Episode 2 - A War in the Midst - Part 2

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Episode 2 - A War in the Midst - Part 2

Post by SilverJ on Fri Jul 31, 2015 2:45 am

A Silver Gold Production
Written By: Jon Silver
Rating: 15+


Raef: Raef Law that is. Born and raised child of Denland.
Allen: I am sorry, madam!
Raef: It is okay. It happens often. Now, let’s get down to business.

Lawson: So, Rico, what did you and Allen discuss?
Rico: Nothing important.
Lawson: It doesn’t seem unimportant. You have been very quiet since you talked to him.
Rico: Look, it is a personal matter.
Lawson: If you pull some stupid shit like leaving, I am going to kill you!

Rico: Well, that is real comforting…
Lawson: Not really.
Rico: Sarcasm… Just get back to work.
Rico: (Whisper.) May this be the end to my bad deeds…

Brad: Okay, men. Tonight is a big night. This mission must be carried out with nothing short of profession. Right now, we have two men inside: Philip and Kevin. They are counting on us, and we are counting on them. They have been told that they have until 10:45 to get all of the information they can, then we move in.

Tyrone: What if they don’t get the information needed?

Brad: Being that Philip is in there, we don’t have to worry about that.

Nigel: How are we going to carry out this operation?

Brad: Since every target is upstairs, we have no need to take a split assault. We will go in and try to arrest all of the people that we can. Our main targets are Allen Smith and Harold Vanallia.
Tyrone: How will we know which is which?
Brad: Philip and Kevin will point them out, also, you should read up on the files, officer.
Tyrone: Sorry, Sargent Green… I was out this past week.
Brad: Not my problem.
Nigel: What now?

Brad: We wait for the clock, then we go in, possibly guns blazing.

Allen: I do ensure you that the cars will be delivered in a week’s time.
Raef: I would like to think so. (Silence.) Now, Allen, you make me question a few things.
Allen: What might that be?
Raef: How does a man like yourself get caught up in this type of business?
Allen: What are you talking about?
Raef: Don’t play dumb with me. This is obviously not legal, though I still participate. I want to know how you became a part of it.

Allen: I was around the wrong type of people.
Raef: I bet that you now wish to get out of it all.
Allen: Yes.
Raef: What is holding you back from leaving?
Allen: Mr. Vanallia is not that willing to comply with me.

Raef: He is something special, is he not?
Allen: Yes, he is. Often think he is bipolar.
Raef: I cannot disagree.
Allen: Well, madam, I will leave you to your evening.

Raef: Thank you, Allen.

Raef: Allen, wait!

Allen: What is it, Raef?

Raef: If you still want to get out of this, I am leaving in ten minutes. I’ll try and find a way to help.

Allen: I appreciate the offer, but no thank you.
Raef: Obviously, Allen, you don’t know when a woman is inviting you over.
Allen: Apparently not.
Raef: Well, Allen, I’m going to change that. Follow me.

Philip: Well, Kevin, we are getting close to the deadline.
Kevin: What time is it?
Philip: It is…

Philip: 10:35.

Kevin: Oh, we are a bit in a bunch.
Philip: Yes, but I know what to do.
Kevin: What?
Philip: Follow me.

Rico: Why, good evening, gentlemen!

Philip: Oh, likewise, sir. Now, I acquire a drink.
Rico: Right away, mister…
Philip: Oh, please, no mister. I prefer to be called by my first name: Reginald.

Rico: Sorry, sir. My name is Rico. What drink could I get you, Reginald?
Philip: A margarita with some olives, please.
Rico: I will get right at that.
Philip: Thank you, Rico!

Philip: I think he is an accomplice.
Kevin: How can you tell?
Philip: From what I have read on Mr. Vanallia, he seems like someone he would hire.
Kevin: Why so many accusations with you?
Philip: Kevin, now is not the time. I am following a gut feeling.
Kevin: Better hope that it isn’t something else.
Philip: You are impossible…

Rico: Here you are, Reginald.
Philip: You are such a lad, Rico.
Rico: Please, Reginald…
Philip: No, no, Rico. It is all fine.

Rico: Now, what about you, sir?

Kevin: Umm, well, I’ll have a beer.
Philip: So un-classy. He’ll take what I am having.
Rico: Very well.
Kevin: What time is it now?
Philip: It is 10:45.
Kevin: Oh, crap!

Brad: Everyone freeze! Don’t move!
Rico: I’m not going to be taken in for this crap.

Brad: Put the gun down!

Rico: I can’t do that.

Philip: Rico, we can help you. I know you are a part of Mr. Vanallia’s operation. If you want out, we can help.
Rico: You can’t help me. I have my own way out.
Philip: Rico, please.

Kevin: Rico…



Philip: Are you all right, Kevin?!
Kevin: I am fine. He just got me in the side.
Philip: Okay. Hang in there. Somebody call an ambulance!

Brad: Everything alright?
Philip: Yeah, but he needs attention.
Brad: Good.
Philip: Where is Mr. Vanallia?
Brad: We got him downstairs.

Philip: This is quite the conspiracy.


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