Episode 06

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Episode 06

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[size=200]Evil Born Evil[/size]
Series: 03
Episode: 06
Written by: Luke Enfield
Produced by: Crimson Media
[warning]AGE RATING: 15+
Previously on Evil Born Evil...

Pierre: Let me guess, you've told him have you?
Victor: ...
Pierre: VICTOR! Oh... (coughs) Sorry.
Victor: Yes Pierre? Is everything ok? Don't you want to sit down?
Pierre: No, no. I'm fine as it is. I asked you if you told him about my past.
Chris: The mafia?
Victor: Yes, I did.
Pierre: Oh, there we are. Well, not my most proudest stage of my life, but no doubt, I learnt a lot from my experiences, especially after spending time in the can.
Victor: You can help us right?
Pierre: Yeah, and I know a lot about that Marion Cardenas. I still don't hate him after the things he did for me, but I never knew he was the bad guy in all this.
Victor: Tell me what you told me earlier.
Pierre: (Sighs) Alright. I can tell you how it all started... the rivalry between The Blackjacks and The Del Bosque Gang. In 1962, following the experiences of the invasion of the village in Realsella, Luisa and Rocco decided to look for these Shellasian rebels. After leaving Realsella they believed the rebels were heading east into Sengland. The fact is, they were all identified at the border to Sengland, and they were killed by border control immediately. When Luisa and Rocco got to the border, the Senglish cut them a deal. They guaranted their safety in Sengland while the whole of East Seurope looked into these rebels. When it was clear they had been abolished completely, Luisa and Rocco were in Sondon, to hear the news that the operation had came to an end and it was ok to return to Riberia. All things considered, they didn't want to return to Realsella but most definitely wanted to go back into Riberia. For what reason, it is still unknown. They wanted to stay in Sondon to make money though. They didn't think with all the hassle you cops had going on with it being a tough city to control that you'd think for a second about Luisa and Rocco. They did work. Mostly transporting goods, mainly drugs... to nightclubs. And who owned the nightclubs? Who was Luisa and Rocco's boss? Marion Cardenas. When it was clear that they would recieve more money by stealing the drugs and selling them on the market as opposed to delivering them and recieving money for doing the errand, they did so. Marion found out quickly enough. All his drugs had gone, and every penny that was made of sellng it went to Luisa and Rocco.

Florence: Oh Chris, it's been a great night. I hope we can do this again sometime.
Chris: Yeah, definitely. I'd be thrilled too. The cooking was sublime Florence, honestly. You're going to go a long way in your life, Florence. I can assure you that.
Florence: Aw, thanks. Here, take my telephone number. Give me a call sometime, yeah?
Chris: I'd be delighted too.
Florence: So long as you don't get your head blown off my a gangster you can come see me anytime you like.
Chris: Well, that's very kind of you. (Chuckles)
Florence: Come here...

Isaac: Hello, Marion.
Chris: Hello.
Ramon: Hang on, I'm sure I recognize that man before from the casino...
Marion: That's Wayne's cop brother!

Rod: Excuse me?
Marion: What would you like?
Rod: If it's perfectly ok with you Marion, I know you may not realise why I'm here, and that's because I'm doing a drug check. You know there can be some people in your clubs you wish you didn't have! Excuse me sir, open your pockets please.
Chris: Sure, detective.
Marion: Let me know when you're finished, I was about to have a conversation with these boys.
Rod: Sure, Marion. Sure.

Marion: So, Isaac. How's things? What brings you here?
Isaac: Well, you know, just thought I'd come out and see what makes you so famous, Marion. And I can certainly see why, it's a brilliant little place you've got here.
Marion: Well, like my casinos and clubs, they are the best in town my friend. It's nice you're here, I'd like you to hang out here more often to get a feel for my business empire, as well as keeping an eye on the places for whenever if one tough looking guy arrives, you'll be there to deal with him.
Isaac: (Whispers) Keep your voice down, there's a cop there!
Marion: Oh, yes.
Isaac: That's Wayne's brother then!?
Marion: Yeah, it is. We've got to get him out of here quickly, this is embarrasing.

Rod: Well, the check's over. Thanks for your time guys, see you.
Chris: (Whispers) Thanks Rod...

Marion: (Mutters) Come here and try to get anywhere near your brother again and I'll hurt you.
Rod: (Mutters) Sure, try that Marion. He's my flesh and blood, not yours.
Marion: (Grunts)

Ramon: I'm sure I saw that guy at the casino before...
Chris: Oh yeah? I didn't.
Marion: I want him stopped.

Felix: Oh Rod! Rod... man, you wouldn't believe the things I've just seen!
Rod: Sure, tell me outside, now isn't the time to share a story.
Felix: Fat chance I'm leaving without telling you this! You know that chick yeah? The chick at the bar?
Rod: ...yes?
Felix: She turns out to be a private dancer as well as a barmaid, and she took me into one of the back rooms and well...
Rod: Well what?
Felix: Things got pretty hot in that room... she gave me a strip tease, which... although she was a pretty girl, wasn't exactly what I was hoping for. Gah, I'm going to have nightmares tonight.
Rod: Oh, only Marion can employ those kinds of whores, damn...

Felix: Something wrong with you too?
Rod: Fucking Marion turned up!
Felix: Oh, shit. Damn, that's it then, this where we come in?
Rod: No, it's ok. I kept things under control, I just posed as a detective doing a drugs check in the club, Isaac didn't want them to find out after all, so I did what they pleased.
Felix: Ah well, lucky escape yeah? You should be pleased with yourself. It's a shame I never got the oppurtunity to prove my worth either, but I was taken away by that stupid girl. Damn... why was I so stupid to flirt with her?
Rod: Everything's ok now, we've got to get out of here before Marion sees us and raises his suspicions, come on.
Felix: Alright, I'll second that.

Rod: You reckon that Lizana belongs to those Del Bosque bastards?
Felix: Undoubtedly. Come on, hop in.

Felix: There we are, on the run. Free from our troubles.
Rod: (Sighs) What a night...
Felix: Yeah, you could say that again!


Isaac: Ah, that's a nice brew.

Isaac: Well, that was certainly a close call last night...
Chris: Yeah, definitely. Thanks to Rod we're still on good terms with Cardenas.
Isaac: He probably couldn't have got us away with that any easier too...
Chris: Rod is well on his way to getting a promotion.
Isaac: What about Felix, where was he?
Chris: The last I saw he was chatting up that barmaid, after that, I don't know where they went...
Isaac: Oh, Felix being his usual self again. You see, after the argument but then after what Rod did for us, I'm beginning to regret what I said about him, but Felix... he's a pain the arse.
Chris: Felix's alright, he'll get the hang of things. I mean Rod and Felix probably don't have much to do while we're working undercover and Victor sent us out last night to have some fun, so it's not Felix's fault if he went off with that chick.
Isaac: Yeah well what if Rod wasn't there to help us either? Victor needs to get things straight here, first his orders were corrupt, and we almost lost everything to Marion.
Chris: He didn't seem to bothered if Marion were to find out.
Isaac: And that's bad, right?
Chris: Bad, it is.

Isaac: Although, if Marion doesn't know now, when will he know?
Chris: He'll only know when we've got all we need out of him. That bastard's not going to get away with this.
Isaac: Before Luisa makes her move?
Chris: After probably, because we need to ensure Marion doesn't get killed by that bitch.
Isaac: Yeah, but I'm itching to be released from this rut now.
Chris: Yeah, I know. We can't go on like this. Let's just take each day as it comes and work something out.
Isaac: Yeah, yeah. Marion told me for us to meet him at this bistro this morning so, we must have a job coming our way.
Chris: Good. You know of what kind of job?
Isaac: No, just as you walked up the stairs he just stopped me and told us to meet him here. I think it's for a job, but I'm not entirely sure.
Chris: What else is he going to want us for, to lick his shoes clean?
Isaac: ...
Chris: Oh yeah, actually, he probably might want that after all...
Isaac: You know it that Marion isn't the guy he appears to be, he's sick sometimes.

Chris: But through it all, at least I prefer that bastard over Luisa, you know, even though drugs are wrong, stealing those drugs from Marion must have been a big blow, considering we know now it was his money and he's just lost it all again going through the efforts to get it back.
Isaac: Certainly. But we don't know Luisa well yet though, so don't go jumping to conclusions now. I remembered this morning, I don't know whether you do, but Ivan's name was there all along. The files we retrieved in the brewery, Chris. The files with all the names of the members of The Blackjacks. If we can trace the adresses of them, we could get a move on with this thing.
Chris: Oh damn, yeah... I forgot about that. If we get those files from the store cupboard, we can start work on jailing these bastards as soon as we drop our masks to Marion, yeah?
Isaac: Sure. Oh look, here he is.
Chris: Marion?
Isaac: Yeah, quiet.

Marion: Ah, chaps. You met me where I wished, thanks.
Isaac: Morning Marion.
Chris: Morning.
Marion: Morning, now... you know I asked you to come here, and it's for a job again.
Isaac: Tell us.
Marion: Well, this is where the juicy stuff starts. An associate of our business enterprise is taking a break of my courtesy so I said he can go on holiday, and today he'll be heading off to Saxon Train Station to head off to his holiday in Sance.

Isaac: Righto then, what's for us to do?
Marion: You're going to make sure he gets on there safely and doesn't get killed before he arrives, becuase Luisa Santiago's men have a good chance to strike. They've worked with him before and constantly keep him under their eye, if he gets away today, he'll have a little less weight on his shoulders. Kill all those bastards if they try and stop him. And don't let nobody innocent get hurt, you hear me? I don't want this to be a huge front page newspaper headline, I don't want the attention now. He'll probably look like an egghead, he has Saplen eyeglasses and usually a gown or something of proof for his dirty wealth... and his name is Harland Wrightworth.
Isaac: Alright, got it.
Marion: If you find yourself in Sance, let's just hope you remember the way you went so you can get back. So long as Harland gets their alive, everything will be ok. Go.
Chris: Ok then, let's go.

Marion: If you get him out of this country safely there'll be something nice for you boys. The train leaves at midday guys, ok?
Chris: Ok, thanks. We'll be there for then. Let's go Isaac.
Isaac: Yeah, see you Marion.
Chris: Goodbye Marion.
Marion: Goodbye boys...

Isaac: Well, that doesn't sound too hard a job...
Chris: You'd be surprised. You know what Luisa's men are like in comparison to Marion's.
Isaac: That's bullshit. We handled them before, so we'll handle them again.


Chris: We've got just less than half an hour to find our guy and look out for anything peculiar...
Isaac: Let's search this place, they're not going to be anywhere obvious.

Isaac: When does the train leave again?
Chris: Midday...
Isaac: The passenger's will be getting onboard before that though, won't they?
Chris: Usually ten minutes before it sets off I think, it depends on the amount of passengers.
Isaac: This guy certainly sounds the kind of bloke Marion would hang with.
Chris: Let's focus on getting the innocent people to safety - at least Marion has a bit of heart, you can't deny that.

Isaac: We should get round to the back to see if he's waiting.
Chris: He's a guy with Saplen glasses and a gown of somesort.
Isaac: Marion didn't mention his hair colour or anything.
Chris: How many guys wear glasses and wear expensive outfits?
Isaac: Well, basically every businessman in Sondon.
Chris: Marion doesn't...
Isaac: Just shut up...

Isaac: This of all places to do a job...
Chris: It's not going to be easy, Isaac. Let's put it that way.

Chris: There he is!
Isaac: Which one?
Chris: The one who's reading the newspaper, I'd reckon. The other guy doesn't seem to be wearing a gown...

Isaac: Mind you, he wouldn't be seen every single day of his life wearing a gown would he?
Chris: Oh you prick. It's him alright. Why would Marion give us false information?
Isaac: He doesn't care about him. He's not a loyal worker, just a business associate. He's just giving us this job to prove our worth and to eliminate The Blackjacks.
Chris: We need to get onto to the opposite platform and hide from him.
Isaac: Ok, let's do that.

Chris: He's going.
Isaac: Time to follow him onto his train.

Man: Oh, hello. You're definitely the guy who sat next to me waiting, wasn't you?

Harland: Yes, why? Is there something you'd like to share? Otherwise, I don't have the time. I was just about to continue reading the newspaper.

Man: Oh, I'm sorry. Please, carry on reading. Just trying to be sociable but I guess it isn't a good time. (Chuckles)

Conductor: Excuse me gentlemen, may I see your tickets?
Isaac: No, we don't have them.
Conductor: Well, I apologize sir but I cannot let you on the train without a ticket from either of you.
Isaac: Look, we need to get on this train.
Conductor: Many people need to catch a train, and that's why they always check their ticket is with them. Because, if they don't have a ticket then...
Isaac: Oh good heavens! Just move over!
Chris: Isaac, Isaac - calm down. I'm sorry for my friend. Things are getting on top of us recently.
Conductor: Oh right. Now, can I please see your tickets?
Chris: Isaac?
Isaac: Yes?
Chris: (Sighs) I know this isn't a police job but the badges would probably come in useful, don't you think?
Isaac: Something Marion never thought about.
Chris: He would expect us to find our own way onto the train. Look sir, here's my badge. I'm D.I Chris Osborne, we believe there's a passenger onboard this train who is of high danger. It's our job to protect him.

Conductor: Oh right sure. I... I see. Well, I'm sorry for wasting your time.
Chris: No, don't worry. You didn't know who we were. Well, we're cops, and now you are wasting our time. Sorry, we must go.
Conductor: Sure, be careful. You're lucky there aren't many passengers today that may be at risk.
Chris: Sure.
Isaac: Thanks.
Conductor: Yeah...

Chris: So, we need a plan.
Isaac: Well, we're here now. We don't know what carriage Harland is in so you're going to have to look. I'll stay here to check for anything, no doubt more than one man is going to be after him.
Chris: True.
Isaac: And Chris, do make sure there's no one innocent in the mix of it all.
Chris: Will do.
Isaac: And Chris?
Chris: Yes?
Isaac: Don't mess it up.
Chris: I won't.

Isaac: Oh, hello.
Man #2: Hello there.
Chris: Hello.
Isaac: (Whispers) Go, now.
Chris: Erm, Isaac...
Isaac: Yes?
Chris: Just popping to the 'toilet'.
Isaac: Ah yes, alright then. Don't be long... we don't want to be setting off while you're in there do we?

Chris: Here we go then... I guess.

Man #2: You see it's certainly a nice day isn't it today? But I'm sure it's even better where we're going to in Sance.
Isaac: Sure.
Man #2: What will you be doing when you arrive to Sance? Will you go to the beach?
Isaac: No, I guess it'll be pretty late so I'll unpack my belongings from my suitcase into the hotel and turn in for the night and read a book or something...
Man #2: Oh, it won't be that late. I hope you don't lead a boring life. It's certainly nice at the beach in the evening.
Isaac: I'm sure it is, but I don't want to lay in the sand and have a bath so soon after. I'll need the rest considering it'll be the first day of my holiday tomorrow...
Man #2: Oh well... I see you've came on holiday with that man, who is he?
Isaac: He's my uhm... brother.
Man #2: You don't look very alike.
Isaac: My brother-in-law, sorry.
Man #2: Oh! I see!
Isaac: Who have you came with?
Man #2: Actually, I'm trying to look for him. I was with him outside the train with the conductor giving both our tickets but after that he disappeared.
Isaac: Is it a child!? I'll go look for him, because there's something you must know...

Man #2: Oh no. He's my friend, he's a man with not much hair and glasses, wears a gown?
Isaac: Oh, I've seen him about.
Man #2: What's there to know?
Isaac: It doesn't matter now.
Man #2: I'm sure it does. In fact, we both know the thing that is about to happen.
Isaac: What are you talking about?
Man #2: I saw what you handed to the conductor on the platform. A badge. A police badge.

Man #2: And if it's me your after, you won't take me in a million years.

Isaac: You won't touch Harland!
Man #2: AGH!

Man #2: Shit!
Isaac: You're lucky I didn't get my gun out, because nobody stands a chance when they bring a knife to a gunfight...

Man #2: FUCK! AGH!
Isaac: Hurts, doesn't it? Prick.

Isaac: I'm not stupid. Don't play tricks with me.
Man #2: I know you're not... that's why I was going to kill you. I knew we were all fucked when I saw you reveal those badges... the last thing we needed were cops to spoil our fun. (Coughs)
Isaac: Oh well, shame. Stay here.
Man #2: Ouch! Get me help at least, I'm bleeding to death here!
Isaac: You would have helped yourself already if you hadn't brought a knife. Now, tell me all I should know.
Man #2: What do you want to know?
Isaac: Everything you've got planned! COME ON, SPILL!
Man #2: We only wanted to take Harland to a place where we could kill him, then we planned to sit him on the toilet so people thought he was just having a really long shit.
Isaac: Oh, funny! (Laughs) You know Luisa Santiago's men at least have a bit of humour!
Man #2: Fuck you.
Isaac: (Laughs)

Isaac: Alright!?
Chris: Isaac, keep your voice down. We've got him in sight.
Isaac: How are we going to take him off the train before it sets off?
Chris: Let's say we point these guns in his face and order him to get off the train as if he's to be arrested for something. Then that'll make the passengers have a reason to know of why we took him off. I mean, we've got to get him out of there somehow.
Isaac: Ok, I'll count us in. Three... two...
Chris: Sod it, the longer we wait the more at risk that poor bastard is.

Isaac: Harland Wrightworth?
Harland: Yes, what do you want? Don't hurt me, please!
Isaac: You're under arrest!
Harland: But what have I done?
Chris: Don't ask questions, just come with us.
Harland: No, I've done nothing to be sorry for.
Chris: You will if you don't move. This is wasting police time.
Harland: Alright, alright! I'm moving...!

Chris: Hey, get back here!
Isaac: Get after him, Chris!
Harland: Yeah, it's him you should be getting, not me!
Isaac: Shut it. Do not move a muscle. This place still needs checking out.

Man: Henri, are you ok?
Henri: No Jakob. I am not ok. What does it look like? That fucking cop stabbed with me with my own knife... (coughs)
Jakob: You need help.
Henri: No shit!
Jakob: Listen, I'll take the golf club from your suitcase, right? What did he do with the knife?
Henri: I don't know. Hit the fuckers with the golf club. Hit them hard.
Jakob: I will, listen. When we fight these two pricks off, we'll get out of here and get you help. Think of killing Harland as a last resort. Now, it's you that matters.
Henri: Thanks.

Jakob: Hey, you! Get here!
Chris: WOAH! Agh!

Chris: Agh!
Jakob: Get out of here before I beat you to your death, you cop scum!

Chris: You'd better watch where you swing that thing, my friend.
Jakob: No cop calls me their 'friend'. AGH!
Chris: Woah, shit!

Isaac: Put the fucking club down...
Jakob: Ah! Please, please don't hurt me!
Isaac: You know, I thought Luisa's men were hard men. And you're wailing, begging me to spare your life? You got involved in this shit in the first place you prick, and I'm not leaving here until I know Harland is safe. One of your pricks turned a knife on me before and look where he is now...
Jakob: Please, if you get Henri help to treat his stab wound then we promise we shall leave Harland as he is.
Isaac: Will you now?
Jakob: Yes.
Isaac: We might be cops, my friend. But as well as that, Harland Wrightworth is a business associate of Marion Cardenas, and it's our job to protect him.
Jakob: That bastard Cardenas!? What are you doing with him?
Isaac: The bastard's going down soon, yeah. But we're working undercover. Working TWO SIDES in this battle! Tell me if there's more men or I will kill you and your wounded friend. It'll be doing him a favour too. You won't be spending time on the 'beach' anymore.
Jakob: (Sighs)

Isaac: TELL ME!
Jakob: There is no more people.
Isaac: Oh, I'm sure there is.
Jakob: We're not here to kill Harland.
Isaac: (Chuckles) Oh, good one! Really, that's funny that. Tell me where the other fucking guys are or I swear I will blow your brains onto this lovely carpet.
Jakob: There's no people. In my suitcase...
Isaac: In your suitcase...?
Jakob: There's a bomb alright!
Isaac: SHIT!


Chris: What was that for?
Isaac: He left a fucking bomb on this train, Chris. Why do you think I did it? People are at danger here! Come on, we've got to get Harland and anyone off before it blows.
Henri: There's nobody else on this train but the driver and Harland, and you of course.
Isaac: (Sighs) Come on, let's do this.

(Beeping noise)

Harland: Detectives! Come quick! COME QUICK! IT'S GOING TO BLOW!


Isaac: Shit!
Chris: We've got to get down there, Harland needs our help...
Isaac: We've got to find a way through those fucking flames first... (coughs)

Harland: Help, detectives! (Coughs vigorously)

Harland: I can't take this anymore! HELP! I can't find my glasses! Shit!
Isaac: Harland!?
Harland: Thank you! You came to rescue me! Get me off this train now! I need my glasses!

Isaac: Agh!
Chris: Did you really have to carry him?
Harland: (Coughs)
Isaac: The smoke is in his fucking lungs, do you think he'd be able to walk without breathing easily? Harland, was there anyone else on that train?
Harland: (Coughs)
Isaac: Harland!?
Harland: No... (coughs)
Isaac: Call help, get these flames out. At least do the sensible thing even if we're... you know?
Chris: What?
Isaac: Just call for help! Then we'll take him to Marion...
Chris: Alright...
Isaac: Harland?
Harland: Yeah?
Isaac: I need you to listen to me, alright?
Harland: Ok, go ahead.
Isaac: We're here to help you for Marion's sake, and you and him better not be good friends, right?
Harland: Well, he's just a business partner, nothing more really. You saved my life, I'll do anything you wish.
Isaac: Well we're cops, Harland. You can't tell Marion. It'll ruin the operation.
Harland: He's going to find out though so it's pointless...
Isaac: Just don't tell him, he'll find out I know, but now isn't the time for him to know. Do as we say, please.
Harland: Well, alright.

Marion: Harland!? What happened!?
Harland: I can't see... give me a pair of glasses!
Marion: It's ok, you've got the chair, just sit down and speak, you don't need to see anything.

Marion: Well I guess you didn't end in Sance then? What the FUCK happened!?
Chris: Do you think we'd make it to Sance when Harland was at danger throughout the journey? You should be grateful we stopped them before the train set off... it'll never be setting off ever again too.
Marion: Tell me what happened!
Isaac: We followed Harland onto the train, but the conductor wouldn't let us on without tickets.
Marion: Oh shit! I forgot all about getting you onto the train, damn! I'm sorry, this is all my fault. DAMNIT!
Isaac: Really? We expected that you thought we'd find our own way on the train! So, we did.
Marion: Oh, that's good. Did you deal with the guys?
Chris: There was two guys. One was armed with a knife, Isaac dealed with him, while the other guy attacked me with a golf club and allowed the bomb in his suitcase to trigger.
Chris: Ssh! Quieten your voice!
Marion: What's the point!? It's going to be all over the news tomorrow and on the front pages of every newspaper! Think of it, showing pictures of that fucking train burnt to a crisp in black and white... claiming that two men escaped the blast with a believed business tycoon named Harland Wrightworth?
Isaac: If we got onto the train a little bit earlier and the train conductor didn't ask for our tickets then maybe we could have stopped that bomb going off...
Marion: So this is why Harland is in this state?
Harland: My gown burnt and I lost my glasses...!
Marion: Alright, I'll buy you a new pair of glasses. Are you ok otherwise?
Harland: There's smoke in my lungs... do you think I'm ok surviving a blast like that!?
Chris: The important thing is he survived.
Marion: Did Luisa's men survive?
Isaac: No. I left the prick with the knife to bleed to death, and I'm sure if the blast knocked us, a guy close to his death who was shook by the blast is now most definitely a dead man. No one else was on the train so I think it's nothing to worry about.
Marion: What about the driver?
Isaac: I'm sure he got off before anyone. We posed as cops and got the mess sorted anyway, the emergency services were there immediately.
Marion: I guess that's good.

Chris: We did the best we could, and no one who didn't deserve it got hurt.
Marion: I supposed it's something I should be grateful for, thanks chaps. It was my fault for not giving you the tickets to get on the train earlier.
Chris: No problem, Marion. Harland's alive and that's all what matters.
Marion: Yeah, thanks. Were the guys easy for you to handle?
Isaac: Yeah, they were. I handled most of them, though.
Chris: Fuck off. I was under attack from that lunatic with the golf club.
Isaac: He of which I shot. We was also lucky I got him to spill the information that the bomb was onboard too.
Marion: I suppose I couldn't be happier with your work today guys, you can go now, I'll deal with Harland here. He's pretty shook up. I'll get him some new clothes, a bath, and not forgetting a new pair of glasses.
Harland: Thanks guys. You saved my life, I suppose.
Isaac: No problem, Harland.
Chris: No problem Harland, anytime you need help. We're here. If Marion wants you safe, you'll be kept safe in our hands.
Marion: Goodbye, chaps.
Chris: See you Marion.
Isaac: Bye chaps.

Chris: Oh Isaac, wait. There's some business I'll have to see to before we go.
Isaac: Chris? What is it?

Chris: Right, this is getting annoying. Stop following me about with this ridiculous facepaint, Marcus. It's not amusing, and it was never amusing. So you know where the door is, you've had your coma, now leave mine.
Man: AGH! What's wrong with you? Are you insane!? What coma?

Man: Please, whatever you want... just say it.
Chris: You're not Marcus.
Man: My name isn't Marcus, it's William. You're insane my friend, there's certainly something wrong with you.

Chris: Oh listen William, maybe I am insane. Sorry, I thought you was somebody else. You looked like him for a moment...
William: Uhm, and I don't wear facepaint, see?
Chris: I see. I don't know how I saw that, I'm sorry. Is there anything I could do to be more sorry? It looks like I interrupted your performance...
William: No, it's ok. I'll accept your apology. I hope you find the guy you're really looking for.
Chris: Yeah, me too. Thanks, and sorry once again.
William: Don't stress over it, bye...
Chris: Bye.

Isaac: Alright, here we are.
Chris: Thanks.
Isaac: You're stopping at mine tonight.
Chris: Why?
Isaac: I need to keep a close eye on you, you've been acting strange ever since the day this whole operation started with the death of Herbert and all, and it's time I made sure you got some real rest.
Chris: Look, thanks. But I don't need it. I've had enough rest, but that man looked seriously like a guy I keep seeing constantly, and I.. I'm just scared.
Isaac: I know you are Chris, I know you are. It's a tricky situation we're all in right now and we need to put our ideas straight. The way you acted in there was humiliating not just in front of me, but Marion and everyone else in that whole restaurant.
Chris: It shan't happen again.
Isaac: It bloody won't happen again. Come on.

(Lighter clicks)

Isaac: So, who's this guy you speak of then? He a past enemy of yours or something?

Chris: No. Well, truth betold, I don't even know the guy that well at all.
Isaac: You just see him about then?
Chris: It's hard to explain because I'll find myself going off into the crap I've been given you for the past couple of days again but...
Isaac: Look Chris, whatever you think. Just say it. You're human, you're Alterran after all. I know you're not an alien, so whatever you say, it'll make sense.
Chris: You sure?
Isaac: Yeah, I'm sure. Go ahead. Tell me your story.
Chris: Well, about a year ago... well, not in your time, in the future.
Isaac: My time?
Chris: I'm talking of 2011.
Isaac: So what, you're in 2012, while I'm in 1967? Are you sure you know what you're talking about?
Chris: No, well... I'm here now aren't I? I'm most definitely not in 2012 now but... I don't know what it is. Maybe I've died and this is where I find myself. I always believed in reincarnation.
Isaac: Woah, that shit's true? But, how come you was perfectly normal before now and now you're just... you're just the way you are? I mean it's not been a problem these past few days but... but last week, you spoke of some shit that made me fear for my life. You scared me Chris, you scared me big time.
Chris: Sorry about that. I'm fine now, honestly. I'm just so sure that I don't belong here. Really.
Isaac: I'm sorry but you need to see a doctor. Or if something really supernatural is happening here, I don't know what to say or think.
Chris: My life has been supernatural since the day I found myself sat next to you in a car that wasn't mine. I mean what's it supposed to mean, hey? I heard a message from a man recently, in a dream of somesort? And maybe my car is a message too?
Isaac: What do you mean?
Chris: Well, the numberplate is SER 12S... why would my car have a vanity numberplate on it?
Isaac: I can't tell you, Chris. (Laughs) You chose it...

Chris: Maybe the number twelve represents the year I'm from... 2012.
Isaac: I don't think you've time travelled, Chris. Maybe you had a very weird dream and now you believe your life is going to change because of it. I mean it's never happened to me but, it has happened before. Hell, it's even drove people to their deaths.
Chris: No, it's not like that.
Isaac: Are you sure you're not on drugs or something? Maybe the outcome of drugs? Schizophrenia?
Chris: No, it's not a split personality. I'm still talking to you as I would now even if I am talking about my life in 2012 too.
Isaac: Is there something else that your car concerns you of?
Chris: Yeah. There's a sticker on the back, SE. That sticker represents Sengland for whenever you leave the country. Where have I gone to make it possible to have that on my car?
Isaac: Honestly, I couldn't tell you. I don't know. I wasn't there when you brought the car, Chris. Nor was I there when you drove it around before I became your partner.
Chris: When did you become my partner, Isaac? Tell me.
Isaac: 1965.
Chris: Two years ago. Now, Chris. Think. If I think of that in modern day standards, two years ago was in 2010... and 2010 was when I got Mitch as my new partner. Yes! That's it! Someone definitely is controlling this experience, Isaac. You became my partner two years ago the same as when Mitch became my new partner. I've got to remember that one...
Isaac: Uhm, sure. Nice theory, I guess?
Chris: I'm sorry I've dropped you into this, but ignore me if you like. While I look up into the stars and you say goodbye to your sweet lungs smoking that shit, I know I've solved something.
Isaac: You've smoked for years, Chris. I don't know what you're talking about.
Chris: And Manticon too? I drive a Heaveola Conventa, the creator of this dream has certainly took the 'Con' from Conventa and stuck in onto the end of my star sign, Manticore.
Isaac: You're an astrology freak right?
Chris: Astrology and astronomy, not to be confused with each other.

Isaac: Your dream fascinates me, Chris. But you're ok. No one's out there to hurt you, remember that. You're probably just confused by a dream you had in your sleep and now you're thinking its real, and with the current operation at the minute, things are getting on top of us both we can admit, you especially.
Chris: I don't think you're correct, Isaac. I'm sorry. But, thanks for your support.
Isaac: No problem, pal. I'm always there for you.
Chris: Thanks.
Isaac: Night. I'm off up to bed. You know where you're sleeping right?
Chris: On the couch?
Isaac: No, you dumbshit! You need rest, and laying on that thing won't do you too good. Have my bed, I'll sleep on that fucking thing.
Chris: No, please. You keep your bed, I'll have the couch.
Isaac: No, I insist. You need the rest, please, Chris. Sleep in my bed.
Chris: Oh, well thanks.
Isaac: Alright, don't be too long. Make sure you lock all the doors after you when you come up to bed. Don't wake me up, either.
Chris: I won't.
Isaac: Alright Chris, night.
Chris: Goodnight Isaac.

The truth is Chris had missed his passion so much since the beginning of his time of finding himself in 1967 that he looked into that telescope all night. He didn't get any rest.

But it wasn't rest he needed... not when he could always booze it up in the morning when he returned to his apartment. Like I said, the things we take for granted we also thought the police force did too. But what did we get? Ian becoming a fraudster as well as the Chief of Police... it goes to show how corrupt the force can be sometimes, of which some don't realise, and will never realise.

So what had you done Chris? To conclude the small amount of time you've found yourself there you've raided a factory, fucked a couple of people off, dated a pretty girl, done stupid things, drove really fast, pointed guns to people's heads... and you know, for a cop... the first kill is a regret, the second is just something to forget, the third is a case of 'I didn't want to do it, but I had to do it, and I did it, what more can I say?'... and after that, that's when things start to wear out. Death after death, you become more accustomed to the process of killing criminals too dangerous to apprehend in arrest. Every cop has a weak spot, but they can find their way out of trouble. Booze? Certainly not the way to go, Chris.

Ian: Well this certainly isn't the way to go. Now we've got a bloody explosion at Saxon Train Station and I don't know what to think.
Victor: Damn, everything is getting on top of us recently.
Ian: You have any idea what would have caused it?
Victor: Well obviously there's something in someone's luggage that wasn't CHECKED properly before they even stepped foot on the fucking platform...
Ian: That's unfortunate. If Chris and Isaac are occupied with Cardenas then we can always send Rod and Felix down to investigate.
Victor: Sure. Maybe it'll be time for one of them to prove what they're worth.
Ian: Absolutely. They're big boys now, they want big jobs. An arson attack is a perfect step towards resulting in a promotion for either of them.
Victor: Oh, here's Chris and Isaac.

Ian: Chaps.
Victor: Hello guys.
Isaac: Morning gov, Victor.
Chris: Morning guys.

Ian: So, Saxon Train Station... boom. Explosion. You so happen to know anything about it?
Isaac: ...
Chris: Yeah, we were there.
Victor: What!?
Isaac: We had a job from Marion, a guy named Harland Wrightworth wanted to take a holiday to Sance and took the train, but Luisa Santiago's men began to swarm all over the place. We took them out, just after one of them had told us he left a bomb in his suitcase that was ready to trigger. Look, if we got on the train earlier because of the conductor asking for tickets then we might have been able to stop it.
Chris: We called the emergency services immediately afterwards, nobody was hurt apart from Santiago's men who were, as Isaac said, dealt with. The explosion only happened in the middle carriage so the train driver got off safely and besides, it was still a good couple of minutes before the train was scheduled to leave so perhaps there were more passengers about to go onboard anyway, and they didn't get hurt. The train driver is safe, Harland is safe, and Santiago's men are dead.
Victor: Your sure the scene was being cleaned up as you left by the fire brigade?
Isaac: We're positive.
Ian: Alright, well... I can't argue there I suppose. You did the right thing, I guess.
Victor: Was the job easy? Have you been paid yet?
Isaac: No, Marion hasn't payed us yet, he didn't have the time. He'll probably pay us when we next see him. Otherwise, the job went ok. One of the guys nearly stabbed me with a knife, but I saw to that one.
Chris: And then the guy who's suitcase was to explode had a golf club that he was swinging at me frantically. So, yes. The job went fucking smooth.
Victor: (Laughs) You're here now though, what's there to dwell on?
Isaac: Marion oh-so nearly found out about us being cops at the nightclub...
Ian: You what!?
Victor: Hey well he has to find out sooner or later doesn't he? But I guess it's still good that your identities are sealed...
Ian: Hell no should he know now. What happened?
Chris: Marion and Ray saw us with Rod, and they know Rod as Wayne's brother, and Rod fortunately made up the good excuse of checking us for 'drugs' in the club, at the acceptance of Marion of course.

Isaac: Rod did well to get us out of that situation while Felix was nowhere to be seen...
Chris: But he didn't know something like that was waiting to happen did he?
Isaac: Well...
Victor: What did Marion say afterwards?
Chris: That he wants Rod stopped, he doesn't want him anywhere near Wayne because he thinks that Rod is going to try and put him straight and pull him away from those bastards. And I hope he does.
Ian: They can come looking for Rod when we start hunting for them. So long as we get to them before they get to us, everything is going to be alright.
Isaac: I damn well hope so.
Ian: Are you both good otherwise?
Chris: Yeah, I'm alright.
Isaac: Chris is far from alright. He spent the night at mine and never went to bed, instead he was looking through that telescope all night.
Chris: Because things have been so on top of me recently I then had the time to do what I love...
Isaac: Yeah, sure. If you was staying out all night you could have at least told me my bed would be free so that I could sleep in it instead of giving me this awful pain I have in my back on the bloody couch...
Victor: Well, we've established then that pretty much everyone is in the wars.
Ian: We're leading up to a huge war now. This city is going to be in threat soon if we don't speed it all up.
Chris: We can't act until Luisa makes her move on Marion. They want him dead and he can't be killed. He's a wanted man and it's time we brought down The Del Bosque gang and this city full of his corrupt businesses.
Isaac: Look, I've got to go now. Have you spoken to Rod?
Ian: No, but I know he's here. I think he's at his desk perhaps.
Isaac: And Felix?
Ian: I don't know where he is, he hasn't dropped by much recently.
Isaac: Hmm, alright. Well, I'll see you guys.
Chris: Yeah, it's time I should pay my duties to my 'bit on the side' too.
Victor: Your bit on the side?
Isaac: He's dating the daughter of Kiefer Hodgson.
Victor: Oh, the guy in Marion's clan. I see.
Chris: Florence is a girl that's really easy to get information out of once you know here, she's perfect for this operation. See you.
Ian: Bye guys.
Victor: Goodbye chaps.
Isaac: See you.

Florence: I'm going to light the fire. You comfortable?
Chris: Yeah, sure.

Chris: Like I said Florence, it's certainly a nice place you have.
Florence: Yeah, thanks. You've not seen it all.
Chris: I'd love to see it all.
Florence: And I want to see your flat sometime.
Chris: Trust me, you don't.
Florence: Why not?
Chris: It's not what you'd call a penthouse or anything, it's just a tiny little apartment. Like I said before, I don't know how I ended up there.
Florence: Money troubles I'd guess?
Chris: Yeah, probably.

Chris: So, Kiefer not around again?
Florence: No, I don't think he's at the boxing club or with Marion either. I think he's out with Danilo in Sanchester or somewhere.
Chris: How come?
Florence: I don't know, I don't get an insight into these things...
Chris: How are you then?
Florence: I'm not bad thanks, but I keep worrying over something.
Chris: Tell me Florence.
Florence: It's my job. You know I want to leave and get the job as a chef, but I can't.
Chris: Why not? You don't want to be an office worker much longer do you? You have supreme talent, you should think about leaving. It'll be the best option.
Florence: But the money, Chris. What if I can't find the job soon enough?
Chris: Are you joking? With your talent you'll definitely find the job soon enough, and... you can always rely on your father, hmm? You've got a big house after all, I mean, it's not as if you're struggling for cash is it?
Florence: I don't know. Father's boxing business isn't going so great recently and he's not been going to Marion as much either. I think Marion's not paying him anymore.
Chris: Is that what you think?
Florence: Yeah, I think.
Chris: I'll go talk to him.
Florence: No, don't. He'll know I've told you what I think. He doesn't want the hassle. And besides, I don't even know when he'll be back from Sanchester...
Chris: When he comes back, we'll sort things out, ok?
Florence: Oh, ok. Thanks Chris.
Chris: It's my pleasure, Florence. I'll do anything for that pretty young girl who's going to be a chef soon.
Florence: (Giggles) I really hope so.
Chris: Do you want me to take you out for a meal somewhere?
Florence: No, I'm fine here as it is thanks.

Chris: Well, as long as you're ok, that's good. Do you want me to leave?
Florence: You can leave when you want, Chris. I don't mind.
Chris: Oh well, in that case then... I'll stay around for a little while. Do you have any idea what restaurant you might want to work for?
Florence: Well, I'm pretty sure Marion wanted to give me a job at one of his restaurants, but like I said, with father acting strangely recently and with no mention of being near Marion, I'm beginning to think that getting a job from him might be hard.
Chris: If you want, I can have a word with Marion too. I'm sure it won't be any harm to him to tell him that I'm dating you, will it?
Florence: No, not if father doesn't have anything to hide between him and Marion...
Chris: Alright, well, when I see Marion, I'll go talk to him, ok?
Florence: Yeah, sure. Thanks.
Chris: In fact I would like to stay around but I think it's best I go now.
Florence: Why? I was just beginning to talk to you.
Chris: I only wanted to come and see if you were ok. I've got work to do remember. You've got my number, and I've got your number, so if you want to call me sometime, please do.
Florence: But you're only going to be at work all the time. It seems recently as if everyone who's ever been close to me is leaving me behind...

Chris: Oh, don't think of it that way Florence. I might not be there all the time, but when I am there, I'll always be there for you.
Florence: Oh, Chris. Thanks. I really appreciate that.

Chris: No problem.
Florence: ...
Chris: ...
Florence: ...
Chris: Look, I've uhm... I've got to get going now.
Florence: Sure.
Chris: So, like I said... give me a call sometime, yeah?
Florence: Yeah.

Chris: Goodnight, Florence.
Florence: Night Chris.
Chris: And believe me, I'll get back to you as soon as I hear from Marion.
Florence: Thanks.
Chris: Bye then.
Florence: See you, Chris.

Chris: Dear, I know I'm not supposed to but, I really like that girl, thoroughly like that girl I do... why would it be wrong if I was to have a proper go at it with her?

Chris: It's time we thought about what paths we should take in order to not upset one another when I drop my mask to Marion...

And you thought you were making life-changing decisions Chris, you've seen nothing yet...

If you take a life, do you know what you'll give? The odds are you won't like what it is... I've seen angels fall from blinding heights. But you yourself Isaac, you're not so divine... just next in line...

Isaac: Hey lads.
Marion: Isaac! Fancy seeing you here to join us! I'm glad your exploring my empire, welcome to the casino again, the place that found you a spot in my syndicate.
Ramon: Hello Isaac.
Wayne: Hey Isaac, nice to see you.
Isaac: Nice to see you too, Wayne.
Marion: Hey Ramon, get Isaac a couple of chips will you?
Ramon: Sure, Marion.

The odds will betray you... and you shall be replaced. Placing your cards, the King before the Queen, followed by the Jack, but at the bottom, The Ace. The one everyone dares to play. You can't deny the prize it'll give, it may never fulfill you. It longs to kill you.

Marion: Alright, Isaac. Ready when you are.
Isaac: One moment.
Marion: Let's see what you've got, hey?
Isaac: Yeah, sure. The same applies for each and every one of you too.
Wayne: I come here all the time.
Marion: (Laughs)

Marion: So, where's Chris?
Isaac: I don't know. He'll be at his apartment. I just had nothing going on, so I thought I'd head downtown and take a game of poker and you guys so happened to be here.
Marion: Well at least you're not playing with complete strangers hey?
Isaac: No, which is why I came here.
Marion: There's a drink there, it was served previously but our man had to go.
Isaac: Ah, I guess it was Kiefer?
Marion: No, it was Harland. We're heading him back out to Sance soon, but one of us will be driving him over there instead.
Isaac: Oh, I see.
Marion: Don't worry, he didn't touch it at all. I mean if you don't like champagne that much, you can always leave it and I'll get you something else. After all, I have the money to waste.
Isaac: Why a glass of champagne though? Is there something to celebrate?
Marion: Of course! We think you got rid of the last of Luisa's men and now there's only Luisa herself to deal with! Once that bitch is dead, we can get back our money and carry on life as usual!

Isaac: Well I've also came here for another reason. I hate to rain on your parade but, there's something you should know.

The coldest blood runs through your veins...

Isaac: You see, I've known something for a short while but I was trying to find the best chance to tell you.
Marion: Tell me what, Isaac?
Isaac: That wasn't the last of Luisa's men.
Marion: How come!?
Isaac: There's more, a lot more. We retrieved the plans from Luisa, giving names of all her clan members, each with an order of sending a letter to them on their plans.
Marion: That's great! Great work, Isaac! What's the plan they have?
Isaac: Uhm, well I'm afraid that's the part that's going to let you down.
Marion: What is it?
Isaac: The plan is to kill you, Marion.

Life is gone with just the spin of the wheel, or a fold of a card...

Marion: What!? That bitch! How the FUCK does she plan to do that!?
Isaac: With her right-hand man, Marion. Rocco Mendez.
Isaac: And let's not forget Ivan Zharkov too, The Blackjack's assassin.
Marion: This is crazy.
Isaac: It's up to Chris for what he thinks, but I'm with you on this one. I'll protect you from Luisa Santiago. Don't worry - you won't be killed.

I've seen diamonds cut through harder men, but if you may pretend, you may just meet your end. This isn't just a game of revenge, it's a game of money being tossed. Money, that we take for granted.

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