular. But the bullet was of a .44 Colby Vulcan. A very nice gun for anyone to get their hands on, it's mind bogglingly rare in Sengland and even rare in the USN as of today. So he must have done it in style.
Chris: And the time of death? Is that time significantly different to the time of shooting?
Keith: When I say he would have died eventually from his own blood, I wasn't talking of hours, it would have been only a couple of minutes before he was stone dead. So, I would predict he was murdered at about 3am.
Isaac: I see. It's interesting.
Keith: It is very interesting. The assassin certainly was a brave man, but quite intelligent it seems.

Isaac: Anything else you care to share, Keith?
Keith: Nothing much to go on really, young Isaac. Sorry. This death was pretty quick and was clearly one fire from the gun into the throat and job done.
Chris: Herbert was more than just a business man, Keith.
Keith: Oh yeah, why do you say that?
Chris: He was a member of the Blackjacks, a syndicate, who was robbed of §15million. And the opposing syndicate stole it off them.
Keith: Is it believed that...
Isaac: Yes. They think Marion's gang did the job.
Keith: Marion?
Isaac: Marion Cardenas.
Keith: I've heard of that dog before, he runs the restaurant in Dralton's Square. It's a really nice restaurant...
Isaac: That's where they get the dough from, Keith. Past clients who fucked them off. That said, there's millions of reasons to spark a fury between wrongdoers, especially when they're foreigners.

Chris: Anyway, we shall be off now, Keith. Thank you for the examination, when will the body be left ready for the funeral?
Keith: I'm sorry, left? Left!? I'm far from finishing examnination on this body!
Chris: Yes but, his family will be grieving about this for a long time if we don't do...
Keith: Nonsense! You shouldn't care about that, you should concentrate on the task in hand. You're a detective for heaven's sake! You need to know the kind of stuff I'm telling you to help you with this bloody investigation!
Chris: Yes but...
Keith: But what? Am I wasting my time or something, Chris?
Chris: No I mean...
Keith: I don't want to hear anything so STUPID to come out of those lips of yours again, Osborne.
Isaac: Come on Chris, let's go. We don't mean to bother you, Keith.
Keith: Go on, bug out. Get out of here. Go! The pair of you...

Chris: Keith, I'm sorry.
Keith: I don't want to hear it. Leave me. Get out of here. I've had enough of you already. Go.

Isaac: Always the fool, aren't you Chris?
Chris: (Sighs)

Keith: Bloody funerals...! Who does he think he is?

Chris: (On phone) Yeah, ok. Thanks gov, bye.
Isaac: Gov I guess?

Chris: Yeah, it's him alright. Keith's told him about the little escapade, as far as Ian's concerned he's not very happy about it, and he's asking me to turn my attention more towards the investigation in hand. But come on...!
Isaac: Chris, it's not for you to worry about the damned funeral, how are you so obsessed?
Chris: I just want what's best for his family.
Isaac: Everything has came over you recently, what the hell is wrong with you? First you're talking gibberish, then you say you're from the future, then you're saying the assassin who killed Herbert shot you as well... and now you're asking about his funeral?
Chris: I'm just curious, Isaac. Curious. It's ok to be curious, yes? I'm a cop?
Isaac: Yeah, a cop. And not a very good one at the minute. For heaven's sake, take the bloody money Ian's offering.
Isaac: Ok...
Chris: THE MONEY WON'T DO ANYTHING! I am sick and tired of you and Ian's obsession with this bloody money...if I said I don't want it, I don't take it, do I?
Isaac: Ok, you're giving me a headache.
Chris: And so were you. I know I made a mistake, a couple to be precise, but now you're making everything sound a hell lot worse.

Isaac: I'm sorry...
Chris: And I'm sorry too... we need to sort things out.
Isaac: Ian always said we need to think things through carefully, and that, we will.

Chris: I think it's about time you left.
Isaac: Good point. Be in touch... in fact pop by to the station tonight. I'm sure Marion would want you to get done some work for him, Chris.
Chris: Yeah, now you take good care of yourself...

Isaac: Yeah, be careful around Marion though, you don't want to get hurt. It's early days. Don't do anything stupid. Pick up anything you can.
Chris: I'm going to do just that.

Isaac: Well, I'll be off then. See you, Chris.

Chris: Goodbye, Isaac.

Chris: Danilo!
Danilo: Chris! So you showed up! Good to see you man!
Chris: Good to see you too! It's surely a place Kiefer has got here that's certainly living up to what he said.
Danilo: Yeah, absolutely. Is there anything I could uh, do you for?
Chris: Yes, there is. Do you know where Kiefer would be? He asked me to pop round you know so it's only suitable to show my face at least...
Danilo: Sure, he's in his office. It's that door over there.
Chris: Thank you.

Kiefer: Yes well, thank you. I'll be there to see you tomorrow anyway, so we can talk more about the rendezvous with Mr. Rodriguez tonight shall we? Yes, I'm still working. So I can't really talk now. See you later...

Chris: Kiefer?
Kiefer: Chris!? Oh hey! I was wondering when you'd show up! How are you?
Chris: Can't be bad, Kiefer. Can't be bad. And what about yourself?
Kiefer: Well, you know... I'm plodding along.

Kiefer: Please, it's a pleasure to have you here. Take a seat.
Chris: Thank you.

Kiefer: So what drew you towards this place then? Was it the work I offered you, or would you like to improve those boxing skills of yours?
Chris: I'm here for the work, Kiefer. I want to get to know you and your relationship with Marion. There's no use joining his clan and not knowing the kind of guys he works with.
Kiefer: Marion and I go quite a way back. Since five years ago, actually. He'd came to Sengland in 1958 to pursue the dream of expanding his chain of restaurants. He's moved on a lot since restaurants from that to nightclubs and casino's, but he's still rather renown for his cuisine so his restaurants are still commonly known.
Chris: What happened five years ago?
Kiefer: Everyone knew Marion for his business, but they never knew he was involved in the dirty work. He came to me to complete a favour for a friend of his, to get his son some skills in boxing. He wanted to become an athlete of some sort, so it was my job to deal with him. Marion was very grateful for my skills at training him, and he became my star boxer.
Chris: So how is it now that Danilo is your star boxer?
Kiefer: Two and a half years ago, something tragic happened. He was killed. And I decided to help him and hunt down the killer, and that's when I got involved with the Cardenas family.
Chris: The Cardenas family? Wait, they're part of the mafia organization?
Kiefer: No, no! Sorry if I made it sound that way, kid. I mean, his clan. The Del Bosque Gang. You're one of us now, a Bosque.
Chris: I see it now, I see it now. So, did you ever track down the killer?

Kiefer: No. After two years that bastard is still alive. You think you can help us find him?
Chris: How do you know it was a him? You don't know the kind of people hanging around nowadays.
Kiefer: Are you hinting...?
Chris: Hmmmm... Luisa Santiago.
Kiefer: We thought that it might be them, but then again, they've denied it every time we've came knocking on their door asking for a confession.
Chris: You're probably too harsh on them because you've had the rivalry with them before.
Kiefer: You insisting you could, uhm...
Chris: What, find the killer? After two years? I'll try, but it's unlikely it'll get anywhere.
Kiefer: Good, I'd be grateful for that you know.
Chris: It's my pleasure.
Kiefer: You know you're not the worst guy going around.
Chris: Thanks for that.
Kiefer: If you're given work, you'll take it. That right?
Chris: That's the nature, isn't it?
Kiefer: By the way, in case I didn't introduce myself thoroughly, it's Hodgson, Kiefer Hodgson.

Florence: And I'm Hodgson, Florence Hodgson.
Chris: Your daughter you were talking about Kiefer?
Kiefer: Yeah, most certainly. A star in the making, yeah Florence?
Florence: At least I hope so. I never catched your name, mister.
Chris: Osborne. Chris Osborne, lady.
Florence: Please, call me Florence. What brings you here? Are you one of many of father's gangster friends?
Kiefer: Well, no, no he isn't... Florence.
Chris: ...?
Kiefer: He's a uhm, new boxing trainee.
Chris: Well, there's no need for that is there?
Florence: A need for what?

Chris: There's no need for what I just said, neither. So Florence, tell me a bit about yourself.
Florence: Well you know, I like to listen to music, I like cooking, I like anything a girl like me would...
Chris: Nice, sounds like my kind of woman. Do you have a job?
Florence: I just have a little office job downtown for an oil company, COLE.
Chris: Not bad, I guess.
Florence: But that doesn't matter. I'm being trained by the big M himself, I'm going to be the top chef in Sondon...
Chris: You could always imagine...
Florence: I know that's not possible now, but I'm going to be up there, at least I hope.
Chris: And, who's the Big M you say?
Florence: Marion Cardenas of course! The biggest and best business tycoon and cuisine legend! He owns all the best restaurants in the city, Chris!
Chris: Oh, I knew that. Just didn't know the Big M.
Florence: That's his nickname known to those who aspire to be as big as him. Those who work for him or are his enemies only refer to him by his name.

Florence: So anything you do, Chris?
Chris: Well, no not really.
Florence: Surely you must have a nice job in order to find yourself in a flashy suit... you look kind of uhm, handsome in that may I say?
Chris: Well... (chuckles), thank you... it's nice somebody thinks of me that way. Like Kiefer said, I'm a trainee.
Florence: Really? If there's something worth telling me then you better say it, because forgive me, you look old to be a trainee and too fit enough to have the need to work on your muscles, hmm?

Kiefer: Florence, that's enough. I'm sorry, Chris.
Chris: Oh no worries.
Florence: It was a compliment. Never mind, you're my age anyway.
Kiefer: Go on Chris, tell her.
Chris: I'm Kiefer's new work partner I guess. I'm working for Marion's syndicate now, me and my good friend Isaac, to try and help him get Luisa Santiago off his back.
Florence: Oh I see. A bitch that woman is, Chris. Stay away from her. Only of course when you're not fighting her. I bet its hot for a man to hurt a woman, don't you think?
Chris: Uhm... couldn't really say...
Kiefer: Alright Florence, you came in here, you've spoke to Chris, now what the bloody hell do you want?
Florence: Oh, Arthur wanted to see you. He's having trouble mastering the uppercut or something...? Anyway, I'm off to go shopping.

Chris: Yeah, and I'd better be off too.
Kiefer: It's best you pay a visit to the man Marion himself today, Chris. He'll have some work lined up. And there's something we might bring you on into tomorrow. That sound ok?
Chris: Yeah, sure.
Florence: Bye dad, and oh, bye Chris. See you around?
Chris: Maybe.
Florence: (Giggles) Bye.
Chris: Bye to you both.
Kiefer: See you Chris!

Marion: Chaps! Hang on, let me find my lighter... oh, there it is!

Wayne: Hiya, boss.
Ramon: Good evening, Marion.
Marion: So, uhm, Wayne, you have anything to share?
Wayne: Not as such. What's on the agenda, Marion?
Marion: You better had wished you was lucky. We've got a fresh new guy willing to help us fight The Blackjacks, two in fact, under the name of Isaac and Christopher. Two young chaps who handled my old bastard associates at the casino last night. Think of them as their replacement. I'm going to assign one of them, or both of them, to the job I lined you up.
Wayne: Brilliant. And that lucky fella was?
Marion: Adrik Ivanov. He took out a loan from us, nonsense shit... hasn't paid it back in time, he gave us most of it but the rest of it is what makes me happy. If I don't get it all, they're the ones who fall, Wayne-boy.
Ramon: Is that all we've got against this man?
Marion: That and the reason of which he agree to pay the money back, but he didn't. ON TIME!

Marion: Oh! Chris? That's you isn't it? It is!
Chris: Haha... hi.
Marion: I was just talking about you.
Chris: Tell me about it.
Marion: But before that, I'd like to 'introduce' you a little to each and every one of us.
Chris: Go ahead.
Marion: I'm Marion Cardenas you know, owner of the biggest and best business empire in the whole of Sondon. Every restaurant, every casino, every nightclub, all of which are either owned by me, that I have at least a share of, or once came across before. You don't get any better than Mr Cardenas! HA! The sky is the limit, my friend! You chose the right man!
Chris: Sure, I bet.

Marion: But you chose to join my dark side. I may seem a nice guy, but let me tell you young Christopher - I'm not. The man you saw yesterday was a very different man as opposed to who you'll see throghout the remainder of the next few minutes.
Chris: Minutes?
Marion: Yes, my friend. I'm going to send you off on a job. That's why you joined me, right? You give me work, I give you money.
Chris: I thought money was something that you were lacking of?
Marion: Yes, and you'll get some back if you help me get MY MONEY back from that bitch Luisa!
Wayne: Keep your voice down, M.
Marion: Oh fuck it. Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it! Everybody knows anyway young Barker! Nobody can stop glaring at me, because they all know it, they all know that I'm the lunatic who's out of pocket thanks to that bitch who has probably crossed the border and is already living it up in Recoya with the dough. Ugh, she disgusts me.
Ramon: Everybody knows? I thought the police were the only ones who knew?
Marion: The whole crime world knows, like you, don't you Chris?
Chris: Yeah. I didn't even need to be associated to anyone in order to know that Marion was out of pocket. I'm here to find Luisa Santiago, chaps. For you, for the big prize.
Marion: (Cackles) Haha... I love this guy! I fucking love this guy already. Five minutes in and he's talking about taking over Alterra... that's my kind of guy!
Wayne: Are you ok Marion? You don't have anything nasty rolled up in that cigarette do you?
Marion: What are you insisting?
Wayne: Never mind...

Chris: There's nothing you're going to regret about this decision, Marion. I could tell even before I knew Luisa stole the money from you that she was bad news.
Marion: Yeah, too right.
Chris: So, allow me to be introduced to these two fine chaps here.
Marion: Ok, well first here, we have my right-hand man, Ramon Fielding. And what do you notice already? Camp as a row of tents. Openly gay, but that doesn't stop me or anyone getting along with him and working with him just fine...
Chris: Hi, Ramon.

Ramon: Oh hey there Chris. You could always call me Ray, and I go by the name of 'Gay Ray' to everyone else. Anything you choose!
Chris: Ok, well, thanks for that.
Marion: Ray is not to be underestimated. You hear me? He's a good loyal man and has been my friend for years.
Chris: I won't, Marion.
Ramon: You'd better.

Marion: And this here, last but certainly not least, is one of my other loyal workers, Wayne Barker. Nimble, agile, he's pretty good when he's got a gun in his hand. Let's just say his brother does better in the area of driving...
Chris: Brother?
Marion: Yep.
Wayne: My brother's a dickhead though... don't talk about him.
Chris: Who is he?
Wayne: I'd rather not say.
Marion: (Chuckles) He's a cop, Chris. Or, so he tells us.
Wayne: We don't know the detectives section so well so I can only count on him to give us a little insight into what's going on. But he's going for a rank promotion, we won't get anything out of him.
Chris: Oh right, I see.
Ramon: Chris, you look a bit pale.
Chris: It's the atmosphere you know. This is, uhm, beautiful. That singer, the piano and the perfection of the two of them together, the smoke, the bright lights, the sounds of voices and drinks glasses. It's a nice place you've got here, Marion.
Marion: Oh, that's really kind of you Chris. I can't see how it makes you pale... (chuckles) but... if you think of it that way, think of it that way my friend. It's a pleasure to have you with us, don't you think guys?
Wayne: Yeah, that bitch Luisa needs someone to stand up to in our team. We can only count on you and that other geezer, Chris.
Chris: Isaac.
Marion: Isaac, Wayne. Isaac's the cat you're talking about.
Wayne: Yeah, that lad.

Wayne: Now, Marion. Tell him about the job in hand. The job you gave to him instead of myself.
Marion: Hey, I don't want you getting hurt. Chris here is to prove himself, Wayne!
Wayne: Yeah, sure.
Ramon: What's with the shitty mood, Wayne?
Wayne: Go ahead with it, Marion.
Marion: (Sighs) Alright, so... we had this Simoviet guy. He borrowed a lot of money of us, a lot. 10,000Gv.
Wayne: That's shit loads of money!
Chris: Is it?
Wayne: Are you joking Chris? You could buy a big family home with that money?
Chris: Sorry?
Wayne: ...
Chris: (Mutters to self) Oh not to be mistaken Chris. This is 1967.
Marion: Something you'd like to share?
Chris: No, carry on.
Marion: Anyway, this guy, worst case scenario you'd probably guessed, never paid the dough back. And now he promised he'd have it to me by today. But he still broke the rules. So you're going to meet him at the rendezvous, at the Meele Fountain in Rottersmith. You know it?
Chris: Of course, it's been around for years.
Marion: Go. Teach him a lesson. And if he dare threaten to kill you, kill him for heaven's sake. I don't want to lose more guys than I have done already... the guy's name is Adrik Ivanov.
Chris: Alright.
Marion: Go.

Chris: Let's see what we've got ourselves here, then...

Adrik: Come on... please arrive... please.

Chris: Adrik Ivanov?
Adrik: Yeah?
Chris: I'm here to collect your debt, sir.
Adrik: I thought so...
Chris: ...
Adrik: ...
Chris: So, are you going to give it to me then?
Adrik: Yeah, in a minute.
Chris: I haven't came here to wait for you, Adrik. Now, show your pockets.
Adrik: ...
Chris: NOW!
Adrik: You know, why would you, when you've got a wonderful historical monument before your very eyes, a glorious fountain, its waters glistened by the artificial light of those lamposts. It's a really nice sighting in an ugly city.
Chris: WILL YOU JUST...! (Sighs) Oh, look. I'm sorry. I... I agree there, Adrik it's uhm... very beautiful.
Adrik: Do you like history and wonderful looking things like these?
Chris: Certainly.

Adrik: I wanted to travel. And I did, I'm from Vestorgrad. Miles away from Sondon.
Chris: Oh really?
Adrik: Yeah.
Chris: Why did you come here?
Adrik: Why did I move here? I guess it was the freedom. I'm one of the few who thought that Simmunism was a dirty business, and it is.
Chris: Is it? What was it like over there?
Adrik: Vestorgrad was pretty nice. But unfortunately, you couldn't see it. You had to have permission from the government to leave your house. You couldn't go on holiday without permission. I beat myself up. Until the day when I saw what it was like to live here. Endless freedom. Sexy girls, fast cars, you know the thing? All I wanted to do was to live in a space where I could do what I wanted to and no one could stop me from doing that. So much so I smuggled myself into Sengland in a crate. I knew they wouldn't let a guy like me off the hook and they're probably still looking for me now. But where do they think I would have gone? Of course. Samerica.
Chris: But you made a good decision otherwise, Adrik. Crime, you get everywhere. I know that. Nowhere is safe to live. But out of all dangerous places to live, Sengland is the safest my friend. Sondon is the worst, but we've got work to do you know? It's a busy place, it's a city that never sleeps. You can't even imagine the things people are doing now, that they'll still be doing later.
Adrik: What is there to do here?
Chris: Going to loan sharks isn't one of them, Adrik. And you came here and got involved in tough shit already.
Adrik: I don't want to turn to crime, so I just decided to get a loan and hope they'd forget about paying it back.
Chris: (Laughs)
Adrik: What!?
Chris: Adrik.

Adrik: Yes?
Chris: NOBODY forgets about the repayment of their loan. Sondon is a place where crime is everywhere you look. You see the litter in the fountain, Adrik. They would have got a fine for dropping litter, especially in a public place and most definitely an historical monument. And that car of yours, that nice looking Rival, it's not even insured is it?
Adrik: That's what I was trying to get round to.
Chris: With 10,000Gv.
Adrik: And an apartment. A dog, maybe.
Chris: There was probably enough dogs back in the country you came from. Dogs with lethal consequences waiting to happen under their thumb.
Adrik: ...
Chris: And then it makes me guess, you haven't got enough to repay that loan have you?
Adrik: I can't go no further. I keep asking Marion if I can have longer, but I will pay him more. If he gives me a week longer, I swear I'll get back to him 25,000Gv.
Chris: (Laughs) I'm afraid, Adrik... that deal won't get you anywhere. You got that loan because you're a stupid, filthy illegal immigrant, who came from a place filthed with crime and joined a new herd of bastards in this pretty city. You think it was honestly going to be that easy? When every corner, you're faced with guys like me, who won't stand for this...
Adrik: Wh.. what are you trying to say!? We was getting somewhere, and this is how you repay me?
Chris: I shouldn't be repaying you.

Adrik: Well, maybe you should!
Chris: Marion rightfully should be repaid. But then again...
Adrik: ...?
Chris: Marion is a criminal.
Adrik: It wouldn't take a genious to work that one out. Like yourself, you're a criminal.
Chris: The thing is, I'm not, Adrik. Marion has brains. But quite frankly, he's so tied up in shit like this, dealing with the likes of you, he can't draw his attention to analysing every one of the words that comes out of my mouth, my emotions and thoughts. And that's where I've got him right where we want him, Adrik.
Adrik: We...? Wh... what the fuck!?
Chris: Yes, Adrik. I'm a policeman. But not no ordinary policeman, Adrik. A detective. And the 'detect' in the detective is the word to describe what I do. Working undercover. I didn't come here to collect the money. Oh no. I came here to prove my point.
Adrik: SHIT!

Chris: Where do you think you're going?
Adrik: I don't understand.
Chris: As far as I can see here everything is understandable. You went through the effort to smuggle yourself in to this country, only to hire a loan and find yourself set up in this sticky situation, Adrik. And boy, I don't know about you, but I'm loving every minute of it.
Adrik: You stupid lousy copper piece of shit!!!



Chris: I don't know where this chap's going in a hurry. Maybe somewhere where he can hide, that of which he's been doing a lot recently...

Adrik: Gah, tug off, cop!
Chris: Give this up now! You've got nowhere to run, Ivanov!

(Tyre screeching)

Adrik: How do you like this one, huh!?

Chris: Oh, shit!

Chris: You've got a lot to lose, you son of a bitch!

Chris: Where are you running to now, Adrik?

Adrik: Go away from me you fucking cop! You're filth!

Chris: Now don't you be going nowhere, sunshine.
Adrik: That's alright. You come here!

Chris: That's ok with me. I come to you. It's only right I do, anyway. Because I'm not finished with you, yet.
Adrik: What do you want? What are you going to do!? I know I did wrong... but I was desperate... please, let me off the hook!
Chris: (Sniggers) Let you off the hook? LET YOU OFF THE FUCKING HOOK!? You're illegal. You belong back in the UFSR! You probably don't know it, but you're one of them, that's where you belong... and no matter what, if you like it or not, you have to accept yourself for who you are and where you come from. Think of it, your miles away from your family and friends.
Adrik: I moved here because I wanted to escape the likes of them. I'm not good in conversation, I don't have any friends. I never did, and probably never will. My family? Well, they will probably feel so betrayed by the way I left them that there's probably no turning back anyway.
Chris: But why didn't you think of that before?
Adrik: I don't know. I... like I said... I... I was desperate, I guess?
Chris: ...
Adrik: Please, don't do anything you'd be sorry for.

Chris: My friend, there is nothing I'm sorry for. Things are going smoothly and the way things look, we're getting ever-closer to the murderer of Herbert Major. But, Adrik. I thank you.
Adrik: You do...?
Chris: Yes. Thank you. Thank you very much. Because you know what...!?
Adrik: ...what?
Chris: You, Mr. Ivanov, are a huge lead in to this operation, that, thanks to the likes of you, has now probably shortened in its duration. I don't need no more sleepless nights, I can go home.
Adrik: You mean, you're not from here either?
Chris: Well, I am, but I'm not also.
Adrik: What are you talking about?
Chris: You see, we had something in common all along. I was shot by this... assassin. The same, most definitely who killed Herbert Major. It was the bullet of a .44 Vulcan that shot Major, and the same gun I believed I had pointed in my face before I was shot. I woke up here, in 1967. In the big city, Sondon. I was from here, except this is no ordinary Sondon. I wasn't even alive in 1967, Adrik. How stupid is that?
Adrik: What are you talking about?
Chris: Yeah, I've gone back in time.

Adrik: I'm getting scared. I... I've really had enough of this. Shut up.
Chris: Adrik, please, put the gun down, or else things will just get messy. You don't want that do you? You won't have the chance to start again here, would you now?
Adrik: Are you insisting that you WILL let me off the hook?
Chris: ...

Adrik: Will you!? Please!
Chris: (Sniggers) Adrik... there are more things on my mind than letting you off the hook. Let's face it... you're not destined to be here. And what makes it worse, you're miles and miles away from where you belong. You can't imagine how wrong that was, even after all the effort you made to put through those long and tiresome days of travelling in that crate. You must have been pretty claustrophobic?
Adrik: I don't mind confined spaces, Chris. I got used to it living in a Simmunist country. Like I said, you can't move far without permission from the government.
Chris: I'm sorry, Adrik. But it's not enough. It just isn't. You can't imagine the trouble you would probably face, because as a part of the Sondon Metropolitan Police Department, I would have no other choice than to send you back home. And you wouldn't like that, would you?
Adrik: No... fuck no!
Chris: So that's why I've arranged an alternative.
Adrik: Oh really?

Chris: Yeah, goodbye Adrik.

Adrik: (Screaming) Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! SHIT!

Ian: Oh, there's a surprise.

Ian: What have you came back so late for, Chris?
Chris: Look, it's a long story.
Ian: I don't care. That's a fucking bad excuse for a cop, especially one that's came back to the station this late at night... where the hell were you?
Chris: I did a job, for Marion.
Ian: And...?
Chris: I killed the guy.
Ian: And he was?
Chris: He hired a loan from Marion...
Ian: And you think that's acceptable!? YOU'RE A MURDERER, CHRIS!
Chris: Of course, as are half of the guys in this building are. He smuggled himself in to Sengland all the way from the UFSR...
Ian: And so!? What did they ask you to do?
Chris: Just teach him a lesson...
Ian: But they weren't insisting you should KILL HIM should you!?
Chris: He had a gun pointed in my face, what do you expect me to do?
Ian: Oh! Right... well just tell me that earlier next time before I rant at you like I just have, that way it might not be such an unpleasant experience for you, Osborne.

Chris: I used a phone nearby to call the paramedics, they're picking the body up and taking it away. The scene should be clean.
Ian: And there was no one around?
Chris: I chased him in his car, he dumped the car at the bottom of the staircase, ran up it, up to the some of some old factory. I sorted him out though, I needn't be armed to kill him. He was asking for it practically. He stood on the edge of the roof, I pushed him. He died.
Ian: Go on, get inside. It's cold. I'm hoping Marion is still happy with your choices.
Chris: He doesn't care. He said he had dangerous consequences to hire a loan from him and not pay it back anyway.
Ian: That's not the point. The good thing is that you're alive, and he pointed a gun in your face, obviously possessed to kill you.
Chris: Marion wouldn't care. He'd like to hold onto his money.
Ian: And now you'll have it rolling in, Chris. What are you going to do with it?
Chris: I don't know, look... money is the least of my problems right now. Do what you want with it. Burn it.
Ian: You thought about the money Marion gave you last night?
Chris: No, keep it. I don't want it, nor do I need it.
Ian: Fine. Suit yourself. The money will sure come in handy for this country's debts... won't it? At least Marion will be pleased to know that even when he meets his end, he'd have done this country some good.
Chris: May I go inside now?
Ian: Sure, be my guest.

Felix: Well, looky here.
Isaac: Who's that?
Felix: Ah, Vic! How are things?
Victor: Oh hey Felix!
Isaac: Vic.
Victor: Alright Isaac? Yeah, thanks. Things are going well, how about things for you two?
Felix: Can't argue.
Isaac: Well, things could be going better down in the wicked and wild world of Detective Inspector Isaac Noble.
Victor: (Chuckles) You've hooked up with The Big M have you?
Isaac: Who?

Victor: Marion Cardenas.

Chris: Yes, we have.

Victor: Oh, Chris. I was wondering when you was about to show up. Long time no see, hey?
Chris: Yeah, sure. How are things going?
Victor: Not bad thanks, they're going quite well. Not that I've been around much, I'm sure things are going to be a lot more fun when I get into the swing of things.
Chris: They sure are.
Victor: Well, it's good to see you.
Isaac: Chris?
Chris: Yes, Isaac?
Isaac: Could I have a word please?
Chris: Your wish is my command, Isaac.

Felix: Oi Chris, what's private that we don't know about?
Chris: (Laughs) Nothing for your interest, Felix.
Isaac: Keep your nose out of it, Tanner.
Chris: So?

Isaac: (Whispering) So... so!? What time do you fucking call this!?
Chris: Look, I'm tired, I... I don't want to explain this now.
Isaac: I don't care how short you make this, just tell me where you've been.
Chris: (Sighs) Marion gave me a job, Isaac. And I guess he was expecting you, too. So I had to do it all myself and deal with a certain chap who'd hired a loan from him. A certain Adrik Ivanov.
Isaac: Oh yeah?
Chris: An interesting guy, he's from the UFSR, and, he smuggled his way in to Sengland via a crate, which was rather worrying. We talked, then, the next thing I knew I had a gun in my face, ready to blast. Hey, I had no choice, so I pushed him off the roof we was standing on. Then, I contemplated. And the outcome was of it, that I couldn't leave his body there. So I had to call the paramedics to drag the body away, and that's why I've been so long. Life's a lot harder when you're working undercover as opposed to the real thing, Isaac. I've got a bad feeling about this one already...
Isaac: (Sighs) Things will work out, Chris. Don't worry.
Chris: Yeah, I'm sure they will.
Isaac: Come on, let's see what shit Felix has to say about his new coat.
Chris: Oh, please no. (Chuckles)
Isaac: (Laughs)

Victor: There something you'd like to share with us chaps?
Isaac: Nah, nothing really.
Felix: It seems that this private matter that was none of my concern was certainly not serious. Something against me I guess?
Chris: Oh no, Felix. You're too huggable to pick on.
Felix: Huggable?
Isaac: That coat of yours could hold a herd of cute gerbils.
Felix: Gerbils? What the hell?
Victor: I don't recall gerbils being 'cute'.

Victor: So Chris... you've hooked up with Marion? Care to shed some light on the situation?
Chris: Luisa Santiago wants Marion Cardenas dead. Marion's Del Bosque Gang stole the §15million from The Blackjacks, and they've only got it back, leaving Marion and co. in shambles. And now Luisa wants to finish the job, her and her suspected right-hand man, Rocco Mendez.
Isaac: Chris and I are stepping in to uncover new things on Marion to lead towards who killed Herbert Major, because we know that they had something to do with it. We don't want Marion to get hurt.
Chris: And I just completed my first job for him, and the story is tiring me to explain now, you'll have to ask Isaac. But, its a job that ended in cold blood, and a very happy Marion came out of it. Not so happy though that he's out of pocket and I'd worry if I was him, Rocco doesn't seem like he was having a job when he was in talks with Santiago to murder him.
Isaac: But he's no need to worry, because he's going to be fine. Before that, we'll nail Santiago, then afterwards, we'll finish the job and reveal the truth about us.
Victor: It all sounds rather juicy. Well chaps, I can't blame you for what you're doing, and I'm sure you're doing a sterling job at it.

Chris: Thank you.
Victor: I'll see you around some more soon, Osborne. Be vigilant, ok? Things are going smoothly. Now, come on boys... it's time we left. See you later, Christopher.
Chris: Bye.

Chris: (Sighs)

Chris: Left to fight for my own will again...

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