Episode 02 - The Writer

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Episode 02 - The Writer

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[size=200]Kings Of The Desert[/size]
Season: 01
Episode: 02
Written by: Mark Davison
Produced by: Moonstone Productions
[warning]AGE RATING: 15+

Ant: Ya’ can learn all kinds of things from writin‘ Maxwell!… Oh, sorry… erm…

Ant: … Ah, yes… The name’s Antony Willis, call me Ant if ya’ want, I don’t really mind. Huh? This? No, it’s not the script. I CAN remember my own lines thank you VERY much, I DID write it myself!… Ahem…

Ant: As I was sayin’, I was born on September 26th, 1976. My age isn’t really that important but if it must be said, it must be said. I’ve lived in this here town about four years now. ‘Fore that I lived over in Neath, Denland which is where I’m from. Yes, that’s right, I moved to the other side of Alterra at the age of eighteen. It’s quite a long story but… if you’re willin’ t’listen then I might just tell ya’…

Ant: Before I came here, my life weren’t too bad. I mean, it sucked but I knew I had it better than a lot of poor souls at the time. Things never really went well for me, they still don’t but at least now it’s only ‘cause of my own fault as opposed to havin’ an endless streak of bad luck. But come the last year of high school, that was when things really got started…

Cam: Pssst! Ant, here she comes.
Ant: Huh?
Cam: Jus’ comin’ into the room now… She lookin’ mighty fine today, I dare say.
Ant: Now you keep off her. We had a deal, first come first served, aye?
Cam: I’m just messin’ mate, don’t stress.

Ant: It was the year I met Chrissie. She had just transferred to our school at the time an’ it took about a week from when I saw her before I built up the courage to approach her. I knew the moment I saw her, she was special. She had that look-she was mature, intelligent, elegant, yet fun an‘ passionate… but sure as hell still foxy. Of course, I’d never had a successful romance pursuit up ‘till then but… what was the worst that could happen?

Cam: Good luck mate!
Ant and Liam: Ssh!
Cam: Sorry.

Ant: Hey.
Chrissie: Hi.
Ant: Don’t think we’ve met. You’re new, right?
Chrissie: Yeah.
Ant: … I’m Antony… What’s your name?
Chrissie: Christine.
Ant: Mind if I call ya’ “Chrissie”?
Chrissie: Erm…
Ant: I’ll let ya’ call me Ant, if ya’ wish.
Chrissie: Sure, go ahead.
Ant: Alright then. Well, it’s nice to meet you Chrissie.
Chrissie: You too, Ant.
Ant: …
Chrissie: …
Ant: So what other subjects are you studyin’?
Chrissie: Aside from the mandatory?… Literature, Maths and Art.
Ant: I see… How you likin’ ‘em?
Chrissie: Heh, you’re sure asking a lot of questions.
Ant: Well at least one of us has to… Besides, they’re insightful dontcha’ think?
Chrissie: Mmm, I suppose so.
Ant: Ok, I might not’ve gotten as far there as I’d hoped, but there’s always another time. So since we got the utmost basics out the way, what say we meet up at lunchtime an’ get to know each other better?

Chrissie: Sure.
Ant: An’ I also hope that you’ll be a lot more vocal than this when that time comes.
Chrissie: Hehe, sorry. I’ll try.
Ant: That’s all I can ask.
Mr B.: Antony, quit chatting up the girls will you please and get back to your seat?
Ant: If you say so sir… Speak to ya’ later Chrissie.
Chrissie: Take care, Ant.

Cam: Oh way to go Ant!
Ant and Liam: Ssh!
Ant: Quiet the hell down will ya’?
Cam: Whoops, sorry.

Ant: Despite nearly killin’ mysel’ from bein’ overcome by some very bad nervousness which included but not limited to: inability to breathe, uncomfortable warmth, “the shakes”, intense sweatin’ an’ my throat lockin’ up, I thought it went rather well. Managed to relax a little when I sat back down… after I contemplated killin’ Cam for almost ballsin’ up my game plan. I couldn’t stop lookin’ at Chrissie though, she was just so… beautiful… Well, she still is but y’know what I mean. It was hard holdin’ on without messin’ things up, but I held out alright an’, as surprisin’ as it was for me, things started to evolve sooner than I thought…

Ant: It was only about three weeks after we first met, but I invited her, along with my best friends Cam and Liam, out to the cinema for my sixteenth birthday. ‘Course I weren’t expectin’ a miracle or out, nor did I expect it to be easy makin’ a move on her with others around, but I couldn’t just make it me an’ her alone-too obvious. But I gave it a shot an’ went with the wind. As always was the case, the whole put-your-arm-around-her trick in the cinema worked like a charm, but I didn’t know how things would progress afterwards. The cinema part however, is always the hardest part for me so, provided I’m still technically breathin’, it shouldn’t be as hard thereafter…

Ant: This was no exception. We all parted ways afterwards an’ although it was gettin’ late, I quietly asked Chrissie if she wanted to stay out a bit longer jus’ me an’ her.
Chrissie: I’d love to.
Ant: She said “I’d love to.” I took it as a good sign an’ prepared… I know I might sound pathetic the way I’m goin’ on, but that’s just how I feel in these situations. Oh, an’ I’d never admit I’m pathetic so keep it between us.
Max: I heard you just admit it.
Ant: Oh shit…

Chrissie: Brrr, it’s awfully chilly tonight.
Ant: I wouldn’t normally admit it to anyone, but I think it is as well… Don’t tell anyone I said that.
Max: Again, I heard ya’.
Ant: Oh will you shut up an’ piss off please? This is supposed to be MY episode.
Chrissie: Hehe, don’t worry. Your secret’s safe with me.
Ant: I knew I could trust you.

Ant: You’re shiverin’… Here. Gotta’ keep you warm, don’t I?
Chrissie: Awww, thanks.
Ant: You’re welcome sweetheart.
(Long silence)
Ant: …“SWEETHEART”? Ah, jeez, gimme’ a break.

Chrissie: … Ant?
Ant: Yeah?
Chrissie: I…
(Long silence)
Ant: Well said.
Chrissie: Heh. Mmm I just… (Bites lip).
Ant: It’s alright. You don’t need to say anythin’…

Ant: … So yeah… self explanatory right there. Not supposin’ ya’ want me to go in-depth at this point. Jus’ thought I’d share how we came about as bein’ a couple. Despite our troubles, we’ve been together ever since really. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me…… Anyway, movin’ swiftly on…

Ant: Despite not studyin’ very much outside of school, or managin’ to pay that much attention in class provided Chrissie was there beside me, I managed to get mainly Bs in everythin’ I studied with a couple Cs an’ an A. I still got into college so that was just fine with me. We all got into college, or at least the four of us did an’ that was all that mattered. Well, aside from Cam who got some sort of training programme with some medical research group. The only thing was, none of us were goin’ to the same place, which was bloody typical really. I don’t often get emotional, even in the hardest of times but… this was different in every way-it was our lives startin’ for real, little did we know that none of us were supposed to be together…
Cam: Well, I’m off now guys. Parents are packed up ‘n’ ready for me so we can head off to Granton.
Liam: That really sucks. I don’t even know where that is! I’m never gonna’ see you again… or any of you for that matter.
Cam: Hey, you never know. We might just one day. Or so I hope at least.
Ant: Well good luck bruv. I hope we do meet again, wherever an’ however that’ll be. Don’t forget us when you’re a famous viral scientist or whatever.
Cam: HA! Like that’s gonna’ happen. Well don’t forget me when you become a world-class writer.
Ant: Don’t kid yasel’. Ya’ really think that that’s gonna’ happen? Pfff…
Cam: Don’t doubt it. Chrissie, you promise to keep ‘im on the straight ‘n’arrow now y‘hear?
Chrissie: Hmm, I can only try I guess.
Cam: Countin’ on ya’. Well, farewell guys.
Liam: I better jet too. Got myself a last-minute tour of the campus in Jensongham.
Ant: Ok, now I KNOW that place is less popularly known than Granton.
Liam: Meh… Anyways, so long people.

Ant: ‘Till we meet again…
Chrissie: You ok sweetie?
Ant: Yeah… Just fine…

Ant: I never did see them again. Not that I was in Denland for much longer after that an’ they were headed miles away from Neath… Worse was to come when I almost lost Chrissie for the same reason…
Chrissie: You sure you’re ok? We’ve never really talked much about what we’re doing now.
Ant: Huh?
Chrissie: I’ve tried to tell you the past couple weeks that I was applying to Stillhon for college and I‘m enrolling tomorrow, I was hoping you hadn’t decided yet and maybe want to come with me?
Ant: Uhm…
Chrissie: What is it?
Ant: I’ve… already applied and gotten into Cramham.
Chrissie: What???
Ant: I know it’s a big ask but… would you consider comin’ with ME instead? Seein’ as I’ve already enrolled.
Chrissie: … I can’t exactly say no can I? Just what would I do without you?
Ant: I ask myself that exact same question… What WOULD you do without me?
Chrissie: Har-har-har.
Ant: Haha, sorry. But in all seriousness, I dunno what I’d do without you either… I really don’t…

Ant: After all that an’ we didn’t even stay in Cramham for very long either… I got you somethin’.
Chrissie: Aw, what is it?

Chrissie: Aww, it‘s that necklace I saw in the shop the other day… I can’t believe you remembered I said I loved this.
Ant: I think I’ve known you long enough to remember every word you say.
Chrissie: Hm, I don’t believe THAT but aww you’re really sweet, thank you so much honey… But what’s the occasion?
Ant: Chrissie… I need to talk to you.
Chrissie: Now why does that sound like it’s something bad?
Ant: It depends on how ya’ look at it really. Thing is, the past few months, I’ve felt lost, like I have no idea what my purpose in life is. My writing gets me nowhere, my family drives me insane, I face misfortune at every corner I turn… The only time I’m convinced I have a good life is when I’m around you.
Chrissie: Trying to be sweet. Now I KNOW that this isn’t good… (Sad sigh) go on.
Ant: Well, it was last night when I finally worked out, it’s not that I don’t have a purpose… It’s that I don’t know what I want outta’ life.
Chrissie: And… does that include me?
Ant: Aw no, no, no. I love you Chrissie. Always have, always will. It’s everythin’ else really. And that’s why… I‘m leavin’.

Chrissie: WHAT!? Where are you going!?
Ant: Heh, I remember a time when you would barely speak let alone raise your voice.
Chrissie: WHERE???
Ant: Oh, not far… (Cough) just to the UMC.
Chrissie: I’m sorry!? That’s… ABSURD! What about us!?
Ant: Well that’s what I brought you here to talk about.
Chrissie: … Oh… no… You’re breaking up with me.
Ant: Heh, nice try but you ain’t gettin’ away from me that easily.
Chrissie: …
Ant: In retrospect, a humorous sarcastic remark mightn’t have been the smartest play there… No, I would never do that. I know you are far too special and precious to me to even consider lettin’ you go like that… Which is why I’m askin’ you to come with me…

Ant: Now, I’m not sayin’ I’d thought of a brilliant idea or anythin’, ‘cause it wasn’t really. The reaction I got started with one of her uncommon little rants at how she thought that the very idea of all this was just plain-
Chrissie: -Insane!
Ant: “Insane”. She’s cute when she’s angry, so I just stood there until she got all the anger out of her system. By that time, I managed to convince her to think it might’ve been a good idea after all. Hey, it ain’t so hard when she was a born adventurer at heart to begin with, an’ that she always said she’d like to see the ol’ UMC for herself one day. This was as perfect an opportunity for her as any so… it worked. The followin’ week we both quit college an’ packed our bags. Good thing she decided to come with me-if she didn’t then I’d have no idea what the hell to do ‘cause I couldn’t leave her nor could I stay where I was.

Ant: Of course, Chrissie wasn’t the only problem. In fact, she was probably the least-of-a-problem problem of the whole thing… My family on the other hand…
Terry: She didn’t seem like the girl who would decide somethin’ like this let alone convince you to go with her ’n’ just abandon your family like that!
Michaela: You should know better by now to put you, your studies, and YOUR life before anybody else’s, ESPECIALLY hers!
Ant: The fact that they immediately presumed this was all Chrissie’s idea, kinda’ tells ya’ all ya’ need to know ‘bout the parents, don’t it? Look, for the last time, I’m NOT defendin’ Chrissie-this really was MY idea, ok?
Terry: Yours???
Michaela: Why didn’t ya’ say so in the first place!?
Ant: (Sigh)
Terry: This ‘cause o’your writing? Ya’ think ya’ can seriously pursue that? Are ya’ JOKIN’!?
Michaela: You’ve really gone ‘n’ done it for yasel’ now haven’t ya’?
Ant: Well, thanks for the pep-talk, but I gotta’ dash.
Terry: Like hell you are! Y’know how ya’ got ya’ car in the garage at the moment? Yeah? Well ya’ don’t anymore right? I’m gonna’ scrap it.
Ant: Oh you go an’ do that… I had other plans anyway…

Ant: Last time you underestimate me. Oh an’ yes-I did just steal my dad’s car there. How else was I gonna’ run off? Anyway, from there I went an’ picked Chrissie up at four o’clock, as we had agreed. Then we made our way to the harbour an’ headed for the UMC. I’m fairly certain my dad’s still lookin’ for that car, not so much lookin’ for me though, if I know ‘im well enough. Just as well though, not like he could just see me rollin’ on the streets in Marvega now could he? Especially not since I led him to believe I was headin’ for the Barmeran border. While in fact I was plannin’ on headin’ in the opposite direction.

Ant: Not knowin’ where to settle down, we chose to just go on a road trip from north to south an’ see where we ended up. It’d been a few month, after all the rests we made an’ places we stayed at longer, ‘till we were gettin’ near Hwaria. We were a couple hundred miles away, an’ then we saw it… It was then when we found what is known as The Wasteland. I only had to be there for ten minutes before I knew we had found where we were gonna’ stop an’ start our lives. Now I think ‘bout it, Chrissie didn’t seem entirely the same as I did when we saw this place… That said, she had fallen in love with Emerald City which was the last town we saw before we came here, which was strange given Chrissie’s a country girl an’ she loves the outdoors an’ campin’ an’ nature as opposed to the big city… Not that it was a city, it was just a small town with restaurants an’ shops… Oh how I’ll never understand a girl’s love for shoppin’.

Ant: Ok, so it wasn’t a traditional paradise, an’ we weren’t exactly wealthy with the cash but we DID have the ol’ Sandrine which was still worth a few bob, so we sold it an’ bought ourselves a small caravan to live in, even if it was just a temporary measure… Hey, it beats the derelict houses that still sit alongside the old streets. With what little money we had left, I bought mysel’ a small Wolfsburgh Fox so I could enter the racin’, despite Chrissie’s feeble attempts at stoppin’ me simply by sayin’-
Chrissie: I would seriously wish that you wouldn’t.
Ant: Yeah… ‘Cause that was really gonna’ work. ‘Least she agreed to stay here. She’s near enough to that non-city she’s ever-so-fond of… if sixty four miles is “near enough” for ya’. An’ that’s why we had to get her a car too, so she could drive up there an’ back as much as she pleases. That left us with not very much money at all in the end, an’ my writin’ was just as bad, prob’ly even worse than it was when I were back at home. I’d heard there was good money involved in the racin’ provided you were in the higher ranks of the league, an’ side-bets with other Desert Kings don’t hurt neither.

Ant: Guess there’s only one other thing I need to tell ya’… Well, I don’t NEED to, but you lot all seem to wanna’ know, an’ that you’re all such an awesome audience… Ok, so I don’t know if any of ya’ are even remotely int’rested to hear it but here I go anyway… It were last season, I was at the top rank an’ had completed the time trial faster than Timothy-
Tim: It’s TIM!
Ant: TIMOTHY!… An’ so that meant I could challenge ‘im for the King Of The Desert title… Yep-ya’ guessed it. This is what me an’ ‘im were discussin’ last week…
Tim: Wow, really nice car you got there Antony… Tell me, which scrap yard’s it from?
Ant: The one that’s situated next to the sewer where ya’ scrounged your car up from.
Tim: Haha, you’re quick with the lip today. You might wanna’ be quicker on the dust than you are with the tongue ‘cause otherwise there ain’t no way in hell you’re takin’ my throne.
Ant: Was that supposed to be a euphemism?
Tim: Oh will you shut up with that phrase? It gets on my nerves.
Ant: Ha, you’ve got a nerve t’say that.
Tim: I’m going now ‘cause I can’t stand your cocky little sarcastic attitude let alone your ironic dribble.

Ant: Just as well you’re gonna’ lose your title then. You’ll be so embarrassed ya’ won’t be able to stand regardless.
Tim: Rrrr… Some days, Antony, I swear I could throttle you.
Ant: As long as ya’ know which peddle in your “car” the throttle is.
Tim: Oh fuck off.
Ant: I’m on a roll today.

Tim: Ready to go?
Ralph: Not yet.
Tim: And why not? I can’t wait to beat that little punk ‘n’ wipe that smitten grin off his face.
Ralph: ‘Cause everyone who said they’d come to watch the race ain’t here yet an’ you know the policy. An upscale race like this, we like to make it as big a deal as we can.
Tim: So much for being in a town where we’re not supposed to give a crap about things like that.

Meg: Good luck out there hun.
Ant: Thanks Megs.
Meg: You kick that rich tosser’s arse, aye?
Ant: Ya’ don’t need to speak like I do y’know.
Meg: Hehe, sorry, just wanted to see what it was like… It was fun!

Chrissie: Ant!
Meg: Uh-oh I spoke too soon…
Ant: Can I ever expect to live long enough t’see the two o’ya’ be friendly towards one another?
Meg: Ant, there’s a lot of things I’d do for ya’, but befriendin’ your lil’ princess ain’t one o’them.
Ant: (Sigh) can’t win ‘em all I guess. Hey babe, you alright?
Chrissie: Oh I’m just peachy… Megan, will you excuse me?
Meg: Where ya’ goin’?
Chrissie: Ha, oh-so-funny. Seriously, clear off will ya’?
Meg: Alright, but only ‘cause that’s the first time I ever heard ya’ speak non-posh-like.

Meg: An’ ‘ere I was thinkin’ you was a country girl!
Ant: What’s up Chris?
Chrissie: Stop calling me that, you know I hate that, I have ALWAYS hated that.
Ant: Alright, alright. What’s the matter Muffin?
Chrissie: Those normally sweet pet names you give me aren’t going to work on me right now either.
Ant: Ah, gee, I shoulda’ guessed what this were ‘bout…
Chrissie: I don’t want you to go on with this.
Ant: … Please tell me you’re jokin’.
Chrissie: You’re the only joker in our relationship Ant, you should know that by now, surely.
Ant: Y’called me Shirley?
Chrissie: … See what I mean???
Ant: Ok, I’m sorry. But I ain’t backin’ down from this. I’m takin’ the top title, I’m gonna’ ruin Walker, an’ I’ll be the new King Of The Desert.
Chrissie: You could get killed out there though! You know these showdowns can get violent, and you wouldn’t be the first to die on the track.
Ant: An’ I certainly wouldn’t be the last. Look, I’ve been racin’ here for four years, you’re a bit late to tell me ‘bout the risk that’s involved in this.
Chrissie: Fine. Don’t listen to me… You never do…
Ant: Why do you always act all upset an’ broken-hearted like that? An’ why does it always make me chase after ya’? Y’do realise one day this little merry-go-’round is gonna’ ruin me somehow… But not today.
Chrissie: What?
Ant: Don’t think I don’t know what you think when you do this… If it were any other day, I’d still chase after ya’ same as ever. But this is the big shot I’ve been waitin’ for. We don’t make much money from my writin’, an’ ya’ know fine well what little money we need for stuff we get from this. When I take that title, we’ll be rich, an’ you’ll see you’ve been worryin’ all this time for nothin’.
Chrissie: Ant! We steal our water and gas from the neighbourin’ town! We steal our electricity and radio signals from those old towers that are illegally in operation, same as everyone else who lives here! The only money we need is for food and clothes and even the money we get from your writing is more than enough for that!
Ant: … So even YOU agree that my writing’s no good.
Chrissie: … Aw no honey I’m sorry. That really REALLY wasn’t what I meant to say, I swear. Ant, I’d never lie to you, and you know I love your writing.

Ant: Forget it.
Chrissie: I… (Sad sigh)…

Ant: We set Ralphie?
Ralph: As set as we can be.
Ant: Ace.
Ralph: Good luck.
Ant: Cheers.

Ralph: (Whispers) You’ll need it, you self-righteous, irrespective dickhead.
Ant: I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that!

Ant: Try THIS on for size, Walker!

Tim: Oh you little shit!
Ant: For a “King”, ya’ sure ain’t got much authority.

Tim: I’m sure you understand the concept of vengeance, my dear Antony.
Ant: Woah. Welcome back there Timothy, didn’t expect ya’ to return so soon. Ready for more?

Ant: Oh crap, didn’t see that’un comin’.
Tim: You got a lot to learn, boy.

Ant: Aaaand…
Tim: Now what ya’ plannin’?

Tim: Aw hell.
Ant: Nyahhaha, rule number one when it comes to understandin’ the ol’ Antster: never underestimate ‘im!

Tim: Oh well, first time I’ve had to do to this, at least to a stupid annoyin’ little tyke like yourself…
Ant: What… the fuck makes you think that that’s gonna’ do you any good?

Tim: “Aaaand…”
Ant: Oh…

Ant: Oh you’re definitely a dead man for this.
Tim: What goes around, comes around.

Ant: Erm… this part o’ya’ plan?
Tim: ‘The hell? My car’s stuck on yours!

Ant: Mr Walker, may I present to you the most prestigious of facepalms that Alterra has ever seen?
Tim: Hmmm… I coulda’ sworn that trick worked the last time I tried it…

Ant: Oh well done Timmy, that’s some class-A drivin’ ya’ displayed right there.
Tim: Thank you. I feel honoured.
Ant: Ha, I finally respect you a teeny tiny bit merely for havin’ my sarcastic attitude to misfortune… Your car knackered then?
Tim: I take it that was Stupid Denevian speak for “broken”? Well no it isn’t… Ok, it is.
Ant: Haha! I mean AWWW that’s just TOO bad Timothy.
Tim: And yours?
Ant: What ya’ talkin’ ‘bout? Mine works perfectly… Alright, it may be just a little bit-
Tim: Wrecked?
Ant: No I wouldn’t say that… “Demolished” might describe it better.

Ralph: What seems to be the problem there good sirs?
Tim: Both cars are pretty much totalled.
Ralph: Haha! I been runnin’ the tracks since ‘85 ‘n’ I gotta’ say that that’s a first.
Ant: Oh gosh, I feel all warm ‘n’ fuzzy inside knowin’ that.
Tim: Ahem, was that a euphemism?
Ant: Oh screw you you phrase-stealin’ tosser.
Ralph: Well, I guess, seein’ as you both failed…
Tim: Yeah, thanks for that.
Ralph: Not a problem. So I guess we need to apply a rule here an’ say that the title don’t change-Tim remains the King Of The Desert for this season.
Tim: Thank you. And if I may say so, a wonderfully logical decision you came to Ralph.
Ant: ‘The fuck that’s logical! If anythin’, I call a rematch!
Tim: Now why’d you go and do something like that?
Ant: D‘uh! To prove who’s the better driver! What the fuck else do you think!?
Tim: No need to prove such a thing. And you shouldn’t go getting yourself wound up like that young man-bad language like that won’t do you any good.
Ant: Go choke on your own ego ya’ twat! I climbed my way to where I am now faster than you did, an’ let’s not forget who now holds the fastest time on the time trial, AND it was my very first attempt at it ‘n’ all!
Tim: That’s because all the guys on the dust nowadays are all amateurs, such as yourself, and they’re much easier to bypass than they were when it was me working my way up. And as for the time trial, I was a bit hung-over from the night before seeing as we were out on the town. Ralph, you remember, you were there.
Ralph: Indeed I do, and thank you again for invitin’ me, it was good o’ya’.
Tim: No problem, anything for a remarkable gentleman such as yourself.
Ant: What a pile of utter BULLSHIT! Ralph, you’re as corrupt as a backstreet accountant. Who the hell was dim-witted enough to let a good-for-nothin’ piece o’scum like you be in charge of the rally-spec tracks!?

Ralph: Now watch your mouth, sonny. I’m givin’ you the benefit of a doubt but I won’t be lenient on you forever.
Tim: Go ahead Ralph, you don’t deserve stick from this little runt. You’re way too good of a man to put up with that from anyone.
Ralph: I get it enough off my wife.
Ant: You’re actually married? Holy plumbbob, shove a knife in my ear, I can’t believe what I’m hearin’!
Tim: That can be arranged if you don’t pipe down soon.
Ralph: I could say the same Antony-you actually have a girlfriend? Chrissie’s a good girl, what could she have possibly done to have ended up with a poor son-of-a-bitch like you.
Ant: Oh-ho you little fu-
Billie: Ant! Let it go, please. This is going WAY out of control.
Tim: Yes Antony-listen to her wise words.
Ralph: You really should relax, kid. I don’t see what the beef is.
Ant: The “beef” is that you just screwed me over!
Tim: Heh, was that a-
Ant: And if you steal my euphemism phrase one more time Timothy I swear I’ll have you gutted an’ strewn out on a clothesline by tomorrow mornin’.
Tim: Youch. Thought you were meant to be bad at art-never known you to be so colourful.

Ant: Meg woulda’ had a better judgement than you. To be frank, she oughta’ be runnin’ the show up here.
Ralph: That’s ‘cause the two o’ya’s are in cahoots together, it’d be biased in your favour t’let that gal run things here.
Ant: You don’t know the first bloody thing about bias.
Ralph: I had enough o’this. So whilst I’m still in charge, I’m gonna’ have you relegated immediately…
Ant: WHAT?
Ralph: Startin’ next season, you’re racin’ in Hatchback Class Rank 1.
Ant: WHAT!?
Tim: Aka The Absolute Beginners.
Ralph: An’ be thankful ya’ ain’t been chucked outta’ here permanently. You sure as hell wouldn’t be the first.

Tim: Farewell Antony. I’d be lying if I said it was nice knowing ya’ but I may as well be nice.
Ant: Shove it, Walker. Nice just ain’t in your nature. You keep bein’ a stuck-up twat if ya’ want me to respect ya’ in any shape or form. But hear me now-none of ya’ ain’t seen the last o’me.
Tim: Oh? You gonna’ be supporting my team from the sidelines?
Ant: Ha… You just wait an’ see.

Sammy: So what’s the score? Can I save my ol’ Escudo?
Mechanic: No. Sadly neither the 354 nor the Sigfrid can be saved.
Sammy: Ah, too bad… So when can I expect to see the 354 on the road again?
Mechanic: I just told you-never.
Sammy: Yeah I know you did but I’m askin’ you when I’ll be able to drive it again.
Mechanic: Again-never.
Sammy: You sure ‘bout that?
Mechanic: As sure as I am that my mother is my mother.
Sammy: Sure you’re not adopted?
Mechanic: What?
Sammy: Get a DNA test?
Mechanic: I…
Sammy: Can’t be too sure of these things. So that means the 354 still got a chance, yeah?
Mechanic: No.
Sammy: Perfect. So how much is it gonna’ cost? Y’know what, nevermind-just put it on the station’s tab… Or better still, charge Rico. He’s got the cash, whatever the figure.
Mechanic: …

Ant: So now y’know what went on last season. I know it weren’t any big secret but… I hate talkin’ ‘bout it. I ain’t backin’ down though. This is my life, it’s all I really got. I swore I’d become the King Of The Desert an’ I ain’t lettin’ any bugger stand in my way. Walker thinks he’s gotten away with it, ‘specially with Ralph in his back pocket. However, if Billie wasn’t there to try to control the situation, I’d have made it worse for myself. I just can’t back down from a fight, no matter what. Bless her though, she does look out for me. ‘Course Timothy don’t appreciate it when his lass turncoats an’ becomes like that with ‘is rival, but to hell with him. I know her better than he does, no matter what he likes to think.

Chrissie: Ant!
Ant: Chris…
Chrissie: Billie told me what happened… Look, Ant, I-
Ant: Save it, ok? I don’t really feel up to talkin’ ‘bout it to anyone. Besides, why would I talk ‘bout this kinda’ stuff to you of all people? You’ve never approved of any of it so for all I know you’re prob’ly relieved that it happened.
Chrissie: Yes, I am glad that it happened. I’m sorry if it sounds harsh but it’s the truth. I just can’t bear the thought of losing you out there on the track… Dust, whatever.
Ant: Hm. You have a knack for soundin’ harsh today. Well, sorry to disappoint ya’ but I-

Chrissie: Wait. Please don’t tell me you intend to continue with this. After today?
Ant: Too bloody right I am! Even if I gotta’ work back from the ground up, an’ it takes another four years, I don’t care. I ain’t lettin’ Timothy get the better of me an’ not get revenge. It’s just not my style, you of all people should know that.
Chrissie: You cannot be serious!
Ant: I thought that too, but turns out there’s the odd time that I am. This is one o’them.
Chrissie: Well… alright then… I’m going to go.
Ant: Alright.
Chrissie: … (Starts to sob) Goodnight Antony.

Ant: … Aww Chrissie please don’t do this. It tears me apart to see you sad… I’m sorry you don’t agree to this, but it’s who I am, it’s what I gotta’ do. You know what I’m like, you’ve spent the last six years with me, by now you should be able to put up with it all.
Chrissie: Ok.
Ant: If you could say more than just “ok”, I’d appreciate it.
Chrissie: Ok.
Ant: …
Chrissie: I just don’t know what to feel or think right now.
Ant: Please just tell me that I’m not gonna’ lose you. The last thing in Alterra I’d want is to lose you…
Chrissie: … Aw Ant. You won’t lose me… ever. I’m fairly certain I’d be worse without you than the other way around.
Ant: I highly doubt that.
Chrissie: Wow. No sarcastic remark?
Ant: Sorry to disappoint you, but no… Oh damn it, too late.
Chrissie: Hehe… So, you coming back inside?
Ant: Yeah, just a second Muffin.

Ant: They think they seen the last o’me. But that just ain’t gonna’ happen. Aside from all my other reasons, what else am I gonna’ do if I don’t race? WRITE!?… Actually, yeah, I really should but… that’s not the point!

Ant: I hope The Wasteland’s ready, ‘cause the ol’ Antster’s comin’ back, an’ he ain’t goin’ lightly. I’m gonna’ focus an’ do my hardest to claim that title.

Ant: Actually… What am I talkin’ ‘bout? I don’t wanna’ take things seriously. I don’t NEED to take things seriously, Pfff, this trifle’s gonna’ be a walk in the park!… Uhm, a walk in the DESERT, sorry… Actually, shouldn’t it be a DRIVE in the desert?… Argh, screw this, just stop the camera already will ya’?


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