Episode 05

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Episode 05

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[size=200]Evil Born Evil[/size]
Series: 01
Episode: 05
This is a remake of an episode aired previously. This episode originally aired on August 8th, 2011.
Written by: Luke Enfield
Produced by: Crimson Media
[warning]AGE RATING: 15+
Previously on Evil Born Evil...

Jasper: I'm going to hunt myself some foreign men in fedoras and then I'm going to prop Rodney's head on a skewer. We're going to get the help of a friend of ours and then we're going to fucking go.


Alberto: Drive! NOW! And fast, to my manor! And Francesca, please do not get dressed. You are fine just the way you are. In fact, I can get a better deal on you that way.
Francesca: (Crying sniffle)
Alberto: Ah, don't fucking talk then bitch. NOW DRIVE FASTER!


Jerome: That's it my-a friend, keep going! We cannot lose him now!
Marcus: How come?
Jerome: I know exactly where he's heading.
Marcus: You sure?
Jerome: Well, I-a think!
Marcus: Eh, great. Well, I was hoping you'd come out with something like that, I mean, he's not going to stop until he's lost us.

Jerome: What motivates you?
Marcus: Me? Erm, well... this scumbag of an uncle of yours is my motivation currently.
Jerome: Well, what do you do, Mr...?
Marcus: Marcus. I'm Marcus.
Jerome: Ah, Mr Marcus. What drives you? What made you think you could take it upon yourself to be in my modelling agency?
Marcus: I thought it was under your uncle's name.
Jerome: It is, well... it will be soon. I'm in debt to him, and if it isn't paid back soon I will lose it.

Francesca: Alberto, who is it?
Alberto: I don't know, I can't see. He's driving eratically, I suspect it's David.
Francesca: Oh, please don't make it him...
Alberto: Did he hurt you, Francesca?
Francesca: What's it to you? Whoever my 'buyer' is, they're obviously going to find fun out of hurting me more!
Alberto: You're precious Francesca, I just want you to know that. I mean seriously, I appreciate what you're doing.
Francesca: You nasty, hypocritical swine... it was supposed to be a modelling agency, not a sex trade HQ...

Alberto: I guess the modelling only floated Jerome's boat, but personally I see more room for expansion with prostitution, my dear. Driver, faster!
Driver: Your wish is my command, Mr Marini.

Jerome: Oh my! They're going onto the wrong side of the road!

Jerome: Hang on... you're one of them aren't you!?
Marcus: Who!? The bloody mafia?
Jerome: No, no, no! You're a fucking cop!
Marcus: Oh, well, uh...
Jerome: How I've longed for a wonderful law enforcer to put an end-a to my dismay! You can lock Alberto away and I-a will not need to worry about losing my-a life!
Marcus: Oh! Well, I...
Jerome: Did you know those guys? And the rat, too? David Haines?
Marcus: Well, I don't know Haines. But unfortunately I know the other two.

Jerome: Unfortunately!? Man you-a lot saved my fucking life!
Marcus: Look erm, Mr...
Jerome: Basile. Jerome Basile!
Marcus: Yes Mr Basile, I don't think now is the time to come all open-armed and lovey-dovey with me, I'm in hot pursuit right now. (Sarcastic giggle)
Jerome: Yes Mr Marcus but this is important! With you my uncle can be put to prison and I can keep-a my agency! Furthermore, I can refrain it from continuing its sex slavery and just leave it at sexy women flashing their tits for-a magazines! I don't like the sound of dirty women flashing their titties for fat Shelian men!
Marcus: But that girl though, dirty, seriously!?
Jerome: With the exception of her, of course. I-uh... I think she's in the wrong line of work. She didn't seem to impressed when Haines did her countless times!
Marcus: Ok friend, you're going to leave this conversation right there. In fact, shut up.

Marcus: His mad driving is diverting people all over the option! Please tell me we're near his house by now, Mr Basile?
Jerome: Afraid not.

Jerome: SHIT! Look out!

Marcus: Why didn't I leave Barker to this? In fact, that would be worse. In fact, why am I here?

Jerome: Please tell me that wasn't our fault.
Marcus: Not in the slightest, Mr Basile. Your uncle's driver is a maniac.

Driver: We have arrived, Mr Marini.
Alberto: Good. Now go and check that we're all clear.
Driver: Sure.

Francesca: So, Alberto. Are you going to tell me who I'm being sold to?
Alberto: Eh, I can't go into specifics right now Francesca my dear. If I told you I would spoil the deal.
Francesca: This is the thing, Alberto. This deal. It's like your life depends on it yet all I am is a 'sleazy hooker'. You really overestimated this then, or I'm worth far more than what you're implying.
Alberto: I told you Francesca, you are precious for doing such a favour!
Francesca: Oh give it a rest! I'm doing this because I was brainwashed into thinking modelling was for me. Prostitution, now I know that is NOT for me! You appal me, you really, really do.
Alberto: These men are not poor, Francesca. You may enjoy, you may not. But you will make fucking good paper.
Francesca: I'm in it for the passion of modelling, Alberto. Not the filthy cash that goes with prostitution.
Alberto: It ain't filthy! They've earnt it!
Francesca: Like fuck they have!

Alberto: I know the guy very well, the owner that is.
Francesca: Oh, selling me to a friend of yours are we? Yeah, let's just share Francesca among us, it'll be a real great laugh!
Alberto: No Francesca, I know him well, but that does not mean we get on well. I need asylum here, Francesca. I need to get to Lystow as soon as. As it happens he has agreed to meet us here on the footstep of the modelling agency. You will be whisked off back to Azaria as soon as!
Francesca: What if I don't want to go back to Azaria, huh? I'll only be picked up by the wrong hands again, and it looks like that's the direction I'm heading in right now.
Alberto: I care for you, Francesca.
Francesca: No, you don't. Did you know Haines was a cop!?
Alberto: No, can't say I did. He was good at keeping that quiet. But you're going to a new owner because I messed up in Azaria and owe him, that's all.
Francesca: You screwed everyone over, SO YOU COME HERE AND I HAVE TO PAY FOR YOUR MESS! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Alberto: Hey come on, we've got to do what we've got to do. Maybe you pulled the short straw, I don't know.
Francesca: Damn right did I! The females always pull the short straw in the Azarian mafia, that's just how it works Alberto.

Jerome: I'm glad you backed off! They'd have realized by now, so now's the time to make our move.
Marcus: Ok, well you be in charge of the directions then, Mr Basile. You're the boss.
Jerome: We need to be taking a left here.
Marcus: A left.
Jerome: And then just follow the road until you see a road leading right...
Marcus: Hmmm...
Jerome: (Voice becoming woozier) Then go straight on over the bridge...

Marcus: Hmmm...
Jerome: (Woozier) And straight on...

Marcus: I...I...I can't...
Jerome: (Woozy) Is everything ok, Mr Marcus?

I don't know Mr Basile, would you think so? Just read and respond, Marcus. It's happening again. The joys of being locked inside a coma.

Someone or something has the key, surely. It's time to face the music...

(Horn sounds)

Jerome: Mr Marcus!? MR MARCUS!? OH MY, HE'S DEAD!

Jerome: Sorry, I cannot lose sight of my uncle so I'm going to have to take this!

Dream Marcus, dream. Dreams are beautiful.

Dream a dream, inside a dream. Dream, my friend.

For you will uncover the key to your whereabouts. You will understand why you have a huge weight resting on your shoulders. Just, get it off.

Black Knight: Alpha 1, come in.
Silver Knight: Alpha 2, come in.
Red Knight: Alpha 3, this is your prize.

All Knights: (Chanting) Dance with the devil! Dance with the devil! Dance with the devil!
Red Knight: (Chanting) Who is the devil? Who is the devil? Who is the devil?
Marcus: What's wrong? Is this... this is the hospital, right? I'm alive?

Black Knight: (Chanting) Dance with the devil! DANCE WITH THE DEVIL!


Red Knight: (Chanting) The devil is coming, the devil is coming for you.

Marcus: Fuck this! What devil!? Why does this keep happening to me!? Please, tell me what I've done wrong and what on Alterra I have to do to put this right! PLEASE! I don't know who the devil is!

Marcus: Oh, thanks heavens! A human being, or at least... I presume!?
Sam: Don't worry, Marcus. We're all humans here. Humans are knights. Well, only true humans. They fight in perilous battles and bring joy to us all. They keep us safe.
Marcus: This is the 21st century though, not the Middle Ages!
Sam: Ha, good joke! You're partly right, but I mean, it's not EXACTLY the 21st century yet, is it?
Marcus: Oh fuck, I was hoping I'd got somewhere.
Sam: Then let me help you inch that little bit more forward. I'm Sam Saunders by the way. Oh and, ignore the dance. If you don't want to dance with me then you don't have to, but I thought it might cheer you up. Besides, if you're going to make an entrance into someone's life then you'd better make it big if you face the prospect of not seeing them again, right?
Marcus: Wait, so you're the devil?
Sam: Oh, I think not. Ha, of course...
Marcus: ...

Marcus: I'm getting scared here, so you're gonna' come clean about the true identity of the devil right now or you and your fucking knights in shining armour are going to get hurt!
Sam: Haha, good luck trying. Believe it or not, they may appear to have the armour, but as it happens, I have more armour than they could possible imagine of having. I mean, I'm so weak you can put an arm through me. But, on the other hand... it won't hurt much. In fact, I don't think it hurts at all! It's sort of like a legal high. I mean, I could do that funny body suspension stuff they do. Oh no, I can't because nothing can lift me. Anything that comes at me, it's like woosh! You know what I mean!? Just goes straight through me and not a single FUCK is given! That's the Sam Saunders way, Marcus.

Marcus: Who is the devil!?
Sam: I am!
Marcus: But you're not!
Sam: I know!
Marcus: Well WHO IS!?
Sam: Everyone! Anyone can betray you at any one point, Marcus. So I suggest you keep your eyes and ears open, and you may just get out of this alive.
Marcus: You... you know my name? My situation!?
Sam: Of course, this is a dream you're having... within a dream! I mean that's fucking insane as it is, so how about we make it even more ridiculous and throw a Sam Saunders in? But of course, you can also argue that it provides comfort and tranquility for our hot-headed Redford. Oh, I'm sorry, no pun intended there. I just realized you were a gingernut! Ha!
Marcus: Oh, fuck you Mr so-called 'Saunders'. I could bet anyday they put you here just to make life a hell of a lot harder.
Sam: Life!? Life!? Yes, life is the key... Marcus! This is your life! Rod Barker, Vincent Hopkins, Jasper Lyons... they are your life! You depend on them and their actions! You must act, or else!
Marcus: And what if I don't act!?

Sam: Then you will die, Marcus. No bullshit here, you will die.

Marcus: So I'm right? This is a coma? And I must do something order to unlock myself out of this rut and back into the 21st century?
Sam: Something along those lines, yeah.
Marcus: What have I to do? Kill? Buy something? Sell something? Solve something?
Sam: All of what you mentioned Marcus, and then some. And then fucking some. There's fucking lots you have to do, boy! So I suggest you get working.
Marcus: And where am I supposed to start?

Sam: Share a thought for your brother, Marcus. Your brother. See you around, Marcus. You know me better than you think, sunshine.

The men will forever reign. They're the ones who call the shots, and they make life. But they are to be feared, because one will always break life for everyone. Or... many will break the life for that one, poor soul.

Marcus and Francesca, then? A match made in heaven. Marriage means nothing if you don't give a shit about religion, just like I don't.

Marcus: Brother, brother. You will die in a matter of months. And it's my job to finally find out why, and to finally be more of a brother to you than I ever were. So Marini is here.

Driver: Mr Marini, I think we now have company...
Alberto: Well don't just stand their gawping outside, take them out!
Driver: Yes... yes, sir!

Marcus: OH FUCK IT! LIFE GETS WORSE BY THE MINUTE! If you could call this life, that is...!

Driver: A life of yours my friend that is soon up. Remove yourself from the premises of Mr Alberto Marini at once!


Rod: Get a haircut in your next life... BERK!

Marcus: Glad you came, erm... guys.
Rod: No problem my amigo. I'm gonna' hunt myself some juicy mafia and lather some brown sauce all over him and have it for my supper!
Vincent: Yeah, hey Marcus.
Marcus: Vincent.

Rod: Nice place... posh, ain't it? Hmm...

Rod: Marini, you twat! Reveal yourself or I'll rip your innards out!
Vincent: Gov, he's probably been scared off and left.
Rod: Not on my watch. Oh, I feel this one in my guts, Hopkins. He's mine, and Lyons can't change that. OI! GET A CHUFFING MOVE ON!

Rod: And bon appetit Rodney Barker. There's supper. I'm gonna' twirl you around my fork like you lot do with your bloody spaghetti bolognese.

Rod: And well Marini, I can tell you that I'm going to fucking spagbol your arse. You sunshine, are nicked! Marc, throw this ginger bastard in the back of the Mer.
Vincent: And watch the upholstery...
Rod: Yes, and that's my job to say, fur face. Go on, scram.

Rod: Hold it right there you big-tittied girl! You my dear, are nicked!
Francesca: A good and honest, decent man should finally have the decency to treat me better than a barstool.
Rod: You're right, sweetlips. Barstools are for sitting on and falling off. Just like I'll sit on your face if you don't get in the back of my sweet chariot, missy!
Francesca: You too are a swine, just like that Haines bastard.
Rod: Oh, I thought we were rats. Anyway, you my darling are a witness, so I wanna' know about this Haines bastard. First, I'm going to pat you down to Taewo-town for evidence and then we're gonna' have some intensive questioning.

Francesca: Ah, just another vulgar man you are. Sexually perverted, it seems. When are you going to learn?
Rod: I'm gonna' learn soon my dear. Something tells me that you're nothing but an invitational girl when you spend all afternoon in your bra and knickers. You my duck, are nicked.
Francesca: Oh, I've been arrested for dressing inappropriately?
Rod: Inappropriate? Well no, I'm sure there's something a lot of chaps would have to say about that but, yes my dear.
Francesca: You should be talking to Alberto, not me.
Rod: Wrong again, sweet cheeks. He's going in the slammer. Now I suggest you shut up before I bang you in the slammer too.
Vincent: Look Rod, you can see she's cold. It's not her fault, spare her your coat at least.

Rod: Shut your fucking trap Hopkins, or else I'll shave your tache off to tickle this Azarian girl's fancy.
Vincent: Rod...!
Rod: Oh, alright.

Rod: Let's ask the Mighty Mer if there's any room at the inn. If there is then I suppose you're gonna' have half a knocker in your face Hopkins, and I'm sure you'll like that.

Rod: Start talking, missy.
Francesca: And what exactly would you like me to say?
Rod: You are free to say what you like. Tell us what it was really like being screwed by every man in Azaria going.
Francesca: I... I...
Marcus: (Sighs) Do you feel better, Francesca?
Francesca: No, I don't. I feel empty.
Rod: At least you're warmer now you've found the way to your bloody clothes.

Marcus: Gov, now's not the time.
Rod: (Sighs) Did you see much of Marini then? On a day-to-day basis?

Francesca: Of course, what did you expect? He was my master, and I was his slave. And now he's planning to sell me.
Marcus: Well, listen to us. He won't any longer. You're safe. Mind you, you're in our control for the time being but that's not implying you'll be forced into anything you don't want to.
Francesca: Good.
Rod: Do I detect something odd between you two?
Francesca: ...
Marcus: We... we met at the modelling agency. Marini took her away and when he asked me if I wanted to stick something inside of Francesca, I knew that what they were running was not a modelling agency.
Rod: Are you the first this has happened to darling?
Francesca: No, they wouldn't make cash entirely on me. They require expansion.
Rod: Alright, why is Marini in a pokey run-down city in the north of Denland and not an island for fancypants off the coast of Azaria?

Francesca: It's aslyum he wants. He's angered a lot of people. So he's came over the border. He was going to go to Lystow.
Rod: Right, so in other words he's got a little deal going on here, no?
Francesca: That's right. I'm pretty much all he has left, as well as his nephew.
Marcus: Jerome...
Francesca: What about him?
Marcus: Jerome, where is he?
Rod: I don't know, can't say I know of a Mr. Gnome.
Marcus: Did you see him at all, Francesca?
Francesca: No, I didn't.
Rod: Enough of him, Marc. The question on my lips is why he'd want to sell you if you're all he has left?
Francesca: He told me it's a favour, for his enemy. He's pissed him off, so he's leaving me to clean up the mess. I was to serve him from now on, instead of Marini.

Rod: You're free to go now. You did alright. We appreciate your honesty, darling. Thank you.

Francesca: It... it's really no problem.
Rod: Now I'd just like to take your name.
Francesca: Francesca Arnaldo.

Gonzalo: Another successful day at the office, boys?
Rod: Yes Gonzalo, my friend. You could say that. But I suspect there's still a lot to uncover.
Marcus: Francesca certainly can't remember every last little detail, and it's no wonder considering what she's had to deal with.
Rod: But at least Marini is dealt with.
Marcus: I sure hope so.
Gonzalo: I'm going into the back. Shout me if you need anything.
Rod: Sure Gonzalo, I won't pinch any booze.
Gonzalo: (Laughs) I'll trust you on that, Rod.

Rod: Oh, Marc.
Marcus: Gov.
Rod: What if Marini is the first of a wave? Is he a don or just simply some undermining mobster?
Marcus: He seems to have the backing of a don.
Rod: Don or not, he's got a deal going on. So we're going to have to look into it. Presumably, it'll be going on here in Cramham.
Marcus: I suspect so. I guess the plan is to infiltrate the deal.
Rod: That's impossible with no Marini.
Marcus: And we're certainly not letting anyone get near Francesca.
Rod: I'm beginning to think you should've offered her accomodation.
Marcus: Me? No! I don't have the room, and besides... she needs time alone.
Rod: We could infiltrate the deal, providing we have an undercover cop on hand.

Marcus: I don't believe Francesca is up for putting her life on the line again.
Rod: No, but... it's the only solution.
Marcus: (Sighs) Gov...
Rod: Marc?
Marcus: There's something you should probably know.
Rod: What?
Marcus: It's Lyons. He's running an operation alongside ours.
Rod: I know that. And it's one-nil to us after today.
Marcus: Yes, but he did have Tennyson on hand. Not to mention the arrival of... erm, someone Haines.
Rod: Haines? You mean David Haines? You spent years working as his partner, so what the FUCK has he gone off with Lyons for!?
Marcus: I don't know. I... he was acting as the cameraman for the agency today. And then he pulled a gun out and threatened half of their guys, once Lyons and Tennyson arrived of course.
Rod: Why didn't you tell me about this!?
Marcus: You know we're all short on time.

Rod: I don't fucking get it. You were supposed to tell us everything.
Marcus: I am now! Don't you think I've had an eventful day as it is? It's coming back to me.
Rod: So what's the deal with Haines?
Marcus: Well, he looks to be their undercover approach.
Rod: Right, I see now. Lyons really is serious about his own way, big time. The more reason for me to kill that fuck.
Marcus: We don't need anymore bloodshed, Rod. Internal affairs is the last thing we want breathing down our neck. Let's try and keep it out of the CID and focus our attention on Marini and co.
Rod: Marini's done, Marcus. We're gonna' end this. We need someone acting undercover to get to this deal anyway!
Marcus: Exactly. So we can't always do the opposite of Lyons. Except this time it's required. Only, it seems Lyons was early.
Rod: We don't know the ins and outs of this yet though, so we cannot be so sure.

Gonzalo: Yes, ok. I'll let them know right away.

Gonzalo: Rod, you just recieved a call.
Rod: Who from?
Gonzalo: Your friend Jasper.
Rod: Just the man I want to see. What does Lyons have for me today, hey Gonzalo?

Gonzalo: He says he wants to have a word with you, down by the docks.
Rod: Good. I'm looking forward to it.

Gonzalo: Things seem strange, as well. He told me that you're not to be followed, and what's more, you can't have any weapons on you.
Rod: Eh, I can see where this is going. Lovely jubbly. Thanks for letting me know, Gonzalo. Marc, let's go find Hopkins. Me and Lyons are going to end this.

Vincent: Ah...

Vincent: Oh, Barker. Redford. How can I help? I'm on my cig break.
Rod: I suggest you smoke your fag and then shove the butt down Lyons' nostril.
Vincent: How come?
Rod: We've got problems.
Vincent: Big problems?

Rod: I have to be truthful with you Vince, you're an annoying twat, but I'm glad you came back. I could've swore I wanted to leave Lystow 1968 behind us forever but, I got you wrong now. You're nothing compared to Lyons.
Vincent: I appreciate that, Rod. But what is the issue with Lyons?
Rod: Everything. Except now it turns out he's got Haines on hand.
Vincent: Who is Haines?
Rod: Oh, Detective Twatface David Haines. He's under Lyons' command, and what's more, going undercover with him.
Vincent: The dirty bastard.
Rod: Yeah, dirty alright. I always knew he was a cocksucker, and getting all cozy with Lyons undercover is just the thing that has angered me beyond fucking belief.

Vincent: What!?
Marcus: I think he means metaphorically speaking, Vincent.
Rod: Whatever. Undercover or not, we're going to have a word with Lyons and Haines. That bastard Tennyson will be there too, who strangely enough, I happened to put my faith in despite no one believed it.

Vincent: What happened to Lyons? Why did he have to go all foul on you!?
Rod: I guess you were what he had in mind first. He know that us two had history, so he put two and two together and hoped that he could knock some sense into me. But little does he know that I run operations around here. It's why I got sent here. Everything was in a mess. Me and you Vince, we ruled the way we police here in Denland, north and south. That's something I remember. Lyons will never get his chance.
Marcus: That's some sheer determination.
Rod: What is? Are you convinced Lyons' has a lot to give?
Marcus: He certainly has dedication.
Rod: Fuck off, Marc. His only dedication is pissing me off.

Marcus: Gov, there's something I need to ask you.
Rod: Oh, what now? Is this another secret you've kept from me?
Marcus: No, I need to find someone. I was wondering if you knew where he was.
Rod: Whoever he is, I can assure you our records don't go far enough. The CID is broke at the minute.
Marcus: His name is Harald. Harald Redford?
Rod: You're looking for your father?
Marcus: No, a long-lost brother.
Rod: I'll see what I can do... once Lyons is long-lost, that is.

Vincent: Here we are. Stay cool, guys.

Marcus: Don't do anything I wouldn't, gov.
Rod: I'll do what I fucking like. Now stand still and don't say nothing. Leave Lyons to me. And that applies to you too, Hopkins.
Vincent: Fair enough, you're the boss in this town.
Rod: Too right I am. I'm going to remind Lyons just that.

Jasper: Ah! Rod... Vincent... Marcus! Glad you could all make it!
Rod: Glad all you lot could make it, too. We have a lot to discuss.
Jasper: Yeah... yeah we do. Ain't that right, Luca?
Luca: Yep.
Jasper: David?
David: Too right.
Jasper: You know Rod, I don't hate you for the choices you made today.
Rod: Oh, is that so?

Marcus: (Talks quietly) I think it's time we left...
Vincent: Let's hear what they have to say.

Jasper: I mean, Marini. He's a slimey bastard, ain't he just?
Rod: Very slimey. But unfortunately for you I managed to keep my grip on him, unlike you and your undercover aid Haines here.
Jasper: Well done. Round one goes to you.
Rod: Oooh, so the cat has came out of the bag. It is a competition.
Jasper: No Rod. It doesn't have to be.
Rod: Oh right, so let's put this mistake you made behind us and work nicely together, hey?
Jasper: Yeah, let's.
Rod: Good. You know, that's good. Good of you that, Lyons. I really appreciate the fact that you've seen sense. Me and you, we'll be working together hand-in-hand again. Cool beans.

Jasper: Yeah. So, now you're going to listen to what I have to say. My idea. My idea, right? My idea is that we now use Francesca Arnaldo to our advantage.
Rod: You've already done that, haven't you Haines? (Speaks gently) That's right, boy. I'm gonna... just, drop my knickers and just... fuck. Fuck her like a real bloke. Because that is exactly what she needs. Big strong arms to be held in. Not ginger men with moustaches and multi-million debts.
Jasper: No, Barker. The prostitution has been abolished.

Rod: I know.
Jasper: But if we're gonna work together, then our great minds have to think alike, yeah?
Rod: What are you suggesting?

Jasper: What am I suggesting? Oh, nothing. It's done. You know, this morning you took it upon yourself to release Oliver out of the slammer. Of course, there's not much to go off. So, if we have him out there we can gain information on the whereabouts of Marini. Clap clap, Rod. You did it. And, myself and Tennyson, we were thinking things were a bit sketchy this morning. But, it worked better for you than it did for us. So, since great minds think alike... tomorrow's deal in selling Francesca Arnaldo is on.
Rod: What do you mean?
Jasper: In other words, I'm telling you that in order to obtain the information that we and our sources require, I've released Marini from his jail cell. He's out there, Rod. He's ready to pounce. Except tomorrow, we're gonna end it.

David: That's right, Rod. Me and Marcus are going to be working together again. It's going to be us two delivering Francesca on behalf of Marini.

(Thunder rumbles as the lightning flashes)


Jasper: You... you... FUCK! DAVE FUCKING HAINES!

Jasper: What on Alterra have you DONE!?
Rod: Killed your undercover aid, Mr David Haines. I'm sorry, Lyons. But me and you, it ain't gonna' work.
Jasper: You're DEAD MEAT NOW! DEAD!
Rod: You have no right to let Marini off his leash! Marini is out there, and so is Francesca! Now, thanks to you... we've made no fucking progress! Everything is back where it was! Oliver, at large. Marini, at large. Francesca, a vulnerable young girl who is now going to be taken advantage of again.
Jasper: Haines and Redford doing the deal could've worked, BARKER!
Rod: But the deal could never fucking go ahead! Francesca is our responsibility now, she's been through enough.

Jasper: You will pay for this Barker, I swear!
Rod: I think this brings us to evens, Lyons. Everything is where it began. Except tomorrow, we will win. I have just the ace up my sleeve.
Jasper: Well, I wouldn't count on it! YOU BASTARD!

Luca: It's no good, Jasper!
Jasper: Of course he's no fucking good Luca, he's dead.

Jasper: I swear Haines could've just popped Barker if we had any troubles. But now, now he really will pay for it.

Stuck right in the thick of it. Are you thinking someone may die tomorrow? I for one, am.

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