Episode 03

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Episode 03

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[size=200]Evil Born Evil[/size]
Series: 02
Episode: 03
This is a remake of an episode aired previously.
Written by: Luke Enfield
Produced by: Crimson Media
[warning]AGE RATING: 15+
Previously on Evil Born Evil...

Calogero: You're in 1984 because I was hoping you'd be human, like I.
Marcus: Fuck the inhumanity. I may be a creep, but at least I know where I stand.
Calogero: Do you? Good. Do you know where you are?
Marcus: No, and would you know!?
Calogero: Look - I don't understand what's wrong with you. I can't help... I can't! I don't know what you're talking about.
Marcus: I belong in the year 2011. THAT is the present day... you are all living in the past and I don't have a fucking clue about WHO or WHAT put me here and WHAT their intentions are for doing so! So, if you see me like this - don't be surprised. You're probably in on it.

Luca: The win is ours, Jasper.
Jasper: Well, not only have we a rid of them required, we need to re-shape this department completely... physcially and economically. It's on its last legs the way current things stand.
Luca: Well, they won't be standing if those legs collapse.

Marcus: I just want to be in the best position to take down Calogero.
Jasper: We all do.
Marcus: But...
Jasper: But what?
Marcus: Rod's got a lot left to give, and I ain't turning my back on him just yet.

'Rod has a lot left to give'. Those words just ring through your ears, they ring through the ears of Jasper and all the enemies of Rod Barker.

Old Rod Barker? He's only 42, that's barely older than Marcus. Of course, Marcus in reality would've been in his teens in the '80s, and this begs the question - why is everything so damn confusing?

Why couldn't it be easier? Ditch the knowledge and perseverance aspect of it, why not just use your strength in resistance against the coma's greatest weapon... whoever that may be, of course.

Rod: Julie? You couldn't do us a favour could you?
Julie: I could be able to, what is it Detective Barker?
Rod: Jasper Lyons. Rumour has it he's been playing me for a complete and utter fool and there's important data on one of the department's computer... hard drives or something? Eh, I guess you can see I'm not a computer-whiz. Could you look into it for me please?
Julie: Sure. What are we looking for?
Rod: It'll be a sound file.
Julie: Well, this may take a while. Is it confidential?
Rod: I think so, I suppose he wouldn't want me to find it.
Julie: Well, I suppose this is going to take a while...
Rod: You'll hear me mainly this voice of an Azarian accent, although it seems it was a Denevian bloke pulling off quite a shoddy Azarian accent, but anyway, you'll know the one when you hear it.

Julie: I'll need to really search this computer, Detective Barker. Please return soon, I may have something.

Rod: A'dight, Julie. You're an angel.

Rod: (Speaks quietly to self) Ah, the Mighty Mer strikes again. I suppose something did come good out of missing out on a career in cricket...

Rod: Recollections of Lystow...

Rod: Failure of Cramham...

Rod: Failure of life.

Vincent: I just saw you smile there... for what must be, what? The first time in fifteen, sixteen years?
Rod: That's a long time, isn't it, hey Hopkins?
Vincent: Very long. What sparked such a... a rare occurance?
Rod: Reminiscence.
Vincent: Are you sure? It's not just actually a depressing look back on previous life, but a happy one?
Rod: Despite everything, at least I got some things right.
Vincent: Hmm, without a doubt. I could've sworn you'd make the switch. The promotion was always Tanner's, because I knew they always had something better lined up for you.
Rod: Was it better... though? Really, was THIS better?

Vincent: That's for you to know, and me not to.
Rod: The thing is, Hopkins, you seem to know best. In fact, in Lystow... you always seemed to know best.
Vincent: Is that what you thought?
Rod: Hmm, you seemed to. I can see why they took you on, it's always a risk for them taking such young guns like ourselves onboard... you, me, Felix, we could've all died that year.
Vincent: But some of us did.
Rod: Not us young'ens. We ploughed through everyday in constant fear of death. That perilous woman - spiteful bitch! Ah, I'm glad she's no longer in the country, not even in Ryone, apparently she was rotting in a jail cell somewhere in Myralia.
Vincent: Let's hope she's dead.
Rod: I hope so. But... you. You... you, Hopkins. You... thought you knew what was best for me. Apparently, you still do now.
Vincent: What was going through you head those few months back, when I reappeared in your life, in that old disused factory? We'd gone after that kid, remember? That was our first encounter with Marini. You remember?
Rod: Oh I remember it well. You, that is. Not what happened. Not what we was there for. You - it was always you.
Vincent: I'm sorry Jasper was setting you up there.
Rod: He wasn't - he just turned sour. Never trusted the guy, always seemed to big for his own fucking shoes.
Vincent: (Chuckles softly)

Rod: NOW is the time where he's setting us up - and he's fucked around enough with me now. Thank goodness I gave him the sack.
Vincent: He's gone?
Rod: Hopefully.
Vincent: I wouldn't bet on it.
Rod: Neither would I. But it was one of my options from the start, last resort meaning... well, we kill him. And you know what? My next choice... if he fails to keep away, may well result in his demise. But I think we wouldn't be happier if he was dead - I just want him out of my life.
Vincent: Your life? You care for your life?
Rod: ...
Vincent: You want him out... just like you've gave the impression to me these months I've been working with you?
Rod: Well... I don't know.
Vincent: It's fine by me, whatever you say.
Rod: It's just... I'm beginning to get a sense of controlling again from you, Vince. Not like Jasper, just... well, with the addition of Bryan and all, it just makes this department feel like a shambles, which... I guess it is. It gives me the impression that I'm not doing well enough, and others are having to step in for me.
Vincent: You're hardly into your 40's, you can't be so hard on yourself just yet.
Rod: This was never what I wanted, you know. You knew my brother, Wayne?
Vincent: Yes?

Rod: As horrid as it sounds... I wanted to be like him.
Vincent: Slinging dope?
Rod: If it meant a decent fortune, I didn't care if I failed to enjoy the job, I just wanted to live a good life. This was after of course I was banned from the cricket team for teabagging Jimmy Chu and headbutting him into that rather sharp, wall coat-hanger.
Vincent: Oh, you naughty boy.
Rod: Wayne thought I had brains though. I studied law, somehow. At least I had the brain cells to come down this path and get something right.
Vincent: What's that?
Rod: The Mighty Mer.
Vincent: Ha, too right.
Rod: If only I had contact with my brother nowadays, I'd tell him how sorry I am. Well, providing he does too. He was hardly ever a saint.
Vincent: But neither were we, Rod. Neither were we.
Rod: 1968 is past, Hopkins. We won our battle, we're still alive. I will never forgive myself for what we did, but we did it together, and despite our differences, I knew we had a lot in common - and we'd make a good team even if we killed each other.
Vincent: I have something to tell you.
Rod: Go on...

Vincent: The prime minister called. He called to inform us all that... when the operation concludes and Calogero has been imprisoned... (sighs)... the CID department of Cramham Metropolitan Police will be disbanded indefinitely.

Vincent: I'm sorry, Rod.
Rod: ...

Vincent: But please, don't harm me because of this. I did everything I could, but I always knew that...
Rod: I know... I knew that you saw no future in this department.
Vincent: This isn't your fault.
Rod: ...
Vincent: Rod?
Rod: This was what I wanted, Vincent.
Vincent: ... what?
Rod: I knew it was over as soon as I saw you reappear. You didn't kill the department, I did.
Vincent: No, come on now, don't say that.
Rod: It was always a matter of time. Now, Vincent. Listen to me. I'm going to be nothing but straight with you, my old pal...

Marcus: Hello... Jasper? It seems that things are getting cozy between Rod and Vince...

Marcus: I... I... well. If that sound clip gets to the government, I can't really say what they'll do. Apparently Cramham CID will soon be no longer. But, that's not true. I know it isn't... what? No! I swear, Jasper. Despite whatever you do, whatever Rod does, or Vincent... this department will not be going anywhere yet. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to rescue the princess from the castle.

We all know that Cramham CID still exists. Or else, how would Marcus be doing what he's doing? He's from the future.

I hope you realize that by now.

Marcus: Well, I guess there's only one way for it...!

(Glass smashes)

Marcus: I'm coming for you, Francesca.

Always check her apartment first, Marcus. Sure, something may have changed.

Marcus: Francesca!? Hello!?

Marcus: Why did they have to take her...?

Marcus: Give the poor girl a break.

But when in doubt... always cast your mind back.

The power of the mind is capable of winning many battles, as indeed it has in the past.

This has to be the moment.

Marcus: Someone must have left in a hurry - the place is bloody deserted.

Marcus: Ah, finally. Life.

Marcus: Hold on a minute...!

Mobster #1: Violet, please follow orders. We are not asking for much, we just want to arrange a little meeting for you with a member of the Guiliani family...
Mobster #2: Well then, go! Leave! Go to the police! They cannot unrape you! Or you can stay here, earn a little more cash and not have to worry about losing everything that you've so far worked for!
Violet: You know, you think you sound really clever when you say that. They can't unrape you? What kind of messed up shit is that, hey? Violating the rights of women in this country earning a living with something that does in fact require passion, but being lured into crap they're not skilled in!
Mobster #1: You are very admirable in your skills, according to Nuccio.


Violet: Frankly, I couldn't give a flying FUCK about what you or Nuccio think about me!
Mobster #1: SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Marcus: You heard the girl...



Mobster #1: You... YOU SHOT VINCENZO! Now, if you dare step any closer, I will blow this girl's brains out all over this FUCKING place!

Marcus: I'm glad to see that operations still run smoothly here, in the mafia's handling of it's prostitution asset. But - I had a funny feeling this place wouldn't be left untouched.

Mobster #1: They were indeed running perfectly smooth, UNTIL YOU ARRIVED! WHAT DO YOU WANT? A PROSTITUTE? YOU ONLY HAD TO SAY! Vincenzo had his whole life ahead of him!
Marcus: Making girls life a misery. What a fantastic outcome in life.


Mobster #1: AGH!
Violet: No, HELP!

Violet: I can't swim... I CAN'T SWIM! (Struggling for breath above water)... I... I... CAN'T...!

Marcus: Oh no... come on, I need you, I need you, I need you. Don't die on me now.

Marcus: Come on, let's get out of here... come on...

Mobster #2: Big mistake... friend.

Marcus: You made one of them, indeed.


Marcus: Come on, stay with me now. STAY... WITH... ME! (Exhaling)

Marcus: Oh, please...

Violet: ...
Marcus: Oh, hello there.

Marcus: So, you must be?
Violet: I'm Violet. Violet Hollison.
Marcus: Detective Insp... Detective Chief Inspector Marcus Redford.
Violet: Are you sure?
Marcus: I'm sure.
Violet: You seem a little uneasy?
Marcus: Everything's been on my mind recently. What did you expect?
Violet: So, you saved me! I... I can't believe it! You came all this way to the outskirts... to that building to rescue ME!?
Marcus: Well...
Marcus: Not for you, Violet. We're looking for a girl. She was also a member of Marini's 'modelling' services.
Violet: Well, not no more... it's been taken over by some guy called Guili? He's pretty old, although it's hard to tell just how old since he has glasses, and he's also a kemet elf.
Marcus: Yes, of that I'm aware of. So, tell me what you know about this girl...

Violet: Who might that be...?

Marcus: Oh, one minute...

Jasper: Sorry, just thought I'd join you, Marc.
Marcus: Jasper, what on Alterra are you doing here?
Jasper: I'm sacked from Rod's team, but like I told you, I was never on it. We have our own, now.

Violet: Are you going to tell me who this girl is?
Jasper: What girl? And who is this you have here, Marcus?
Marcus: I found her alone with two mobsters at the modelling agency, and things seemed a little hasty, and somewhat harsh against Violet, so I chose to step him.
Jasper: Are you looking for Francesca?
Violet: Francesca Arnaldo?

Marcus: Yes, Francesca Arnaldo. You sure you don't know nothing on her?
Violet: Well, can't say I do. I've certainly seen her recently, but not this past week.
Marcus: Have you seen Calogero Guiliani? The kemet-elven elderly man?
Violet: Yes, but only speaking to some men. I can't say any more than that. Now, they take the girls somewhere else, but today two of them were to have just a little pleasure with me, but thankfully it didn't work out for them.
Jasper: They won't be harming you no more, Violet.
Violet: Yes, thanks to Marcus!

Jasper: Violet, can you just give us a moment to speak? It's rather important. Thank you.
Marcus: Jasper - I'm interrogating her, this is serious stuff.
Jasper: I know it is, but this is more serious right now.

Marcus: I apologize Violet, I'll be with you again briefly.
Jasper: Oh no you won't. I'll take it from here.
Marcus: What!?
Jasper: The hard drive has been taken, and Rod's on his way to the government now... look's like it won't just be the department coming down, because it's coming to drag him along down with it into hell.
Marcus: You've taken this far enough.


Rod: Bastard... bastard... bastard... YOU BASTARD!

Marcus: Gov, we're going to get that hard drive. NOW!
Rod: I'm going to kill this bastard.

Marcus: Oh, I needn't even guess. I knew it from the start.

Marcus: Come on, GO, GO, GO! Let's save your career...!

Marcus: I'm coming.
Rod: You'll stay right here sunshine...!


Luca: Oh fuck... fuck, fuck, fuck!

Rod: Luca Tennyson.
Luca: Oh, Rod.
Rod: Glad to hear it ain't gov. I wouldn't dare take a useless excuse of a human on like you any day.
Luca: Please, don't hurt me.
Rod: Give me the briefcase and then I might not have to.
Luca: But, Rod...
Rod: That is not going to the government. Jasper's the one who staged it, not me. It should be Jasper and his friend having words with the government, not me. This department is mine... and I call the shots.
Luca: Yes, you did call the shots Rod, but... not any more.

Luca: Oh, my foot!

Luca: Shit.

Luca: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh...!


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