Episode 01

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Episode 01

Post by Luke on Sat Jul 11, 2015 9:16 pm

[size=200]Evil Born Evil[/size]
Series: 02
Episode: 01
This is a remake of an episode aired previously.
Written by: Luke Enfield
Produced by: Crimson Media
[warning]AGE RATING: 15+

Welcome back. I was hoping you'd return, I mean, it's hard not to. When you've got a guy in some sort of limbo, in some place nearly 30 years before present... that brags also to be Cramham in Denland. That's not something that happens everyday. And as for Marcus, a coma is humane, but what about Marcus' coma? That's certainly inhumane. They don't just make him feel intimidated for the hell of it.

Everyday he is faced with new characters, all of them playing a pivotal role.

And here's another...

Girl: You certainly know what I like, Bryan.
Bryan: I know what I like too.
Girl: Oh, such a charming man...

Mobster: Alright, this is the place. Ha, he's going to love this!

Girl: Why don't you go out there and... save the world again for me, honey?
Bryan: Well, I wouldn't go to that extent.
Girl: Why not?
Bryan: Here, I've loved seeing you, Kirsty, but I think it's time I got dressed. I'll have to be somewhere soon.
Girl: That doesn't surprise me boy, but... surely just a couple more hours wouldn't do harm?
Bryan: We're talking minutes here Kirsty, minutes. Look - can we pick up from where we left off tomorrow? You know I lead a busy life nowadays...

Mobster: Happy birthday, CORDOVA!

Bryan: Thank you for the warm wish, Donati! Kirsty, get down!


Kirsty: Please Byran - I'm scared. GET US OUT OF HERE!
Bryan: Don't you think that's my intention?
Kirsty: Well, come on! Less talking, more thinking!
Bryan: I CAN'T THINK WITH YOU! SHUT THE FUCK UP!Here, back door! Come here!

Kirsty: Oh Bryan, you saved me!
Bryan: No shit, darling. Right, time to go, don't you think?
Bryan: Eh, it'll be fine.
Bryan: Just temporary.
Kirsty: BUT... THESE GUYS!
Bryan: I'll kill them.

(Another explosion)

Bryan: FUCK!

Bryan: Kirsty!? KIRSTY!?

Bryan: Eh, small price to pay. Let's be on our way now. Never did like static caravans after all...

Bryan: That's the 5-0.

Bryan: They must've scared Donati and co off too...

Bryan: Smashy-smashy boxy-boxy...

Bryan: Oh.

Rod: Bryan... Cordova?

Bryan: Yes, that's correct.

Rod: You're going to nothin' but sodding straight with us, young man. You hear me? Nothing but straight or I will pull your pants so far up to the point where you won't be able to have children anymore!

Rod: And yes sunshine, that brings me onto my first question. Why on Alterra are you in nothing but your knickers? It's not the time of year to be going around like that. It's bloody freezing.
Bryan: I was just about to get changed, or should I say getting changed, while I was rudely disrupted by what seemed like C4 planted on my front door, or a grenade? Ah, I don't know.
Rod: Well, what did the bastard sound like?
Bryan: It was too hard to tell. But, I think if the army taught me anything... then it was a grenade.
Rod: Oh, a war hero now, are we?
Bryan: Like fuck was I as hero. I was assigned to Macaya, 1976.
Rod: Macaya... we all remember Macaya. But what else do you remember. Cordova?
Bryan: A bloody big tank. Losing close colleagues.
Rod: No, sweet cheeks. This is not bloody post-traumatic stress clinic, it's a bloody police station.
Bryan: It was the mafia.
Rod: The mafia?
Bryan: Yeah, Gino Donati to be precise.
Rod: Good, names. I like names. Any advance on Gino Donati?
Bryan: Not much is known. He's a dick - if that's any consolation?

Marcus: So, have any idea who this guy might be?

Rod: Any?
Bryan: (Sighs) Ah. I'm not making this easier for myself. Yes. That's Guiliani. Calogero Giuliani. I was working under him for these past few months since he arrived. Donati's one of his family, too.
Rod: Good. I like our progress, Cordova. So why the hell is this bastard in a pokey little place like this?
Bryan: That's out of my knowledge.
Marcus: Tell us, Bryan. When did he arrive?
Bryan: Giuliani arrived to make a deal with a rival family, the Marini family I believe. But... like most deals in the mafia, that fell through.
Marcus: A deal over what?
Bryan: A girl. I mean, it's always a girl? If it means money, it's golden in the eyes of the mafia. From what my sources tell me, she too is still in Denland, and ultimately, Guiliani's aim is to find the girl and then leave back to Azaria.
Marcus: Leaving you to become irrelevant?
Bryan: I'm far from irrelevant. pal. I'm you're most relevant project to date.
Rod: What relevance does a man in stripey pants have to the CID?
Bryan: Lots, my friend. I guess that just explains why Cramham CID isn't in great shape currently.
Marcus: Bryan, I'm going to ask you an important question - do you work for us?

Bryan: No. I'm an INTERFED agent.

Vincent: Bryan!
Bryan: Vince!

Vincent: Nice to see you, buddy. You doing well for yourself?

Bryan: Yeah, uh... you could say that. How about you?

Vincent: I'm top, man. Top.
Bryan: Pleased to hear.

Vincent: Alright, so now we're all sat together... Bryan, formally introduce yourself to Rod and Marcus?
Rod: He's already introduced himself.
Bryan: Well, not formally.
Vincent: Go ahead, then.
Bryan: My name is Bryan Cordova...
Rod: We know...
Bryan: ... and I'm an INTERFED agent.
Rod: Yes...
Bryan: I'm here to oversee the upcoming activites of the CID, and my ultimate goal is to help you arrest or dispose of Calogero Giuliani indefinitely.
Vincent: Rod? Marc? Know who Giuliani is?
Marcus: Oh yes, I know him well.
Rod: That pointy-eared bastard who tried to rob us.
Marcus: Just 'that bastard' will do fine, thank you gov.

Vincent: I was hoping you'd know him. Bryan here knows him well, don't you?
Bryan: Not as well as I'd've liked. My days in the mafia are over.
Vincent: What!?
Bryan: Donati knows.
Vincent: Who's Donati?
Marcus: Some folk under Giuliani's command.
Vincent: Oh, fuck. Has he told anyone else yet?
Bryan: Who knows? Well, I never saw him when I left. He grenaded my temporary living quarters and obviously left in a hurry, because once I'd left, the cops were over me like a rash.
Vincent: What cops?
Bryan: Rod, and Michael.
Vincent: Michael?
Bryan: Marcus, sorry.

Rod: Well, the Mighty Mer has no mercy.
Vincent: Who gave you the call, Barker?
Rod: Fellow rozzers of mine. I was inbound, so took the chance.
Vincent: Ah, I see.
Rod: You know, I know I'm not aware of these things, like Bryan or... Haines, for example. I'm glad you decided to step in and take over, Vince.
Vincent: He has vital information from numerous sources, Barker. So far this has been a mystery to us. We've had a lot of luck, and that's helped us to stay in the game. But like in all cases, our luck will finally run out.
Marcus: Could someone englighten me on what the INTERFED even is?
Bryan: International Federal Agency. It consists of undercover agents whose ultimate goal is to police Alterra on an international scale.
Rod: Exactly. And that's why I'm pissed off, Vince. You're hiring big guns for a tiny operation in Cramham?
Vincent: Yes, but this is not tiny anymore! This is the fucking mafia we're talking of here!
Rod: This isn't their home turf. Once they've got what they want they'll be gone.
Marcus: Well, they aren't having Francesca.

Vincent: Precisely. Once again, it's the girl who turns out to be the priority...

Francesca: Oh... hi.
Marcus: Hi. Look - we've got a problem.
Francesca: Ah, nothing new there.
Marcus: What do you mean?
Francesca: (Softly) I know everything Marcus.
Marcus: Then... let's go! Let's get you to safety. You know he's looking for you.
Francesca: I don't need to go. I went last time, Marcus. And what was that for? Only for me to have my face deformed from a bat.
Marcus: That won't happen again.
Francesca: It will. Something has to, I feel it. I'm not safe here.
Marcus: So... we're going!
Francesca: No. No one knows about this place.
Marcus: But they'll find you sooner or later!
Francesca: Yes, and they're going to see you as the bait and your magic will take Miss Arnaldo down again.

Marcus: (Sighs) I care for you, Francesca.
Francesca: Tell me what you want and go.

Marcus: I came to warn you the reason why Calogero is still here.
Francesca: And I know it. Now... this isn't exactly GOING anywhere... is it?
Marcus: No, I guess not.
Francesca: You're a confused man, Marcus... as if in some trance. You'd rather put all your trust in one girl...
Marcus: Yes. Yes, Francesca. It's because I don't trust the men of this... dream.
Francesca: Dream?
Marcus: Yes... you wouldn't so happen to know about it would you?
Francesca: I wouldn't think so...
Marcus: I... (sighs)... someone's got to hear it.
Francesca: ... I'm listening.
Marcus: I'm not real... or at least I don't think I am. I'm some figure from the future.
Francesca: ...
Marcus: I know. I... I'm sorry.
Francesca: (Giggles) Aha! No... I'm sorry! I'm sorry, what did you just say!?
Marcus: I'm not real!
Francesca: No, the second part. Say it again.
Marcus: I'm... from the future?
Francesca: There's something incredibly wrong with you, Marcus. You must be playing games!

Marcus: I'm 'playing games'? Hmm, you know, I can't think of a phrase to sum this all up better. It's all a big game. You'll have your winners and losers, you'll have your causes. I'm not usually a competetive person, but I guess I can be when I want to.
Francesca: Listen yourself, you are out of your mind.
Marcus: No, you listen. In every game, right... there is an overseer. A person in charge - who sets the rules. Puts the rules in place?
Francesca: Yes?
Marcus: Now this is where it becomes interesting for you, Francesca.
Francesca: Do tell.
Marcus: Calogero.
Francesca: What about him?
Marcus: He set the rules for me to follow, Francesca. I'm playing HIS GAME. I know it.
Francesca: What is so special about him?
Marcus: I... I... don't know. One minute I took my child to school and then... I'm here!
Francesca: You have a son?
Marcus: Yes, his name is Jake. Man, I would do anything to have him back now. I just want to know my family is safe.
Francesca: You have... moved on, I see? You have a new wife?

Francesca: WHY DID YOU LIE TO ME!?
Marcus: Francesca, you're getting it all wrong!
Francesca: I am NOT! You're married!
Marcus: I told you she was my ex-wife! I... in this dream, she's non-existent so it seems!
Francesca: And she was a stripper?
Marcus: Yes...
Francesca: Oh right... so you find fun out of stitching up girls like us who have to lay all what we have on the line to make a living!? You're scum, Marcus!
Marcus: Francesca...
Francesca: All the lies... the men... I can't read them neither!
Marcus: There you go, you see. We have something in common. Surely there has to be one good man out there?
Francesca: You're not GOOD! You're EVIL!
Marcus: I...
Francesca: Evil... fucking evil...

Marcus: Listen! I don't know what I am, Francesca. I don't know if this is a game. I don't know... how... much... time... I... have left. But I'm begging you... to trust me on this one.
Francesca: Trust you on what? You always come to me asking for my trust in something... and if not all this with Alberto and Calogero... what is it, Marcus?
Marcus: ...
Francesca: Marcus?
Marcus: I just want to be sure there's that ONE person I can trust in all of this. Maybe... you're the key?
Francesca: I've been the key to the whole option, Marcus. Alberto spent the time he did over here because of ME. Calogero is still here... because of ME.
Marcus: Hang on... if you're so fussed about me having a wife, then... surely I mean something to you?

Francesca: Ever since this whole thing began, I've been waiting for that prince. The prince to rescue that damsel in distress princess, isolated in that castle. The bad men hurl their way up whatever way they can, but fortunately, you got to me first. But now? They're still after me, but we have to make our escape. They're in the building, we cannot afford to wait. We must do battle... and we must defeat them and survive.

Francesca: I'm sorry... I was wrong. I trust you, and... I hope that you can trust me too.

Marcus: I have to go. I'll be in touch, Francesca.

Francesca: And I'll be waiting for you, Marcus.

Francesca: I'll be waiting for you...

Vincent: So Bryan, we should go for that beer tonight.
Bryan: Yeah, yeah... but this is the priority.

Vincent: Maybe it is but I think me and you both wouldn't mind a more dense pile of corpses if it means a good pint?
Bryan: Ha, good joke. Can't argue with a beer but, right now, the people of this city matter the most.

Vincent: Ah, Marcus! You fancy joining Bryan and myself for a beer tonight? It'll get old Barker out the way constantly being a miserable bugger and making those annoying breaths after he's gulped the whole fucking contents. You in?

Marcus: No... I'll pass tonight if you don't mind. Hm, bath and bed for me. Just bath and bed.

Bryan: Is this the boring one then... Marcus Redford?
Vincent: Ah-ah-ah, I never saying boring... I said... quiet. Different from the rest.
Marcus: Different from the rest? Could say the same about you, Vincent. I mean what is it with dragging all these special guys in from special branches... with special suits and special cars... and... special badges, and even more special wallets. I've never got that...
Vincent: Ha, Marcus. There's no need for that. You know it's what's best.
Marcus: You ever thought of clocking off with Lyons yet, Hopkins?
Vincent: How dare you, you little cunt.
Marcus: Oh... he didn't. He used the C word. Was waiting for that.

Bryan: Guys, isn't that enough?
Vincent: I'm taking this department to all new highs, but that cocksucker is TRYING to take it to an all time LOW! So don't you dare even use our names in the same sentence! He's a black mark on this department!
Bryan: There's enough black marks on this department to imitate your fucking tache!

Marcus: Oh really Bryan... is it because it's THAT BAD!? Why the fuck are you here, exactly!? Come on, why?

Bryan: I'm making life a hell of a lot easier for a department that's incredibly unstable! One cannot imagine the Cramham CID living for long enough to survive this ordeal. You haven't just sent a minion into the den this time, you've sent one of the very best. I belong to the world's finest internation law enforcement agency... and I've got two Bronze Wand awards for fighting in Macaya.

Bryan: Don't you dare ever discriminate against me, or your loyal companion's decision. Vince did a good thing. He's a bastard... but at least he got one thing right.

Marcus: Oh, our great hero... Bryan Cordova comes in to save... a crummy police department!? Aha... no, it's not crummy. It's a CID department, one of only two in Denland, the other being in Lystow, one of the world's most notorious cities. This is fucking poor. We know how to run a police department. I've been doing this for nearly thirty years!
Vincent: (Chuckles) 20...
Marcus: Ah, whatever. It seems all of these people know more about me than myself, anyway, let me not get caught off-guard here.. BRYAN! Oh, you're making life too easy for us now. What use are we when we've got the INTERFED stepping in? We're dog shit. You're the big guns, and they're the big guns. The mafia. We're just here for repossessing grandma's purses and making sure the kids aren't firing pellet guns from the newsagents at the neighbour's cat. We're dog shit.

Bryan: Oh yeah? You think I'm just here to show you how it's done? I am. Quite frankly, Cramham CID deserve a second chance, and a second chance is what I'm giving it. Follow me, Marcus.

Bryan: I can't blame you for getting all paranoid about what Vince is doing. He is, believe me... just doing what's best. Quite frankly it's time to let your old fellow Barker just... disembark. Pardon the pun but... Marcus. I'm going to show you what is what. You're the one that everything is being kept from, so you're going to find your trust in us before we get rid of Don Calo.
Marcus: Impress me. Impress me with this guy coming right up... now.

Jasper: Marcus? How nice to see you getting on so well with the general public.

Bryan: Aha, actually... I'm one of you guys now, in some way or another.
Jasper: Oh, right. And you are?
Bryan: Bryan Cordova.
Jasper: Detective rank?
Bryan: Don't have one.
Jasper: Then get that fucking clobber off, fit the bobbie suit on and hop in one of the patrol Meriteers. Off you trott.
Bryan: I'm not a cop, I'm an agent.
Jasper: An agent?
Bryan: Yes, an INTERFED agent.

Jasper: What the fuck is the INTERFED sniffing around Cramham for?
Bryan: You know why. I'm just here to oversee the operation. I am bursting with information, though.
Jasper: Information? Regarding... Giuliani? Do share.
Bryan: I'm not the boss around here, and my boss is not here to tell me what I can and can't say, so unfortunately, for now... I'm going to have to keep it to myself... Mr.
Jasper: Detective Chief Inspector Jasper Lyons...
Bryan: Well, Jester... be careful what you wish for... you just might get it.

Maybe he has a point - Bryan Cordova

Marcus: (Whispers) I like it...

Bryan: Well, I've never came across such dicks like that bloke before. Always wanting more, aren't they?
Marcus: Ah, don't worry about him, one day... he'll lose. I still don't understand why Barker hasn't plucked up the courage to sack him. The problem is... he doesn't want to sack him, he's just waiting for the day for some mafioso to come and pop him.
Bryan: Does he get TOO involved?
Marcus: You bet your arse he does, and always fucking angering us. He's somehow wormed his way up the ranks to obtain his position, and now he's using to HIS advantage, and where does that leave us? Cleaning up the mess.
Bryan: You know, it wouldn't surprise me if some day someone popped him, even if it was Rod... or even Lyons himself. I mean, he's got nothing to lose.
Marcus: And you know, when all else fails... that's probably what he will do. Kill himself. Now, are you going to show me what this is all about?
Bryan: With pleasure, Redford. With pleasure.

Bryan: Guys have all been dead, er... circa half an hour, maybe three quarters?

Marcus: My goodness...
Bryan: Ah, tell me about it. This is the sight I had to put up with every day in Macaya... children and women beaten and left is such ghastly ways. They never gave a shit. Neither do the mafia.

Marcus: Did you know about this before us?
Bryan: Of course I did. Fontana recieved a tip-off for us minutes after this shit supposedly went down.
Marcus: I don't get it.
Bryan: Neither do I. And I'm talking about your department. Eyes on the city - the Cramham CID. You wouldn't have believed that the INTERFED in what is foreign territories to them can strip search this city in a blink of an eye.
Marcus: (Sighs)
Bryan: In other words, you're fucking useless.

Marcus: What next?
Bryan: We're going to gather the evidence I would guess. Obviously, you'd know better. Me espionage, you investigation. Murder is my employment, incarceration is yours. You do what's best, boy.

Marcus: What are you doing...?
Bryan: Thought we had a live one here, but... of course we didn't.
Marcus: I'll gather the evidence.
Bryan: Good. I was hoping you'd say that, detective.

You can't help but feel for our good old man Rod Barker. There's this ultimate weight resting on his shoulders, kneading away at him until inside, then it's going to duplicate all over, and then just simply make him all feel incomplete and on the brink of disaster. When the pain brings you to the conclusion, you're coming down big time, boy.

Marcus: Ah... gov? There's something you should know...

Rod: Oh, Marc. I was waiting for the day you'd tell me you stole my Michael Willis signed team shirt. I knew it was you, or someone...
Marcus: Listen, I don't know who Michael Willis is. This is far more important.
Rod: Everyone tells me things are important now, but I just don't give a fuck.
Marcus: Are you...? No...

Rod: Am I... what? Come on? What do you reckon I'm doing?
Marcus: You don't give a fuck, so you're going to give up?
Rod: Apparently I'm not wanted here anymore. I brought this shack up from the ground nearly 20 years ago, but now it seems that it was all a waste of my time. Or maybe it wasn't... only that good that I brought is to be short-lived. Look at me. I'm not a pioneer. I'm a fat, drunken piece of shit whose only solution is violence. I can't resolve problems any other way. My experiences drove me to be like this, you know. I had a bad childhood. Yet in the '60s, things caught on. I dragged myself through every day with a grin on my face, and then there came that one day where he came and told me I was doing it wrong. And now? Nearly 20 years up the line? He's telling me again that I'm doing this wrong... and he's taking matters into his own hand again.

Rod: And you know? If there's one thing I learnt... Jasper is a dick, but he'll never be the kind of decieving turd than...
Marcus: Let me guess... Vincent?
Rod: You said it, brother. Ever since he came back, I've tried my utmost to like him. I have been nothing but loyal to him, and THIS is how he repays me. I knew Vince was a bastard just like Jasper, but at least I thought Vince finally knew who ran the show here. Obviously, Jasper thinks its him... but he'll be history soon. Vince, though? Now he reckons I'm doing it wrong. Well fuck him...
Marcus: Have you considered it? Have you thought to yourself that maybe... there's room for improvement?
Rod: ...
Marcus: Please, I'm not mocking you, if there's one guy I'm nothing but straight with in all of this, it's you Rod. I'd rather have you running the option here than me anyday. You might not have the knowledge, you may not have the generosity, but at least you have the discipline and above all, the determination - you're their gov. They need you.
Rod: ...
Marcus: Don't let him get to you, we'll work something out.
Rod: ...
Marcus: And for the record, Bryan ain't such a bad guy after all.

Marcus: Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it. I can't read a bugger. I don't trust them. I'd like to trust Rod, but I don't. I'm beginning to believe that maybe Vince is the way to go. But please, tell me... if I want to take out one of these guys, what would it mean in all of this? Maybe Calogero is not my opponent in this game, maybe he does just put the rules down. Maybe the opponent is much, much closer to me than I think?

Marcus: Bring it on.

Marcus: Great. I was hoping you'd both show up.

Calogero: Pleased to be of service again, Marcus.
Sam: Oh, I second that. You know, my father always said to me... 'I'd rather hear the same dumb question over and over again rather than see you fall because of not querying'. Marc, you only have to ask. But it's crucial what you ask. If you're gonna' ask us... 'What's my favourite flavour of crisps?', then you can go ahead... and to which I would reply ready salted. And how about you, Calogero?
Calogero: Oh, it's got to be smokey bacon.
Sam: You see? But let's get serious here. You can ask things along the lines of 'Is Vincent maybe a hypocrite?', or 'Am I here to kill a cop?'. Go ahead and ask it. But there are rules to this, you know. Like you said, someone makes the rules. Someone has to. But those rules state that you cannot ask a question such as 'Who put me here?', because that will just plop you back at square one, amigo.

Marcus: Why!? Don't you think I'm curious? Don't you think I'd WANT to know why I'm FUCKING here!?
Sam: Of course, but we're not stupid... and neither are you, Marcus. The foundations are put in place, and as Bryan said, do your job... you can't rely on others. You've got to seek the truth. You've got to find it. Not everything is going to be handed to you on a silver fucking platter.
Calogero: Indeed, Sam. So be careful what you wish for. If you impress, you just might get it.
Marcus: Who am I to impress?
Calogero: There you go, you're at it again. Naughty boy. We're back at square one again.
Marcus: Why? It was just one lousy question! Now answer MY original question.

Sam: Marcus, we are enlightened on the fact that you are here and you don't have a clue why. That's what we expect, but we just gave you advice there and you chose not to follow it. And as for your original question? Pff, sorry. Can't help you there.


Jasper: Hey, hey, hey! Woah, calm down Marcus. What is wrong with you? There's no need to go off in a tantrum like that, is there?
Marcus: What... are you... doing here!?
Jasper: To see what all the racket was about!
Marcus: Is this real?
Jasper: Yes! Of course this is real, what are you talking about?
Marcus: The dream wasn't...
Jasper: No, dreams aren't real. Of course not. I mean, sometimes we wish they were but not everyone can be pleased, can they now?
Marcus: It's just...

Jasper: Yeah, it's just manic. It's just crazy.
Marcus: Crazy? Crazy is a fucking understatement. I believe I'm dying here, Jasper. I don't know who to trust.
Jasper: Ha, I suspect that isn't me. You're being brainwashed, that's true.
Marcus: Yes, by Vince... his new proposal seems fine, but he doesn't.
Jasper: He won't.
Marcus: Oh man, it's just... one minute I'm in the toilets and then the next I'm here?

Jasper: Listen Marcus, I know what it's like. I often lose myself in somesort of trance. I'm not aware where I am, I'm not aware what's going on... and above everything, I don't know who I AM.
Marcus: ...
Jasper: Do you trust Rod?
Marcus: Rod...?
Jasper: Answer the question, Marc. Do you trust Rod?
Marcus: I...

Jasper: Come on Marc, I'm with you here. Does that one sin of mine cancel out everything before? The good that I did to this department?
Marcus: Would I know about that?
Jasper: If you can't remember it, then you see it in me. In fact, was it sin?
Marcus: You mean... turning on everyone?
Jasper: ...
Marcus: Hmm, I thought so.
Jasper: I turned on them for a reason. Rod's doing this wrong. So, I'm going to ask you... do... you... trust him now?
Marcus: (Sighs)
Jasper: Or at least, do you trust him like you used to...?

Marcus: ... no Jasper. No, I don't.

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