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Episode 03

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[size=200]Evil Born Evil[/size]
Series: 01
Episode: 03
This is a remake of an episode aired previously. This episode originally aired on July 25th, 2011.
Written by: Luke Enfield
Produced by: Crimson Media
[warning]AGE RATING: 15+
Previously on Evil Born Evil...

Jake: Dad! You're being really silly daddy!
Marcus: Why!? What have I done!? Tell me!
Jake: Do you think I can hear you?
Marcus: This dream is weird enough to support that, so, yeah I guess you can!
Jake: Whatever you say, think, or do... nobody can hear you. You are immune from the outside world, as is the outside world from you, daddy!
Marcus: Jake! Can you hear me!?
Jake: ... (blows bubbles and giggles)

Marcus: Where have you gone!? Come back! I've not finished yet!
Voice (fading): You said it, not me! You're far from the finish line, Marcus. It's possible not to even make it. It's down to you, my friend.
Marcus: (Gasping)

There's miles to go, Marcus. Miles and miles.


Luca: What is wrong with you?

Jasper: You ask me what is wrong with me, Tennyson!? I'm a bastard, I know that. That's why I work here. But at the truth is, I look out for each and every one of you. So, I ask you. Please do not accuse me of believing in what I believe in for my benefit. When there's one mafioso, there's support, we've seen that, yes?

Jasper: There's something fishy about them arriving in Denland. What's special about this place? That's what we've got to find out. There's organized crime in Denland for sure, but nothing of the mafia kind. And then there's the part I really don't understand. Why Cramham? What does Cramham offer that Lystow does not? What is here? And more importantly... just WHO is here?

Tony: My cup of earl grey better be here soon.
Jasper: New boy?
Luca: ...
Jasper: That's you, Tennyson.
Luca: Oh, uh... yes?
Jasper: Go make Tony here a cup of earl grey.
Luca: Oh, yes... sir.

Rod: Bloody splendid.

Rod: Is that you, Marc?
Marcus: I believe it is.
Rod: Ah, good. I've been expecting you.
Marcus: So have I.
Rod: Oh, well how charming. Now then, am I to expect any bullshit from you today?
Marcus: It's passed now, Rod. I'm just trying to progress in life.
Rod: Likewise. Nonsense isn't the answer. It's like one step forwards and two steps back. You try and lift your self of the cliff edge and yet you only end up closer to your death. A guy like you could catch his death easily if he's a twat.

Rod: Go find that twathead Lyons. He usually hangs around at Gonzalo's in the early afternoon. Knocking down pints seems to keep that ponce-haired bastard happy. Go tell him that me, you and him need to sit down and observe the Azarian bastard's interview. Scram.
Marcus: Right... ok.
Rod: I'll pretend I didn't hear that.
Marcus: Ok... gov.
Rod: You're a star, lad.

You've got to feel for them both, being stuck together, hey? It's a match-made in heaven.

Jasper: Go on, Redford. Knock that 13 in there like you mean it.
Marcus: I shouldn't but, ok.

Marcus: Ah.

Jasper: Born natural you are, Redford. You're in the wrong line of work.
Marcus: I wish.
Jasper: Why did Rod want me then?
Marcus: It's about Delluccio.
Jasper: I needn't guess. But... what is there to say? We've just got to wait and see what happens.
Marcus: We can't do that, though. The longer we wait, the more time we give to them. Now, I know he won't have it, but neither will I.
Jasper: Since when was you so far up Barker's arse you couldn't breathe, hey Redford?
Luca: (Sniggers)
Jasper: Shut it, Tennyson.

Jasper: We know there's more of them, Redford. But we can't go to them, they'll have to come to us. We need a bait.

Luca: And who is to be the bait?

Jasper: Ha, funny question that. You, Tennyson.

Luca: Oh.
Jasper: Have another go, Redford. Old Tennyson here is enthralled with his fag.
Marcus: You should at least talk to him, Jasper.
Rod: It's too late for that now.

Marcus: Oh. Gov.

Rod: Having fun there?
Jasper: Don't bother Redford, gov. I set him up with a game.
Rod: Oh, really?
Jasper: Really, Barker.

Marcus: Look gov - I tried to tell him to come but he wouldn't...
Rod: I guessed. But I also guessed that you didn't try hard enough.
Jasper: Leave Redford alone, I ain't ever going back to the police station until I wish.
Rod: Fair enough. You've just got to realize though that I'm the boss of you. Anything you don't do you'll have to pay the consequences for. I gathered the evidence myself, and as you decided to play no part in it, you have no say in what we're about to do next.
Jasper: What are you going to do? Close the borders so none of them can leave or enter Denland?
Rod: No, Lyons. We've recieved a report on a stolen Seurope in Julebrooke. It belongs to an Azarian.
Jasper: And there's Azarians everywhere in Cramham. Have you ever seen an Azarian restaurant?
Rod: He's the ambassador. Things just stepped up a notch, and this isn't normal.

Jasper: There's nothing to prove it has to do with the mafia.
Rod: Fuck the mafia. In fact, fuck you. Regardless of whoever it is, you're not treating this as a serious matter. The wave of the mob could make this damn city experience it's most untolerable crime in years. And it's my aim to stop it.
Jasper: Good on you, Barker.

Rod: So Lyons, I'll give you two choices. You can help us... or you can stay out of our way.
Jasper: And you know my answer to that. I'd rather sit back and watch you get it all wrong, Barker. Just like I know you will when the job's done.
Rod: I never leave anything in a worse state than I found it. Apart from the bastards who cue this kind of shit. See you around, Lyons.
Jasper: Bye.
Rod: Come on, Marc.

Rod: What on Alterra is wrong with that bastard?
Marcus: By the looks of it, everything.
Rod: Stay away from him now, you hear me?
Marcus: Is he always like this?
Rod: I don't know. You tell me. You've known him just as long as me.
Marcus: Hmm, perhaps.
Rod: One thing is for sure, he won't have a pleasant case report. Let's see if he goes about things his own way, or decides to sit on his arse.
Marcus: He seems a determined guy... at the best of times.
Rod: Yeah, well... this isn't exactly the best of times at the minute.
Marcus: You reckon he'll come along with us?
Rod: I don't know. If I can't make him do that, then good luck to whoever else tries their hand with that twatface.

Rod: He can go die in a hole for all I like. Cramham CID is no place for that twat. Not now. Not ever. Now come on, let's track this pissing Seurope.
Marcus: Registration?
Rod: William 158 Kirsty Breakfast. In fact talking of breakfast, it's yellow... like the custard on your porridge.
Marcus: Right.
Rod: Hmm, I could pour some boiling hot custard over Lyons' face right now.

Man: Now Oliver my boy, remember what I said. Take it to the warehouse, and one of us will be sure to collect it immediately. You don't have to worry about it then. It's all in safe hands, trust me.

Man: And I know it's not much, but if anything goes wrong, here's a gun. Just don't go wasting it all. Guns ain't legal in Denland, so it's hard to get your hands on some decent ammunition. Good luck.

Oliver: Thank you. I'm sure it'll go just fine.

Rod: Don't worry. It's only the CID, scumbags!

Marcus: Oh, don't run him down gov...
Rod: You've known me long enough now to know that I won't do that, Marc.

Rod: Let's see what this bastard has in store for us today then, no?

Marcus: I can't get a clear shot!

Rod: Come on you Mighty Mer, use some horses baby.

Marcus: Shit! Watch out!
Rod: Relax...

Rod: Ah, he's hoping.

Rod: Looks like we're going to have a lot of fun, Marc. Prepare yourself. There's more of them.

Rod: I hope you're ready for this, SCUMBAGS!

Rod: Next...!

Rod: Shit Marc, do you see that guy up there?
Marcus: Stop him.
Rod: We can't.
Marcus: Where's the kid gone?
Rod: Precisely.

Vincent: Good afternoon, chaps.

Rod: Well bugger me, as if it isn't pansie-prick D.C.I Vincent Hopkins with his gay wheels and his even more gay tache!
Vincent: Pleased to see you again too, Barker. How are things?
Rod: They were alright until you turned up! What do you want!?
Vincent: Just thought I'd pop by and check on you.
Rod: Really?
Vincent: Oh no. There's more to it than that.

Rod: Then what!?
Vincent: (Sighs) Nothing changes, hey Barker? You still need me to come up here and show you lot how it's done.
Rod: What, exactly!?
Vincent: Well, this. A little voice tells me that the department ain't in too good shape.
Rod: Lyons, you prick.
Vincent: That's it. I was told to come here this morning, but I got held up in traffic. It's a good job I turned up just in the nick of time, hey?

Rod: Quite frankly, I'd rather send you packing and set you off back to scummy Lystow.
Vincent: Oh, I'm afraid you've not seen the last of me.
Rod: Oh, too bad. When will I? Because, you see... I don't admire it when on the second Thursday of the second month a poncey southern bastard whose supposedly scared of heights comes in bloody high-heeled loafers with his tatty 'designer' sunglasses made by some Rochesberrian children as the result of child labor.
Vincent: Thank you, Barker. You are right, they are designer, but you are wrong. They were made in Swanthia.
Rod: Get out of my face.

Vincent: Oh, that's not possible.

Vincent: That's it. Don't be afraid. Come in, boys.

Vincent: You're gonna' like this.

Vincent: Out you come, infant.

Oliver: FUCK YOU!
Vincent: Now now, young boy... we don't say that do we? I don't care what language you use around you pals, but in front of an adult you should never swear. My parents always taught me that.
Oliver: I've heard it all before, you tache prick!

Vincent: They're not exactly the sharpest tools in the box to hire you are they, sunshine?
Oliver: Screw you! I've been part of it since I was younger than you could've ever imagined!
Vincent: Oh, OH! You hear this boys? It's all uncovering itself now, haha! Thanks for that. Nice wheels. Stealing it from the ambassador? What were you thinking? I'm sure he's the nicest a man can be.
Oliver: I was giving an instruction. I carried out the task. It has nothing to do with me.
Vincent: Oh yes it does. You're one of them, and I'll never forget that fact.

Oliver: I won't be spoken to like this.
Vincent: Well, tough. Because you are.
Oliver: I won't!
Vincent: Oh, look's like this little boy wants his dum-dum. Rodney, pass his dum-dum for him, would you?

Rod: Piss off, Hopkins.
Vincent: Anyway, I'm out of here. There's a fucking stench in this place. I'll be back at HQ.
Rod: You bloody won't.
Vincent: Sorry Barker. I'm one of you again now. Get used to it.
Rod: (Sighs)

Vincent: It's Marcus isn't it?
Marcus: Yes.
Vincent: Well then Marcus, I'll let you do the honours.
Marcus: With pleasure.
Oliver: Get OFF me!
Rod: No can do, pal.
Vincent: He's yours. Do what you want with him.

Rod: Now... there's a leather seat in the back of the Mighty Mer with your name on it sunshine... so I suggest you sit on it.
Oliver: Whatever...
Rod: And you listen to me... don't you dare touch any of that upholstery, you hear me? If you do, not only will you be spending eighteen months in detention, I will personally come round to your home and stomp on every one of your little toys, you got it?
Oliver: (Spits)
Rod: How lovely. You'll also learn that we have manners unlike you Marvegans. Move.

Rod: Shut up and stay down! And then start talking. IN THAT ORDER!
Oliver: Well, what is there to say? I stole the car, there's no denying that. There's nothing to investigate.

Marcus: You know exactly what this is about, boy. The guy with the sharp suit and sunglasses...
Oliver: Who!? That tached prick who threw me around like the child abuser he is!?
Marcus: We mean the guy who you met when we arrived to chase you.
Oliver: He was just a...
Rod: Someone in charge. That's who.
Oliver: No...!
Rod: And I could bet a lot of money that there's someone in charge of him... am I correct?
Oliver: I never asked to become a mobster.
Marcus: Only we know you did. Or do you just spend so much time at the movies?

Oliver: I had no choice. My father and his father... I all follow in their footsteps. There's no stopping me.

Rod: Except we just have, sunshine. Now chum, I ask you... who was the guy in the three-piece suit and hat with that ginger woolly mammoth on his lip?
Oliver: I don't know who you're talking about.
Rod: Is this it then? The guy who really set you up with this task?
Oliver: I don't know. I mean... no.
Marcus: Forgive me, but I don't think we're exactly following this clearly.
Oliver: Well forgive me, but why the fuck should I be here? Put me behind bars already.
Rod: Oh, that can wait. The longer I have with a spoilt little brat like you, the BETTER! You must know him. I can tell a bastard when I can see one.
Oliver: Him or me?
Rod: Him and you both! But I guess you've kind of admitted it now.
Oliver: You can do all you like with me, but I won't tell you.
Rod: Fine. You know what? Fine. I'll just have some fun with you later, that sound good?
Oliver: Whatever's best.
Rod: Good.
Marcus: Gov...
Rod: Trust me Marc, we'll be fine. So, I'll see you later pal.

All these faces. All these new faces. It must be too much to take in. And right now, Marcus would be thinking to himself - why me? And what's in store for me? And what have I got to do to get out of it?

Vincent: Can I get you another, Barker?
Rod: No, Hopkins. I'm not charitable and I have to drive home.
Vincent: Hrmph, charitable. You think I'm doing this to get you to like me again?
Rod: Ha, I never liked you. Once a bastard, always a bastard.
Vincent: There's more than one kind of bastard.
Rod: Too right. Take Tennyson here for example. He don't know what day in the week it is.
Vincent: Exactly.
Luca: What?
Rod: But you're all bastards. Every one of you.
Vincent: So, you're just treating me like any other colleague of yours, Rod?

Rod: No, because Luca is a nice bastard. Well, not nice. He just hasn't done much to anger me yet. You however Hopkins, you're quite something of the devil.
Vincent: How's old Redford here to work with?
Rod: He's ok.
Vincent: Quiet, ain't he?
Marcus: Ah, me?
Vincent: Yeah, in fact... yeah, you. I'm talking to you.
Marcus: Ok.

Gonzalo: Ah, Jasper! How nice to see you again! What can I get you?
Jasper: Nothing for me, Gonzalo.

Gonzalo: Are you sure? The more the merrier, this evening Jasper my friend!
Jasper: No, no Gonzalo. Don't try and tempt me!
Rod: Well, it ain't exactly hard to tempt you Lyons.
Jasper: I need a word with Hopkins.
Rod: Ah, here we go again...

Vincent: What's this about, Lyons?
Jasper: So, are you set?
Vincent: Too right, I'm set.
Jasper: Good. Then we can plan our next move.
Vincent: What!?
Jasper: Hey, keep your voice down Vince. It's not that big of a deal.
Vincent: What is? In fact, what is this?
Jasper: Haven't you gathered? We're going our way about the operation how we like. Whatever Barker does is irrelevant. I'm sick of him fucking this all up like he has already.
Vincent: I don't understand. Rod is the boss of this place.
Jasper: Yeah, well not for much longer.

Vincent: I came up here to give you lot support. And this Lyons? This is what you meant? Helping you?
Jasper: Come on, Hopkins. I'll show you why my way is right.
Vincent: And what is your way?
Jasper: To keep it brief? Let the mafia come to us. Rod and gang are going to them. There's so many of them about, I know it.
Vincent: Lyons, this is a pokey working class city in the north of Denland. What does this city offer that the mob want?
Jasper: ...
Vincent: What oppurtunites are there here? We must go to them. I respect the fact that there's more than what we've seen, but Jasper - there ain't an army of them.

Jasper: Today the Azarian ambassadors' car was pinched. Do you think this means all this is no big deal? The mafia in a place like this is bad news Hopkins. Bad news. They're after something... and until I find out what it is... I ain't going nowhere.
Vincent: You're on your own. Sitting on your arse all day long does nothing, Lyons.

Vincent: I know Rod's a bastard. He hates me. He's angered just by the sight of me. But I haven't given up on him. Not yet. And probably not ever.

Vincent: He transformed like no other man I'd ever seen when we worked together in Lystow. And that's enough to make me put my trust in him.

Vincent: Marcus.
Marcus: Yes, Vincent?
Vincent: A word.

Vincent: I just want to tell you - I'm not a bad guy.
Marcus: Well, I never jumped to that conclusion. I know what Rod is like. He treats anybody he first meets like his enemy, and if you impress him... maybe he won't hate you. He won't like you, but he won't hate you.
Vincent: I don't impress Rod.
Marcus: Maybe it's your style.
Vincent: Look - stay away from Lyons.
Marcus: You've been here five minutes, and already this happens? I thought you two were the best of pals.
Vincent: No. I got the wrong end of the stick. He wanted me here to help him and keep a guard on you. It looks like, well... Lyons wants to go about this case his own way now. It's not making sense to me what he's trying to do, because it all sounds like bullshit. I'm just warning you - stay out of his way.
Marcus: Ok so... is that it then? Do you leave us?
Vincent: No. I'm on your side.
Marcus: So where do we start?

Vincent: We start with the other guy at the warehouse. Alberto Marini.

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