Episode 15 - Let The Games Begin (Season Finale - Part 1)

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Episode 15 - Let The Games Begin (Season Finale - Part 1)

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[size=200]Kings Of The Desert[/size]
Season: 01
Episode: 15
Written by: Mark Davison
Produced by: Moonstone Productions
[warning]AGE RATING: 15+

Sammy: He didn’t kill me?
Missy: It’s hard to resist when ya’ yap like ya’ do.
Officer: Finley must have some serious willpower then.
Rico: Guys, now’s our time to act.
Sammy: How do you suppose we get out Rico? The door’s locked.

(Door clicks)
Rico: Success.
Officer: What!?
Sammy: How did you manage THAT!?
Rico: They don’t call me “Black Magic” for nothing, y’know.
Sammy: Marvellous!
Rico: Only the stooges from the diner and Finley know who we are so just act casual and no one will recognise us.
(Silence as everyone turns to Sammy)
Sammy: … WHAT!?

Sammy: You guys are just BO-RING!
Missy: No Sammy, we just care about living beyond today. Try it sometime, see the wonders.

Sammy: What? NO!
Missy: Damn it.

Sammy: What are they DOING to my beloved Siggys!?!?
Officer: Not this again.

Rico: There isn’t time for them Sammy! C’mon!
Officer: Sammy, if they’re wanted, they’ll come back.
Missy: As they always do… somehow.

Finley: I apologize my friends but it seems it’s now time for you to clock out for the day.

Finley: Oh how I hate that DAMN WHORE!

Max: I really AM like Sammy. He screws up, he’s a moron, but in the end everything just manages to pan out for him… I guess that’s where our differences start.
(Knock at the door)
Max: That’s probably Ant.

Max: … Hi.

Chrissie: I need to get going sweetie.
Ant: So soon? It’s so early Muffin, surely you aren’t in THAT much of a hurry. Come an’ sit down for minute at least.
Chrissie: I can’t honey. I’m really sorry, I just can’t. I’ll make it up to you this weekend though, I promise.
Ant: Oh, well I have no reason to doubt you.
Chrissie: And what’s that supposed to mean?
Ant: … Nothin’.
Chrissie: Fine, you can be like this then. See ya’ later.

Ant: Did I just hear you say “ya’”?
Chrissie: … See YOU later.
Ant: Better. You can go now.
Chrissie: Oh thank you so much for giving me permission to leave the house.
Ant: Not a problem. You earned it this time.
Chrissie: Why are you being such a jerk today?
Ant: You tell me.
Chrissie: …

(Door slams angrily)
Ant: Think I hit a nerve.

(Knock on the door)

Eliza: Oh, didn’t expect to see YOU show up on my doorstep.
Tim: Well, since the weekend, I’ve calmed down now and am no longer looking to seek amusement in everybody’s misfortunes, so I thought I should help at least one of you out with your troubles. And out of you, Max and Ant… Surely you can guess who I dislike the least.
Eliza: Flattered, I’m sure. But you said you didn’t know anything.
Tim: No, I don’t. But I can at least point you in the direction of someone who does.
Eliza: Who?

Meg: Aw hun I’m sorry.
Ant: No worries Meggie. Erm… Seein’ Tammy back in her cape’s cheered me up.
Tammy: Yaaaaaaaay! Cape’s DO make the world a brighter place! Thank you Ant, I did this just for you!
Ant: Really? Awww, I feel so loved now. Thank YOU Tam-Tam, it means a lot that you thought of me.
(Knock at the door)
Meg: Who’s that?
Ant: Well it won’t be Chrissie.
Meg: Don’t think about that whore hun.
(Awkward silence)
Meg: … What?
Quincy: Ahem, ironic that you call HER a whore.
Meg: WHAT!?
Ant: Ignore ‘im Meggie. Quincy, shut your mouth if you still wanna’ keep your salary as it is.

Meg: Look who it is.
Ant: Max! How goes things?
Max: I’m alright…
Ant: Who’s your friend?

Max: Allow me to introduce you to my dad.

Max: So then what happened?
Ant: She got in a huff and left. Never seen nor heard from her since.
Daryl: Hmm, sounds like trouble.
Ant: Yup. Next time I see her though I ain’t puttin’ up with no crap anymore, I’m gonna’ come straight out an’ ask her what’s goin’ on. Find out once an’ for all.
Max: ‘N’ if it ain’t anythin’ good?
Ant: … Then our future will probably be over.
Daryl: Women are too much trouble pal, they just ain’t worth it.
Ant: That why you’re here?
Daryl: Touchy, aren’t ya’?… Yeah, it is.

Bystander: Sorry I’ve been gone for a while buddy, took a while in the store.
Daryl: I can see that… Why?
Max: Oh, don’t bother askin’. The guy in the store’s a bit of a weirdo.
Bystander: Exactly!
Ant: So… Who’s THIS guy?
Daryl: Erm, he’s my friend…
Max: He doesn’t know his name yet.
Ant: How come?
Bystander: He hasn’t given me the chance to tell him!
Daryl: We haven’t exactly had the best time to sit down ‘n’ chat.
Ant: Alright then, go ahead now.
Bystander: Alright… Hi! Nice to meet you! I’m-

Meg: Ant, I need to talk to you right now.
Ant: Sounds urgent.
Meg: It’s important, yeah. Come with me for a couple secs.
Max and Daryl: For WHAT!?
Meg: For a couple OF SEC-ONDS!
Max and Daryl: Oh right…
Bystander: (Smirks)
Meg: (Sigh) You guys did this joke at the start of the season, give it up!

Daryl: So… You were sayin’?
Bystander: Ok, I’ll try again… Hi! Nice to meet you! I’m-

Max: I’ll be right back.
Bystander: Son of a bitch!
Daryl: Where you goin’, kiddo?
Max: I’ll explain later.

Bystander: Alright! Fine! Here goes one last time… Hi! My name’s-

Daryl: Later buddy. I’m busy checkin’ this joint out.
Bystander: Oh fine! Screw the lotta’ ya’!
Daryl: Told ya’ already, when we have time.

Max: Billie.
Billie: Max! Hey, how are you?
Max: I’m alright, thanks.
Billie: How’s Ant? I heard Tim’s guard lay into him pretty badly over the weekend.
Max: He’s fine. Most of the wounds have gone. That’s the least of his problems right now though.
Billie: Oh…
Max: How was your time away with Tim?
Billie: It was great! It really felt like I was with the guy I met all those years ago.
Max: Oh, that… That’s brilliant. I’m really glad to hear that.
Billie: Well…

Charley: Not FAIR! Why can’t I be a Desert Queen?!
Tim: Because you’re only twelve, I told you. You need to be eighteen to enter.
Charley: Hmph!
Gabrielle: Look who’s being grumpy!
Charley: Shut up Gabz!
Tim: Hey now girls, behave!

Charley and Gabrielle: UNCLE LEONARD!
Leo: Woah, hey there kids!
Tim: Didn’t take long.
Gabrielle: Are you feeling ok now Uncle Leonard? We heard you were hit by a car!
Leo: Oh it’s all ok honey, nothin’ to worry about. The sofa softened it a bit.

Billie: Since we came back, the hectic life’s caught up with me again. Now I know what the problem is, why everything’s going wrong all the time.
Max: … Home?
Billie: Yeah. Living here is doing that. But like Ant, I don’t think I could convince Tim to leave. He might have tried to make Len think he was whisking me away by writing that fake note, but he wouldn’t budge. Me and Chrissie have tried to get them to see the truth but it’s not been working for us.
Max: You wanna’ leave? For good?
Billie: I can’t stay here anymore. I fear I can’t hang in much longer before something really bad happens.
Max: …
Billie: What’s wrong?
Max: I just… Think I’d really miss you if you left.
Billie: … Max, I wanted to ask you something a couple weeks ago. Back when we first went up to Emerald City.
Max: What is it?
Billie: … That day… I…

Tim: Billie, have you seen Eleanor anywhere?
Billie: No, I haven’t. Why?
Tim: She’s missing. I can’t see her around.
Billie: I’ll keep a look out for her.
Tim: Thanks, I’ll keep searching too.

Billie: Well… I’m going to go.
Max: Wait. What was it you wanted to ask me?
Billie: … Nevermind. It doesn’t matter anymore… (Smiles reluctantly)

Max: Billie… Somethin’ on your mind?

Meg: Firstly, how’s the cut doin’?
Ant: Burns a little, still. But I think it suits me a little bit.
Meg: (Giggles)
Ant: So, what is it you want to tell me?
Meg: I just had to tell you somethin’ now before it was too late.
Ant: Sure Meggie, what’s up?
Meg: … What’s gonna’ happen with you an’ Chrissie?
Ant: Honestly… I really don’t know. I love her but… If what she’s hiding from me is serious then… I might not have a choice but to…
Meg: You sayin’ you might break up?
Ant: Possibly. Maybe. Why?
Meg: Well it’s just… There’s somethin’ I wanted to tell you some time ago, back while we were campin’ out in the canyon.
Ant: Sure. Go ahead.
Meg: Alright. Well, ya’ see, it’s like this…
Ant: … Like what?
Meg: Well, it’s been a long time, but now I feel like it’s the best time for me to tell you…
Ant: Tell me what? Meggie, is everythin’ alr-

Ant: …
Meg: That.
Ant: That was… Very well said.
Meg: (Giggles) Yeah well… There ya’ go.
Ant: Wow. I… I don’t know what to do with that right now.
Meg: Huh?
Ant: I mean, I’m still with Chrissie here.
Meg: But…
Ant: I know, I know-things aren’t brilliant with us right now but that doesn’t mean that we’re doomed to end, y’know?
Meg: …

Meg: (Starts to sob)
Ant: Aw Meggie please don’t do this.
Meg: Just leave me be.
Ant: Megs… This isn’t fair.

Meg: This isn’t FAIR!? Who are YOU to say that this isn’t FAIR!? You don’t know the meanin’ of the fricken’ word DO you!? After ALL this time I FINALLY express my feelings towards you an’ THIS is how you react to it!?
Ant: Well what do you expect!? I’ve been in love with Chrissie for six years an’ you think I can say somethin’ in response to your feelings? Do you have ANY idea how awkward a situation you’re puttin’ me in here!?
Meg: After everythin’ we’ve been through, the times we’ve spent together, when we’ve stood up for one another… You still go runnin’ to the girl that’s burdenin’ ya’ an’ makin’ your life a MISERY! Well ya’ know what? SHOVE IT! Send your life to hell if ya’ want, I don’t care what ya’ do anymore.

Meg: You’re on your own Ant, again. Hope you enjoy reliving the past six years. You’re gonna’ see just how empty an’ miserable you were without me. An’ then you’ll see, you need me, an’ you just went an’ made a mistake you will NEVER get the chance to fix in your life.
Ant: Meg…
Meg: Go to hell, Ant… (Starts sobbing again)

Ant: (Quietly) I never said no… I just meant I needed time…

Eliza: Ralph?
Ralph: Eliza! Hi there, what can I do you for?
Eliza: I have a couple of questions for you.
Ralph: Sure thing. Shoot.
Eliza: Is today any different to any other race?
Ralph: Unless the guys being extra aggressive to get them winning places counts as a difference, not really no.
Eliza: Thanks Ralph.
Ralph: Was there anything else?
Eliza: Actually, one more thing…

Max: What is it dad?
Daryl: Nothin’. I just…

Daryl: Swear I’ve seen that fella’ somewhere before…
Max: Ralph? Where ya’ seen him?
Daryl: Nevermind kiddo. Probably just looks similar, that’s all. Anyway, tell me more ‘bout what you do here.

Meg: Max, race, you’re up. Now.
Max: You seem happy.
Meg: Just shut the hell up an’ get in the damn car, alright?
Max: Sorry. Well dad, maybe it’s best I SHOW you what I do here.
Daryl: Take it away, Max.

Ant: Ellie?
Ellie: Antony.
Ant: What are you doing over here? Your Uncle Timothy and Uncle Leonard have been looking for you.
Ellie: I just… wanted to be alone.
Ant: If I know one thing in this world Ellie, it’s that you never want to be alone, I promise you.

Ant: Tell me what’s the matter sweetie.

Meg: Three!
Max: Hey! How come you aren’t sayin’ “Kings! Are you ready?”
Meg: ‘Cause I ain’t in the fricken’ mood to! Understand?
Max: (Mumbles) Oh, alright, sorry.
Meg: … Three! Two! One! GO!

Meg: That guy’s become more of a loudmouth since he first came here.

Ralph: Oh, I can’t tell you that.
Eliza: You told Miles!
Ralph: That was different.
Eliza: How was that different?
Ralph: … I can’t say.
Eliza: Oh not you too. What is it with you and Miles and your secrets?
Ralph: If you really want to know, ask him yourself.
Eliza: We’re talking, but I try to deal with him as little as possible thank you very much.
Ralph: Well you only have two other options then-ask Kai directly or break into my house and take a look at the records. But since I heard you’re a terrible house burglar, I think that crosses that option out.

Eliza: Not if I act alone, it doesn’t.

Ralph: … Can I help you?
Daryl: No, I’m just fine. Thank you.
Ralph: … Alright.

Daryl: … Ginger ninja?

Ralph: What?
Daryl: What?
Ralph: …

Daryl: (Quietly) That’s what I thought.

Max: Thought I was the main character here. Why am I doin’ my showdown first AND not with any other major driver? This sucks!

Max: Guess it gives me an easy victory into the next rank though.

Meg: Great, so I gotta’ put up with that jack-ass for another season.
Ant: Y’know, ya’ should consider goin’ out there yourself sometime. You’d certainly look good out there.
Meg: N’awww Ant that’s really sweet. But if I did, then I’d have to give up bein’ a flag girl… don’t think I’m ready for that yet.
Ant: Let me know when you are then. I’ll happily have you as my official primary wingman in my crew… erm, wingwoman, sorry.
Meg: Thanks Ant, it means a lot… Well I do think ‘bout it a fair bit. It ain’t half a bad idea, actually… It really AIN’T a bad idea after all.

Ellie: (Sobs) I just wanted to fit in. But me being different from Charley and Gabby… I’ve always been left out, not wanted. (Cries)
Ant: Aww sweetheart, you are by no means not wanted. And what makes you think you’re different?
Ellie: You know why…
Ant: That doesn’t make you any more different from anyone else. You are all your own people, don’t think that you’re different in a bad way. You’re special, unique… Hey, you’re my girl, remember? Always will be. So long as you remember that no one will truly love you more than I will, ok?
Ellie: (Sniffles) Ok.

Ant: That’s my girl.
Ellie: (Whispers) Megan’s behind you.

Meg: Ant…
Ant: Now isn’t the time Meg. I’m kinda’ busy here, if you can’t see.
Meg: I’m not here to yell, I’m just here to say that you’re up on the dust next.
Ant: Oh… ok. Now sweetheart, I gotta’ go out there now, but when I’m done I’ll come straight back here to you ok?
Ellie: Promise?
Ant: I promise.
Ellie: Double promise?
Ant: Infinite promise. Since when have I broke a promise to you, huh?

Ant: Do me a favour Meg… Don’t tell Walker or Leo where she is. She doesn’t wanna’ go back yet an’ I’m tryin’ to make her feel better.
Meg: No problem. Y’know, I was right about what I said on Saturday-you’d make an amazin’ parent.
Ant: … Thanks, but I seriously wouldn’t. I’m terrible with kids, always have been an’ always will. Ellie’s the only one I’ve had a true bond with, that’s what makes her my special little girl.
Meg: You never told me-why is it that you two are so close?

Ant: It’s a long history story…

Max: Impressed?
Daryl: Coulda’ sworn that was me out there.
Max: Haha, well I learnt from the best didn’t I?
Daryl: Too right. You learnt from the best, because I learnt from the best, ‘n’ so did he.
Max: I never knew granddad, did I?
Daryl: Not much. He disappeared when you were five years old. He said he was going to look for…
Max: For who?
Daryl: (Sad sigh)… Forget it. It’s in the past. A lost cause, let’s leave it at that.

Bystander: All I’m sayin’ is, I think you’re kinda’ hot. Fancy goin’ out sometime?
Voice: Heh… Pff, I’ll pass thanks. Now move over boy an’ get outta’ my way.

Hay-Hay: Yeah creep, beat it.
Ali: Clear off before I break your face an’ tear you a new one.
Bystander: Yikes.
Stace: Yeah… Get lost.
Kim: Ali, you ready?
Ali: Purrin’ an’ ready to roar.
Kim: Good. ‘Cause remember, we’re The Desert Cats…

Everyone: Mess with The Cats an’ we bring out the fangs!

Meg: (Sigh) You boys ready?
Ant: You know me-race every race like it’s my last.
Wes: Yeah I… I guess so.
Ant: Nervous, Wes?
Wes: No, of course not…
Ant: We’ll see.
Meg: Three! Two! One! GO!

Ant: You learnt how to drive yet, Wes?
Wes: Hope things go better than last time.

Ant: Tradin’ paint already, eh? I’ll go easy on ya’, only ‘cause it’s you‘re nervous.

Ant: Chrissie… I love you.
Chrissie: Oh Ant, I love you too.

Ant: I don’t think I’d ever wanna’ be with anyone else for the rest of my life.
Chrissie: Me neither. All I need is right here, right now, forever.

Chrissie: Ant, what would you do if I wasn’t here?
Ant: … Kill myself?
Chrissie: Ant, please.
Ant: I’m serious. I always thought I would never do anythin’ like that but… Truth be told, I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you in my life.
Ant: Y’know, I always said I’d race as if I would never live to race again. Now I know why I said that…

Ant: ‘Cause I’m expectin’ to die out there… An’ a part of me keeps sayin’ I should already be long dead.
Meg: What’s gonna’ happen with you an’ Chrissie? You sayin’ you might break up?
Ant: … If that’s the case, then what am I gonna’ be left with in my pathetic, empty life?

Ant: Fuck this.

(Ant pulls on the E-brake)
Wes: Woah! What the hell!?

Ant: (Breathes out heavily and shakily) How do I manage to keep waking up every mornin’? When will I finally crash ‘n’ burn on the track?

Daryl: Is he normally this suicidal?
Max: He’s always been a bit of a kamikaze, but not to that extent… Not as far as I know.
Daryl: Morbid… I love it!

Ralph: I’ll get the cars towed out, never you worry Wes.
Wes: This mean I’m not through to the modified rank?
Ralph: Nope.
Wes: Damn him!
Ralph: Hey, if it weren’t for him to start with, you wouldn’t even be here. Think about that.

Miles: Kai.
Kai: Oh, it’s you…
Miles: That’s right. You spoken to Elza lately?
Kai: Liz? No, haven’t seen her around.
Miles: How do you know her?
Kai: Huh?
Miles: Where did you ‘n’ her first meet?
Kai: We go way back.
Miles: Way back, huh?
Kai: That’s right.
Miles: How far back?
Kai: Far.
Miles: Stop bullshitting me ‘n’ tell me why you haven’t told her who you really are yet.
Kai: Love to stay ‘n’ chat but I’m up on the dust now so… See you around.

Miles: That’s right, you will.

Max: No luck?
Miles: No luck.
Daryl: What’s goin’ on?
Miles: Jackass is a mystery. Elza knows him from somewhere but she doesn’t know where. I know what could be his name but Elza doesn’t wanna’ hear it from me so, ‘less she works it out for herself, dunno what to do.
Daryl: Now, which one’s Elza?
Max: The blonde.
Miles: The geeky blonde.
Daryl: Oh, her. I thought you meant the hot blonde.
Max: Meg? Haha, that wasn’t what I wanted to hear my dad say.
Daryl: Watch your mouth son, I’m only thirty seven.
Miles: ‘N’ she’s twenty.
Daryl: There’s been couples with worse age gaps.
Max: I think I’m gonna’ be violently sick.
Daryl: That’s my boy.

Ant: Hold up Mikey. Where you goin’?
Mikey: I’m up next!
Ant: You are? I’ll tell Ralph to get the fire extinguishers ready again then.
Mikey: THANKS!… I think!
Ant: Before I let you go though, have you seen Chrissie around today?
Mikey: Hm? Erm, no no!
Ant: Do you have any idea what she’s been keepin’ a secret from me recently?
Mikey: No… I haven’t a clue!
Ant: If she were to tell anyone, it would be you. An’ Timothy happened to tell us that you told him, so cough it up!
Mikey: I can’t! I really can’t! Gotta’ go!

Ant: I could throttle someone right about now if nobody tells me what the hell’s goin’ on.

Billie: Congratulations on your race just before, Max.
Max: Thanks Billie. I thought you left?
Billie: Just about to. Thought I’d see how you and Ant got on… Ant’s not in a happy mood, is he?
Max: That’s one way of puttin’ it.
Billie: Well, tell him I say hi, and would like to hang out with him again soon, if he ever wants to talk.
Max: I’ll be sure to pass that on.
Billie: Great. Well, I’ll see you later Max, take care… (Sees Daryl) Hi there.
Daryl: Hey.

Daryl: Did I just see a massive lovey-dovey heart between you two there?
Miles: Yeah, you did.
Max: What? N-n-no, shut up!
Daryl: Proud of you son.
Miles: That’s why I didn’t say anythin’.
Max: She’s goin’ out with another racer.
Daryl: Oh.
Max: ‘N’ she wants out of this town for good soon.
Daryl: You really know how to pick ‘em dontcha’? I told ya’-you ‘n’ Yoko were always a couple in my eyes.
Max: We were only friends. That’s all we ever were…
Daryl: BEST friends. Can’t get past me though-there had to be somethin’ more goin’ on. You were all over each other.
Max: Maybe her, not me.
Daryl: Jeez kiddo, what’s with the bluntness? You still holdin’ a grudge on her over the summer?
Max: Same way she probably is.
Daryl: Oh is she really? Is that why she’s been askin’ after ya’?
Max: Huh?
Daryl: She wanted to know how you were doin’, ‘n’ that she was sorry for everythin’ that happened. After what went on, if she’s still forgivin’ you, it’s gotta’ be more than just friends.
Max: Ok, stop right there, we are not havin’ this conversation right now.
Daryl: Yeah we are. Sorry, you ain’t tellin’ me what to do.
Miles: Me neither.
Max: (Sigh) Am I gonna’ be stuck with you two for long?

Bystander: Gee, some bitches you get in this town buddy!
Daryl: … As long as I’m stuck with… with… this guy.
Bystander: Ready to know my name y-
Max, Miles and Daryl: NO!

Meg: Mikey!
Mikey: What?
Meg: … You be careful out there, y’hear me?
Mikey: Why?
Meg: I’m not havin’ you get hurt out there when that Kai fella’s around.
Mikey: I’ll be A-ok!
Meg: Can I step in for you?
Mikey: Is that even allowed?
Meg: I don’t care. Let me take your place. If I get through then you’re though, I promise. It’s for the best.
Mikey: But where’s the fun in that!?
Meg: … Where IS the fun in that?… Off you go Mikey.

Meg: Kings!… Ready?
Mikey: Yaaaaaaaay!
Kai: (Sigh) Let’s do this.
Meg: Please be careful Mikey, take it seriously for once. Three! Two! One! GO!

Mikey: I should have had this car replaced-it’s all burnt at the back. Hunkas are supposed to be well-made!

Kai: I’m stuck against these chumps, really?

Driver #3: What the hell!?
Kai: I’m gettin’ into the next round, whatever the cost. I have my orders, and I can’t fail at them.

Ant: Lizzie?
Eliza: Ant! Are you ok? We haven’t really spoke since the weekend.
Ant: I’m better, thanks. I wanted to ask you about last week.
Eliza: Oh?
Ant: What did you want with Chrissie so early in the mornin’ last Friday?
Eliza: Last Friday?… I didn’t meet with Chrissie in the morning.
Ant: But she told me she had… Ellie, am I an idiot for believing her from that very moment?
Ellie: Yeah, I would say so.
Ant: When a twelve year old says you’re an idiot, you know you’ve done wrong.
Ellie: Hey!
Ant: Sorry Ellie. I’ll be honest, you are incredibly smart, so it’s alright in this case.
Eliza: (Giggles)
Ant: Heh, an’ you say that YOU’RE the grown up, Lizzie?
Eliza: (Giggles) Shut up, Ant.
Ant: (Smirks)
Ellie: (Gently tugs on Ant’s arm and looks at him, smirks, then glances at Eliza and quickly back to Ant)
Ant: … What was that meant to mean?

Leo: Ellie! There you are! Where the hell have you been!?
Tim: Leonard, don’t swear in front of the children.
Leo: Oh shit, I’m sorry.
(Charley and Gabrielle laugh)
Ant: Why do you bother, Timmy?
Tim: I wonder myself. Where did you find her, Antony?
Ant: I erm… Told Ralphie I had her with me for a bit. She wanted to see me, that’s all. Ralphie said he’d tell you.
Tim: Well he didn’t! I’m gonna’ get HIM told then.
Ant: You do that. And Ellie, I’ll see you again soon, ok?
Ellie: Ok.
Ant: I love you.
Ellie: I love you too. (Briefly looks back at Eliza then smirks at Ant again)
Ant: Now what do you keep doin’ that for, huh?

(Ellie whispers something in Ant’s ear)
Ant: Oh come on!… (Sigh)
Ellie: (Giggles)

Eliza: What did she say?
Ant: It doesn’t matter… Heh, nevermind. Anyway, at least she’s better now. An’ I’m glad I managed to get Ralphie into trouble-long overdue vengeance for havin’ me relegated.
Eliza: You’d make an amazing parent.
Ant: People keep sayin’ that, but it really isn’t true. It’s just Ellie, she’s the only one I can bond with. It’s a long story but… Well, our bond goes back quite a while.
Eliza: I understand. And I’m sorry I couldn’t help you with Chrissie.
Ant: That’s fine. When I find her, she has some explainin’ to do. An’ I’m not listenin’ to her crap anymore.
Eliza: If I can ever help at all, just let me know.
Ant: Thanks Lizzie, it means a lot to me.

Mikey: WOW! I’m doing SO well for once! Yaaaaaaaay!
Meg: Wow, he’s doin’ so well for once.
Kai: Wow, he’s actually bein’ a serious pain for once.

Kai: That didn’t take much.

Mikey: WHY!? I could’ve won a race where I wasn’t the only one who finished!
Meg: Well, it would’ve been too convenient if he HAD done it.

Kim: Tammy, what are you doin’?
Tammy: I’m up next! I’m just scanning to see who I’m up against. Let’s see… I’m against that guy, and that guy, and whoever drives this blue Amazon here.
Ali: That’s me.
Tammy: Oh right, sorry.
Everyone: …

Ralph: Can I help, ladies?
Ali: Me an’ Tammy in the same race?
Ralph: There a problem?
Kim: Too bloody right there’s a problem! You makin’ The Cats rival each other, an’ that just ain’t right. You give The Cats their OWN ball of yarn, we don’t share!
Hay-Hay: You make us share, then we scratch you up real nice.
Ralph: (Yawns) You finished?

Everyone: …
Ali: Sorry I gotta’ take you down Tammy.
Tammy: Nothing can defeat The Caped Tam-Tam!
Stace: The what?
Tammy: No, The Caped Tam-Tam. That’s the name Ant gave me. Though I feel like I should be called an Avenger. But I can’t work the word into the title yet.
Kim: I think we’re going to limit the time you spend with Mikey each day.
Stace: ‘N’ we STILL don’t know why you like him.
Tammy: He’s sweet. Stupidly moronic but… sweet.

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