Episode 04

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Episode 04

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[size=200]Evil Born Evil[/size]
Series: 03
Episode: 04
Written by: Luke Enfield
Produced by: Crimson Media
[warning]AGE RATING: 15+
Previously on Evil Born Evil...

Keith: As you can see, this is quite peculiar. Only one bullet was evidently fired at the scene insisting he was perhaps shot in the head. But as you can see here, he was shot in the neck, which is obviously more fatal than believe it or not, being shot in the head.

Kiefer: No. After two years that bastard is still alive. You think you can help us find him?
Chris: How do you know it was a him? You don't know the kind of people hanging around nowadays.
Kiefer: Are you hinting...?
Chris: Hmmmm... Luisa Santiago.
Kiefer: We thought that it might be them, but then again, they've denied it every time we've came knocking on their door asking for a confession.
Chris: You're probably too harsh on them because you've had the rivalry with them before.
Kiefer: You insisting you could, uhm...
Chris: What, find the killer? After two years? I'll try, but it's unlikely it'll get anywhere.
Kiefer: Good, I'd be grateful for that you know.
Chris: It's my pleasure.
Kiefer: You know you're not the worst guy going around.
Chris: Thanks for that.
Kiefer: If you're given work, you'll take it. That right?
Chris: That's the nature, isn't it?

Chris: Left to fight for my own will again...

Chris: What on Alterra's going on here!? What the hell!?

(Fading voices)

Chris: Hello!?

Chris: Hello?
Voice: (Cackles)
Chris: What the hell is this!? Who are you!? What do you want!
Voice: (Continues to cackle, louder)
Chris: Oh damn it! What is this!? Who are you!? Speak! Speak! Show yourself! SHOW YOURSELF!
Voice: (Continues to cackle)
Chris: AGH!

Chris: What the hell is going on!? Tell me. Just tell me, we can work something out.
Voice: Work something out? Sounds familiar.
Chris: Excuse me?
Voice: (Cackles)
Chris: Oh damn it! Shut up! Just stop laughing! STOP!
Voice: (Cackles louder)
Voice: ...
Chris: Please!?
Voice: Your wish is my command, Christopher. Follow the path and see what awaits young Christopher. It's something you'd probably anticipate given your definition of why you're a detective... it's got that word detect in it hasn't it?
Chris: Excuse me!?
Voice: You know it, Chris. Don't fool me. Don't correct me because believe me, there's nothing to correct. I am watching you and I know everything what is to know. I can't miss a thing. You, on the other hand, as you said, you're left to fight for your own will my friend. You are. For your sake, follow that damned path.
Chris: It's a path of blood...!
Voice: I know.
Chris: Surely it must lead to something...!?
Voice: Something big, Chris. Big.

Chris: Well, what's the worst that can happen?
Voice: My thoughts exactly!
Chris: You're pissing me off already.
Voice: (Chuckles) Haha! But you've no control over me, Chris. So don't expect me to go away.
Chris: And who are you?

Voice: ...
Chris: I asked who you were! Answer!
Voice: You're not getting anything out of me, Chris. You don't need to know right now.
Chris: Oh, that's a good one. How about telling me so we can end this once and for all, hey!? Then you get what you're wishing for and I'm off the hook.
Voice: This is far from an end, my friend. You're going to have to FIGHT to worm your way out of this mess... aren't you!?

Voice: That's it, Chris. Continue. Move towards him.
Chris: Who is this? Is this you!?
Voice: ...
Chris: Is this you?

Man: This isn't him, Chris.

Man: This is me. And if you think things are going to be as smooth as what I experienced, think again Chris, think again. Because I don't seem to recall being run over to be as serious as being shot, don't you Chris?

Chris: Is that you, Marcus!? What have you came for, what do you want? Is it happening?
Voice: Oh yes Chris. It's happening alright.


Chris: (Mumbles)

Felix: (Exhales) Ah! What a fine morning it is this morning... hmm!

Felix: Wh.. what!? Who are you!? If you think you can slum it in here all night then you should think again pal! This building has the rozzers on it's postbox, not your name, hobo!

Felix: Oh! My mistake! Uhm Chris, do us a favour and wake up won't you?

(Nudges Chris)

Chris: (Mumbles)
Felix: Come on detective, rise and shine!

Felix: And what do you think you were slumming it here all night?
Chris: ...
Felix: Wake up!
Chris: Give me a chance, I'm still half asleep here. You've just woke me up!
Felix: Well done, Chris.
Chris: Where am I?
Felix: Where do you think?
Chris: (Looks around) Oh shit!
Felix: Yeah, oh shit!
Chris: I must have drifted off, sorry. I... I won't do it again.
Felix: It's not me who you should be telling that to is it, Chris? Wait til' gov hears about this, hey?
Chris: Oh don't tell Ian, Felix. It's not going to happen again and I don't want a rolocking from him now with the current situation.
Felix: I don't care what excuse you've got Chris, you scared the living daylights out of me making me think that we had a hobo in a broken-into police station!
Chris: Felix! Do you want to become a D.I?
Felix: (Nods)
Chris: Then I'd keep your mouth shut, alright?
Felix: Oh, alright then.

Chris: What's new?
Felix: Nothing's new. Everyone's slept in the comforts of their own home while you was in here last night... and sleeping.
Chris: I had a dream.
Felix: Oh yeah?
Chris: I can't remember much of it though. It's gave me this splitting headache.
Felix: Aww, I'm sorry Chris! You must have hit your head on this hard floor as you dozed off you idiot!
Chris: Hey, cut it out. Else I'll be going to Ian saying what you've been like to me, then we'll see who's D.I then, shan't we?
Felix: Anything happened while I've been away, like... erm... I don't know... work for Marion or something?
Chris: I did a job yesterday but I'm tired enough of explaining it... if you want to familiarize yourself with everything going off see Ian. As far as you're concerned, things are going good. You're going to be needed once we've got all we can and we can pull the plug on those bastards, Felix. And us, as a team, us Felix... we're going to go after them and sort them good and proper. You hear me?
Felix: I hear you.
Chris: Good. That's good. You should get to work, no doubt Cardenas will be wanting my company once again today.
Felix: Good luck with that one then.

Chris: Oh, take a look at who this is!
Felix: Rod!
Rod: Good morning chaps. How are things?
Felix: Well Chris here...
Chris: I've just arrived, Rod. I'm a bit tired you know, I've got a bit of a headache, but despite that I'm fine.
Rod: I see. And you Felix?

Felix: You know what Rod, the air is fresh, the birds are singing... I couldn't be better thanks!
Rod: Why have you got that look on your face then?
Felix: Oh, I'll tell you the truth. Chris here...
Chris: Chris is quite tired and since Felix is Chris' biggest fan he's not to pleased by that news indeed.
Rod: ...
Felix: (Sighs)
Rod: Is there something you should be telling me?
Felix: No, it's the truth. I suppose.
Rod: ...
Chris: Erm Rod, may we discuss something?
Felix: Oh, let me guess... in 'private'... ok then, bye everyone.
Chris: No no no! Felix, it's ok. You're not going anywhere.
Felix: That makes a change...
Chris: Look, Rod.
Rod: Yes?
Chris: Yesterday when Marion set me off on my next job, before that we were in his restaurant, and I met a man there named Wayne.
Rod: Wayne?
Chris: That name ring a bell to you?

Rod: Well, yes...
Felix: If it's his brother you're talking about, you're in luck.
Chris: It was mentioned his brother was a cop, Rod. You've never told us about this?
Rod: Of course you do. You've always known Wayne is my brother. What's he doing with Marion?
Chris: He's not a business associate or anything like that Rod if that's what you're hoping...
Rod: I wouldn't expect that. He has barely any money as it is and often comes begging at my doorstep for more. But I left him behind years ago when I heard he'd been dealing drugs.
Chris: Dealing drugs?
Rod: Yeah, that's right.
Chris: Wayne was far from poor, Rod. He was in a three-piece suit for heaven's sake, and he was one of Cardenas' men!
Rod: Shit! He's one of theirs?
Chris: Yes, Rod. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.
Rod: Oh for fuck's sake! I knew that prick was up to something and it's just became clear. I was SO STUPID!
Felix: Oh don't that let you get upset, Rod. I'm sure he's not done much to be sorry for...
Rod: Are you kidding? Are you kidding me, Felix? Marion Cardenas is the person we're after, well, one of them anyway. And you think that he's going to hang around with Sondon's most powerful criminal boss and not do anything to be sorry for!? There's probably tons of murders he's clocked by now and he must have done work to get the money to afford the damn suit!
Chris: If there's something you want me to do, Rod...?
Rod: Yeah, next time you see him, bring him to me would you? There's some things we need to sort out...
Chris: Apart from that. He's important for the operation.
Chris: You don't think he'll know any of us do you? Only yourself?
Rod: Well if he hasn't looked at you in a peculiar way as of yet then no... he surely doesn't know you! He only went into prison in Siverpool anyway, back in our hometown. Where everything was smooth. He wasn't a criminal and I wasn't a cop. Things were FUCKING BRILLIANT!
Felix: Woah woah woah Rod, calm down my man.
Rod: How do I FUCKING calm down?
Chris: Rod, stop swearing. Stop shouting. You're going to catch attention to yourself. I'll do what I can. But the longer we stick around, the more we'll get out of him. For now, let's just stay the way we are ok?
Rod: ...
Chris: Hopefully, we might even make him see sense once the truth is out and that Isaac and myself are cops.

Rod: Whatever...
Chris: I've got to get off now, boys. See you around.
Rod: Yeah, see you...
Felix: Goodbye Chris.
Rod: (Laughs in anger) Haha! I was so stupid wasn't I? So stupid! What are people going to think of me now when everyone knows that my brother is on the opposition... he'll get himself killed Felix. He will. I just know it.
Felix: Don't think of it that way, Rod. Like he said, we'll sort something out. We will, ok?

Chris: Oh man... poor Rod.

Chris: I wouldn't like to go jumping to conclusions, but what if it's Wayne who's my target? Why not?


Isaac: A night of fun can only be followed by a morning of passion... someone as beautiful as you can simply not be ignored even if my eyes are full of sleep and I feel dirty from not having a shower...
Woman: Mmmm... it's so nice when you speak of me like that, Isaac.
Isaac: Only for you my lovely, only for you...

(Bang on the door)

Isaac: Mmmm...

Woman: (Whispers) Oh think of something Isaac! What are we going to do!?
Isaac: Oh shit... just face whoever it is.
Chris: Isaac!? Are you here?

Chris: Well well well, what's this I've just walked in on here?
Isaac: Erm... well you know. We was just... making love.
Chris: Sure.
Isaac: It's ok, you can go now.
Woman: Bye Isaac.
Isaac: Bye my lovely.

Chris: Haha Chris... you know, you make me laugh sometimes.
Isaac: What the hell do you think you were doing? Can't you have manners? Knock and wait? Why waltz right in when you might not want to see what's going on?
Chris: Oh no, I don't regret it.
Isaac: You what!?
Chris: That bird was quite pretty, Isaac! You can't have done yourself bad. You can't beat a bit of ole' good 60's chicks can you?
Isaac: KNOCK AND ENTER WHEN I'M READY CHRIS! Be polite for heaven's sake! You might have wanted to see it but we both CERTAINLY didn't want you to see it!
Chris: Oh, I'm sorry. I'll remember that for next time.
Isaac: There might not be a next time if I decide to kill you first...!
Chris: That's alright. Because you won't be able to do that since I'm on a mission.
Isaac: You are? We all are, you bastard!
Chris: A different kind of mission, Isaac. You might be tired of my corrupt sentences about coming from the future but you know what, don't think of that. Think of the fact that there's something out there that I've got to get, and when they're captured, my life's going to be normal again. It will put my mind at rest, if you like.
Isaac: I've had enough of this crap, seriously.
Chris: It makes sense! It's bugging me, Isaac. What am I supposed to do?
Isaac: Kill it damn it and be fucking normal!
Chris: Hey, there's no need for swearing!
Isaac: I can do whatever I like in this house... oh! MY HOUSE MAKE THAT!
Chris: (Chuckles) I'm sorry, Isaac. Even in a shitty mood where I fear for my life you've became quite the comedian. I'm hanging off my hospital bed in laughter. Literally. The nurse is going ballistic.
Isaac: Do you have any idea of what you're talking about? No! Course you don't. YOU'RE OUT OF YOUR MIND!

Isaac: What?
Chris: I'm saddened by it myself, can't you just ease off me and accept my bloody apology. People make love, people do stupid things and get caught in the act. At least you wasn't cheating... huh... yeah, now that would have embarrased you, wouldn't it?
Isaac: I have a girlfriend, Chris.
Chris: Of course you do, she just passed by.
Isaac: No, Chris. I was cheating on my girlfriend.
Chris: OH! (Chuckles) So, yeah, I guess that was quite an embarrasment then! Haha!
Isaac: (Sighs) You're really beginning to piss me off!
Chris: Look, in all seriousness... we've had a laugh, let's calm down, you put some clothes on, and we're off to work.
Isaac: You've had a laugh, more like. I got a call from Gay Ray this morning... Marion wants us should meet him at a residential area in Rottersmith. Issigonis Way, you know the one.
Chris: Sure I do. Let's go.
Isaac: Once I'm dressed.
Chris: Oh, sure.

Isaac: Leave me be today, Chris. You've been nothing but irritating all day. I prefer you when you're in a bad mood, because you're quiet and leave me alone. You're a pain when you're happy.
Chris: I'm not happy, Isaac. Fat chance. I'm just trying to put on a brave face, you know. We can't go on all doom and gloom. Things are under control at the minute and we can't worry too much about what's round the corner. We've handled these guys before, we can handle them again. Trust me, Isaac. Don't think just because we're in a tricky situation that we should be in bad moods about everything. Enjoy your life Isaac, there might be not much more left of it.
Isaac: And you see, that's the thing! You've just made it worse by worrying me of my death, thanks a lot Chris! You know I wish I'd had a better partner than you sometimes...
Chris: (Sighs) Ok, alright. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, really. I went about this morning quite inappropriately. I found myself sleeping on the bloody floor at the police station all night too...
Isaac: You did what!?
Chris: Yep...
Isaac: You know, that just tops it off. You can be half a retard sometimes...
Chris: ...

Isaac: Stop the Manticon, Chris. We're here.

Marion: Good morning boys!
Chris: Morning Marion. Morning guys.
Isaac: Morning.
Ramon, Kiefer and Wayne: Morning.

Kiefer: So Chris, how's you?
Chris: Yeah, I'm ok.
Kiefer: You don't seem it.
Chris: Oh you know, I'm ok. That's all. Yourself?
Kiefer: Not bad.
Chris: Good.
Kiefer: You might have heard about this one yesterday... I don't know whether you came into my office while I was on the phone but... the lucky guy is Philip Rodriguez. He's not a Blackjack as such, but has had close relations with Herbert Major. They were best friends you know. He's not bad pals with Luisa Santiago too. But he vowed to leave them be and he came working for us for a little while. But, like we'd suspect, it was a set-up and Rodriguez was working undercover for Luisa. He's another bad news guy, and he doesn't know we know about his little joint venture, so we're going to surprise the shit out of him and knock the bastard dead.
Chris: Alright.
Kiefer: You just stay behind with me and wait until it's time to pounce. Just incase anything, major happens?
Chris: Ok ok, I get you.
Kiefer: Anyway, I was speaking to Florence this morning. She told me she likes you, Chris. She would like to see you again.
Chris: Oh, that's nice of her to say that. But I'm a little pre-occupied at the moment.
Kiefer: What with? Marion gives you a break Chris if that's what you're worried about. I've known him for long to know that if he begins to trust you he's going to go easy on you. It's ok, go see her.
Chris: I'll think about it.

Marion: Isaac...
Isaac: Yes?
Marion: Excuse me?
Isaac: ...
Marion: EXCUSE ME!?
Isaac: I'm sorry? I don't know what you're...
Marion: It's yes boss, Isaac. Yes boss.
Isaac: Oh I'm sorry. Yes boss.
Marion: Better. Now, you're going to stay behind with Kiefer, Ramon and Chris. I'm going to do the talking.
Wayne: What about me, Marion?
Marion: I've lined you up with the best job you could imagine, Wayne my friend. You're off up at the top of that building there and protect us if that bastard Rodriguez has any tricks up his sleeve. Just don't hit us though. Be careful with it. There's a HST-55 in the trunk of the Lizana. Take it with you. Ok?
Wayne: Sounds good.
Marion: Do that quick. Give us a signal when you see the bastard appear on the scene. Ok guys? Let's roll.

Wayne: Come on... show up!

Marion: Let's do this guys. Don't do nothing stupid.

Philip: Oh, there you are Marion. What did you want me for? Is there something that's happened that I should know about?
Marion: The reason why I'm here is something you already know about, Philip.
Philip: Oh, is it?
Marion: Certainly. So, you're free of them Blackjacks now, you are?
Philip: What's this about?
Marion: I think you can ask that one for yourself, Rodriguez.
Philip: I don't know what you're talking about.
Marion: Wise guy... we gave you the chance. We believed you for one moment that you'd chosen us over them, but I was stupid. We were all stupid for misjudging you. But above all, you were the stupid one, you were the one who got yourself into this sticky mess.
Philip: Where's your proof?
Marion: You don't need proof. We both know you did it, and now... it's about time for you to pay for what you did.
Philip: I don't have a clue what you're talking about. I vowed to be rid of that bitch.
Marion: Oh! Now you're making us believe you're a good guy, by calling your dear friend a bitch? Wow, I'm sure she won't take nicely to that.
Philip: Maybe not.
Marion: You were spotted, you were with Herbert the day before he died, at a business meeting.
Philip: That's fucking business Marion, not crime. We've all gotta' do what we've gotta' do.
Marion: It's funny here watching your mouth develop crappy excuses.

Philip: So, you arranged to meet me here? What was it about exactly?
Marion: Don't play funny on me you bastard! You know what you did was betrayal, and we're not finished until we're finished... finished with you.
Philip: You're out of your mind.
Marion: You know what, Philip? You know what?
Philip: What!?
Marion: Maybe you are right you know, maybe you are. Well done. We are out of our mind. But me and you both no that no one can top your track record for BETRAYAL! First Dardan, then Santiago, then me... and I'm not the one who's going to let you off lightly Rodriguez. Oh no.
Philip: It was business, Marion. BUSINESS.
Marion: You swore you'd rather drive to hell and back than be in the company of that rat Herbert again.
Philip: Well, maybe you're wrong.
Marion: Sorry?
Philip: Ok. I'll admit it, I was on good terms with that guy.
Marion: Obviously.
Philip: I would have been even more if it wasn't for you who KILLED HIM!
Marion: (Cackles)
Philip: Yes Marion. You came here to make your point, now you can go. Because I'd something up my sleeve all along. Go on, I'll show you the door if you like. You have ten seconds.
Marion: ...
Philip: ...
Marion: I'm listening...
Philip: (Sighs) You have ten seconds. Take you and your chumps back where they belong before things get sticky for you all. Then you can forget everything you've just said, and you can forget me. I'll forget you.
Marion: We know that is far too serious to forget about, Philip.
Philip: Ten...
Marion: And for the record, I didn't kill Herbert. But I swear, I would have if I got the chance.
Philip: Two...
Marion: Go ahead, let's see what you've got, Rodriguez.
Philip: Time's up. Boys!

Marion: What the fuck!?
Philip: (Chuckles) Haha, Marion! You remember what I told you? You're far too naive, Marion. You're a chump as well as the lot of you.
Marion: This can't be real... no.
Philip: You involve yourself in shit like no other. Do you expect to survive in this city? You're one of the most famous faces in Sondon, definitely a top businessman. And why is everyone going to come looking for you? They're jealous Marion, either that or they want to wipe that smug look of your face. You made the wrong decision years ago, Marion. YOU are the stupid one, not me.
Marion: This isn't happening.
Philip: It is Marion! And I'm loving every minute of it! I guess you're not.
Marion: ...
Philip: Boys!

(Guns click)

Marion: ...
Philip: You can't deny I didn't warn you, M.
Marion: Nobody calls me by the name of M if you're a lowlife like yourself. It's Marion to you.
Philip: Oooh, fighting talk. Sorry Marion, I did warn you. But like a lot of you guys with cash nowadays, you always try and make the money do the talking. (Laughs) I'm afraid I ain't that kind of gullable guy.
Isaac: Hang on, that guy has pink socks...
Kiefer: These ain't cops...
Philip: Oh, fuck. FUCK YOU ALL!
Marion: Well, what are you waiting for? Kill them!


Wayne: That's my work done for today. (Sighs)

Isaac: Piss off. I'm not the one to be messed with, rookie.


Man: AGH!

Philip: Oh Marion! You outsmarted me again, you bastard!
Marion: What are you waiting for!? Get after him!

Man: Back off him, pricks!

Chris: Not today pal, not today.


Philip: (Panting) Don't let me down, please.

Kiefer: Ramon, over here. This one will do.
Ramon: We've cars back over there.
Kiefer: We don't have time to run, come on!

(High revs)

Philip: Come on, speed up!

(Smash and clatter)

Marion: Isaac, over here, we're going to get in that car over there...!
Isaac: Alright!
Marion: Wh... where's Chris!?
Isaac: I don't know!

Chris: DAMN! My head hurts! I can't take this anymore... guys! Stop! Oh, hold up!

Wayne: Well, maybe not for today. After all, there's only one QUICK way of getting down...

Wayne: Agh!

Isaac: Finally decide to pick it up and get in have we!?
Chris: I'm sorry.
Isaac: This is upsetting Chris. Really upsetting. You're a pain amongst us all, do you know that? NOW FLOOR IT!

(Screeching tyres and highly accelerated engines roar)

Isaac: Come on Chris, pick it up!
Chris: Let's see what this baby can do.
Isaac: You know what it can do, and it's faster than what you're doing now.
Chris: Enough demandment. I know how to drive...

Isaac: Just... just lay into his wheel arches or something, please!?
Chris: I'm doing my best. What's this thing got opposed to that of Rodriguez's Conventa!?
Isaac: A big V8!
Chris: Alright! Should be fun!

Philip: Not to be seen... not to be seen. Oh damn. The car's here. Uhm.. oh SOD IT!

Chris: You've crossed the line, Rodriguez.
Isaac: No need for threatening remarks, Chris. Let's just do this job and get it over with.

Philip: Oh. (Laughs)
Marion: What's funny, Philip?
Philip: Yeah, again Marion. You win. It seems your guys have picked up the momentum as opposed to previously, they're quite feisty. That driver put up a good fight.
Marion: He's got a V8, Philip. What's worse, you don't know any better from just four wheels and an engine. You're a useless waste of space. No one wants to know you. You screwed Luisa, you screwed Herbert, Dardan. And now, you screwed me.
Philip: I know. And I'm not happy for it, right? So can you please at least tell me what you want from me? You win, you win, ok? Hands down, the win goes to you.
Marion: Your fate is predictable. You know what happens when you cross me.
Philip: Enough stupid remarks, Marion. Do what you want and go. I've had enough of the sight of you.

Marion: You know what?
Philip: What's that?
Marion: If that's what you want, why not? It's better to always get things over and done with as quick as you can, isn't it? Life is precious, and you don't want to waste a second.
Philip: Absolutely.
Marion: And the trouble is, that life of yours has been wasted... because you've betrayed me, and look where that got you.
Philip: Where did that get me?
Marion: You're about to find out.

Marion: Boys, my work here is done. Chris, Isaac. Take care of him for me, would you?
Isaac: Sure, boss.
Chris: Absolutely, Marion.

Isaac: You should listen more often to him, Rodriguez. He could have taught you something, but it's not going to stay with you. You heard what he said.
Chris: You wasted your life. You wasted our time dealing with a waste of space like yourself.
Philip: Do what you're going to do already.
Chris: Isaac, you ready?
Isaac: I'm ready.

Chris: You had it coming, Philip. You knew so. And now, here's your regards from Marion for that little upset you caused.
Philip: (Sighs)
Isaac: Goodbye, Philip.


Marion: Mmm you see, Chris? My boys just can't upset me, can they? Chocolates, chocolates, chocolates, that's what I like!

Chris: I see you like chocolate?
Marion: Indeed young Chris. And a lot of it. What do you like?
Chris: Astronomy.

Marion: Astronomy?
Chris: Yeah.
Marion: Is that all?
Chris: I like cars, I suppose.
Marion: Ah, fascinating. You know my uncle used to have a car dealership, it turned out to be one massive scam, he ran out of Riberia with motors you could only ever dream of affording... ah. My uncle was great.
Chris: You aspire to be like him?
Marion: Yeah, sure.

Chris: The job went fine, as you would have guessed.
Marion: Mmmm.
Chris: ...
Marion: ...
Chris: Ok, I'll just go over and have a word with the chaps over there.
Marion: No, stay Osborne. Please.

Marion: Ramon, what are you doing?
Ramon: I'm dancing, aren't I?
Marion: Sit down, you're discomforting me.
Ramon: You're far too inclined in eating chocolate, Marion. Get on with that.

Kiefer: (Sighs) Ramon dancing like a complete and utter prick... Marion filling his face with chocolate. Poor Chris.

Wayne: Isaac, probably not the respect you deserve given that you've not been with us for long. I'm sure Marion's pleased with you both, but the chocolate always comes first in his case.
Isaac: I see.
Kiefer: So Isaac, do you like us?
Isaac: You treat me with respect, I get paid, I put a smile on your face, what's better?
Kiefer: (Chuckles) It isn't always so smooth, Isaac. Fuck with Marion and he'll fuck with your sorry arse all day long. He's not to be messed with, I mean it.
Isaac: Well thanks for that advice.
Kiefer: We all may seem friends but when he's not in a great mood, maybe drunk to top things off, yeah, it's not pretty.
Isaac: How's my partner?
Wayne: Chris? Don't speak much.
Kiefer: He lets his heroicness do the talking. Running, gunning and driving - he's proven to be good at them all. He's a great asset. I like Chris.
Isaac: Hmmm...

Isaac: So... when was the last time you were confronted by The Blackjacks and when do you think they'll be ready to pounce?
Kiefer: I wouldn't know. Things have been pretty quiet recently. They've left us alone.
Isaac: After thinking that The Del Bosque gang killed Major?
Wayne: They didn't care about him. The money is theirs, what more need is there to stay here?
Isaac: Don't you think they'll come and find Marion?
Wayne: They'd be scared too. They don't want to lose the money do they?
Isaac: Are we actually planning to get it back from them?
Wayne: Sure. In time.
Isaac: But the time might be too late if they leave this country. Time is ticking and we need to work something out. In fact, from all we know, they could be in Riberia already!
Wayne: ...
Kiefer: What!? Riberia?
Isaac: Yes, that's... that's where they're from isn't it?
Kiefer: After what happened there they want to go back to... Riberia?
Isaac: I... I... I don't know why but...
Kiefer: Isaac?
Isaac: Yes?

Kiefer: Don't you perhaps think there's something you should be telling us?
Isaac: What do you have in mind?
Wayne: How do you know that Luisa Santiago is returning to Riberia?
Isaac: Uhm... Chris told me.
Kiefer: Dropping the weight on your good man Chris now are we?
Isaac: I don't know how he knew. But... I... I trust him. What more could you want out of a guy like him? He knows. Chris knows.
Kiefer: Rocco Mendez fought in the Riberican army, Isaac. In 1962 Shellasian thugs had crossed the border to move in on a drug deal, held in a shanty, ancient village in Realsella. Many INNOCENT people lost their lives. That Mendez is a bastard, but who can blame him? Half his fellow troops lost their lives to these bandits and both Rocco and Luisa's family... gone. Santiago and Mendez were good friends, Isaac. Good friends. They went to the same school growing up in that town. Do you HONESTLY think they'd head back into Riberia after what happened?
Isaac: Riberia is a big country, Kiefer. Bigger than Sengland. Do you think they'd be that stupid to go back where they came from? Yes, they may still be in the same country, but history can only decide what is and what isn't Riberia. Either way, they would not be so stupid to go near Realsella again, would they?
Wayne: I've had enough of this. I'm going.
Kiefer: Yeah, me too. (Glances at Isaac)
Isaac: (Sighs)

Marion: You do a job, I give you money. Go, take it.

Chris: Marion, are you sure about this? You really need it, don't you?
Marion: You're right. I do. But what's the point? I'm a dead man walking. It's no use to me anymore. Please, take it.
Chris: Marion... I... I'm thankfull for your genorousity, but money isn't going to solve my...
Marion: You fucking what!? You took up this job to GET MONEY, you ask for money... and you'll get fucking money. So long as I survive to live another day in this stupid world...

Isaac: Marion? All this?
Chris: It's ok Isaac, it's not ours. Marion was just uhm... counting it. We need to go.

Marion: Take it for heavens' sake. I'm tired of this. Tired of you. Tired of everyone. Tired of every LIVING BEING! GO! GET OUT OF HERE!
Isaac: It's ok Chris, we'll sort the cash out. It's in the case. Let's go.
Chris: (Sighs) Fine. We're just leaving.
Marion: I'm beginning to get annoyed with you. The contract included co-operation as well as action and good fortune... take the money and go.
Isaac: I've got it Marion, don't worry. Let's go Chris.

Isaac: (Sighs) Why do you have to be such a DICKHEAD sometimes!?
Chris: I told you, Isaac. We're not in it for the money.
Isaac: We're not getting the money Chris. You're not going to go behind bars, for heaven's sake! This money goes to the government, you knew that.
Chris: I don't trust Ian and his decisions with the cash. He should have never gave that cash to you.
Isaac: You're so...
Chris: So what, Isaac? So boring? So hesitant? We're after the two most prestigious crime gangs in Sondon and boy... if we get involved in this shit, we're done for. We're protecting Marion sure, we can't let Santiago get to him... but we can't take to their wicked ways. We're cops.
Isaac: All I'm saying is that you need to act as if you want the money. How is he going to give us more jobs if we're not interested in the money?
Chris: Would he care!? It's GREAT news for Cardenas if he's getting work out of us while he doesn't have to pay a penny!
Isaac: They're not dumb, Chris. They're going to detect that something isn't right. They've only known us a couple of days and they most definitely won't thoroughly trust us yet. Far from it. We need to gain their trust before we drop our masks, Chris. Then we'll have them right where we want them.
Chris: I suppose.
Isaac: Right, we're going to give this money to IAN and no one else. He's going to send it on to the government.

Ian: You know, I sometimes wish those two weren't cops. They risk their necks to help this city... only that I like them so much and they're both hugely popular. Out of this building, they're unknown to anyone which is why we're in the clear. But as soon as the Del Bosque gang confront Rocco Mendez who's out to kill Marion... the whole undercover operation will come to an end.

Victor: We've got to work a way of holding out The Blackjacks so they don't get to Marion so soon.

Isaac: Ian! Ian! Look at this!
Ian: Woah, what's there to be so excited about?
Isaac: 15,000Gv! That's what there's to be excited about!
Victor: I beg your pardon?
Chris: 15,000Gv. - that's right.
Ian: Marion gave you this? What job was this? A share from a bank robbery? I hope you boys ain't been doing things you shouldn't have.
Chris: We killed a couple of fake cops and an associate named Philip Rodriguez, a friend to Herbert Major who betrayed Marion, believed to have been working with Marion only to be secretly with The Blackjacks.
Victor: You said fake cops?
Isaac: They weren't cops, but they certainly were in the correct uniform. The bastards.
Victor: Ian, do you no anything about this?
Ian: No. Probably my guess is these guys are either ex-cops. There's no way here of getting to the store cupboards and snatching a uniform. You should have kept that bastard alive just a little longer to get it out of him!
Chris: We couldn't ask him. It'd raise suspicions, I'm sure Marion was listening over us.
Ian: Ah, very well. You know, I'm going to have to look into it. If I'm right it's not the first time some of our cops have quit and turned towards a life of crime.

Victor: Oh Isaac.
Isaac: Yes, Vic?
Victor: You'd better pop that money right down beside me here. We'll deal with that later, but it's no use hanging on to it for as long as you can, since you're not getting none of it.
Isaac: See, Chris? What did I tell you?
Chris: Yeah, yeah... (sighs)
Ian: What's this about?
Isaac: Chris thought you would share it between us again.
Victor: You did what!?
Ian: It was only a small bundle, nothing much. Besides, it was their pay day.
Victor: (Quietens voice) That's fucking fraud Ian!
Ian: Hey, it's done now. Chris didn't accept it anyway, Isaac took some. I'm not going to do it again, but they deserve it. Things are getting quite stressful aren't they?
Isaac: Yeah, I guess.
Chris: I would suppose so.
Victor: Drop that cash, Isaac.
Isaac: Sure, Vic.

Ian: Guys, you pick up anything?
Chris: Not really, did you Isaac, you spoke to the boys at the party didn't you?
Isaac: Hey, we were just lounging in one of Marion's... Marion's lounges? I got talking with them, and uhm... let it slip that Luisa's going to Riberia after Marion is dead.
Victor: Please don't tell me you told them that they were going to kill Marion...
Ian: Oh Isaac, what were you THINKING!?
Chris: You never told me about that one, Isaac.
Isaac: (Sighs) They didn't take too nicely to it I'll tell you that one for sure. Luisa and Rocco, they were both living in a village of some kind in Riberia, they went to school together. Shellasian madmen one day somehow crossed the border and was trying to get in on a drug deal somewhere in there, and they killed innocents, both Luisa and Rocco's families. You can't help but feel for them.
Ian: Is that all you know?
Isaac: Pretty much. But they said that they wouldn't go back to Riberia, not after that what happened.
Chris: And how did you exactly tell them how you knew that, Isaac?
Isaac: I told them you told me, didn't I?
Chris: You what!?

Rod: Chaps? Oh, sorry. Did we kind of arrive at the wrong time?
Victor: No, Rod. No, not at all! What was it you wanted boys?
Felix: We just came here to hear the response to today's events, Chris and Isaac been out executing top dog bastards while rushing 100mph through traffic again?
Isaac: Yes, Felix. We have.

Felix: What, really!?
Chris: What exactly did you expect, Felix? Marion is a bastard, he doesn't care what job he gives you, he just wants you to wipe the shit off his shoe and throw it in their faces.
Isaac: With 15,000Gv. on top of it.
Chris: ...
Felix: You said WHAT!?
Rod: Come again!?
Chris: Yes, you heard right. Marion was robbed by Luisa but even that isn't enough to pay back for our efforts. It's all a lost cause too, because that money is going right to the government isn't it, 'gov'?
Ian: Yes, Chris.
Chris: (Smirks) Expect your face on the front page of The Metropolitan once this heap of shit has been climbed, Felix. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got places to go and people to meet. Rendez-vous, chaps.
Felix: Yeah, I was just going anyway. I've got things to be getting on with. Can I go home early, gov, please. I've got some important business to sort out.
Victor: It depends Felix by what this important 'business' of yours is?
Ian: Yeah, why not? Just go.
Rod: I've got to go too.
Ian: Yeah, bye.
Isaac: And uhm, Ian.
Ian: Yes, you can go too.
Isaac: Ah, thanks.
Ian: That's it! Go on, leave. What more is there to do anyway!?
Victor: (Chuckles)

Isaac: See you, chaps.
Ian: Bye, Isaac.
Victor: See you.
Ian: Ah, I'm ready for a brew. Pop the kettle on, Vic.
Victor: Sure thing, Ian. I could do with one as well.
Ian: I wasn't talking about you. I need one.
Victor: Oh, sorry.

Chris: Uhm, hello?
Florence: AGH! Oh, it's you Chris. You made me jump out of my skin. What can I do you for?
Chris: Sorry about that, sorry.
Florence: (Blushes) Oh, Chris. No need to worry, it's ok. (Chuckles)
Chris: ...
Florence: What can I do for you again?
Chris: Is Kiefer around?
Florence: No, sorry.
Chris: Ah, ok then. Sorry for bothering you.
Florence: Wait! Wait!
Chris: What?

Florence: Well, I, uhm... I never got to really know you in the first place.
Chris: I'm just a friend of your father, Florence.
Florence: Sure but there's more than that you can say. You must have hobbies, right?
Chris: Well...
Florence: A favourite colour?
Chris: ...
Florence: A favourite TV program?
Chris: Well, TV's are pretty expensive aren't they? I don't watch it much anyway.
Florence: You never told me your favourite colour.
Chris: Purple.
Florence: Purple? Purple!? Girls colour! I love purple, Chris! But no worry, it's nice to see you've got a bit of a feminine side, hey?
Chris: Well, no actually. I uhm...
Florence: What's your favourite animal? You've got to have your favourite animal!

Chris: Look Florence, I'd really like to talk to you but now isn't the time. I'm looking for Kiefer and I can't find him, so there's no use staying here.
Florence: (Laughs) Are you absolutely sure, Chris!?
Chris: Yes, I'm positive. Goodbye.
Florence: Wait, Chris. Tell me what you want me to tell him and I'll pass the message on, I will.
Chris: You will?
Florence: Absolutely.
Chris: Well, you can ask him what Isaac told him about who knew about where Luisa and Rocco were destined to go.
Florence: Luisa and Rocco?
Chris: Luisa and Rocco.
Florence: They're those two who lived in Riberia and...
Chris: And who's family was killed. Yes. Now, pass that on to him. Goodbye, Florence. It was certainly nice seeing you again.
Florence: Chris, wait!

Chris: Look, Florence. I've got to go.
Florence: You haven't. You just don't want to be interfering with your man's daughter.
Chris: Kiefer isn't my man, or my boss if you're insisting, Florence. Marion Cardenas is my boss.
Florence: Oh such a lovely man that Marion is! You know he's training me to be a top chef in his restaurant don't you?
Chris: Yes Florence. Yes, I do. Now, goodbye.
Florence: Wait.

Chris: Are you always so bloody clingy like this or do you ever take the hint and just back the hell off!?
Florence: Oh, sorry.
Chris: I'm a busy man, Florence. I lead a busy life and I'm doing the best in order to help your pa and find who killed that folk you knew.
Florence: What folk?
Chris: A friend of Marion's who was brought here to be trained to be a star boxer, and he was Florence. Only to be killed soon after.
Florence: Well, that's a good reason to stick around you know.
Chris: (Sighs)
Florence: Micky Fastin. Micky wasn't Marion's friend. My father was lying.
Chris: Kiefer? He wouldn't lie. I mean I know we're criminals and not exactly cops or anything... we're all in this together but - why would he lie about that?
Florence: We've only known you five minutes. It's nothing serious you need to be worrying about.
Chris: Come on, tell me about Micky.

Florence: Micky? He was Marion's brother-in-law. Marion has a wife you know? But he never tends to talk about it because you know, he's about the same age as my father while his wife was twenty-three. Not much has changed since then. She's still young and glamorous, but you can guess what she's after. Money.
Chris: And how old is your father and Marion?
Florence: My father is fifty, and Marion fifty-five.
Chris: I see, money-grabbing she must be.
Florence: Yeah, but Marion thinks the world of her, but her... she just ignores him.
Chris: I wouldn't be surprised.
Florence: And so Micky is Kat's brother.
Chris: Kat being Marion's wife?
Florence: Yes. And the story you know, Chris. The story you know.

Florence: Micky came here with an ambition. An ambition to be this country's top boxer. And he was. His father pushed him to the very limit while Marion wasn't around, but Marion took care of Micky too, and before you knew it, Kiefer had found himself his dream talent. Micky was a crackhead the poor twat, and that could only find him in the rut he found himself in. Life must have been a misery for him, and he was dead before you knew it.
Chris: How was he killed?
Florence: It could have been a drug overdose you might guess, but no. One bullet. One clean shot in the head. One shot - that was all it took to separate Micky from life and death. That bullet went in, and his days here at the boxing club came to an end. It was a sad loss for Kiefer, but he knew he'd betrayed him by taking those drugs into here - a public place.
Chris: I see.
Florence: Kiefer undeniably said if he'd have seen him before and knew about the drugs he would have killed him too - but then he knew Marion was going to come looking for him and his relationship and a chance of the partnership between him had come to an end.
Chris: I see.

Florence: Now though... now you can learn a lot from this place. I have, and I don't even know an uppercut from a fist punch. I'm hopeless. (Laughs)
Chris: (Chuckles) Well, thanks for that, Florence.
Florence: Sure thing, Chris. If there's anything else you want to know that Kiefer's not going to tell you about... well, you know me now. You can always come looking for me.
Chris: Sure, I will.

Chris: So, thanks again, Florence. I guess I'll see you around?
Florence: Yeah, sure. Would love to do that. You fancy even going on a date sometime?
Chris: A date!?
Florence: Yeah, why not?
Chris: Well, it's not as if I'm looking for love or anything, Florence. I'm a big boy and I can handle my life just the way it is right now. But, it's nice to hear you like me. I like you too.
Florence: You do?
Chris: Sure I do, you're a pretty girl. Kiefer is lucky to have such a pretty girl for his daughter, he would be so proud.
Florence: (Blushes)
Chris: Proud that his little girl is a cooking genious, isn't she?
Florence: (Laughs) Ha... alright Chris, well, the offer is still there you know? If you want to meet up, I'd be delighted too. I like you, you like me. And you didn't even finish telling me about your hobbies, and what you like. I want to get to know you Chris, you know?
Chris: Sure, ok. Well, I'll think about it, for sure. For now, Florence. Goodbye.
Florence: Bye, Chris.

Rocco: Chris Osborne?
Chris: Yes?
Rocco: Allow me to introduce myself properly, along with my friend.
Chris: Rocco?
Rocco: Yes, Chris. I'm the guy who you beat, and I'm not prepared to stand for it. Nobody crosses me like that, EVER.
Chris: I've heard a lot about you, Rocco. I did that for your own good. You're out of prison now, you can put that behind you and move on with life.

Rocco: Sorry, Chris. Be it inside or not, I won't stand for guys like you getting the upperhand on me. Ivan, let's roll.
Ivan: Sure thing, Rocco.
Rocco: I'm going to show you what Chris exactly did to me Ivan, aren't I, Chris?

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