Episode 05 - Part 2

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Episode 05 - Part 2

Post by Luke on Sat Jul 11, 2015 9:27 pm

Waitor: Is something wrong? Are you ordering anything sir?
Chris: Not by you, no.
Florence: Chris! Don't be so stubborn!
Chris: Can't you see he's not a waitor?
Waitor: Excuse me young lady, could you take this sir out of the restaurant please?
Florence: No, I'm sorry. He'll have... what do you want Chris?
Chris: Uhm... fish and chips.
Florence: Is that all?
Chris: No, it isn't actually. I want to know what the bloody hell is going on.
Waitor: Look, I'll go back into the kitchen and wait for you to decide on what you're having, ok?
Florence: Thank you waitor, that's most definitely kind of you!
Waitor: No problem.

Chris: I'm going after that man.
Florence: Chris, sit down! There's nothing wrong with him.
Chris: I know him, and I'm not finished with him.

Chris: Where the hell are you? I never got the chance to talk to you, Marcus. But it seems your quite lonely even with a wife and a child, so much so that you've came to join me in my coma. How nice of you...

Florence: (Sighs) Did you find him?
Chris: No, he got away.
Florence: Who is he?
Chris: A man I don't know so well, but I need to talk to him.
Florence: About what?
Chris: It's uhm... it's 'gangster' business, Florence.
Florence: Has he got something to do with Marion?
Chris: No... I mean yes. No, oh... probably. I don't know. I keep seeing him, there's got to be something that isn't right here. But don't worry about it, hey? I'll sort it out.
Florence: Ok. I was worried for you Chris, you scared me a little. He hasn't got a clown face-paint...
Chris: He...he did. He had a face paint with ginger hair, couldn't you see?
Florence: That man's hair was brown, Chris. You're probably in this parallel universe of what you spoke of earlier.
Chris: You know what Florence, maybe your right. Maybe I'm from that universe. In fact I am.

Florence: (Sighs)
Chris: Where are you going?
Florence: Do you fancy coming back to my place?
Chris: Aren't we going to eat here first?
Florence: If you really don't feel comfortable here, maybe I can put your mind at rest. Come to mine, I can cook you up something nice.
Chris: Oh, you can. I'd really look forward to that.
Florence: Let's go, come on... before he comes back asking for our order again.

Chris: So, what do you plan to cook for me tonight?
Florence: You won't know. It's a surprise.
Chris: Woah, I'm intrigued.
Florence: Now's my chance to prove what I'm worth to you.
Chris: (Laughs) I'm sure you will! It won't disappoint me, Florence. You certainly don't look like the girl who could disappoint anyone.
Florence: (Blushes) Oh, thanks! I won't go tonight without satisfying you, even if I have to throw it away and start again, I'm not bothered.
Chris: Would Kiefer be so pleased that you was using his food in his cupboards?
Florence: Oh, don't worry. He doesn't do the shopping, I do. My father is too busy at the boxing club to have time to shop, and plus, when he does have the time, he's lazy... because he's an old fart sometimes.
Chris: (Chuckles) There always comes a time that following you relying on your parents, they result in relying on you...
Florence: I beg to differ, Chris. Kiefer's always relied on me. He can't even put a quick meal in the stove to make himself. He still sees the oven as a modern invention, and claims he doesn't know how to use it. He can't even use a telephone.
Chris: Ha, think of what he'd be like with his own mobile phone then... I'm sure he'll be stumped at the feature of texting.
Florence: Yeah... oh, hang on. What did you say? A mobile phone?
Chris: Yes. Oh, sorry! I must have found myself on the parallel universe again, oh, I beg your pardon.
Florence: I think it's best we got indoors. (Laughs)

Florence: Oh, there it is.
Chris: Wow! Is that your house?
Florence: It sure is.

Florence: Come in, make yourself feel at home. My father isn't back for a while.
Chris: Thank you. You have a nice house, Florence.
Florence: Thank you. Come to think of it, I relied on my father for this fortune.

Chris: Hmmm... you've plenty of books. Any on astronomy or astrology?

Chris: Hmmm... this isn't right.

Florence: They would be Danilo's. You'll have to search through them, but it'll be tricky, that considered if you don't know the Simoviet language.
Chris: Oh, good grief.
Florence: (Giggles) Sit down, Chris. Please, make yourself feel at home. Nobody's going to tell you off for it. There's only me here.

Chris: What's this surprise meal then?
Florence: You'll have to find out.
Chris: No special ingredients?
Florence: No, I'm not going to kill you if that's what you're thinking. (Laughs)
Chris: Please tell me, I have allergies.
Florence: (Sighs) Oh, I hate it when people have allergies. Especially as a chef. It makes me so annoyed. (Giggles)
Chris: I know what you mean but, I honestly can't eat anything with nuts or eggs.
Florence: Well it's a good thing you're not allergic to seafood, Chris. I'm cooking us up some salmon.
Chris: Salmon? I can live with that. It sounds good.
Florence: I hope you'll like it!
Chris: Don't worry, I love salmon. And if your cooking lives up to my expectations, it'll be even better.

Florence: Alright, it's ready. Take a seat.
Chris: Splendid!
Florence: Can I get you a drink?
Chris: A bottle of your best lager if you please.
Florence: Sure, but I was hoping you'd like some red wine.
Chris: (Laughs) It's best I stay away from wine too.
Florence: Seriously, you have a wine allergy?
Chris: I just don't like wine, that's all.

Florence: So, here we are. Take a bite, let me know what you think.
Chris: (Chews) ...
Florence: Well?
Chris: You know what?
Florence: What?
Chris: I know that already this going to be the best salmon I've ever ate. It's lovely, honestly.
Florence: Wow! Well I'm so pleased it worked out, thanks!
Chris: This is honestly superb. I can see why you want to chase that dream of becoming a chef - because you're certainly going to get there.
Florence: Don't hesitate to eat the things I've served with the salmon too. This is one of my best dishes.
Chris: One of them? You mean there's more? I might have to start coming back here more often then!

Florence: Well, you're more than welcome too. I could do with someone like you to try and test my recipes.
Chris: So then, where did your father get the money to buy this place?
Florence: You would think the boxing club, but the club doesn't do exceptionally well to earn this kind of money. But I would think the money he earns from working for Marion tops it off.
Chris: I see. Marion certainly isn't letting the money Luisa Santiago stole from him set him back, and that's what I like about him.
Florence: No, Marion's always been loaded with cash. I don't know how it all started, but he's certainly successful, which is why he's one of Sondon's most prestigious business men.
Chris: Do you happen to know anymore business men?
Florence: Not really.
Chris: Anything to do with Herbert Major?
Florence: The old man that got murdered? No, I know as much as you do.
Chris: Well, I know a fair bit, but I'm still looking for more. He was associated with Luisa Santiago, and there she's thinking it was someone from our gang that killed him.
Florence: Maybe you did, it's probably for the best. So long as it's not my father, I couldn't care less. He obviously had it coming to himself.
Chris: Yeah, I guess.

Florence: So, where do you live Chris?
Chris: Well, it's complicated.
Florence: How do you mean?
Chris: I should be living in a three-bedroomed house in Kimdon, but instead I find myself in a high-storey apartment.
Florence: Oh, shame. Money problems?
Chris: Yeah, uhm... probably. I'll earn it back, don't worry.
Florence: Like you said, Marion is one who likes to splash his cash.
Chris: Yeah.
Florence: Do you hear much from your parents?
Chris: My parents? They had a pretty hard time in Sengland, with the death of my grandparents and all, so they moved to Sanada to try and put their troubles behind.
Florence: And forgot about you?
Chris: No, they still come visit me every six months, but things haven't been the same since my grandparents were killed and my parents moved away.
Florence: Do you mind if I ask what happened to your grandparents?
Chris: They were driving along one day to their annual holiday on the Riberican coast and, well... a foolish and reckless driver pulled out recklessly from the first lane all the way to the far lane, and the car was crushed.
Florence: Oh, Chris. I'm so sorry to hear that. That must've been awful.

Chris: Oh, you've got more brocolli than me, it's only fair I get some!
Florence: (Giggles) No! You don't need more! I thought you would be one of those who doesn't like too much vegetables either.
Chris: They're not my favourite, but we've got to keep healthy haven't we?
Florence: I suppose... but I'm going to steal some of your mashed potato.
Chris: Mashed potato? Who steals that?
Florence: (Giggles) I like it when it's so fluffy though.
Chris: (Chuckles) I can't argue with that.

Chris: What about your parents then? I've not met your mother yet.
Florence: My mother... she died in a, well probably a similar kind of accident to your grandparents. But with this, she wasn't driving. She was run over. And I'm not going to say anymore about it before it upsets me. But, there you go.
Chris: Oh, I'm sorry. Don't worry, it's ok. If you want to keep it yourself then, I can't argue with that.
Florence: Thank you.
Chris: The lager is nice, I'll have to ask Kiefer where he gets this from.
Florence: Well, remember... I buy everything in this house. But I know that what you're drinking is his favourite.
Chris: Won't he notice that he's got one bottle missing?
Florence: Relax, he won't mind. He wanted us to see each other more anyway, and he can't argue just because I gave you a bottle of his lager on our date.
Chris: But I'm sure he would've expected us to go out to a restaurant instead.
Florence: No, you wanted to experience the results of my cooking, didn't you?
Chris: That's right.
Florence: There we go, see? We're in the clear.

Florence: Oh Chris, it's been a great night. I hope we can do this again sometime.
Chris: Yeah, definitely. I'd be thrilled too. The cooking was sublime Florence, honestly. You're going to go a long way in your life, Florence. I can assure you that.
Florence: Aw, thanks. Here, take my telephone number. Give me a call sometime, yeah?
Chris: I'd be delighted too.
Florence: So long as you don't get your head blown off my a gangster you can come see me anytime you like.
Chris: Well, that's very kind of you. (Chuckles)
Florence: Come here...

Florence: Goodnight Chris...!
Chris: Goodnight to you too Florence.


Isaac: Well Vic, you certainly proved me wrong. I didn't know your brother was in the clear.
Victor: Yeah, he's passed the things he did now. That's why he ratted them out to us in the first place.
Felix: I'm horrified that Ivan Zharkov is the murderer of the vice-president of the UFSR.
Victor: Don't worry Felix. You and everyone else are going to catch him along with everyone else eventually. There's absolutely nothing that you're not capable of, son.
Rod: What about Marion Cardenas? He is one of Sondon's most notorious criminals, after all.
Victor: Probably the most notorious. But since he has so much on his mind with Luisa and all, it shouldn't be too difficult to pull the plug on that bastard, let me tell you that one.
Rod: What's the plan for tonight then?
Victor: There isn't a plan. I just thought I'd come see you guys before I set off to go home. It's been a quite couple of days recently, so I'm going home early tonight. What time is it now?
Isaac: It's nearly nine 'o' clock, Victor.
Victor: Oh, in that case, I'll leave at nine. How long's that?
Isaac: Twelve minutes.

Victor: Alright, thanks for that.
Isaac: No problem.
Felix: I find it worrying with all this silence. When is Luisa going to kill Marion already?
Victor: Look Felix, we don't want that. We're going to stop her from killing him. But the action's waiting to happen, Felix... no doubt.
Rod: I can't wait around much longer either, I don't want to get worried.
Victor: There's nothing to worry about yet. Don't worry, you don't have to do anything yet. Just do police work as normal. You know the time you come in boys and we'll remind you of that too. When Isaac here and Chris' masks are dropped to Marion, it's time we get to work huting them down and bringing both Marion and Luisa down for good.
Felix: Are they dangerous enough to be killed or should they face arrest?
Victor: Arrest, definitely. But if it comes to that situation where they're threatening our lives, we've got no other choice. But lets see how things pan out yeah?

Chris: Yeah, sure. Marion's a sneaky little bastard, when he finds out, anything can happen.
Victor: Oh, Chris. There you are, hello. I've not seen you since yesterday.

Chris: I was on a 'date' with Florence Hodgson, the son of Kiefer Hodgson, who's one of Marion's gang members.
Victor: Did you find out anything?
Chris: Nothing relevant. Just the death of her mother and of Kiefer's laziness in the house.
Isaac: Kiefer's a working man though?
Chris: When he's not at work, that is. Florence does all the shopping it seems. So, how do you all?
Felix: I'm not bad thanks, but I'm going out in a minute.
Victor: Unless you're going where I'm about to send you, you can forget that son.
Rod: What have you got planned?
Victor: Seeming as things are quiet, we might speed things up a little bit. I'm going to head you all to a nightclub, and seeming as Marion practically runs this town it'll be nice of you to drop by.
Rod: I thought we was hanging out for as long as we could before Chris and Isaac here reveal they're undercover cops?
Victor: You're all going to have to work that one out for yourself if he arrives. But you deserve a break, so go there and have a good time. I'm telling you, you fucking deserve it. Get laid or something. It's 1967, you can do what you please.
Rod: You're leaving us to help these two if Marion confronts them?
Victor: Yes, I am. If it doesn't work, sure, I won't be happy, but at least this operation should move somewhere. But, you've got to go out there anyway. We can't hang around like sitting ducks fearing the worst. You'll be living a dark life.
Felix: Why can't Chris and Isaac go there, and we go somewhere out of town? Nothing risky's going to happen in that case, would it?
Isaac: Just listen to the bloke, Felix. It'll be alright. It's about time you met him if that's the case.

Victor: Would I leave you all apart? No, of course not. You're in this together. See if you can find out something, ask around... everyone knows Marion in this town. But some know him more than others, and at a nightclub he owns, what better place is there to find more evidence? Barmaids and all sorts are bound to be helpful.
Isaac: Alright boys, let's go. Victor's probably got to be getting somewhere. We'll try and enjoy ourselves.
Victor: Sure, please do.
Felix: Let's go then. I hope this is better than where I was intending to go tonight...
Rod: Hmmm, where would that be?
Felix: Ah, you don't want to know.
Chris: We should get changed into something more 'suitable' for the occasion.
Rod: I like your thinking, Chris.

Chris: Stay sharp, ok? I wouldn't do anything stupid.
Rod: How many times has that been said before? Good heavens. Let's just get this motherfucker over and done with.
Felix: Don't think of it that way, I want to dance at a nightclub. I haven't done that in ages... and what's more, there's sure to be some hot chicks about.
Isaac: Yeah Rod. Listen to your man Felix. He knows what he's talking about.
Felix: Yeah!
Rod: (Sighs)

Rod: I'm telling you, if Wayne is at the club when Marion is too, they're going to know we're cops and we're going to ruin the whole operation. They probably remember our faces from the casino.
Felix: Relax, they know too many people. They won't remember us goons.

Rod: But Wayne will always remember my face. We're flesh and blood, I'm not going to be un-noticed if he's there...

Felix: Good grief. Where to go, what to do!?
Chris: This is far too noisy!
Isaac: Relax, there's nothing better than enjoying some loud rock tunes from the current era of music!

Rod: I told Felix, and I'm telling you this again. This is a bad idea. Yes, Marion may not remember Felix and I from the casino, but if my brother arrives with him, it's safe to say that we're all fucked. What are we going to do?
Isaac: You're going to fucking keep your mouth shut and play with things Barker. If you want to move a rank up then you may as well start following orders. What does it matter to you? You just fear the point when you become involved...
Rod: I don't! I, personally... am getting bored. I wish something would happen...
Isaac: Well why are you fucking complanining? Tonight is the night.
Rod: This isn't the place to do it, Isaac! This is a nightclub full of robotic people and stupendous music, is anyone going to stand for it if one of those bastards pulls out a gun?
Felix: As far as I can see we're the first ones here since the bloody club has only just opened.
Rod: What more has Marion got to do? Luisa Santiago will be looking for him and all he can do is move about. If he doesn't move, he's going to be found sooner or later. It'd make perfect sense if he arrived here.

Isaac: For fuck's sake, Rod. It's gotta' happen sooner or later so I don't know what your whinging about. Play by it for heaven's sake. Do what your told or you'll probably find yourself out of the police force!
Chris: Hey, Isaac. Keep your voice down. We don't want them to know yet. Rod has got a point in a way, Marion can't know for sure. I know we can get something more out of these people and it's far too early to start going after them.
Rod: Exactly!
Isaac: They're killers! Can't you fucking see that!? We're fucking sitting around while they're probably building up corpses. Hey, that stuff you learnt yesterday Chris... shit's been going off in Sondon regarding Cardenas and Santiago for five fucking years. Do you honestly think it's worth waiting just a little longer while more bodies pile up? There are many unsolved murder cases but us bastards have done nothing. Now, it's not time to do nothing tonight is it? We can't sit around and wait for something to happen. We're going to fucking make it happen, right here, right now.
Chris: No, we're not.
Isaac: We fucking are.
Felix: Look chaps, Victor didn't seem to be too bothered if they found out about yours and Chris' real occupations, but he said you've got to do your best to keep your identity sealed. Chris is right. We're rolling onto something good here, we're learning a lot of new things about Marion while he hatches a plan to get the money back from Luisa.
Chris: Of course, the money... he's going to go after that! Marion doesn't know Luisa's destined to kill him, but it's predictable however that Marion's going to come looking for that money again.
Isaac: Hang on, a figure said a while ago that the §15million was always Luisa Santiago's money. Marion stole it from them, and Luisa's just stolen it back. But the evidence yesterday proves that it was Marion's money, but Luisa made it by selling drugs that she didn't rightfully own either. That money was always fucking Marion's!
Felix: No shit!

Rod: I'm off dancing, I don't deserve to hear everyone's ranting. Coming to dance, Felix?
Felix: Uhm, sure.

Isaac: Good heavens, look at those two pricks dancing... you know now I probably wish Victor had never sent them with us.
Chris: Not for the reason I'm guessing so. They're right you know, we can't drop our masks tonight.
Isaac: ... I'm going to get some food.
Chris: Sure.

Felix: I've never felt this good in a while!
Rod: Neither have I, come to think of it...!

Chris: You don't have to be this way, Isaac. We're all entitled to our own opinions. You're right, we're employed to do the job, but Victor didn't insist we make Marion believe we're cops, and to be honest, it's not clear if Marion will even come here tonight. He owns other nightclubs, bare that one in mind.
Isaac: I know, I know Chris. But I don't want to have this conversation now. You know me, enough is enough. And right now, I've had enough of ranting in my ear.
Chris: Well, alright. I'm just making things clear.

Chris: Don't worry Isaac, we'll get through this. Whatever it takes, how long it takes.
Isaac: Sure.
Chris: You don't seem to optimistic.
Isaac: It's because you're all knocking me off-course.
Chris: Look, it's all been said and done, can we move on? All we've done is argue these past couple of days. I want to start this as well but we've got to pick the right moment.
Isaac: Sure, I do too. If we follow Ian and Victor's orders, we'll be alright.
Chris: Yeah, I guess.

Felix: Rod, I think I'm ready to move in on the target.
Rod: But I was going to take that one!
Felix: Sorry, too late.

Felix: Alright?
Barmaid: Uhm, hello. What can I get you?
Felix: A lager, please.
Barmaid: Sure... one second.
Felix: ... I'm Felix.
Barmaid: Oh, hi Felix. I'm Clarissa.
Felix: Oh, hi... Clarissa.

Isaac: Look at Felix, over there... flirting with the barmaid. I'm pretty sure he's not asking her about Marion Cardenas.
Chris: Oh well...
Isaac: You know what I think of Rod and Felix? They're such a pair of pricks, honestly. Rod can only interrogate a criminal for sod all while as Felix doesn't take things serious enough sometimes.
Chris: (Chuckles)
Isaac: If I had to choose between them, I'd give neither of them the job as Detective Inspector.

Felix: Yeah, I'm a uhm... I'm a detective. Do you know anything about Marion Cardenas?
Clarissa: No, he just employs me. He keeps himself to himself.
Felix: Oh well, now that that's out the way... tell me a bit about you!
Clarissa: Me, well... I work in a nightclub.
Felix: Do you?
Clarissa: Uhm... yes I most definitely do! You know, if you want to know more about me, we could go a place a little more quiet so I'm not shouting over this music!
Felix: Yeah, sure!

Rod: Ouch! Damnit!
Isaac: How did your date go with Florence otherwise, regardless of the mention of her mother's death and all?
Chris: Quite good, I like her to be honest. She's a very good cook, like they say.
Isaac: What did you eat?
Chris: We had salmon, which was really nice.

Clarissa: Oh yeah baby! Get a load of that booty!

Clarissa: I'm in the groove tonight, don't you think so...?

Felix: Well, I certainly didn't know that you like to do private dances. Is this the way you treat all your customers?

Clarissa: Hmm baby, you're not no ordinary customer... I sure do like men in uniform.
Felix: Great to hear...
Clarissa: Woo! You can touch me if you like...
Felix: Nah, it's alright. I think I'll pass.

Isaac: Chris?
Chris: Yes, Isaac.
Isaac: You were wrong. Marion did show.
Chris: Shit.

Isaac: I'm sorry Rod. Ignore what I said. Go with your thoughts. They don't need to know who we are. If you want to be D.I, prove what you're worth. Seal our identities.
Rod: (Sighs) Alright.

Clarissa: I'm getting really turned on! If you don't want to touch me, I can always untie this for you to see me baby...!

Marion: Oh, Chris, Isaac! Fancy seeing you here, what brings you here?
Rod: Excuse me guys...

Clarissa: I'm all yours...
Felix: (Scared) Uhm...

Isaac: Hello, Marion.
Chris: Hello.
Ramon: Hang on, I'm sure I recognize that man before from the casino...
Marion: That's Wayne's cop brother!

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