Episode 05 - The Sheep Becomes The Shepherd

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Episode 05 - The Sheep Becomes The Shepherd

Post by TheOriginalMADMarkyD93 on Sat Nov 24, 2018 4:00 pm

[size=200]Kings Of The Desert[/size]
Season: 01
Episode: 05
Written by: Mark Davison
Produced by: Moonstone Productions
[warning]AGE RATING: 15+

Chrissie: How d’you do? It’s nice to meet you. My name’s Christine Hart… but apparently it’s now officially Chrissie. Everyone basically calls me that now. I don’t have a problem with it but, it would be nice to be called something other than Chris and Chrissie all the time… Oh, I hate Chris by the way-that’s a boy’s name, and I’m certainly not a boy before any smart-mouthers say otherwise.
Alan: Argh, damn it. I’m too late.
Chrissie: As I was saying… I was born on April 15th, 1990... Oh darn it… Erm, I meant 1977. Sorry. Erm, I was born in Neath, Denland and spent my last year or so there with Ant. That of which you already know. Now I know there’s no point in me explaining how I came to be in The Wasteland because… well… you already know. However, from what I heard, Ant never told you anything other than all the jokes and games of our journey… and the stuff that actually matters to him. But hey, that’s Ant for you. So, guess I better follow suit like everyone else, and explain MY story to you…
Max: So… you admit you “follow suit like everyone else”? So you may as well be a sheep?
Miles: She IS a sheep.
Chrissie: I am not a sheep!
Ant: Hey, hey, lay off her. Keep goin’ Muffin.
Chrissie: … Just roll the opening, will you?

Chrissie: By the way Ant, aside from these guys picking on me, how am I doing?
Ant: Perfectly Cookie, keep it up.

Chrissie: I may have been born in Denland, and am 100% Denevian, but from the age of five until I returned to Neath where I met Ant, me and my parents lived out in the Mahru desert on the border of Shellas and UFSR. I loved it there. It’s where I got my young adventurer’s will… and I just love camels! Sorry… childish moment. I kind of kept to myself when I was over there. My parents had their ups and downs but I kept plodding on. I’m not saying it didn’t hurt… because I’m actually quite sensitive, but until Ant came along, I did fine on my own. Now, I can’t even remember how I ever survived without someone by my side. In the middle of August, my parents had decided to return to Neath. I hated the thought of it. I mean, saying goodbye to my camels!? No way… I still miss them. Life definitely started off rough the moment we landed in Denland. And I’m not insulting the pilot’s skills either.

Chrissie: My dad may have been a tribal sort of guy, which is why he clashed with my mam so often-the pampered, gossiping, scheming, selfish, fashion-obsessed and cruel woman she was. Hey, I’m different from the rest of the Wastelanders-I don’t foul mouth when I insult. Anyway, my dad still loved to drink… a lot… and gamble… even more. My mam hated him for it, and he hated her for hating him for it. And I hated them hating each other for hating the other one for hating… This doesn’t even make sense!
Ant: Sorry, I was tired and had drank half a bottle of tequila when I wrote this scene.
Chrissie: … But one night, things had finally gotten to a point where they couldn’t go on…

Costello: Congratulations Officers Prickett and Stubbs, you are both now officially members of the Brentstone Bureau.
(Crowd applauds)
Rico: Thank you sir, I’m honoured.
Sammy: Wow! Thank you SO MUCH DUDE! This like totally means a lot, it’s so freakin’ awesome!
Costello: Not to worry, I’m sure you’ll have calmed down soon enough. You two will fit in very well here. It’s a pleasure to have you on board with the squad.
Rico: No fear, I’m sure of that too.
Sammy: So, what scumbag drug dealers we gunnin’ down today?
Costello: Erm…
Sammy: We interrogatin’ any broads for info on their boyfriends’ arms deals? Huh?
Rico: (Whispers) Don’t worry about him, he’s just watched a bit much TV today.
Sammy: Do I get a sweet set of wheels?
Costello: Actually, yes, you Samson get the Escudo 354 parked outside.

Sammy: Woohoo! Bitchin’!
Rico: What!?
Costello: Gotta’ give the kid something I suppose…

Sammy: Ha! Just as well too! For a moment I was worried I was gonna’ get somethin’ pathetic like a Sigfrid or somethin’.

Olivia: What time you call this?
Corey: Erm… Wha-?
Olivia: You said you wouldn’t be out too late tonight, as you always are.
Corey: I didn’t do that much.
Olivia: Been to the bar?
Corey: Only had about ten shots of vodka…
Olivia: Short visit to the casino?
Corey: Only lost us fifty simoleons tonight.
Olivia: … Been with your usual group of fellow stoner trash?
Corey: I only had… one… two… four lines… or seven.
Olivia: You’re “tripping” aren’t you?
Corey: … Juuuuuuuust a lil’ bit, aye.
Olivia: What the hell is your problem!?

Corey: Ah here we go again!
Olivia: I’m not having all our money wasted away because you decide to give it all away on cards, roulette and several hundred bottles of vodka you down over the weekends at your mates’ house parties and getting high on Alterra only knows what!
Corey: ‘N’ why not? ‘Cause you’d rather get your hair dyed ‘n’ straightened, ‘n’ empty out all the clothin’ stores on the high street? No way love, no fuckin’ way.
Olivia: Don’t you even DARE talk to me like that you deadbeat lowlife scum!
Corey: I’ll talk to you any way I fuckin’ feel like it!

Olivia: OW!
Corey: You think I like doin’ that? Gotta’ put ya’ in your place don’t I?

Corey: Christine… What the hell are you doin’ standin’ there!?
Olivia: Don’t talk to her like that! Just get out… GET OUT!
Corey: Fine. Only ‘cause I don’t wanna’ be stuck with a pair like you two anymore. I’m fed up… of BOTH of ya’! You’re weighin’ me down ‘n’ I can’t be arsed to put up with ya’ anymore. I’ll pack my bags. Don’t worry, ya’ won’t see me again-I’ll go to the far ends of Alterra to get away from ya’ for good.
Olivia: Good, I’m sick of this house stinking of tequila and… whatever that stuff you smoke is.

Christine: I may have been fifteen years old, but I still had never been so frightened in all my life. He never hit me, or my mam… before that time anyway, but I was always afraid of him when he got like that. My mam, well, I wasn’t afraid of her, I just cursed her for the way she was. I tried so hard to not be like either of them. Heh, I used to be convinced I was adopted, we were that different… But no, I’m sure I wasn’t… Sadly. I never did see my dad again after that night. “The far ends of Alterra”… I always wondered where he meant. I don’t care anyway. There’s not a lot I don’t care about but… I hope I never have to see him again. But if I do… So help me, the things I’d do if I got the chance…
Max: Steady on there girl, relax.
Chrissie: Anyway… (exhales)… By this point I wanted to run away-go back to the Mahru, go back to my camels, and live there on my own. Sure, I wouldn’t have truly been happy but, it was better than what I was going through. Some day, I might just do that… but not now. Luckily I stuck where I was, not knowing my life was about to start a new chapter… The moment I first walked through that classroom door. The moment that seemingly loud and cocky guy with his equally loud and cocky friends came over to talk to me. The moment said seemingly loud and cocky guy turned out to be really sweet. The moment he became my closest friend. The moment he suddenly became everything I had ever looked for in a companion… The moment I fell in love…

Chrissie: The moment that all made me start my life almost entirely from scratch…

Ant: … I’m leavin’.
Chrissie: WHAT!? Where are you going!?
Ant: Heh, I remember a time when you would barely speak let alone raise your voice.
Chrissie: WHERE???
Ant: Oh, not far… (Cough) just to the UMC.
Chrissie: I’m sorry!? That’s… ABSURD! What about us!?
Ant: Well that’s what I brought you here to talk about.
Chrissie: … Oh… no… You’re breaking up with me.
Ant: Heh, nice try but you ain’t gettin’ away from me that easily.
Chrissie: …
Ant: In retrospect, a humorous sarcastic remark mightn’t have been the smartest play there… No, I would never do that. I know you are far too special and precious to me to even consider lettin’ you go like that… Which is why I’m askin’ you to come with me…

Chrissie: Very funny.
Ant: No I’m… I’m serious.
Chrissie: You’re serious?
Ant: I know it isn’t often that happens but, yeah.
Chrissie: Seriously?
Ant: Glad to see my irony is rubbin’ off on ya’.
Chrissie: … Well, that lasted long. So… Well, when are you expecting to be coming back?
Ant: That’s the thing… chances are I won’t be.
Chrissie: WHAT!? That’s insane!
Ant: “That’s” why I want you to come with me.
Chrissie: Ant, you just… just… argh.

Ant: Where are ya’ goin’?
Chrissie: You are unbelievable, you know that?
Ant: Thank you.

Chrissie: …
Ant: Heh, normally my sarcasm makes you leave me faster, not keep you here.
Chrissie: …
Ant: Look, I’m sorry. I don’t want to pressure you, honest. But I love you, and I don’t know what I’d do without you in my life. We’ve been together for over a year now, and there’s no one else I’d rather spend my life with. I need you so badly, and I THINK that you need me too. If anything we’ve ever said to each other has been true then I must be right.
Chrissie: Ant…
Ant: Am I right?…
Chrissie: He was right. Sure, my entire life, friends and family were all in Denland but… we promised each other that wherever one went, the other followed. Ant was certain that this was what he needed to do, and so it’s what I needed to do as well. I feel exactly the same way about him as he does with me. I suppose Ant didn’t sell the idea to me too badly either-adventure, not knowing where we’ll end up, and the legendary UMC… it was true what he said:
Ant: What more could you possibly ask for?
Chrissie: I am an adventurer, with a true wild explorer’s heart… Albeit, hidden pretty deeply. It’s one of the reasons I love that necklace he bought me that day-I’m a secret tribal girl on occasion. That’s why I love it in The Wasteland… just need more camels really. And when I say more, I mean any. The Wasteland’s next to lifeless. Still, one day I’ll make my dream come true: live in the Rasheem jungle in Rochesberry and have myself a pet tiger… or a leopard! Sorry… another random childish moment… hehe, I do have an immature side to me sometimes. Ant says it’s adorable.
Miles: Oh great, another childish little girl out here… Just what I need.
Ant: Shut it Hoffman.

Olivia: You’re LEAVING!?
Chrissie: Anyway, back on track. Ant wasn’t the only one who had trouble explaining things to his family. Actually, if anything, I honestly believe I had it much worse than him. I’m sorry mam, but I have no choice.
Olivia: OF COURSE you have a choice! Your family, your friends, they’re all here! Your education, your career, your future… YOUR LIFE! This is where you belong!
Chrissie: I know…
Olivia: And you’re throwing everything you have away for… for HIM!?
Chrissie: I… guess so, yes.
Olivia: No daughter of mine would just abandon her loved ones. You know, of both your parents, you are DEFINITELY your dad at heart…

Olivia: Also, you should stick up for yourself sometimes. You’re quite a pushover really. The moment someone becomes “important” to you, you follow them anywhere no matter what the consequence. You’re just a sheep.
Chrissie: Y… You…
Olivia: Got something to say?
Chrissie: You……

Chrissie: BITCH! My “family” according to you is my immediate family, and that is basically just YOU. And if that’s the case, then I’m surprised I never left earlier. You’re a horrible, heartless cow who doesn’t care about anyone but herself. And don’t you dare say a word against Antony, at least he looks out for me and cares about how I feel.
Olivia: I care about how you feel!
Chrissie: You sure have a funny way of showing it.

Chrissie: I’m packing my bags and leaving tonight. I have Antony, and he has me. All we need is each other. With that, we can go anywhere and make it through anything.
Olivia: You’re only seventeen-you are NOT walking out of here without my say-so. You don’t even know what to DO with freedom! You don’t have the courage to ignore a simple order.

Olivia: See what I mean?
Chrissie: You know… Dad wasn’t always a nice person. He mightn’t have been a nice person very much either. And true, I’m glad he left, and hope to never see him again. But you… you’re a much worse piece of work than he could ever be. If I had to choose between you or him… granted, as difficult and as unfair a decision as that is, I’d choose him. But I don’t have to choose either of you, I have Antony now. There’s no one else I’d rather be with. Even if me and him were the only two people in Alterra, I’d still be happy with life. There’s nothing we can’t face together.
Olivia: …
Chrissie: And with that, I say goodbye.
Olivia: … So the sheep becomes the shepherd.
Chrissie: Oh shut up.

Chrissie: It was at that point, I finally started to miss my dad. I still do, though I figure that I’m better off without him. If only I knew where he actually went, at least just to tell him exactly how I felt about everything and be done with it all for good… but since when have I ever been granted anything of the sort?
Ant: Pssst!

Chrissie: Right on time.
Ant: Of course-I’m a prompt, genuine ol’ fellow who always keeps his promises to his fine lady.
Chrissie: (Giggles) Catch.

Ant: Bloody hell, I was expectin’ to be catchin’ YOU not these fricken’ cases. You weigh a feather compared to this thing. What ya’ got in here? The kitchen sink?
Chrissie: Very funny. Ok, NOW you can catch me… if you want to, anyway.
Ant: Not sure my back’s up to the task anymore but I’ll give it a shot.

Ant: ‘The hell’s with these weird metal cases anyway?
Chrissie: I never had a chance to replace my broken suitcase, but we had a load of these lying around, strangely… I think my dad kept his… drugs, whatever, in them.
Ant: Riiight… So, y’all ready to go Muffin?
Chrissie: I figured so, seeing as I’m diving out of the house window super-spy-style.
Ant: Things go alright with your mam?
Chrissie: Again, can’t you tell by the way I’m leaving the house? How about your parents?
Ant: Oh yeah they were very understandin’… or at least, they will be when they read the note I left them that they’ll find on their dresser in the mornin’.
Chrissie: Ant…
Ant: Don’t lecture me on that right now. I just wanna’ get away from ‘em.
Chrissie: Fair enough.

Chrissie: By the way, will these silly little pet names stop anytime soon?
Ant: Y’mean the ones I’ve been callin’ you since we first started goin’ out? Haha, yeah… I’ll still call ya’ them from beyond the grave when I haunt ya’.
Chrissie: Thanks for that.
Ant: My pleasure.
Chrissie: Hehe… They are sort of cute I suppose.
Ant: … I love you, Treacle.
Chrissie: N’awww I love you too… Um…
Ant: Hey, the pet names is my thing, you find your own.
Chrissie: Heh, sorry. Another thing though…
Ant: Yeah?

Chrissie: Have you seriously stolen your dad’s car?
Ant: No… When have I ever done somethin’ seriously?
Chrissie: Fine-Have you stolen your dad’s car non-seriously?
Ant: … Maaaaaaaaybe.
Chrissie: Life as a runaway felon… interesting.

Chrissie: So there we were-finally on the road to where our lives are today. Exploring a vast country neither of us had ever been to before… Getting entirely lost… And cruising around in a stolen car without a care. Again, Ant’s immortal words:
Ant: What more could you possibly ask for?
Chrissie: Quite. Well, I finally stood up to my mam… Actually, I finally stood up to SOMEONE. So, I guess it counts for something, despite the great lengths of trouble I… I mean Ant… went through to get us this far. Our only problem at the time though was where were we going to settle down after our trip? We argued for a while over where to stop.
Ant: I suppose that quaint little town back there weren’t too bad…
Chrissie: Emerald City? It was perfect… Sure, it’s no desert town or the jungle……… but it was definitely what I’d call a paradise.
Ant: Dreamin’ of your jungle an’ your big cats again? An’ it ain’t a city, a’ight? It’s barely even a town.
Chrissie: Barely? The place was massive!
Ant: Not really…
Chrissie: You still got lost.
Ant: Yes, I got lost!… In your unsurpassable beauty.
Chrissie: Nice try Ant, you can’t deny you still got lost in that town. I think we should live there though, it was amazing.
Ant: Pff ha, no chance. Tell ya’ what though Cookie, we find a nice place nearby that I approve of, we can stay there an’ then we get ya’ your own car an’ ya’ can go up to Emerald anytime ya’ feel like it. Deal?
Chrissie: Deal.

Chrissie: What’s the matter? Lost again?
Ant: No way! Course not!… We’re uhm… by the desert sand.
Chrissie: Wow. You have me convinced that you’re an award-winning navigator.
Ant: I AM an award-winning navigator! I was in a Smoogo Riverblossom Off-Roading Club as a junior navigator. I once navigated for two drivers on the same event an’ they got first and second places!
Chrissie: Oh yeah that’s right. Tell me again about this club-is it real? Did you just happen to make up every little detail? Was there actually anyone else there to offer competition to you?
Ant: Hilarious Christine, sure you aren’t a stand-up comedian?
Chrissie: Wait… You feel that?
Ant: It’s gone cold… In the DESERT?
Chrissie: I don’t get a good vibe from it. We better push on, just bear your “calculation” and hope we end up somewhere we can work out where we are.
Ant: No argument here… for once.

Ant: Is this what I think it is?
Chrissie: Rain…
Ant: In the DESERT?
Chrissie: It’s…
Ant: Un-bloody-believable!
Chrissie: What could possibly make such a random climate out in the desert?

Ant: WAIT…
Chrissie: What?
Ant: …
Chrissie: …?

Ant: … Whassat?
Chrissie: It’s a……… couple of racetracks?
Ant: Damn rights it is!

Chrissie: NOW where are you going?
Ant: Take in this wonderful petrol… I mean “gasoline” filled air my love, for this is our new home!
Chrissie: … Is this even a town?
Ant: I don’t care! I’m livin’ here either way!

Chrissie: Oh brother…
Ant: Are you high Chrissie? Ya’ don’t have a brother.
Chrissie: Rrrr… Now Ant’s already told you most of what happened after our arrival here, so I’ll just casually divert onto my own little branch of the tale. Being that we were running low on money, Ant, ever-so-sweet that he is, selflessly sold his… dad’s… car, and bought us both two small cars… of some description. I’m really not sure. And we also got that little caravan to be our new home. We SAID it would be temporary but… well, I’ll admit I’m a caravanner, so I wanted to keep it. In the meantime, Ant continued his writing… when he could be bothered, and then he also does his racing…… Yes-I’m not particularly happy about that so I’ll just move swiftly on. So, that just left me. Ant didn’t want me to work, and to be honest, we had no need for money seeing as we didn’t pay taxes, living in a “non-existent” town, and all of our amenities were siphoned from Emerald City.
Ant: Ahem.
Chrissie: Whoops, sorry. I mean, uh, we do no such thing… Anyway, that pretty much meant I could do as I please. I go up to Emerald City at least a couple times a week and currently have some good friends up there… it’s my second home. Life finally settled down how I wanted it to be, and I could officially say I was 100% happy.
Max: Ahem.
Chrissie: Riiight yeah… ALMOST 100% happy that is…

Chrissie: It was a couple years ago, when Meg showed up in The Wasteland. I can’t quite remember how or why she ended up here. I believe I’d been told already but I tended not to care enough to listen. It is Meg I suppose, why SHOULD I care? Anyway, it was her arrival when things first went awry. Ant’s racing? No problem, I can live with that. The fact we live everyday outside the law? Fine. Having some “fit”, slightly short, blonde girl wearing a short skirt most of the time, acting like she doesn’t care about guys yet always hanging around with mine? No way…
Meg: Haha awww well thank you Ant, that’s really sweet o’ya’.
Ant: You’re very welcome.
Chrissie: Hey.
Ant: Hey Cupcake. Erm, Meg, this is Chrissie. Chrissie, this is Meg.
Meg: Hi there. Ant’s been tellin’ me all about ya’.
Chrissie: Oh has he? All lies, I’m sure.
Ant: Aw I’d never lie about you my sweetheart… Well, actually, there WAS that ONE time…
Chrissie: Har har. So, are you a new Desert King?… Or Queen, whatever.
Meg: No, I’m the new flag girl coverin’ the three hatchback ranks actually.
Chrissie: Oh?
Ant: Yeah, Meg had heard the usual stories ‘bout me bein’ up for the Ace Driver Of The Year award an’ all that an’ so she came over after my race today an’ got to talkin’.
Chrissie: I see.
Meg: Yeah, ‘n’ his race finished back ‘bout three o’clock I think it was, ‘n’ we been talkin’ ever since ain’t we?
Ant: Has it really been that long? The time’s just flew.
Meg: ‘N’ we haven’t disagreed on anythin’ yet-same taste in music, TV, cars, places etc etc…
Chrissie: Fascinating.
Ant: You alright there Muffin? You seem a little preoccupied.
Chrissie: Yeah, just peachy. You know, the usual things that bother me around this time of the day?
Ant: Ha, rights… Oh wait, you’re serious. Erm, y-yeah, I… get what you mean?
Meg: (Whispers) What’s her problem?
Ant: Erm…
Chrissie: Excuse me?

Meg: It’s just… Well I been hearin’ what ya’ thoughts are these days, Ant’s filled me in on all that already. I just gotta’ say, ‘n’ I say this as lightly as I can, it ain’t really up to ya’ what he does. His choice he races, accept him for who he is or don’t, s’up to you.
Chrissie: I… beg your pardon!?
Meg: Look, I don’t know ya’ so it ain’t my place to say this but surely ya’ can see where I’m goin’ with this.
Chrissie: Yes, I can see where you’re going-the right way for a slap.
Meg: Oh-ho ya’ wanna’ go a round with me missy then ya’ just gotta’ say the word.
Ant: Woah, woah, woah. Cool it you two.

Tim: Lady problems Antony? Too bad. At least I know how to keep my ONE woman content. Shame you can’t follow the example I set.
Billie: Tim…
Tim: Alright Bill, I’ll leave your little friend alone. For now, anyway.
Ant: (Sigh) I sooo wasn’t ready for this today.

Ant: Wh-… NOW where are ya’ goin’?
Chrissie: I refuse to waste my time here.
Meg: Wise choice love.
Ant: Pardon my language for a brief moment but for FUCKSSAKE!… I’ll chat to ya’ again soon Megs, gotta’ go do some damage control.

Meg: Promise?
Ant: What?
Meg: Promise me that we’ll talk again soon?
Ant: Aw… Of course I promise. I’ll see ya’ later. Take care of yourself Megs.

Meg: You too Ant…

Ant: Slow down girl.
Chrissie: I just can’t be chewed with a woman like that.
Ant: Well… She had a point though.
Chrissie: Leave me alone Ant. I’m not in the mood to be ganged up on and bullied right now.

Ant: Aw c’mon, I’m not pickin’ on ya’!… Look Chris, I…

Ant: Chris… Chrissie!… Damn, one stubborn girl is what she is, I’ll give her that.
Chrissie: Maybe I was a little irrational, but I was infuriated at the time. How DARE she speak to me like that, like my private life is any of her business anyway. Ant clearly didn’t see it that way-he quickly grew to trust her as if she’d been a closer friend than I had ever been in all the time I knew him. And what a stand-up guy he was for being on my side as well!

Chrissie: I suppose… the last thing I need to fill you in on is… what Meg said a couple weeks ago. Yes-me and Ant aren’t living together at the moment. It was sort of Ant’s decision but, I feel partially at fault for letting him go in the first place…

Sammy: Hey partner, wassup?
Rico: Just got this freakin’ huge bill from the mechanic.
Sammy: Ya’ don’t say?
Rico: Surely a routine check on an Andromeda HRS ain’t that expensive?
Sammy: Y’never know, some of these fellas are just cons.
Rico: Yeah… Can you believe he charged me for checking over a burnt out Sigfrid and disposing of it?
Sammy: … REALLY?
Rico: AND an Escudo 354?
Sammy: Well I never!
Rico: Can’t think of who I know who owns such vehicles…
Sammy: Me neither…

Rico: Samson…
Sammy: Oh did you know that Manfred Kalevic’s auntie’s birthday is today? Gotta’ love these random facts of the day in the ol’ paper.
Rico: (Sigh)
Sammy: Oh yes, by the way, hope ya’ didn’t mind I put the bills for my Sigfrid ‘n’ the ol’ 354 on your tab.
Rico: …
Sammy: Ah, that’s good then. You’re so generous.
Rico: … You’re reading that newspaper upside down y’know?
Sammy: I know…

Chrissie: … Feeling better yet?
Ant: A little bit… not much.
Chrissie: I’m sorry… about everything.
Ant: … S’alright.
Chrissie: … Are you mad at me?
Ant: No, it’s ok.
Chrissie: Can you at least look at me when you talk to me?
Ant: Sure.

Ant: …
Chrissie: …
Ant: Well this is what you wanted.
Chrissie: I was hoping for a little more.
Ant: Sorry, the Unicorn’s being delivered tomorrow mornin’.
Chrissie: Argh, Ant… Listen, I don’t want us to be-
Ant: Look, I’m really not up for talkin’ ‘bout it right now.

Chrissie: Fine.
Ant: … I’ve been thinkin’…

Ant: The reason we always argue is ‘cause-
Chrissie: Because I don’t like you racing and always make a big deal out of it, I know, you always say.
Ant: Will you give it a rest? That’s not what it is at all… I think it’s ‘cause we spend too much time around each other.
Chrissie: Wow… I didn’t even think that was possible.
Ant: I know, me neither.
Chrissie: So… what are you suggesting?
Ant: I think… Well, I mean, I don’t wanna’ lose you, by any means. I love you too much for that but… perhaps we need a little space, even if just for a little while.
Chrissie: You’re… moving out?
Ant: I’m sorry Cookie, I think it’s best.

Chrissie: But-
Ant: Shhh hey… you aren’t losing me ok? I promise you that right now. But you never know-I could feel completely miserable being alone and want to move back in by daylight tomorrow.
Chrissie: … But you won’t. You know that… And so do I.
Ant: (Sigh)… Guess I’m not gonna’ be able to convince you otherwise then.
Chrissie: …
Ant: I’ll get myself another caravan in the next week or so. I have enough money to do so, so that’s no problem. But in the meantime, I’ll just stick it out in one of the houses up ‘n’ down the streets… probably one by the water tanks, just in case you need me for somethin’.
Chrissie: …
Ant: … Alright then.

Chrissie: … And so, that’s pretty much everything up until now… I wish I knew how to make everything alright again…

Chrissie: Just like how it used to be in the good old days…

Chrissie: I… there has to be something I can do… ANYTHING. I don’t know if I’m just getting in the way or if I have the right idea on how to solve this but… I have many ideas on how to make everything ok again.
(Knock on the door)

Chrissie: Whatever happens, everything will sort out the way it’s meant to be in the end… As long as Meg keeps out of it all and leaves me and Ant alone…

Meg: Howdy. Jus’ thought I’d let ya’ know Ant’s stayin’ over at my place for a couple weeks ‘till he finds his own. He’ll be fine, don’t you worry.
Chrissie: … BITCH!


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