Episode 05 - Part 1

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Episode 05 - Part 1

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[size=200]Evil Born Evil[/size]
Series: 03
Episode: 05
Written by: Luke Enfield
Produced by: Crimson Media
[warning]AGE RATING: 15+
Previously on Evil Born Evil...

Man: This is me. And if you think things are going to be as smooth as what I experienced, think again Chris, think again. Because I don't seem to recall being run over to be as serious as being shot, don't you Chris?

Kiefer: Don't you perhaps think there's something you should be telling us?
Isaac: What do you have in mind?
Wayne: How do you know that Luisa Santiago is returning to Riberia?
Isaac: Uhm... Chris told me.
Kiefer: Dropping the weight on your good man Chris now are we?
Isaac: I don't know how he knew. But... I... I trust him. What more could you want out of a guy like him? He knows. Chris knows.
Kiefer: Rocco Mendez fought in the Riberican army, Isaac. In 1962 Shellasian thugs had crossed the border to move in on a drug deal, held in a shanty, ancient town in Realsella. Many INNOCENT people lost their lives. That Mendez is a bastard, but who can blame him? Half his fellow troops lost their lives to these bandits and both Rocco and Luisa's family... gone. Santiago and Mendez were good friends, Isaac. Good friends. They went to the same school growing up in that town. Do you HONESTLY think they'd head back into Riberia after what happened?
Isaac: Riberia is a big country, Kiefer. Bigger than Sengland. Do you think they'd be that stupid to go back where they came from? Yes, they may still be in the same country, but history can only decide what is and what isn't Riberia. Either way, they would not be so stupid to go near Realsella again, would they?
Wayne: I've had enough of this. I'm going.
Kiefer: Yeah, me too. (Glances at Isaac)
Isaac: (Sighs)

Rocco: Sorry, Chris. Be it inside or not, I won't stand for guys like you getting the upperhand on me. Ivan, let's roll.
Ivan: Sure thing, Rocco.
Rocco: I'm going to show you what Chris exactly did to me Ivan, aren't I, Chris?

Chris: Look Rocco, whatever you want to do I haven't got the time for it right now.
Rocco: You know what I'm here for. You know what you did. And you're not going to survive.
Chris: What I did you deserved. You're out of prison now and you know if you hurt me you'll be sorry you went back into prison. Now, go before I get angry.
Rocco: Nothing could get you more angry than me? (Laughs) I'm just a low-life ex-jailbird to you. What do you know about me that I don't know?
Chris: ...
Rocco: I'm not stupid, Chris. If that's what you think...
Chris: I know you're not stupid, Rocco. You've got this object in your head you know...

Chris: ...it weighs three pounds. It's your brain. It only makes up one-fifteenth of your body yet controls every little bit of it. And you're not going to ever experience that day when a gun is held up to your skull, raring to have its trigger pulled to send a bullet to shred through your brain. If you think I knew everything about you, you're wrong. Because I don't. But I damn well know some things you'd have wished I didn't know.
Rocco: Like what?
Chris: ...
Rocco: (Laughs) This guys a nutter, Ivan. Let's deal with him.
Ivan: Alright, Rocco.
Chris: Wait!
Rocco: What?
Chris: Use that brain of yours, Rocco. Think.
Rocco: ...
Chris: Is this decision you're about to make going to be the correct decision? Don't you realise you run the risk of finding yourself inside the slammer again? What do you want, hey? Hurt a cop, then look an idiot? I know I'm not a pyschologist but I'd be pretty well damned if something was to dispute to my theory that you're not going to hurt me. Listen to me, Rocco. You're intelligent. You will end up in prison again... and I wouldn't mind if you did.
Rocco: (Laughs)
Ivan: This guy is beginning to get on my nerves, Rocco. Let's do this thing.
Rocco: Let him speak.
Chris: The village, in Realsella, when you were a child? Bandits from Shellas cut the place down, killing innocents including your family, don't you know that?
Rocco: I...
Ivan: How the hell did you find that out?
Chris: We looked into you, Rocco.
Rocco: When?
Chris: After you'd left the police station. We knew something wasn't right.
Rocco: You want me gone.
Chris: We know what you're capable of, Rocco. Fighting in the army and all...
Rocco: You what?
Chris: So, you've got a choice. Leave me the hell alone and get out of here, or kill me and find yourself back behind them bars. Go on, make your decision.
Rocco: ...
Ivan: You know we'll walk.
Chris: Oh yeah? I'll make sure what I leave behind is enough for them to find you. I wouldn't waste another second...

Terry: Detective Osborne! Oi, you lot! Get out of here!

Terry: Oh, detective... (pants)...
Chris: Thanks for that one, uhm...
Terry: It's Terry. I know about you. You don't know about me. Us patrol cops can only aspire to be like you.
Chris: Gee, you don't want to think of it. When you've got pricks like that you have to deal with, you're better off where you are.
Terry: Are you sure?
Chris: Yeah, they're top dogs, my friend.
Terry: Well let's get after them!
Chris: Ah, ah, ah! You stay here. We're in an undercover operation, they don't need the attention now. We're working for their opposing gang trying to find out about as much of them bastards as we can.
Terry: I see.
Chris: We've got to wait and see what they do first before we pull the plug on them.

Terry: Are you alright anyway?
Chris: I'm fine thanks, I'm fine. You go and do your job now, I've got important business to see too...
Terry: Alright, sure. See you around, Chris.
Chris: See you Terry.

Chris: Oh good grief, I've got to find a way out of this.


(Knock on the door)

Chris: (Sighs)

Victor: Hey Chris. Only me, Victor.
Chris: Oh hi Victor, come in. Take a seat.

Victor: Cleaned this place recently?
Chris: No, why?
Victor: Looks surprisingly tidy. There's usually booze all over.
Chris: I had a drink last night, but I'm only on the one of fifteen cups of tea I have a day here, look!
Victor: (Chuckles) So, what have you done recently?
Chris: After having a talk with Rocco and Ivan, with them threatening to kill me, not much really since when we did the job for Marion yesterday.
Victor: Shit, no? They payed you a visit?
Chris: They know where I live, Victor. They were on the doorstep to this apartment block. They know we're looking for them. But they don't know we're working for the Del Bosque gang, there was no mention of that. But if they do know, we're fucking screwed.
Victor: Yeah, I guess. Those Blackjacks are tough bastards, they know their stuff.
Chris: So what did you come here for then?
Victor: Excuse me?
Chris: Well, it's 8am in the morning, I'm not dropping by into the station for a couple of hours, is something wrong?
Victor: Well, about your confrontation with Rocco and Ivan... we pretty much know all what is to know for Rocco now given what the Del Bosque boys told Isaac, but I've done a bit of research into Ivan.
Chris: You have?
Victor: Yes, I have.

Chris: And what have you found?
Victor: His name is Ivan Zharkov. He was born in Lagospol, UFSR in 1935. Ivan worked in the Simoviet army but betrayed them. Following an invasion on several small islands close to Smalbard, of which the Simoviet army wanted to take over. Ivan however, went against the whole fucking army, killing as many as he could before escaping back into the UFSR. And there, following the plans of the vice president of the UFSR, he took him hostage, and the next day he was found hung in an alleyway by a rope.
Chris: Good fucking grief.
Victor: Ivan believed what his army was doing was wrong, and he went against every single one of them. He might have had a bit of heart, but he was taking it in a horrible approach. This could probably lead towards our belief that Ivan Zharkov is The Blackjack's assassin.
Chris: If he goes against his own army then he could go against the Blackjacks?
Victor: This isn't the army, Chris. And the Blackjacks won't harm innocent people. They're just after all the money they want, and as for those who don't obey them, they're the ones who fall.
Chris: They're smart characters.
Victor: They are intelligent. But they're not that difficult to catch. In time, when Marion finds out about this shit, we've got both of them to go after.
Chris: Do you think we should split up?
Victor: Split what up?
Chris: The force. Several of us go after Luisa Santiago and several of us go after Marion Cardenas.
Victor: That's only if we stop Luisa before she gets the chance to kill Marion.

Chris: So, what's next?
Victor: You keep doing jobs for Marion, and we take it from there.
Chris: What if they never find out?
Victor: Oh, there's probably more of them than us, they'll find out sooner or later. If it takes too long, we'll pick the right time to reveal it to them.
Chris: So long as it's before Marion is dead and Luisa Santiago is in Riberia.
Victor: Exactly. Now, you know I always said how you should meet my brother Pierre?
Chris: Uhm, no. Pierre?
Victor: Oh damn, maybe you forgot. I forget often. It comes with age, young Chris. Now Pierre is a retired mafia boss.
Chris: Woah, no. I'm sorry, I can't see him.
Victor: A RETIRED mafia boss.
Chris: What difference does it make? This is going from bad to worse. It's happening, Victor. It's happening.
Victor: (Sighs) Chris, it'll be ok. Just, leave your car here and I'll take you to his house.

Chris: What's the need in this?
Victor: Pierre is my half-brother, Chris. He might have been a bad man one time, but he served a jail sentence. With experience of working in the mafia, he might know a few things that could help us get closer to our objective.
Chris: I still think this is a bad idea.
Victor: He's retired. The only thing he'll be doing now is reading a book or reading a bloody book. He ratted out his family to the police while I was working on an operation in West Sermany. And it's no surprise, he didn't want me involved.
Chris: How come you didn't know before?
Victor: We barely saw each other. There's a difference between being brothers and half-brothers you know. I had my own life, he had his. When I heard about this, I decided to keep him on my watch so nobody could get vengeance on him. So I moved in with him.
Chris: So we're going to your house?
Victor: To meet my brother, not to have a chat with a cup of tea.

Chris: Would he know anything about The Blackjacks?
Victor: I've asked him, but he didn't know. But, he was good friends with Marion Cardenas though.
Chris: And you think that's going to help?
Victor: Sure. In that case, you can compare what Pierre says as opposed to the words that come out of both Marion and his men's mouths. Pierre can help us, Chris. Believe me.
Chris: I'm not sure about this one, but alright.
Victor: That's good. Alright then, here we are.

Victor: I'll do the introducing...
Chris: Sure, as I'd have expected.

Pierre: Hello Victor... why are you back so early? Who have you brought?
Victor: Yeah, sorry Pierre. I brought this chap along, he's Chris I was telling you about. One of my fellow detectives.
Pierre: Ch...Chris?
Victor: Yeah, you remember him.
Pierre: Ah, Chris!

Victor: Pierre, meet D.I. Chris Osborne.
Pierre: It's nice to meet you finally, Chris!
Chris: Yeah, sure. It's a pleasure to meet you too.
Victor: And Chris, this is Pierre Voclain, my half-brother, as you know.
Pierre: Alive and still kicking at sixty-nine years old!
Chris: (Laughs) I'm sure you are.

Pierre: Let me guess, you've told him have you?
Victor: ...
Pierre: VICTOR! Oh... (coughs) Sorry.
Victor: Yes Pierre? Is everything ok? Don't you want to sit down?
Pierre: No, no. I'm fine as it is. I asked you if you told him about my past.
Chris: The mafia?
Victor: Yes, I did.
Pierre: Oh, there we are. Well, not my most proudest stage of my life, but no doubt, I learnt a lot from my experiences, especially after spending time in the can.
Victor: You can help us right?
Pierre: Yeah, and I know a lot about that Marion Cardenas. I still don't hate him after the things he did for me, but I never knew he was the bad guy in all this.
Victor: Tell me what you told me earlier.
Pierre: (Sighs) Alright. I can tell you how it all started... the rivalry between The Blackjacks and The Del Bosque Gang. In 1962, following the experiences of the invasion of the village in Realsella, Luisa and Rocco decided to look for these Shellasian rebels. After leaving Realsella they believed the rebels were heading east into Sengland. The fact is, they were all identified at the border to Sengland, and they were killed by border control immediately. When Luisa and Rocco got to the border, the Senglish cut them a deal. They guaranted their safety in Sengland while the whole of East Seurope looked into these rebels. When it was clear they had been abolished completely, Luisa and Rocco were in Sondon, to hear the news that the operation had came to an end and it was ok to return to Riberia. All things considered, they didn't want to return to Realsella but most definitely wanted to go back into Riberia. For what reason, it is still unknown. They wanted to stay in Sondon to make money though. They didn't think with all the hassle you cops had going on with it being a tough city to control that you'd think for a second about Luisa and Rocco. They did work. Mostly transporting goods, mainly drugs... to nightclubs. And who owned the nightclubs? Who was Luisa and Rocco's boss? Marion Cardenas. When it was clear that they would recieve more money by stealing the drugs and selling them on the market as opposed to delivering them and recieving money for doing the errand, they did so. Marion found out quickly enough. All his drugs had gone, and every penny that was made of sellng it went to Luisa and Rocco.

Victor: And then Ivan came along.
Pierre: Yes... Ivan came along. He wanted a team, and The Blackjacks needed to increase their numbers. They hired him, presumably as their assassin, in 1964. And that's when I went to prison. I didn't know anything after that. But I guess with stealing those drugs Marion certainly wasn't happy. That money that was made is probably how the §15million evolved.
Chris: That's fascinating.
Victor: (Chuckles) Haha... you would have never thought Luisa and Rocco would've been working for Marion would you, given their rivalry?
Chris: No.
Pierre: All this happened without any of you cops knowing. And now following the murder of Herbert Major everything's came clear and both gangs have dropped their masks. It's up to you to stop them.
Chris: Look, I'm going to pop back to the station.
Victor: And you know I only discovered Pierre knew Marion just this morning. It's amazing, isn't it?
Pierre: (Sighs) I didn't want to dwell on the past so much... but seeming as it can help your operation, why not? Anyway, bye Chris.
Victor: I'll see you around, Chris. Ok?
Chris: Yeah, that's good. See you both sometime again. See you.
Victor: See you.
Pierre: Bye!

Felix: So...
Rod: So...
Isaac: So...?
Felix: There's nothing to say. Nothing to do.
Rod: We've got no work. Everything's surprisingly quiet for Sondon given that there's been no activity regarding The Blackjacks.
Felix: Anything to know?
Isaac: Nothing other than what you know already, sunshine.

Felix: I'm bored.
Isaac: (Sighs) We' just got to sit and wait patiently. If you want to occupy yourself go out and do something.
Felix: Like what?
Isaac: I don't know, whatever you can afford. It's annoying when 'I'm bored' is all I hear every few minutes. We're lucky to have this time to settle, everything's been on top of us recently.
Rod: I second that.
Isaac: Well, I didn't ask you too. Shut up. I'm going.

Chris: Isaac. Stay where you are. You're not going anywhere. Nobody is.
Felix: How come?
Chris: I don't know whether I should be saying this but... I've got some new information on the rivalry between Luisa and Marion.
Isaac: Oh really?
Rod: Tell us.
Chris: Yeah. Victor popped by this morning, we went to his brother's house, he told us...
Isaac: Wait, his brother? The ex-mafia boss? Gee... (sighs)
Chris: Yes... but as Victor would tell you... he's rid of that shit now it seems. He's a nice bloke now, and he gave us some very useful information.
Isaac: I don't care what that old Sench fart has to say... I'm going.
Felix: Isaac, sit down. Listen to what Chris has to say.
Chris: You and me, Isaac. You and me? We're going to pay a visit to Kiefer, you've not been to his boxing ring yet have you?
Isaac: No, that I haven't.
Chris: And that's where we're going next. Why? Because this shit is beginning to progress and right now we need to hear from him.
Isaac: Look, go ahead. Tell us what is to know.
Chris: Look... oh damn (sighs)... I can't remember dates or anything but...
Isaac: And there we are. He doesn't even remember. I'm going.
Rod: Give him a fucking chance to speak, Isaac!
Isaac: What's to know? The whole operation is a shambles. Soon Marion's going to be dead and Luisa will be in Riberia.
Chris: Not if we act. And with the evidence we've got, it might help us act.
Isaac: Fucking tell me already, I'm getting inpatient here, can't you see?

Chris: Luisa and Rocco were invited into Sengland to get away from the rebels. The rebels were killed at the Senglish border, but Luisa and Rocco refused to return yet. But they still want to go back eventually, not until they'd made the money in Sondon, and they'd have a damn sight better shot at it here than in a shanty village in Realsella.
Rod: Valdecosta is thriving with cash isn't it?
Chris: Yes, but Sondon is one of the most corrupt cities in Alterra. It was formally the financial capital of the whole of Alterra. There is no better oppurtunity.
Felix: Carry on.
Chris: So, with that... they got a job, delivering drugs from nightclub to nightclub. And you know who owns this town. Marion Cardenas. Yes, Luisa and Rocco were bossed by Marion in the early 60's.
Isaac: (Eyes widen) Oh? Go on, carry on.
Chris: How would they make money? Yeah, sure. They were making money delivering the drugs, but all the money went to Marion. They got a little share. But instead, when they had hold of the drugs, they sold them on the market, and that's how they made their millions. Ivan Zharkov was hired as their assassin in 1964, who, yesterday, I saw along with Rocco - threatening to kill me. A nearby officer got them off my back fortunately, but Ivan is a man that I never realised was a murderer...
Felix: A murderer like all of them?
Chris: A murderer as in killing the vice-president of the UFSR.
Isaac: Oh my days, it was this chap you're talking about?
Chris: Yep. Ivan Zharkov. That's what they think. He killed the vice-president. That's the true scale of the shit we're up against. And it's about time we got to work good and proper. Isaac, like I said, we're going to visit Kiefer. As for you Rod and Felix, you're going to inform Ian on what I've just said. He of all people can not be the last person to know. Go, scram.
Rod: Oh, alright.
Felix: Yeah, we can do that for you.
Chris: Thanks, now come on Isaac.

Isaac: What did you make of this Pierre Voclain then?
Chris: He's alright. It seems he's certainly learnt his lesson. Mind you, it's good he was involved in this shit once. We can rely on him for as long as we want. Victor says he can help.
Isaac: Why has this only came about now when Pierre's been out of prison for a couple of months now?
Chris: He said he didn't want to dwell on the past and talk about his experience in the mafia. But he never knew it'd come in this useful, hey?
Isaac: (Sighs) You're right... we have got some shit on our hands. Ivan Zharkov killing the vice-president of the UFSR? Now that's beyond extreme. What have we been doing these past couple of years?
Chris: My thoughts exactly.
Isaac: Why are we off to see Kiefer then?
Chris: Trust me Isaac. Of all bad men, Kiefer is the best type of a bad man. He likes us and he'll tell us anything. That's why he's good for this operation.

Isaac: You seem to get too close to Kiefer recently... something going on I should know about?
Chris: No, not at all. Like I said, he's easy to get things out of. And, to be honest... his daughter is a lovely woman, although she's quite clingy though... although, there's only one way of putting it. She's beautiful.
Isaac: (Laughs) Woah... I didn't see that coming. I don't reckon I've seen here. It'll be nice to get to know her.
Chris: Yeah, I guess. But you can't touch her though. I'm going on a date with her.
Isaac: I'm sorry... you what!? Isn't that a crime to have relations with someone of the opposition?
Chris: Oh bless that poor girl. She knows Marion's a gangster, but she doesn't know he's a cold-blooded killer, and that as well as being in charge of a lot of businesses in Sondon, he's the most powerful criminal here too. She'll see sense eventually when the truth comes out.
Isaac: She's not going to date you if she realises you're a cop... and Kiefer would probably kill you.
Chris: His daughter Florence seems just as easy to recieve information from as Kiefer is too - if I'm not dating her... what else am I supposed to do by constantly meeting her while undercover? Harass her for all the wrong reasons? Fat chance.

Kiefer: Come on, keep those arms up. When you feel the strain in your arms just give it everything you can. Come on! You can do this...

Kiefer: Keep pushing, come on!
Chris: Kiefer!

Kiefer: Huh? Oh, Chris! Hiya, how are you?
Chris: Yeah you know, I'm plodding along. Recovering from that lost job, it was pretty testing huh?
Kiefer: Yeah, sure Chris. What can I do for you? A cup of tea?
Chris: No, I'm alright thanks.

Kiefer: You sure?
Chris: Yeah, I'm pretty sure, thanks again.
Kiefer: Oh well, suit yourself!

Isaac: (Whispering) Pssst...
Boxer: What?
Isaac: Keep your voice down...
Boxer: Why?
Isaac: I want to ask you something.
Boxer: Ok, what?
Isaac: Who do you work for?
Boxer: Sorry?
Isaac: Who do you work for? Do you work with Kiefer?
Kiefer: Ah, Isaac! I see you've came too! It's nice to see you chatting to my Paul over there. Paul, everything alright?
Paul: Just fine, Kiefer. Just fine.
Isaac: (Whispers) See you.
Paul: Uhm, bye.

Kiefer: Come over here. Isaac, sit down. You make the place look untidy.
Isaac: Oh, sorry.

Kiefer: You got a lighter I can borrow? I can't be bothered to make it to my office when I can talk to you.
Isaac: No, I haven't.
Chris: I shouldn't be smoking, but I happen to have a lighter in my pocket.
Isaac: Why not? You've been smoking for years.
Chris: Have I?
Isaac: Yeah, sure.
Kiefer: So, what brings you both here?
Chris: Well, I wanted Isaac to get to know you more.
Kiefer: (Chuckles) You should try and get to know Marion and Gay Ray more, not me. I'm just the cat he drags along with him.
Chris: Well you see Marion is never around, given the fact that he's a busy guy. We was curious whether you knew what the next step was?
Kiefer: What next step?
Isaac: Well, first Kiefer... you can tell us whether we're going after Luisa or we wait for Luisa to come after us.
Kiefer: I don't know what you're talking about.
Isaac: They want Marion dead.
Kiefer: Well, sure they do. As you told us. And that's what I was curious about Chris, Isaac says you told him that Luisa wants Marion dead.
Chris: Uhm... well, like Isaac said, it's quite predictable they're going to want Marion dead and that ensures that he won't come back after them for the money.

Kiefer: But what about their return to Riberia? I've never heard of that one before...
Chris: Well, that was what I thought before Isaac told me about what happened back in Realsella.
Kiefer: Sure, I see. You've still got a lot to fucking learn then.
Chris: Excuse me?
Kiefer: Going this way by making things up and making your old friend Isaac here to believe that they're true is not the way to go about things in this clan.
Chris: But I...
Kiefer: You keep you're own thoughts and opinions to yourself! Like they say, if you've got nothing to say, keeping your fucking mouth shut.
Isaac: Look, I might leave you two to it actually, I'm going to dash. See you.
Chris: Oh Isaac don't go.
Isaac: Sorry.
Chris: (Sighs)
Kiefer: Hard luck hey? Don't pull that ridiculous stunt again Chris, I like you very much. Let's keep it that way, ok?
Chris: Sure, sorry.

Florence: Hey guys.
Chris: Oh, hi Florence!
Kiefer: Hi beautiful, everything ok?

Florence: Yeah, everything's fine. Oh, this seat is warm, has someone been and I've missed them?
Kiefer: Just a work colleague. That's all.
Chris: My friend Isaac.
Florence: Oh well, it was a shame I missed him!
Chris: Yeah, I suppose. I'm trying introduce him to everyone but it's not working... (laughs)
Florence: Oh well...

Danilo: Ugh, damnit.
Kiefer: Danilo, what's wrong?
Danilo: I've got to get to that meeting with the Senglish Boxing Management, I'm going to be late if I don't get a move on! Damn, I forgot all about it.
Kiefer: Is this for the match with Kawalski?
Danilo: Yeah.
Kiefer: Chris, did you bring your car?
Chris: Yeah, why?
Kiefer: Do me a favour and take Danilo to his meeting would you?
Chris: Yeah, sure.
Florence: Can I come as well?
Chris: What for?
Florence: Something to do...
Chris: Hmm, well alright. Come on, let's go.

Danilo: Let's hurry...

Chris: You've got give me the directions.
Danilo: Oh, I don't know the way. It's my first time going to this meeting.
Chris: Surely you've been there before being the star boxer you are?
Danilo: I've not had the need to. Florence, you know the directions don't you?
Florence: Yeah, don't worry. I do.
Danilo: (Sighs) Oh, great!

Florence: Well I'm sure Danilo was grateful for that, thanks.
Chris: Oh, don't mention it.
Florence: ...
Chris: Well, you know yesterday you asked me for a date...
Florence: Yes?
Chris: Well, I've been thinking about it. Your father won't mind this I hope but, would you like to go out with me for dinner?
Florence: Uhm, well. Sure. Definitely! I'd love too!
Chris: Great! You're a nice girl and I want to get to know you a bit more.
Florence: Likewise! You can tell me your favourite animal...!
Chris: Oh, I thought so! (Laughs)
Florence: (Laughs)
Chris: Where do you want to go?
Florence: Definitely one of Marion's restaurants. I know a good one, come on, I'll show you the way.
Chris: Alright, sounds good to me.

Florence: So, uhm, here we are.
Chris: Yeah, I guess.
Florence: What was your favourite animal then?
Chris: I don't know. (Laughs)
Florence: What interests you Chris? You said astronomy previously.
Chris: Yeah, astronomy.
Florence: Do you study planets?
Chris: I try to, but I don't have the scientific knowledge to work in astronomy.
Florence: Why not? It's surely better than being a gangster, you'll earn money, and you'll be on the right side of the law.
Chris: Would you really care about that?
Florence: Sure, I do. I don't like what my father does but he has his own business, the only reason why got involved in this gangster business is because of the events with Micky's death.
Chris: I see.
Florence: Do you like space?
Chris: Well, I like it more than anything. It intrigues me how such an object can be so large, it has many wonders. I want to travel it, but we all know that's impossible.
Florence: Do you think there's aliens out there?
Chris: Yeah, I think there is. You know what, there's a parallel universe.
Florence: Is there?
Chris: Yeah, I know of it.
Florence: Tell me about this.
Chris: It's not exactly the same as Alterra, but it's still called Alterra, and it's not much different.

Florence: What is it?
Chris: It's in the future... the year 2012. We all now drive much newer cars, live in newer houses, own new technology. It's a universe of which we're in but we're all opposite to what we are now.
Florence: How do you mean?
Chris: Because I'm a gangster, perhaps I'm a cop in 2012.
Florence: And for me, what's the opposite from working for one of Alterra's hugest oil companies?
Chris: I don't know. Honestly.
Florence: So everything is the same apart from the year, the objects around us and the jobs we have?
Chris: Pretty much. That's what I think. Well, I'm not entirely sure about the job part but, if Sergio Bini was a cop in 1984 he could only be a mafioso in 2011.
Florence: What are you talking about?
Chris: I could ask the same question.
Florence: What?
Chris: So, Florence. What do you aspire to be?
Florence: A chef, of course. And I'm going to try and work towards being one of this city's finest chefs and leave my job as an office worker.
Chris: Maybe in another universe you already are a chef.
Florence: But wouldn't that mean on Alterra I'll never become a chef if I am elsewhere?
Chris: I don't know, there's far too much to uncover.

Florence: Taking a look at the menu?
Chris: Yeah, there's quite a good choice isn't there?
Florence: Like everyone says, Marion's restaurants are the best. That's why they come here, it's thriving with choice.
Chris: I'm bad making choices when there's too much to choose from. I'd rather be given what I get.
Florence: Really?
Chris: Yeah, it's my weak spot Florence. I'm looking at this menu and I just simply don't know what to have. Pork? Beef? Lamb? Or a... I don't know. That thing.
Florence: What thing?
Chris: Su Wai Tun something...
Florence: Ah, that must be one of my recipes, it's Shinese. It's really nice.
Chris: What exactly is it?
Florence: Food.
Chris: Well, what food?
Florence: They're green onion pancakes.
Chris: Ugh, sorry.
Florence: (Laughs) Don't worry. It's good for tourists, at least. This place makes them feel at home.

Waitor: Hello to both of you, it's a pleasure to have you here tonight. May I take your order?
Florence: Oh hello there. I'll have pan fried salmon with crayfish, pea pure and seafood bisque, please!
Waitor: And you sir?
Chris: Uhm... (looks up)

Chris: Firstly, I'm going to ask you why yet again your face is painted like a clown.
Waitor: Excuse me!?
Florence: Chris, are you ok?

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