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Episode 06

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[size=200]Evil Born Evil[/size]
Series: 01
Episode: 06
This is a remake of an episode aired previously. This episode originally aired on August 15th, 2011.
Written by: Luke Enfield
Produced by: Crimson Media
[warning]AGE RATING: 15+
Previously on Evil Born Evil...

Marcus: Who is the devil!?
Sam: I am!
Marcus: But you're not!
Sam: I know!
Marcus: Well WHO IS!?
Sam: Everyone! Anyone can betray you at any one point, Marcus. So I suggest you keep your eyes and ears open, and you may just get out of this alive.
Marcus: You... you know my name? My situation!?
Sam: Of course, this is a dream you're having... within a dream! I mean that's fucking insane as it is, so how about we make it even more ridiculous and throw a Sam Saunders in? But of course, you can also argue that it provides comfort and tranquility for our hot-headed Redford. Oh, I'm sorry, no pun intended there. I just realized you were a gingernut! Ha!
Marcus: Oh, fuck you Mr so-called 'Saunders'. I could bet anyday they put you here just to make life a hell of a lot harder.
Sam: Life!? Life!? Yes, life is the key... Marcus! This is your life! Rod Barker, Vincent Hopkins, Jasper Lyons... they are your life! You depend on them and their actions! You must act, or else!

Jasper: You will pay for this Barker, I swear!
Rod: I think this brings us to evens, Lyons. Everything is where it began. Except tomorrow, we will win. I have just the ace up my sleeve.
Jasper: Well, I wouldn't count on it! YOU BASTARD!

Stuck right in the thick of it. Are you thinking someone may die tomorrow? I for one, am.

Rod: So, let me hear. Have you lot got any ideas?
Marcus: Can't say I do.
Vincent: You know, this is a misery. The Cramham Metropolitan Police. Opened in 1968, and for what exactly?
Rod: For me to get away from the likes of you, Hopkins.
Vincent: Whatever, Barker. I seem to recall that we have left our little rivalry behind us now and we're all the more commited to working together to take down that bastard Marini and co.
Rod: We are. We still can be that, too. I'm often asked the question - is this police service relevant? Are all our detectives abundant? No, we're on our way out and we're still young.
Marcus: Well I guess that's explained.
Rod: No, Marc. Not one time has the Cramham Metropolitan Police Department even been so necessary.
Vincent: Well, who'd have thought that dozens of those mobster bastards come knocking on your doorstep?
Rod: My doorstep? Your doorstep too, Hopkins.
Vincent: I'm afraid Barker... that's wrong.

Rod: What!?

Vincent: I have only the greatest of respect for you and your department, Barker. But my place is in Lystow. That's my territory. Fortunately, there's nothing going on down there that concerns me right now. What concerns me is this department. It's had a nice long run, but it's future is non-existent.
Rod: WHAT!?
Vincent: The country was in need of another CID department, and now it's not needed. Not here, at least. This is hardly a crime hotspot. You only need them in big cities like Lystow and Stillhon. But, Cramham? It just ain't gonna' cut it.
Marcus: Yeah, enough of the politics... I think I've got an idea.
Rod: I'm listening, Marc. You know, I thought you'd changed Hopkins. But now, I've realized all you want to do is bury me under your shit again.
Vincent: Look upon your work, Barker. You've done great, but you know this is all a waste of money. Go back to how things used to be. Remove the CID and give Cramham a plain old bog standard cop shop with uniformed officers in it. It doesn't need the likes of us anymore.
Marcus: Well, it certainly does now. And I always knew you two never got along, ever since you arrived, Vincent.
Rod: What are you talking of, Marc? You've known about me and Vince since you started working with me. I mean, I know he's a bastard, but I thought he was a good bastard, if anything.

Vincent: Hmm, and not many people get into the good books of Barker. More enemies than friends, that man.
Marcus: I've had enough of this. Are you all prepared to listen to my proposal?
Vincent: Ah, in the heat of the moment you're going to propose because you're so engaged with your old man Barker here, right now.

Rod: Oh, fuck you Hopkins...
Marcus: Marini is out, right? I don't suspect he's long gone, though. Francesca is still at large, so he's going to want her to get the deal done. After all, the deal was today right?
Vincent: What are you suggesting? Surely not... no.
Rod: What?
Vincent: Luring Francesca to him?
Marcus: ...
Rod: Marc?
Marcus: Yep.
Vincent: Ahaha, no. You're fucking crazy.
Marcus: Fuck off, Hopkins. Nothing counts against it.
Vincent: You have no right to waltz in here with that attitude against me my friend, nor with that kind of shit. It won't happen.
Rod: Leave him alone, Hopkins. I reckon he has a point.
Vincent: I can never recall the point when you agreed with someone else in the room.
Rod: Well, maybe that moment is now.

Jasper: They can't win!

Jasper: They will not win.

At this point, I'm beginning to wonder if I was right. I'm sure you are, too. I mean, Hopkins has tried to get along with them all, but he hasn't exactly taken too fond to the shape of the department. But, who can blame him?

A small city in northern Denland. It's all under control, surely? Opinions can be expressed and taken aboard.

Opinions can be the drive. They will ensure something will happen. It's their job to make it work.

Because if it doesn't work... then they'll have to live with that regret for the rest of the life, if they have a life left, that is.

(Buzzer sounds)

Francesca: Yeah? Oh, ok. Come on up.

Marcus: Francesca, we've got a problem. A huge problem.
Francesca: And that is?
Marcus: Marini. Marini's out.
Francesca: Out of... prison?
Marcus: ... yes. Some bastard fellow detective of ours released him so it seems. Look - you're safe. Don't ever think otherwise. You right now are our main priority. Even in the eyes of Rod, you're the priority. Not what Marini does.
Francesca: Surely that's wrong?
Marcus: No.
Francesca: If I'm safe, why is it a problem?
Marcus: Well, ok. You're going to see him.

Francesca: No, not now. Not after everything.
Marcus: Look, I know it won't be easy to go forward and do this, but you'll be doing us all a great favour. Man, I don't know why I'm doing this.
Francesca: What?
Marcus: I shouldn't be here. I care for you, Francesca. When I see you, I see... oh, shit.
Francesca: Is everything ok, Marcus?
Marcus: No, like fuck is it!
Francesca: And if I say yes...?

Marcus: Then the deal can go ahead, but we'll ambush it, get you to safety and ensure Marini is put in his place.

Francesca: And if I don't...?
Marcus: Then I lose my career, and Marini will take you down along with everything good left in this city. It's my job to save the city from it's darkest time. Too many people have died because of us.
Francesca: I'm sure that's not true.
Marcus: You want to bet?
Francesca: I guess I'll have to pay a visit to Alberto one last time then.

Francesca: Hang on, so just how well has this plan been thought out?
Marcus: Intensively.
Francesca: By everyone.
Marcus: No, by me.
Francesca: This is all you? And, for me?
Marcus: For you, Francesca. For you.
Francesca: I'm completely... lost for words. We've only known each other a matter of days.
Marcus: That means nothing, time is just numbers. You remind me too much of my... wife. Well, ex-wife I should say.
Francesca: Oh yes. A hooker like myself.
Marcus: You're not a hooker, they've forced that line of work onto you and you're never going to be forced to do anything like that again.
Francesca: You promise?
Marcus: ...

Francesca: Marcus?
Marcus: ... I promise.

Francesca: Here was me hoping I'd seen the last of this place...
Marcus: It's not over yet.

Rod: Marc.

Marcus: Oh, gov. Look - I can explain. I know, I'm sorry for bringing Francesca here, but if you hear me out... you'll understand that my approach is the only solution to this ordeal.
Rod: Yeah, I can see you've brought Francesca along with you, that's good.
Marcus: Ah, really? Well, let's get to work then.
Rod: Oh, I think not sunshine.
Marcus: Why not?
Rod: Whose car was you just driving there?
Marcus: Y... the, the... Dover Meriteer.

Rod: Number one - nobody calls her by her real name, it's the Mighty Mer. Number two - there's never a broad travelling inside it unless she's mine, and number THREE - NOBODY DRIVES MY BLOODY CAR!
Marcus: Oh, come on gov! Vincent is in a state, you've got shit to deal with, it felt right! Look! It's only took a couple of minutes!
Rod: I don't care how long it took! NOBODY DRIVES MY CAR AT ANY GIVEN TIME!
Marcus: Gov, we've known each other for so long... right? So I'm sure you'd let this one slide.
Rod: No, I won't let this slide my friend. I will remember this moment for the rest of my life, Marc.

Marcus: Good heavens, the car is unscaved!
Marcus: After all this time!?
Marcus: Well, fuck you.

Rod: No Marc! Fuck you! You know the drill, anyway.
Marcus: And what drill would that be?
Rod: The one that's going to pierce your skull if you don't go in right now and get my a brew to make up for this, milk... two whisky's, off you trott!
Marcus: I'm not a slave for anyone. If you want a cup of tea then go get it for yourself. Although, drinking on the job is not the best idea considering our aim is to incarcerate one of Ryone's most deadly criminals.

Rod: If I see you do this to me again, Marc...
Marcus: (Sighs) I know, I know. You won't see me driving the car again.
Rod: That's what I like to hear. Good lad.
Francesca: Can we go and have Alberto dealt with anytime soon?
Rod: Yeah, sure sweet lips. Roast Alberto Marini with a Heathshire pudding and all the fucking trimmings coming right up, my dear.

Vincent: Alright then, I'm listening.
Marcus: Vince, we're not asking much, just to reconsider what you said before. I mean, could you possibly think of another way to get to Marini?
Vincent: Than what?
Marcus: Getting Francesca here to 'join forces' with our friend Marini one last time?
Vincent: ...
Rod: Can you?
Vincent: No.
Marcus: Alright, then let's go ahead with this.
Vincent: (Sighs) Alright. I suppose you have a point, it's worth the gamble.
Francesca: Or so I'm told that my safety is key.
Vincent: I'm sure it will be. But you'll be doing us also a great favour, Miss Arnaldo.
Rod: Alright, miss fruity-knickers, where can we find Marini?

Francesca: I have no idea where the deal will go down, but I remember Alberto saying that they wouldn't arrive until late afternoon, so it looks like we have plenty of time to prepare.
Vincent: Yes, but we'll only have that time to prepare providing we know where Marini is situated.
Francesca: Alright, let me think. They operate usually out of this defunct office block on the rural-urban fringe of Cramham, if my mind serves me correctly.
Marcus: Is that going to mean he'll be there?
Francesca: No, but if I turn myself in to whoever is there, informing them that the deal is back on, then they'll get Alberto there in a heartbeat, since this deal is quite important to him.
Vincent: And, how are you sure they're not going to detect a hint of oddity? It's not every woman that informs her boss she wants to be fucked around with even more.
Francesca: They will take me back to Azaria. I can always pretend that it's there I want to go back to, even though it has so many horrific memories, I want to get away from Denland. But no, I want to stay here. It's better here. But, I guess that's what I can say.
Marcus: And you'd be going back just for the homeland feel? You wouldn't mind what the new owners of you are doing to you?
Francesca: I'll see it as an oppurtunity to finish it all. Alberto will not mind if I am not doing them service anymore, he just wants to get back into his good books.

Rod: Who's 'he'?
Francesca: I guess that is what we're about to find out.

Luca: Oh, ah... good morning guys.
Rod: Do one, Tennyson.

Luca: He seems serious about something, don't you think?
Vincent: Yeah, and it's no wonder why.
Luca: Jasper is not wrong in what he is saying, you know. He's going a good way around this situation.
Vincent: Well, I'm afraid he's not working fast enough. He's just making the situation worse currently. Goodbye, Luca.
Luca: Wait!

Vincent: Yes?
Luca: I will remember you all said right now. Because when Jasper's plan succeeds, you will wish you listened to him all along. He can't get things across, especially with Rod there.
Vincent: Barker?
Luca: Yes, Barker. He has got to go.
Vincent: Go, where? How?
Luca: Out from this department, out of work... or simply, out of the equation all together.
Vincent: Dead?
Luca: I suppose.
Vincent: ...
Luca: No?
Vincent: Rod's a dickhead, Luca. But let me get this straight - he'll never be as much of a dickhead as you and Jasper sucking each other's cocks.

Luca: It's my responsibility to monitor you all, Vincent... and monitor you I will.
Vincent: You can watch us show you how it's done, but don't ever stare. I could fuck you up in the blink of an eye. We all could, to be truthful.

Marcus: Good luck, Francesca. You know what must be done.

Well I never...

Looks like Francesca was put under Marini's control again good and proper.

Was all the interrogation necessary? Because, from where I see it, they would've just taken Francesca whatever the case.

Alberto: You must love me too much to leave me, Francesca darling.
Francesca: Just get me the hell out of here, you fucking swine. I'm doing this for myself, just so you remember.

Alberto: Ah, I'm so glad everything is going to be ok again...

Alberto: You know, I can't believe my luck. Thanks to you I will soon have nothing to worry about, and I'm able to do all of this thanks to one cop with a decent heart.
Francesca: And you know something else? There's a girl here who will be enthralled once she knows she'll never have to see you again.
Alberto: But please, Francesca. Please tell me you've at least remotely enjoyed your time in my company?
Francesca: Not one bit.

Alberto: Maybe it is a good idea to get rid of you then after all. This deal is a win-win situation, my lovely! For us both too, would you believe it!?

Alberto: This is it, Francesca. This is your new buyer.

Mobster #1: Hello, you must be Alberto Marini?
Mobster #2: No, my friend. He is just about ready to meet the buyer now.

Alberto: Come on my sweetie, it's time to say goodbye. I'm not looking forward to letting you go, I will miss you.
Francesca: Ditto, Alberto.
Alberto: Oh, don't make me feel guilty my dear.
Francesca: (Slyly) I won't.

Calogero: Alberto, it is nice to see you once again...

Calogero: And I suppose this lucky lady here it to be your apology?

Alberto: Yes, Calogero. Yes, she is.
Calogero: Oh, well I'm a lucky man. You're generous, Alberto. Letting her go, I mean. Woah, just woah. I know many men who would pay good money to have her in their control, but fortunately Alberto, I get this little project here free of charge. Ah, it's amazing isn't it? The spoils of victory, ha.

Calogero: Well, I don't see any need to waste time. I've got now what I came for, or I hope. You're clear now, Alberto. Free to be getting on with business. I know Francesca here will heal the pain I endure. Let's go, shall we?



Calogero: Oh, well look here. This guy looks angry. I'm sorry for invading your country, I've just a little bit of business to wrap up here, so if you wouldn't mind, I'd like you to leave before I release my men onto you.
Alberto: In fact Calogero, there is one more thing that concerns me. Davide, make me proud.

Davide: I'm all poised and ready, boss.

Calogero: Eh, nice to see you still have some loyalty in your family, Alberto. Ah, boss. (Chuckles)

Rod: I'm not feeling scared today. YOU'RE ALL NICKED!

Davide: The fucking FEDS!? You never told us you were the fucking FEDS! IT'S AN AMBUSH!

Vincent: Get to cover, Redford!
Marcus: Shit, it really is a war now...!

Rod: Ich bin bloody nicked, you Azarian bastards!

Mobster: We ain't Sarbodian! AGH!
Vincent: We don't care where you're from, but you are not welcome here!

Marcus: Oh, fuck. Damn! SHIT! LOOK OUT!

Rod: Big guns don't scare me, philistine!

Marcus: Come on Francesca, come to me. You're safe now.

Mobster: Alberto! ALBERTO! To the chopper!

Vincent: Shit, the buyer's left as well.
Marcus: Guys...!
Marcus: They're making a run for it in the chopper!


Marcus: You're not getting out of here today, buddy.


Alberto: Oh fuck, FUCK...!

Alberto: FUUUUUUUUCK...!

Take this kiss upon the brow! And, in parting from you now...

Thus much let me avow - you are not wrong, who deem that my days have been a dream.

Yet if hope has flown away - in a night, or in a day...

In a vision, or in none, is it therefore the less gone?

All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream.

Sam: Hello again, Marcus...

Sam: Well, I have to say that you're heading along the right tracks. You may just get there if you push that little further. That said, it'll get harder from here on in.

Sam: Anyway... I guess he'll see you now.

Marcus: Fine, let me go 'see him' then! THIS FUCKING DREAM IS TOO MUCH FOR ME TO BEAR!

Marcus: Wait a minute, where'd he go?

Marcus: But on second thoughts, ah, this dream would only make sense if crazy shit occured. Yeah, I guess I'll see you around then, 'Sam'.

Marcus: Now it's just him and myself...

Calogero: Come on, Marcus. Please, sit down.

Marcus: ...
Calogero: Tell me, Marcus. The picture. What do you see?

Marcus: A bloody big city.
Calogero: Hmm, right. Yeah, it's Archades. We run our operations there.
Marcus: Nice. Can't see what you find in a pokey little city called Cramham opposed to the oppurtunities of Marvega, but I guess Marvega isn't everyone's cup of tea.
Calogero: No, it isn't mine.

Calogero: Part of me asks me why I didn't leave it earlier, in fact.
Marcus: This explains why you were to take Francesca back to Azaria, no?
Calogero: Too right, Azaria is now my playing ground. Home, is what I call it. Because, let's face it. It is home.

Marcus: Then stay the fuck away from Denland, then.
Calogero: You've got to do what you've got to do to get round Marcus, and Denland nowadays is never too short on business oppurtunities.
Marcus: Business!?
Calogero: The mafia is far from just organized crime, my friend. It is indeed a business. I'm an economical pioneer, Marcus. I've got children in Rochesberry that rely on my fundings.
Marcus: I can't bear this another second... and how the fuck do you know my name?

Calogero: Like you said, it's a dream, right? Now, if it weren't creepy, why would it be a dream?
Marcus: I don't know. It's a dream, creepy or not.
Calogero: Turning up in 1984, that's creepy regardless of everything else.
Marcus: You... you know?

Calogero: Eh, someone has to. Not just uncle Sam. Your good friend Calogero needs to know the ins and outs, too.
Marcus: You don't.
Calogero: I do.
Marcus: Alright then, do you know anything about my brother? Harald Redford? He's the reason why I'm here, to save him.
Calogero: Oh, you can't put it all down to him. Nah. No! There's more to it than that, Redford. (Chuckles)

Marcus: Is my brother alive?
Calogero: I don't know, Marcus. That's not my department.
Marcus: Then what is your department?
Calogero: My department? You ask what my department is?
Marcus: Yes.

Calogero: Well, let's put it like this, shall we? It's about you, me and him.

Marcus: Him!? My brother? W...wait! Where did you go!? WHERE DID YOU GO!?

It's about Marcus, Calogero and him.

Yeah, you got that right.


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