Episode 15 - Let The Games Begin (Season Finale - Part 2)

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Episode 15 - Let The Games Begin (Season Finale - Part 2)

Post by TheOriginalMADMarkyD93 on Sat Nov 24, 2018 5:51 pm

Chrissie: Hi, this is Christine. I can’t answer the phone right now for some reason, but please leave me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks.
(Message beep)

Ant: Argh.
Miles: You alright?
Ant: Tried callin’ Chrissie on her phone, didn’t get an answer but I still got through to the phone so I know that she’s likely to still be somewhere in town.
Miles: She not at home?
Ant: No ‘cause I can see our house from here an’ the car ain’t outside. Don’t suppose you know anythin’ do ya’?
Miles: Don’t really know what to tell ya’ to be honest, but I saw her drop by Teddy’s this mornin’. Haven’t seen her anywhere since then.
Ant: The garage? What would she be doin’ there?
Miles: Not sure buddy.

Miles: Where you goin’?
Ant: Lookin’ for Chrissie. I’m not waitin’ anymore. I’m gonna’ get things straight right now.

Meg: Ah, I’m startin’ to loosen up again now. If I just take a step back, fill my lungs, raise my arms above my head, then I can finally-

Ali: This shit again? Stop bein’ such a pansy an’ get on with it!
Meg: Shut up you emo bitch!
Tammy: Stop fighting! Can’t we all just be friends?
Meg and Ali: NO!
Tammy: Awwwwwwwwwww.
Meg: (Stressful sigh)… Three! Two! One!
Tammy: Wait! You haven’t asked if we’re ready yet?
Ali: Who cares!? Just-
Meg: GO!

Tammy: Oh! I don’t want to hurt my poor car!
Ali: Is that what the almighty avenger-The Caped Tam-Tam would say?
Tammy: …

Tammy: Move out of my way!
Ali: OW!… You go girl, that’s the spirit!

Kai: Heya Liz.
Eliza: Oh! H-hi…
Kai: Did I scare ya’?
Eliza: A little bit.
Kai: I’ve been lookin’ for you for a while. Thought you were hiding from me.
Eliza: Erm…

Ant: That’s ‘cause she was.
Kai: Excuse me?
Ant: You heard right. Seriously buddy, who the hell are you?
Eliza: Ant!
Ant: It’s fine Lizzie, I got you. She feels uneasy around you, an’ to be truthful, so do I. I don’t like havin’ someone I don’t know in town.
Kai: I’m sorry that you’re intimidated by me but that ain’t my problem.
Ant: Intimidated? Bloody hell, don’t be hasty there pal. You don’t scare me one bit you full-of-yasel’ twat.
Eliza: ANT!
Ant: Do us a favour an’ piss off, aye?

Kai: Have it your way. But if I were you, I’d watch your back. You don’t wanna’ know what you’re gettin’ yourself deep into.
Ant: I suggest you keep lookin’ over your shoulder. When the times right, I’ll be there.

Ant: Are you alright Lizzie?
Eliza: Ant, why did you-
Ant: Hey, don’t sweat it. I got your back, ok? I figured with Hoffman at a distance, the vacancy for bodyguard was available again.
Eliza: I was going to ask why you’re here when I thought you were looking for Chrissie but… Awww, thanks Ant, I appreciate you helping me out.
Ant: No worries, I’ll keep that creep away from ya’. You’re safe with me, I promise. An’ well it doesn’t take long to search the town for somethin’, an’ I can’t find her anywhere. Tryin’ not to be annoyed but when I see her I might just lose my steam with her. Anyway, you alright now?
Eliza: Yeah, I’m good… thanks.
Ant: Anythin’ else I can do for you while I’m here?
Eliza: … Tell me what Eleanor whispered to you?
Ant: Except that.
Eliza: (Giggles) Then no, not for the moment. I’ll let you know though.
Ant: Sure, just blow on the invisible summoning whistle an’ I’ll come galloping.
Eliza: (Giggles) Will do.

Ant: Catch ya’ later Lizzie.
Eliza: You take care.

Ali: Cape comin’ in handy for ya’ now Tammy?
Tammy: Caped avengers don’t back down!


Tammy: … Ok, maybe just this once.
Ali: The tiger always overpowers the kitten, Tammy. Where you meow, I ROAR!

Stace: Poor Tam-Tam.
Hay-Hay: That sucks.
Kim: Have to admit though that of the two, we have the better competitor up here with us next season.
Hay-Hay and Stace: YEAH!

Miles: Ladies.
Kim: Pff!
Stace: (Laughs condescendingly)
Hay-Hay: (Sticks her tongue out mockingly)
Miles: You are mature women, aren’t you?

Meg: Miles, you’re-
Miles: Up. I know.
Meg: Gee, thanks for doin’ my job you ignorant jackass.
Miles: (Laughs) My pleasure, Megan.

Daryl: Huh? Huh?
Max: Stop it dad, it’s embarassin’.
Daryl: Then admit it! Admit you at least had a moment with Yokes. Go on, you know you wanna’.
Max: No, I really don’t.

Daryl: Antony, tell him he needs to lighten up.
Ant: Max, you need to bloody well lighten the hell up before I make you eat the dust.

Daryl: More enthusiastic than I was askin’ for, but good enough.
Max: I think Alicia’s emo cloud’s passed over him.
Daryl: Huh?
Max: The chick with the black hair and purple fringe. She takes anger management classes.
Daryl: Ah right, I gotcha’ now.

Daryl: Anyway, try gettin’ in touch with Yoko when you can kiddo, you won’t regret it. She misses you loads, y’know.

Max: ‘N’ a part of me misses her too.

Daryl: I knew it!
Max: I was supposed to have said that in my head!

Meg: Gettin’ a little bored now…

Miles: C’mon Wheatfield! You can do it!
Meg: Oh you can shut up too. Kings! Are you ready?
Miles: YES! You finally said it!
Meg: …
Miles: Sorry, continue.
Meg: … Three! Two! One! GO!

Tim: Maxwell, have you seen Antony?
Max: He took off again on another trip to try to find Chrissie… Third time’s the charm, I guess.
Tim: I see. When you see him… Tell him I appreciate what he did for our Ellie.
Max: Wow, you bein’ civil with him?
Tim: It isn’t the first time, believe me. Tell him, yeah?
Max: Sure.
Tim: I know him and her have always been especially close, but it still meant a lot that he takes good care of her.
Max: How come they’re especially close?
Tim: It’s a long story, the only person who can tell you really is Ant. Maybe Chrissie too, but I’m not sure if even she knows the story. Anyway, see you around.

Max: One last thing.
Tim: What?
Max: What is it with Chrissie?
Tim: Heh, you’ll see shortly. Ant shouldn’t need to worry though, he should be proud in fact.
Max: What does that mean?
Tim: Like I said, you’ll see.

Miles: Get over there!

Miles: Shit.

Miles: Don’t think for one second you’re gonna’ win with that.

Driver #2: OW, DAMN IT!
Miles: Serves you right for cuttin’ it fine.

(Loud cracking sound)
Miles: Aw hell.

Meg: What are you doin’ Hoffman!?

Miles: Car’s died, ‘n’ I’m not bein’ beaten today!

Meg: Unbelievable.
Miles: I told you once before, you gotta’ be in peak physical condition when you’re in a career like mine.
Meg: An’ we asked ya’ once before, what career is that career?
Miles: Again, I told you once before, the kind that you shouldn’t nose into.

Ralph: So you’re Max’s father, that correct?
Daryl: Who wants to know?
Ralph: Well I run the races ‘round these parts, ‘n’ wondered if you’d be interested.
Daryl: Interested in what?
Ralph: Every season we have a promotional promotion.
Daryl: A promotional promotion?
Ralph: If a non-racer who has connections with a Desert King is present at showdown day, they can take the promotional promotion. Basically it’s a chance for you to dive right in to the next rank where the winners are goin’. But you have to win your first race to stay there. There’s only one vacancy for each rank per season so if you want in, say now before you miss the chance.
Daryl: Max said they ran things too conveniently around here. ‘N’ that they mention these sort of things randomly as if they’ve never existed ‘til now, this being one o’them cases.
Ralph: (Shrugs)
Daryl: I don’t have a hatchback anyway, just an Excalibur with no windshield. Besides, I don’t feel comfortable sharin’ a town with a guy who’s tried to kill me several times in the last few weeks.
Ralph: You can get one, or you can get Max to double-enter his Ciclo, that’s allowed.
Daryl: … I’m in.

Bystander: UNFAIR! I’d have entered too!
Daryl: You don’t have a car, nor a son whose car you can borrow.
Bystander: You think you know me so well yet you don’t even know my name yet.
Daryl: (Sigh) Not this again…
Ralph: Guess I’ll leave you two to it.

Alan: I’m not sure about this.
Meg: What you whingin’ ‘bout now?
Alan: I ain’t whingin’ babe, it’s just I gotta’ get through today’s race in this heavy lump of shit?
Meg: BABE!? Don’t you EVER call me that again!
Alan: Grrr, DEFINITELY not happy about this.

Kai: What’s he complainin’ about?
Everyone: …
Hay-Hay: Erm, Kai?
Kai: Huh? Oh, hey there sweet thing, how you doin’?
Hay-Hay: Urgh.
Stace: I feel as ill as you do Heather.
Ali: I feel like I wanna’ rip out my guts an’ throw them at ‘im.
Kai: Alright honeys, I can take a hint.

Stace: (Whispers) Don’t! Not yet.
Kim: (Whispers) I wanna’ throttle this kid so bad.
Hay-Hay: (Whispers) We need him for info, remember?
Ali: (Whispers) I say we kick him to shit right now.
Kim: (Whispers) Good idea.
Kai: I’m flattered you think so much of me ladies but could you speak up just a little bit? It’s hard to hear when you whisper like that.
Kim, Hay-Hay, Ali and Stace: …

Alan: Seriously? This is bullshit.

Driver #1: Shift outta’ the way you prick!
Driver #2: Nah, you shift outta’ the way you douche!
Alan: Let me at ‘em, let me at ‘em!

Driver #1: You little tosser.
Driver #2: Take them Tic-Tocs bitch, TAKE ‘EM!
Alan: These guys are totally over-the-top… I want in! Hurry up Mira!

Driver #1: Oh yeah? How about THIS!?

Driver #2: G’AAAAAH!
Driver #1: Oh crap, that’s backfired.
Driver #3: Can’t make the turn now, shiiiiit!
Alan: WHAT? Oh-ho YES!

Meg: Calm down, Al, it’s only a race.

Wes: Now that’s annoying.
Eliza: I’m sorry you didn’t make it.
Wes: I should have seen it coming-it IS Ant after all. But that Kai is a nasty piece of work Eliza, you should be careful around him. It was bad enough with Mikey out there before.
Eliza: Don’t worry, I can handle myself. Besides, I have a new bodyguard apparently.
Wes: Heh, well I’m glad then. Just promise me you’ll be careful… For me?
Eliza: … Sure, Wes. I promise.
Wes: Thanks. I just don’t want you to get hurt by anyone.

Robert: Hey guys, look who I found!
Tammy: OH NO! Are you ok Woody!?!?!
Keith: NO! Do I LOOK alright!? I’m fricken’ handicapped thanks to Hoffman ‘n’ Lambert! And DON’T call me Woody!!!
Max: They’re around here somewhere if you wanna’ have a word.

Keith: Gladly!
Robert: Guess we’ll see you guys later.
Tammy: But Miles is right over there!
Keith: What!? Where!?
Max: Nowhere. Tammy’s just seein’ things.
Tammy: I’m not! He’s with Mikey! MIKEY! IS THAT MILES WITH YOU!?
Miles: Huh?

Keith: THERE he is!
Miles: Shit, better split.
Mikey: Where are you going!?
Max: The caped avenger, the wonderful Tam-Tam saves Alterra yet again.
Tammy: Oh no! It’s Tam-Tam The Wonderful Caped Avenger now! And I’m going to make my own comic! The Epic Adventures Of Tam-Tam The Wonderful Caped Avenger!
Max: Amazing…
Tammy: No-epic!
Keith: I can’t really run after him in this state.

Meg: Good luck out there Lizzie!
Eliza: Thanks.
Driver #4: Hey! No fair! That’s favouritism!
Meg: Ya’ got a problem buddy?
Driver #4: No, no, not at all…
Meg: Kings! Are you ready?
Driver #2: YEAH!
Meg: That was rhetorical question.
Driver #2: Oh, sorry.
Meg: … Three! Two! One! GO!

Eliza: C’mon girl, my lovely little Elektra, you can do it.

Driver #3: Shift outta’ my way fellas! You too, lil’ missy.
Eliza: Ow! Stop hurting my Elektra!

Meg: Go on Lizzie, take ‘im down!
Eliza: I have to win this race. I’m doing this for the girls… The non-feline girls who don’t go meow or roar at everything, that is.

Driver #3: Not a chance baby.
Eliza: Argh!… What is this feeling of anger and aggression I feel building inside of me?
Miles: What’s she doin’ now?

Eliza: Move over!
Driver #3: Woah shit!
Meg: Awright! You go girl!

Driver #2: My turn now sweetheart.
Driver #4: Na-ah, MY turn!

Driver #2: SHIT!
Driver #4: Aw hell I went ‘n’ done it.
Driver #3: Typical, I’m stuck with a little girl an’ a bunch o’bloody amateurs!

Robert: You be careful out there Woody.
Keith: Stop tellin’ me to be careful! Just ‘cause I’m handicapped doesn’t mean I can’t drive, ok!?
Robert: … You can’t drive normally anyway.
Keith: Piss off!
Robert: Ok.

Keith: Erm… Could you help me into the car first?
Robert: Can’t hear you, oh well!
Keith: Bastard.

Eliza: Come on Elektra, you can make it! Just a bit further.
Driver #3: Time to put the lights out on you, gorgeous.
Eliza: One little thing I’ve learnt whilst watching the others out here…

(Eliza pulls on the E-brake)
Driver #3: Fuck! Are you CRAZY woman!?
Eliza: It worked!

Eliza: Ah, that’s better. I can calm down again now.
Miles: She’s still gonna’ be the shy ‘n’ timid little girl of the group though, ain’t she?

Kai: Huh? Oh yeah, she did rather well… Heh, yeah it CERTAINLY impressed me… No, I’ll try not to get any ideas, but I can’t promise anythin’… Alright. I better go now, before our signal gets cut out agai-
(Phone goes dead)
Kai: … Oh well. It’s better when the higher-ups aren’t on my back. Now I’m back in charge, I play my own rules.

Meg: Easy Woody, easy… EASY!
Keith: I’m takin’ it easy! I gotta’ use the bloody crutch on the clutch, you have any idea how fricken’ awkward that is to do!?
Meg: Crutch on the clutch? That has to be a patented racin’ technique.
Keith: Just get this over with.
Driver #4: C’mon dude! Get outta’ the way!
Keith: HEY! I’m fuckin’ crippled here ALRIGHT!? Don’t rush me!
Meg: (Sighs)

Meg: Kings! Are you ready? Three! Two! One!
Keith: Hold it!
Meg: WHAT!?
Keith: Gettin’ the crutch in place… Ok, I’m ready now.
Meg: … GO!

Keith: Awww man this just feels too weird, don’t think I can do this.

Robert: Woody, I hate to say this, but you actually drive better when you’re crippled.
Keith: I CAN hear you you cheeky little shit!
Robert: Glad to see it isn’t your hearing that you’re handicapped with.

Keith: C’mon! Gimme’ a bleedin’ break will ya’!? This is too freakin’ difficult!

Max: Huh.
Miles: What?
Max: That Amazon over there… Does it look familiar to you?
Miles: Is it one of The Desert Cats’? They’re the only ones I’ve seen bringin’ their modded cars along to today.

Max: Can’t be a competitor, surely. This is the standard rank after all, no modding allowed.
Ralph: Aha, that’s a common misconception. Actually, the limit to modding in the standard classes is just to aesthetics, so whilst you can’t tune the performance, you can still do whatever you want to the look of the car. Though most people who know this still don’t do anythin’ because of the weight it’ll add. That, and also bein’ out there generally means that whatever you put on the car will get smashed an’ knocked off again after a few corners.
Miles: So whose car’s that then?
Ralph: Oh, wait around an’ find out. They’re in the last race of today, you’ll see.

Miles: Now I know what you mean about keepin’ secrets ‘n’ not tellin’ anyone anythin’ about myself.
Max: Welcome to our world. This mean you’ll start tellin’ us about yourself now?
Miles: … No. I can’t.

Daryl: Kid, next season, mind if we double-enter the Ciclo so I can compete? I’ll help ya’ put in the wrench time to make it worth your while.
Max: Uhm, sure.
Daryl: What a sport. I’ve been lookin’ for somethin’ like this, y’know. Beats the Archades Speedway by miles.
Miles: You ran on the Archades Speedway?
Daryl: Oh hell yeah, used to rock that place. But here… This is by far a much more fascinatin’ sport.

Keith: I can’t believe I’m ahead!… Oh crap my crutch slipped!
(Grinding sound then a small burst)

Keith: NO! I’ve come too far to cock up now!

Keith: GET IN! I DID IT!

Keith: OW! You stupid moment-ruinin’ tart!
Driver #4: Watch where you’re driving buddy!
Keith: You’re one to talk!

Robert: If Woody made it then I don’t see why I can’t. Off I go!
Miles: Robbie, Ant told me to let you know that if you make it into the next season, you gotta’ drop the Rosalie.
Robert: What!? Not Rosa! What did she do!?
Miles: C’mon, Kim drives Rosie, which is a TS an’ then ya’ have Heather in a Vitesse. Too many bloody Rosalies, as Ant says. Besides, even Heather’s Vitesse is called Rosa too. So yeah, find somethin’ else.
Robert: I’ll see what I can do.

Meg: (Sigh) Today’s just dragged on. An’ I gotta’ keep smiling an’ lookin’ cute ‘til the end despite everythin’ that’s goin’ on… Not that lookin’ cute is hard to do or anythin’. Ant… What I said, what I did…

Robert: Don’t want to rush you Megan, but-
Meg: Oh the lot o’ya’ SHADDAP! I’ve had nuthin’ but interruptions off you lot all day!
Robert: … Just ask us if we’re ready, please?
Meg: Sod it, GO!
(No one moves)
Robert: Erm… Are you sure-
Meg: For the love of the sands JUST GO!

Ant: Long day…
Max: Uh-huh.
Miles: Been a good run though.

Wes: Ahem!
Tammy: Don’t forget us over here!
Mikey: Yeah!

Ralph: Sorry fellas, rules are rules-you three guys didn‘t win your races so you aren‘t through to the next rank… WHAT!? Oh dear no!

Ralph: Alright, alright Mikey! Fine! You can go through.
Meg: Ha, Mikey’s gettin’ better at that I see.
Ant: Wanna’ see better? Ralphie, it looks like someone else has somethin’ to ask ya’.
Ralph: What are you-

Ralph: Aw no no no no no no no… I give in! Go ahead!
Ali: Finally a use for her hangin’ ‘round Mickey.
Everyone: Mikey!
Ali: Whatever.

Tammy and Mikey: Yaaaaaaaay!
Wes: What about me!?
Meg: Can ya’ do a sympathetic face?

Ralph: … Nah, doesn’t work.
Wes: Damn!

Ralph: So, to sum up, out of this group we have here… Erm, well everyone but Wes is through, basically.
Wes: Aw now that’s just a load of-!
Ralph: Now though, also from here on out you can have the choice of having a co-driver with you, and they can be anyone you want, no limit, as long as they aren’t co-driver for someone else.
Keith: Well DUH!
Alan: There ya’ go Wes, you can sit in with me!
Wes: Thanks buddy.
Alan: You ain’t outta’ this show yet!
(Cars racing on the dust)
Max: Huh?
Meg: Yeah, last race of the day is on now.

Max: Wow, that guy’s good, the one in the Amazon.
Ant: Yeah… Still think Lizzie could be a good opponent for him though.
Max: Ha, I remember you sayin’ if there was one thing you could change about Chrissie, it would be so she could drive as good as Lizzie.
Eliza: You really said that?
Ant: Erm, I might have…
Eliza: (Giggles and blushes)
Miles: Erm, guys? I’m sorry to burst your bubble here but, I think that might be a chick at the wheel.
Max: What you talkin’ ‘bout Miles? Don’t be ridiculous.
Daryl: No, he’s right. Gee, never had any women at all back on the speedway. Not even any meowing ones.

Alan: If that’s true then DAMN that babe can drive. Can’t even see her but she’s GOTTA’ be as hot as she drives! Any chick that knows how to drive has to look sexy, it’s the law!

Ant: W-… WHAT?

Everyone but Ralph: CHRISSIE!
Chrissie: (Smiles innocently)
Ralph: So, now you guys know who “Chr-” was.

Daryl: Uh-oh, what’s he gonna’ do?

Chrissie: Now Ant, I know I have some explaining to-

Alan: … D’AWWW!
Everyone: Shut up Al!

Ant: Wow… I’d never have expected this.
Chrissie: Surprised?
Ant: … Fuck yeah.
Chrissie: Want me to explain myself?
Ant: Sure… Explain with this.

Meg: (Sigh) Too little, too late.

Rico: So, what’s the plan? Get the squad?
Officer: I need to get in touch with the captain.
Missy: I need my nails redone!
Rico: Wasn’t quite what I was going for but ok.
Missy: What the-!… Look out the window, guys.

Officer: I’m not surprised.
Sammy: YES! That’s it! Now we can take the fight back to Finley!

Rico: Woah, hold on a minute.
Officer: Not your average backup.

Tina: Guys need a hand?

Missy: I don’t need this whorebag on our team!
Tina: I don’t need this dope-snorting skank in the way of police business.
Officer: I don’t need two hot babes arguing if there’s no wrestling and jelly between them.
Missy and Tina: …
Rico: I don’t need a group this small if this is how dysfunctional we’re gonna’ be.

Daryl: I like what you’ve done with the place. You’re clearly a remarkable decorator.
Max: Yeah, it wasn’t me that did any of this… Honest.
(Phone rings)
Daryl: I’ll get that.

Daryl: Hello?… (Quietly) About time.

Daryl: It’s for you Max.
Max: Really?

Max: Hello?
Voice: Hiya Maximillion.
Max: Wha-?
Voice: Long time no speak.

Max: Yoko!

Eliza: Let’s see, let’s see…

Eliza: This is what I’m looking for. Kai… Kai… Kai… Aha! Kai!

Eliza: Huh?

Kieran: Liz, you have no idea what you’re letting yourself in for, you WILL regret it.

Eliza: Kieran!

Kieran: People are starting to become less friendly now I see… I guess it’s time to let the games begin.

Man: Can’t have gotten far. If I know where Daryl was headed… I hope Kenneth isn’t still there.

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