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Episode 02

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[size=200]Evil Born Evil[/size]
Series: 02
Episode: 02
This is a remake of an episode aired previously.
Written by: Luke Enfield
Produced by: Crimson Media
[warning]AGE RATING: 15+
Previously on Evil Born Evil...

Vincent: Alright, so now we're all sat together... Bryan, formally introduce yourself to Rod and Marcus?
Rod: He's already introduced himself.
Bryan: Well, not formally.
Vincent: Go ahead, then.
Bryan: My name is Bryan Cordova...
Rod: We know...
Bryan: ... and I'm an INTERFED agent.
Rod: Yes...
Bryan: I'm here to oversee the upcoming activites of the CID, and my ultimate goal is to help you arrest or dispose of Calogero Giuliani indefinitely.

Francesca: Ever since this whole thing began, I've been waiting for that prince. The prince to rescue that damsel in distress princess, isolated in that castle. The bad men hurl their way up whatever way they can, but fortunately, you got to me first. But now? They're still after me, but we have to make our escape. They're in the building, we cannot afford to wait. We must do battle... and we must defeat them and survive.

Jasper: I turned on them for a reason. Rod's doing this wrong. So, I'm going to ask you... do... you... trust him now?
Marcus: (Sighs)
Jasper: Or at least, do you trust him like you used to...?
Marcus: ... no Jasper. No, I don't.

Marcus: ... Francesca..? Hello, Francesca?

Marcus: Oh, fuck.

No one in their right mind would leave their door open and disappear. Something isn't right.

Calogero: Looking for someone... Marcus?

Marcus: What the...?

Marcus: Y... YOU!? You're here because... YOU!?

Marcus: What is this? You can't get enough of me right now? In my visions I see you and that bastard Sam Saunders, or whatever he calls himself.
Calogero: I don't know him. But I guess there's nothing I can do about those visions of yours. I don't think you know me that well, but my name is Calogero...
Marcus: I know what your fucking name is. I know what you're here for... and now I'm going to ask you where she is.
Calogero: She...?
Marcus: Don't act like you don't know. Francesca! This is the girl's flat... and she's the girl you were supposed to pick up but the deal failed.
Calogero: And... you're the guy responsible for it failing, no? Or you guys, anyway...

Calogero: You're in 1984 because I was hoping you'd be human, like I.
Marcus: Fuck the inhumanity. I may be a creep, but at least I know where I stand.
Calogero: Do you? Good. Do you know where you are?
Marcus: No, and would you know!?
Calogero: Look - I don't understand what's wrong with you. I can't help... I can't! I don't know what you're talking about.
Marcus: I belong in the year 2011. THAT is the present day... you are all living in the past and I don't have a fucking clue about WHO or WHAT put me here and WHAT their intentions are for doing so! So, if you see me like this - don't be surprised. You're probably in on it.

Calogero: (Chuckles) HAHAHA! Funniest thing that I've heard in ALL my time here! I like insanity, Marcus. In fact I love it.

Marcus: You ARE insanity. Give up Francesca and go back to Azaria. There's no need to hang around here just for one poor girl. Give her a break, and take Marini's death as a consolation prize.
Calogero: Ha, ha...
Marcus: THAT's why you're here isn't it? FRANCESCA!?
Calogero: (Chuckles)
Calogero: I don't know!
Marcus: ...
Calogero: I DON'T! Honestly! And I don't know what you're shouting at me for, you're insane!
Marcus: I may be insane, but who can blame me? I've gone back in time way too far for reasons unknown to me, this isn't humane and NO ONE IS FUCKING TELLING ME! You're... you're the one.
Calogero: I'm sorry, but you're just plain crazy. I'm going to have to leave... because... perhaps you will combust and I don't want to have this suit ruined with your blood.

Marcus: Tough luck. You're not going anywhere.
Calogero: Marcus, please... you're hurting me.
Marcus: Boo-fucking-hoo wise man. And for a person who so happens to not have came across me before alongside a very special man that goes by the name of Sam Saunders, you know my name. Therefore, you know me. How well do you know me? Come on, quiz time.
Calogero: If I knew you, I'd've probably popped you when I got the chance, you're out of your mind. What do your colleagues think of you?
Marcus: I began like I am now... but then I realized that maybe I'm in someone else's shoes, but then I thought... no. This is real... as a dream, and if I cope well then this won't turn into a nightmare. The trouble is, it's lucid dreaming, I feel my control... I have the control. I'm living a dream where things are real, only everything is so much more detailed. In a normal dream there are trillions and trillions of loose ends. But this dream? No. This is the work of somebody. This can't be a recollection of everything I've been through and experienced in my lifetime jammed into one dream. Those around me have to have the key to unlock the truth. Someone.
Calogero: You... you are a good storyteller, my friend.

Marcus: Listen to me... I won't just incarcerate you if I find out you've had something to do with this... I'll kill you. I swear. I will KILL you! Now tell me where she is.
Calogero: (Sighs) I can't tell you that...
Marcus: Then I'll just kill you now...
Calogero: Impossible. Well, if you want to get to Francesca is.
Marcus: Oooh! It's all coming out now... so you do know. Good.
Calogero: No, not precisely. But I do know who DOES know exactly where she is.
Marcus: Then tell me who this person is!

Calogero: Not now, my friend. Not now. Henri, now!

Marcus: No, Henri. Not now. Tell him another time. We have unfinished business to be dealing with.

Calogero: Nope! Business is finished, Marcus!
Henri: Agh!

Marcus: Uggh!

Henri: Gyyyah!

Marcus: Leave me the FUCK alone!
Henri: Paagggh!

Henri: UGH!
Marcus: Regretting this... aren't we hey!?


Henri: Ah, fuck! LET ME GO!
Marcus: No, Henri. You will.

Henri: No, PLEASE!
Marcus: Let's let off some heat in here...


Henri: I... I don't know!
Marcus: WHERE IS SHE!?
Henri: Please... don't hurt me! Let me go and I'll make it up to you somehow! I DON'T KNOW WHERE SHE IS!
Marcus: Not... GOOD ENOUGH!


Marcus: You look like you need a cool down!
Henri: Oh no, please! I'M BEGGING YOU TO STOP...!

Henri: (Screams muffled under water)

Henri: (Screams)

Henri: (Falls silent)

... and that's the dark side to our man Marcus. And well, for a dark side? That's pretty damn dark.

Marcus: Calogero... you twisted motherfucker.

Nothing changes as far as the Barker is concerned. He's up to his chin in allegations made against him, the department and the entire police force.

It begs the question whether his peers are actually doing much to help him. Regardless, if you're a leader or a follower... none of us can do it alone. Teamwork is crucial to success. Because some things really are out of reach.

Jasper: Alright, thanks for your help. Ta-ra.

Then you notice something... there's no longer one leader. There's multiple leaders therefore more followers. But that gives some more authority which they're not entitled to. At the end of it all, it'll always come down to that one person.

Marcus: GOV! Look at you, you're at it again!
Rod: Oh, you've changed your tone all of a sudden... one time a useless heap of shyness, now an outgoing heap of psychopathic fuckery.
Marcus: You're stressed, but I can guarantee you're not as pissed off with the world as what I am right now.
Rod: Join the club for hating the world, Marcus. You're clearly new to the club. I've hated this world for so long. I chose this line of work so I can take advantage of its bullshitters.
Marcus: Look - Francesca left her flat.

Vincent: Hey, hey! Calm down you bastards, what's all the racket about? I thought we were to remain calm and civilized during this very difficult period of our lives?
Marcus: To hell with civility or whatever the collective term for it is. WE WANT ORDER!
Bryan: What's happened now? Why don't I know about it?
Marcus: Screw you and your bloody freak organization that we ALL aspire to have a role in. Oh, Bryan aspires to have a role in the ever-failing CID of Cramham. Oh, how delightful. For once, I know something that you do not.

Vincent: And what's that?
Marcus: Francesca has been abducted from her flat.
Bryan: You understand she's aloud to leave the flat, no? She may have just been fetching a pint of milk or something?
Marcus: Number one - it's Dysings, it's an upper-class area and they get milk delivered. Number two - I told her to not leave the flat for her own good... and finally, number FUCKING three... the door was left WIDE open! How did you expect me to get in?
Vincent: Well, don't you have her spare key by now? Or if you were ever-so-caring maybe you'd have even got to the lengths of... breaking in?
Marcus: Oh, fuck you Vincent.
Vincent: Yeah, fuck you too.

Rod: Oh will you ALL just SHUT THE HELL UP!


Rod: ... why are we discussing this!? Stop getting so involved in the life of Francesca Arnaldo, Marcus.
Marcus: We bond well! Plus, I'm the only one who realizes she plays the PIVOTAL ROLE in this operation! The whole fucking reason why Calogero is in Denland is because of that girl. He's got nothing better to do, so it's a pretty important business venture. She's got it, gov. She'd be worth a hell of a lot to them... especially as the mafia always favour girls from the homeland. They don't trust as much anymore the foreign girls.
Rod: I couldn't give a flying fuck about those petty bastard's preferences.

Rod: I got a D in History at school, Marc... so don't even bother try to enlighten me on the Azarian mafia's history with their call girls.
Marcus: Francesca IS NOT a call girl!
Rod: Back off her, boy. She's no longer the priority. I don't care if she's the reason why Giuliani is in Denland... my aim is to stop him, and I'm hoping that's yours too.
Marcus: Well, he was at the flat and I confronted the bugger. I guess it's just a shame he got away.

Marcus: Well, I guess I came across a henchman of his... he was no big problem, I mean what I did was...
Rod: I don't fucking care. Calogero is gone when we could've had him.
Bryan: Look, I've got something you'd be interested in, Rod.
Bryan: Well, gov then. Now, it may not be any use but, it's a lead, we can always follow it and see where it gets us.
Rod: Well the last lead got us nowhere, and all those fucking lives were wasted like that... and no justice. This'd better be good.

Luca: Are you sure this plan isn't going to backfire, Jasper?
Jasper: No, I'm sure it'll be fine.
Luca: I sincerely hope so. If we pull this off, they're going to look right scuppered.
Jasper: Well... I suppose they are. They'll look pretty desperate in addition to it.

Luca: The win is ours, Jasper.
Jasper: Well, not only have we a rid of them required, we need to re-shape this department completely... physcially and economically. It's on its last legs the way current things stand.
Luca: Well, they won't be standing if those legs collapse.
Jasper: ...
Luca: Oh, sorry. Just... thought it might be... funny?

Jasper: I couldn't think of anything funnier right now than Rod epically failing again, taking all of his fellow soldiers down with him! Ha, the cocksucking low-lifes.

Rod: So you're telling me that three Azarian bastards have been caught selling forged shit at the funfair!? I could've sworn there'd be more of them! They're spawning now, and this is Calogero's fault. Even after he's gone I bet they'll still be around... the bastards.
Vincent: Let's quit the raised voices side to things now, calm down and just take this with... a calm approach. You know the one, Barker. Ha, I've known you long enough.
Rod: Yes, by the book me Hopkins. By the sodding book.

Rod: Ah, Marc. Can't see nowhere to park, can you?
Marcus: Well, if I'm honest... not really. I'm not eagle-eyed though, I, well, clearly don't drive as much as you as it seems.
Rod: You act like you don't know what you've been doing the past twenty years.
Marcus: Almost 30, but... yes, whatever.
Rod: (Sighs) You...

Marcus: Gov, is this strictly necessary?

Rod: Look - I told you Marc. I couldn't find the space, so I created it myself. It's as simple as that.
Marcus: But... the children!
Rod: Sod the children, I was a child once and you was too... and we never had great childhoods.
Marcus: Well no... I didn't. That's correct, there.
Rod: Good, you're coming back to live on planet Alterra I see.

Bryan: Fella's.
Vincent: Boys!

Don't you find the funfair a bit uneasy on yourself? It's always busy, and there's always too much going off. What bothers me though? The noise.

It's too... bustling. Why does everybody need to rush? It's always children. It's a children's fantasy, a safe haven. They're brainwashed into thinking life is a competition, but isn't necessarily always a competition. There's fun to be had. What they don't know is competition at an older age brings reward.

So if they don't work, they'll have their eyes on it one second...

And... boop! See what they could've won... but they don't care. They're too young, after all. They do what they feel is best... and have fun, because older life isn't exactly thriving with the stuff...

... is it?

Rod: Ah, I give up searching. There's too many people.
Bryan: Like fuck. I think... hang on lads, I think...

Bryan: I've got them...

Voice: Well, I thought I had them too. But I always had my doubts... and then it appeared to me - they were always there. Absolutely within reach, in truth.

Voice: I've found one. He's... well, how can I put this? He's struggling... but at least he's in all the right places at the right time. In theory, that should save him... for a brief period. Then when he realizes what I set him up to I take no doubt in saying that he'll try his utmost to try and get himself out of it. He doesn't want to be there.

Voice: He just wants to be safe.

Voice: And what's more... so does the devil. Keep him happy, Marcus. Satisfy his needs.

Marcus: Heaven forbid if they're seeing this... ok, deep breaths. This has got weird enough now, but... I'm going to get used to it. You will get used to it Marcus. Now, deep breaths. Let's go and save ourself.

Rod: Now... listen up you silly frilly-suited border-mongering pieces of cunt! I am here to bloody make sure that none of you, YES none of you, know about a certain grey-haired, grey-skinned and grey-hearted bastard that goes by the name of Calogero Giuliani!

Mobster: We don't know what you're talking about!

Rod: Sure, that's what they all say! Now, I'm going to deliberately miss because this is my style of interrogation, but if I do by any chance happen to hit you, I apologize. I haven't done this in quite a while. If you become impaled on the end of the axe, then tough shit!

Rod: AGH!

Rod: Ah, I missed this time... BUT I HOPE YOU SHIT YOURSELF! So, I'll ask you again... do you know Calogero Giuliani!?

Mobster: Wait, wait! STOP! Alright, we don't know him... man, you can't come jumping to conclusions that every Azarian belongs to the mafia, I don't recall narrow-mindedness being a part of the police in protecting the societ, you're discriminating against it! For all it's worth, I'll come to the station and tell you what I know. But I don't know Giuliani personally. You've got fucking lucky today, chaps.

Vincent: Every time... always hitting the jackpot. Haha, good luck with Barker boys, you'll need it!
Rod: Oh no, I just want the bloke with the nice coat. I want to know where he got it from.
Vincent: Fair play.
Mobster: Am I the one with the nice coat?
Vincent: Hmm, well I'd say you are... but, that's just my personal opinion. If I don't mind saying, nice coat, mate.
Mobster: Gee, thanks.

Rod: Right, this isn't going to be hard for you in theory, there's bound to be so many people like our good friend Giuliani if he has such a backing which he is believed to have. All for one girl, hey? Would you believe it?

Mobster: I don't believe he's came over here for a girl.
Rod: Well, my colleagues inform me that it's a big business venture, she's good... this girl. She'll be a good asset to his team so they say, especially for a good ole' fuck. But eh, that part doesn't interest me. What interests me is you... supposedly selling forged goods in the funfair. Now that's not normal... and a guy of your kind would say... wait for it, I begin the sentence, and you finish it... ok?
Mobster: Right.
Rod: A guy has got to do...
Mobster: ...
Rod: Come on, you must know it.
Mobster: (Sighs)

Bryan: Hey, Rod.
Rod: Oh... hey, Cordova. Anyway, bastard. Look at me. Finish the sentence.
Mobster: ...
Rod: A guy has got to do...
Mobster: ... what a guy has got to do to get by.
Rod: PERFECT! You fit right in now, my boy! So... you belong to the mafia?
Mobster: Yeah, I do.
Rod: I admire your honesty, top bloke. We don't get many like you. (Chuckles)
Mobster: Good, I'm pleased to be of service.
Rod: What... family do you come under exactly?
Mobster: I work for Calogero.
Rod: Oh, why didn't you say?
Mobster: I don't know him well, I'm just muscle, nothing more. I don't call a single fucking shot, in fact this nice coat was from my wife as a new year's gift.
Rod: Oh, lucky man! So, what you're saying is that you're so far down the hierarchy that you don't know your fella?
Mobster: Right.

Rod: Ah, now this is making perfect sense. Ha.
Bryan: Looks like we're facing a dilemma, hey Barker?
Rod: You can say that again, Cordova.

Bryan: Why would he want a low-ranking member of his family in a country like this? Surely he is perfectly capable of running this 'small' operation with his own pair of hands, but no.. he's brought over a fuckload of minions who are in fact irrelevant. Where there's irrelevance, there's tons of relevance to match that. So, in theory...
Rod: It looks like we've got a war on hands.

Rod: Alright pal, I'm going to ask you a question.

Mobster: Go ahead.
Rod: How many of you is there?
Mobster: Silly question. I'm not going to answer that.
Rod: Come on, you've been good so far. Let me know.
Mobster: (Sighs) I don't keep track of these things... they're not going to switch everyone to Denland. Archades and Valcometa are the playgrounds, sir.
Rod: Right, but still... it concerns me. I'm beginning to believe you are right. Maybe there is something else he's here for. It can't just be for one girl, I mean, there's a limit to fun with a nice fancy... you have to consider money. Money's the motivation, right?
Mobster: Precisely.
Rod: Then there's more deals going on, but why Cramham?
Mobster: I don't know, maybe he wants to begin small, and result in large? Ah, I don't know. I'm done. I can't give you anymore. Like you said, I'm irrelevant. I was irrelevant all along.

Rod: Well, I guess that's that then. You're under arrest for pissing around with kids, gifting them teddy bears with unsewn arses and bunny rabbits with one ear on end and another floppy. Also, conning kids n'all with you're fucking 'Two goes for a tenner'... piffle.
Bryan: Where's the evidence on those, Barker?
Rod: In the sodding exposes arses of the teddy bears. The result of bloody Rochesberrian child labour. Give me strength, oh what is this world coming to?

Jasper: Barker... release this man at once! I have evidence suggesting that he is innocent, so please release him and I will explain as thoroughly as you require.

Jasper: Oh!

Rod: You're sacked, LYONS!
Jasper: You can't sack me.

Bryan: He can... and I'm surprised he didn't earlier from what I heard. Now, it's for real. This man has admitted to playing a role in the Azarian mafia under Calogero's family. He is far from innocent, and so are you. Not in any form of organization have I ever seen such a pitiless, useless excuse of a man.

Marcus: Woah, what's happened? Where are Rod and Bryan going to?
Jasper: Why should you care anymore, Marcus? Fuck them. They don't know how to run this place, well, Rod doesn't. Can't you see he's taking it out on everyone? He completely fucked up that interview, asking him all the wrong questions.
Marcus: Did he let you in to listen?
Jasper: No, it's Richard. He's wired.
Marcus: WHAT!?
Jasper: He isn't a fucking mafia, can't you see I'm testing them? There aren't no more of them, and Richard isn't a bloody Azarian. Richard, that accent was horrendous. I'm glad the thing ended in time, ha, he could've easily fucked that up.
Marcus: I can't believe you've just done this.
Jasper: Look - you've confided in me, Marcus. I'm with you every step of the way, now. Just drop Barker. Don't listen to him.
Marcus: I can't listen to you.
Jasper: Why?
Marcus: You're no longer on the team.
Jasper: Marcus... I left the team long before. Don't you see that? Barker just sacking me confirms that, but I have no defense. Just offense. Now, I've got a propostion for you.

Marcus: Oh no.
Jasper: An offer... to join my team.
Marcus: (Sighs)
Jasper: Come on, do it. You have always wanted to... you. Admit it. You hate Barker's guts and so do I.
Marcus: The thing is, I don't know if your aim is to just take down Rod, or... take down Calogero. Or both.
Jasper: Of course, Marc. It's both.
Marcus: Agh...
Jasper: Come on, you hate him.
Marcus: I just want to be in the best position to take down Calogero.
Jasper: We all do.
Marcus: But...
Jasper: But what?
Marcus: Rod's got a lot left to give, and I ain't turning my back on him just yet.

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